The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 02

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Back at the Office

Returning to work the Monday after our sauna threesome was a little awkward for all of us. Sarah, Natalie and I mostly avoided eye contact with each other, engaged in nothing but the most elementary of small talk, and avoided having lunch or any coffee breaks together. The Tuesday did not go much better.

To add to my discomfort in the office, my boss, the ops director Carmen, was being particularly cruel. We normally got along well–I was a reliable and hard worker, and she was a demanding, but fair boss. This week, however, had begun badly. I was late for work on Monday, which in itself is not terribly unusual. Moderate tardiness was tolerated, as long as you put the time in at the end of the day. Not so on Monday.

Carmen called me into her office as I tried to scuttle by. I was given a brief lecture on my lateness, as well as some additional paperwork not normally part of my job. Things did not improve as the day wore on. I was chastised by her for taking a coffee break, criticised on the quality of my latest report, and reprimanded for not replying to her e-mails quickly enough. She even came into my office just as I was preparing to leave and told me what a mess it was, and to tidy it before I headed off. Her sour mood did not improve on Tuesday. This, coupled with the situation with Sarah and Nat made for quite a stressful beginning to the week.

By mid-day on Wednesday, I was sick of it all. I hated not knowing how to act around Sarah and Nat. Were they angry? Regretful? Embarrassed? Maybe they told their husbands. No, that couldn’t be it. I’d notice that, and so would the rest of the office.

Furthermore, I was fed up with Carmen. Normally I loved having meetings with her, picturing us alone in her office, stripping each other’s clothes off and fucking like animals on the desk. But this week was hell. I’d taken to avoiding her too.

I was leaning back in my chair in my office, contemplating all of this, when I saw Sarah trying to sneak by. I called to her. She slowly appeared in my doorway, looking at the floor.

“Can you come in for a minute, I need to talk to you,” I said, pulling the extra chair over. Sarah sat down and I shut the door softly.

“Look, I hate all this awkwardness between us. I’m having a rough week and I want to at least clear the air with us so I can deal with the other shit that’s going on.” I began. “Are you angry with me?”

“No, not at all. I just, you know… don’t really know how to act,” she explained, fidgeting in her chair.

“Me neither Sarah, but I know I don’t regret what happened on the weekend. I had an amazing time with you and I don’t want it to ruin our friendship. So let’s get things out in the open.”

“I had a great time too. I… I’ve been thinking about it constantly. And I don’t want it to change anything either. I guess I’ve probably been feeling a little guilty,” she said.

“I understand. Look, I’ll do my best to be normal with you, ok?” I replied.

“Fine. But… I don’t want you to be normal!” she blurted out, finally looking me in the eye. “I want to do it again. I want you to fuck me again!” I was taken aback.

“Ssshhhh! Someone might hear!” I hissed. We both calmed down slightly, and I chuckled. Sarah was surprised at first, but smiled back.

“Sarah, I’ve wanted you… sexually… for a long time, and especially after the weekend, I really want to do it again. As long as you’re ok with it,” I said. Her smile widened.

“Yes, I’m ok with it. I’m really, really ok with it.” She was beaming. She stood up to go.

“I’d better get back to work. Carmen’s been a real bitch to me this week,” she said.

“You too? She’s been riding my ass ever since I walked in the door on Monday. I wonder what’s up.”

“Who knows.” Sarah was turning towards the door.

“Hey Sarah?”


“How do you feel about Nat? I mean… um…” I stammered.

“You mean you want to fuck her again, too?” She looked me straight in the eye, no discernable expression on her face.

“Well, if, you know… um… if she—”

“Then you’d better let me watch,” she said, smiling naughtily. “You’re not the only one that wants to fuck her again, you know.”

Sarah leaned in, kissed me softly on the lips, then before I could respond, opened the door and disappeared down the hallway. I felt a slight stiffening in my groin. When my head cleared, I noticed Nat at the photocopier across from my office, glaring at me. My mouth opened, but before I could utter anything, Nat had put her head down and began angrily shuffling papers.

Oh fuck, I thought. I did not want to lose my chance with her. She soon gathered her paper and stormed back to her desk. Since she worked reception, I would have to wait, so as not to make a scene. A moment later, Carmen emerged from her office, and I made a hasty retreat to mine, attempting to look as busy as possible.

Later in the afternoon, I spotted Nat walking briskly past my office towards the kitchenette. I picked up my coffee mug and followed her down the hall. She entered the kitchen area erotik hikaye oku and I walked up behind her. She glanced at me, then quickly back to the coffee pot, which she used to fill her mug. She picked it up and attempted to walk past me, but I blocked her way.

“Move, I want to get back to work,” she said, annoyed.

“Nat, just listen to me for a second. I feel like things have been weird between us this week and I want to sort it out.”

“Why don’t you talk to Sarah about it? The two of you seem to be getting along famously,” she retorted, setting her coffee down on the counter.

“Only because I just spoke with her. I just wanted to see if you guys were ok. I was going to talk to you, I was just waiting for the right time,” I said, looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

“Well, you’ve cornered me here. So talk.” She crossed her arms, making her chest bulge under her thin jumper.

“Nat, I had a great time with you on the weekend. I’ve been thinking about it constantly since it happened. I just wanted to see how you were getting along. I hate this avoidance thing. If you’re angry or upset please just tell me.”

“I’m not upset, I just felt a bit weird. Then when I saw Sarah come out of your office… I guess I got jealous.” She fidgeted with her nails. I looked over my shoulder again and moved closer to her.

“Like I said Nat, I’ve been thinking about you for days. Both of you, to be honest. Sarah even said that she wants to… um, get together with me again. I told her that I wanted to talk to you about it too… to see if you were interested. Sorry if I’m being forward, but I think we could have a lot of fun.” I held her gaze, hopefully. She remained silent, and pressed her lips together.

“I’m even willing to give up completely, if you’re not ok with it. I don’t want to cause any waves between us. If you say no, then I won’t sleep with Sarah either.”

I put my hands on her arms. Finally, Nat cracked a small smile.

“Yes, it was a lot of fun. And there’s much more fun to be had. I also have a few things in mind for Sarah.” She seemed lost in thought for a moment. “I’m good. Just don’t shut me out.”

She leaned in and put her mouth beside my ear. “See you soon,” she whispered, reaching down and squeezing my cock through my trousers. She picked up her coffee and winked at me. I squeezed her ass as she walked by. Things were getting better already.

I arrived at work early on Thrusday morning, beating Carmen to work, thus avoiding being yelled at or being given extra work. I was already buried in paperwork and didn’t need another report to add to the pile. Nat was already at her desk. I decided to stop and chat, since we had patched things over the day before. I leaned on the counter and looked down at her.

“Hey sexy,” I said.

She was wearing a scandalously tight white scoop neck—the one I had tried to peer down so many times before. Today, however, was different. She was not wearing a bra. Her luscious tits hung deliciously, her cleavage visible, her nipples sticking out of the thin cotton.

“Wow! You look fabulous,” I commented.

“Think it’s too much?” she asked, pushing her chest out.

I could faintly make out the areolas around her stiff nipples.

“Carmen’s definitely going to say something about it,” I warned, still staring at her bountiful bosom.

“It’s ok, I brought a jumper. This is for your eyes only,” she said, squeezing her tits together with her arms.

“Well thank you very much, Natalie. If you join me in my office before anyone else gets here, I may have something for you as well.”

I went straight to my office and flicked on the computer. Nat arrived a moment later. She shut the door behind her.

“This will have to be quick,” she said, “Carmen’s been acting like a complete bitch to me all week, and if I’m not at my desk when she gets here I’ll get an earful.”

“You too, huh?” I noted. “Must be her time of the month. Now let me get a look at you.”

I looked Nat up and down. Her blonde hair was down and pin-straight. She shrugged her shoulders as she leaned on my desk, her breasts hanging slightly, giving me a lovely view down her top. She wore a tight black skirt ending just above her knees, and high heels.

My cock began to harden. I moved toward her and grabbed a handful of tit, while putting my other hand behind her head, and kissing her hard on the mouth. I pressed my groin into her. Still kissing her, I reached down and hiked up her skirt until it was around her waist. My hands roamed to the small of her back downwards, over her full ass.

“Wow, Nat. Completely commando. That is really hot,” I said, pushing her back onto the desk. “Have a seat and I’ll treat you to a little oral.”

She sat on the edge of the desk and put one leg up beside her. The other I pushed aside with my hand, giving me a beautiful view of her shaven pussy. I crouched down, smelling her sweet musk, and ran a finger between her soft pussy lips. She was already soaking wet. I licked my finger clean then spread her lips. güncel sex hikayeleri oku I breathed gently on her clit.

“Oooooohhhh…” she began to moan.

I stoked my tongue ever so gently over her pink bean—up, then down. Reaching her opening, I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and bobbed my head, tongue-fucking her pussy. Nat squirmed as I probed her hole. Her juices ran over my chin as I licked vigorously. I nibbled her smooth, puffy cunt lips as I used my middle finger to penetrate her, rubbing her g-spot.

“Aaaaah! Ooooh, I need you to fuck me right now. Get your cock out and put it in me!” she begged.

I stood up and reached for her top. She slapped my hands away and grinned.

“No, no, no. I’m keeping my titties hidden this time.”

She pulled the neck of her top down until the tops of her areolas were just visible. Her breasts were on the verge of falling out. Her erect nipples poked through, and I could now clearly see her areolas through the stretched material.

“You’ll have to be happy with this for now. Maybe if you make me cum I’ll give you the full view,” she said.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and balls. I was almost fully erect as I gripped my shaft and approached Nat. She had spread her pussy wide and was peering over her bulging breasts to get a good view of my dick head as I rubbed it against her clit.

“Just shove it in me, you bastard!” she nearly shouted.

I spat on my hand and rubbed it onto the end of my cock. I placed the tip against her plush mound and put my hands under Nat’s knees. It required little force for my member to penetrate Nat’s cunt, and with one thrust I was nearly all the way inside her.

“Ooou yes! Now fuck me fast and hard, we haven’t got much time,” she said breathlessly.

I began pounding her mercilessly. Her tits bounced like basketballs, her shirt barely able to contain them. I put both hands behind her head and thrust my hips into her. She bit her lip as we fucked, and I could sense she was getting close. I looked down and we both watched as my shiny dick stroked in and out of her.

“I’m going to cum soon, Nat. Do you want me to cum?” I asked.

“Just wait, I’m about to cum too. Aaaah, aaah, yeah, fuck me hard!”

She closed her eyes and arched her back, her tits pushing outwards. Her left nipple had slipped out of her shirt, and her tit was almost free. Then I felt her pussy tighten, and I knew she was cumming. Her face was scrunched up, and her mouth was open in a silent scream. Her hands flew up and gripped my forearms tightly. I plunged my cock deep inside her in quick strokes, pausing after each penetration to feel her pussy muscles against my rod.

“I’m going to cum…” I managed to mutter.

Nat reached to her chest and pulled her shirt down, finally exposing her beautiful bosom. The neck elastic hooked under her boobs, framing them majestically, and pushing them up.

“Cum on my tits, but don’t get any on my face,” she said, her cheeks rosy and her breath coming in quick succession.

I pulled out and stepped backwards as Nat lithely slipped off the edge of the desk and squatted on the floor, holding her tits aloft. She shook her hair back and tilted her chin upwards. Her sexy eyes met mine as I jerked my cock, pointing it at her heaving breasts.

“Come on. Cum on them. I know you love it. Spunk on my titties,” she said sensuously.

I let go. The first spurt was thick and voluminous. It splashed down directly across her tits, dripping down between them. The next shower was no less substantial, and was aimed slightly higher, landing just below her collarbones. I spurted a few more times, making sure to coat them nicely, and not get my cum on her face. She smiled, delighted, and giggled mischeviously.

“Oh my god! Ok, stop! It’s going to go all over my clothes!” Nat protested.

She was trapped, afraid to move in case my cum spilled over onto her shirt and skirt. The last of my seed oozed out the tip of my dick and dropped onto her left breast. I could see my sperm oozing over her hands and between her tightly pressed cleavage. Suddenly, I heard a door slam at the far end of the office. We froze. I looked through my office window in the clear space between the sections frosted glass. It was Carmen. She paused to look over Nat’s desk, noting her absence.

“Oh fuck! It’s Carmen!” I whispered.

Nat’s eyes widened. She looked around frantically, the ends of her hair dipping into the semen on her upper chest. Carmen looked across the office to my door, and began walking past her office, in our direction.

“Nat, don’t move too much. You have to keep that cum on your tits for now. Stand behind my door. Carmen’s coming,” I hissed, stuffing my semi-flaccid member back into my trousers and zipping up.

Nat looked up helplessly, but had no choice but to follow my instructions. Carefully, she edged her way behind my door, next to the bookcase, and stood up carefully. I could see drops of semen dripping over her glazed tits onto the floor. I sat down at the computer and tried to sikiş hikayeleri look busy.

“Whatever you do, don’t move,” I told Nat. “I’ll handle this.”

Without so much as a knock, Carmen barged in. The back of the door came centimetres away from hitting Nat’s arms. Carmen stood glaring in my doorway.

“Good morning, Carmen. Can I help you with anything?” I asked innocently.

She looked around my office suspiciously before replying.

“Where’s Natalie?” she demanded.

“Oh, I ran into her just as I was coming in this morning. She was going to the stores department to pick up some supplies. She told me to tell you she’d be back soon.”

Carmen did not seem terribly satisfied by my answer, but could find nothing to yell at me for. I was in early, working, with nothing to raise her suspicions.

“Fine. Well… I’ll be in my office,” she said.

She turned quickly, shutting the door behind her. I breathed a sigh of relief. Nat was as white as a sheet, still cupping her cum-soaked tits. I got the box of tissues from my desk and handed them to her. She took several and began mopping the mess on her gorgeous chest.

“You know, you look really sexy with my cum all over you,” I laughed quietly.

She looked up, angry at first, but smiled faintly.

“That was too close,” she said as she continued her cleanup. “But you know, it was kind of exciting. Did I get it all?” she asked, looking at me.

I nodded, looking at her. Her skirt was still hiked up, and her top pulled down. I felt like fucking her again.

“Yep, all clean,” I replied.

She pulled her skirt down and I pulled her top up over her mountainous breasts.

“Oops,” I said.

There were wet spots of cum on the front of her top. There was a particularly large one over her right nipple, making it even more visible through the cotton. Nat stuck out her chest and looked down at her breasts.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll just throw my jumper over top. That was amazing, by the way. Let’s do it again soon.”

She kissed me on the mouth, then smoothed down her clothes with her palms. She took a drop of semen off the front of her shirt with her finger and put it in her mouth, savouring the taste.

I looked through my office window and made sure the coast was clear, then opened the door a crack. I motioned to her, and she fled silently through the door, taking the alternate corridor out of the office. She was going to get supplies, then enter through the normal entrance. I cleaned up the mess on the floor as best I could, then sat down. I sighed again and attempted to get some work done, but needless to say I was distracted with images of Nat and our hot office fuck.


I kept my head down for the morning and worked solidly through lunch, eating at my desk. Carmen was thankfully occupied, and had similarly stuck to her office.

I got hungry again in the afternoon, and decided to go to the bar fridge in the file room for a yogurt, which was behind Nat’s desk area at reception. It was a fairly small room, windowless, and stacked floor to ceiling with shelves upon shelves of file folders.

As I approached, I heard whispering. I looked around to make sure I was not being observed, and stopped to listen. I couldn’t really make out what was being said, but I was fairly sure Nat was speaking with another female employee. I edged closer and peered around the edge of the door.

Inside, I saw Sarah, her back to me, and Nat standing in front of her. She had her jumper unbuttoned, and was pointing to some conspicuous stains on her cotton top underneath. Sarah reached out tentatively and touched some of the yellow-grey marks. Nat smiled at her and pulled her hand so it was flat against her breast. I saw Sarah’s fingers begin to squeeze Nat’s tit, and I saw the nipple on her other breast become erect through her top.

I cleared my throat as I stepped in the room. Both girls jumped violently. Sarah spun around, her hair flying, her hand returned quickly to her side. Nat’s tits bounced, and she pulled her jumper closed over them, crossing her arms. They relaxed visibly when they realised it was me.

“You bastard!” hissed Sarah.

“My god, did you ever give us a scare,” said Nat, buttoning her jumper.

I leaned on the shelves and crossed my arms.

“Why so surprised, ladies? You weren’t doing anything in here you’re not supposed to be doing, are you?” I chuckled.

Sarah slapped my arm in annoyance.

“Oh you know, just checking out the cum stains you left on Nat’s top this morning,” said Sarah, almost pouting. I detected a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Hey, it pays to show up early to work, doesn’t it Nat?” I smiled widely at her, then looked back to Sarah.

Her face had turned red. The phone at reception began to ring, and Nat went off to answer it, squeezing Sarah’s ass on the way past. Sarah made a motion to follow her. I caught her by the arm and spun her around to face me, shutting the door slightly so we wouldn’t be visible. Sarah was wearing a navy blouse tucked into tight black work trousers. Her blouse was unbuttoned nearly half way down, and I could see the lacy black bra underneath, pushing her peach breasts up into soft, sensuous mounds. I stepped closer to her, still holding her arm, and breathed in her sweet perfume.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32