The Last Frontier – I Hope Ch. 01

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So if you have read my work you know that I mostly write about my experiences getting massages, mostly Happy Ending massages. These are all true stories, and I hope my writing reflects that. While a lot of these happen while I travel for business, they also happen at home in Texas. Sometimes they are basic hand job happy endings and sometimes they are full on sex, when I go to a full service spa. When you start down this road, you do not know where it is going to end. I may have reached my limit, let me know what you think.

I have had erotic massages all over the US, in France, Japan and China. I have had them from Asians, Hispanics, and Whites… In addition to typical heterosexual sex, I have had women massage my prostate by hand, with a prostate massager, and even by getting pegged with a strap on. I went further and took the step to go to three Pre-Op Male to Female Transsexual women (I hope that is the correct way to describe these beautiful women). Two out of three of these were exceptional experiences. Even if I had to endure beautiful women with bigger cocks than I have. These two women performed anal on me, and had me perform oral on them. I only fucked one of them, and got oral from the third.

So what could I be writing about now? What more can I say on this subject? Well, I had a one day layover in San Francisco, and I went to get a massage at a Gay Bath house! I have just been too addicted to these massages, and this was the next step. I enjoyed the pegging and Transsexuals so maybe I should take the next step.

So there is your warning, if you don’t want to read this, give my three part story about Maria and Vicky a shot. It is a fictional story about 5 real people.

I will have some editorial comments about what I learned, and some questions, but nothing homophobic. That was me in the 80’s and I have evolved – obviously.

In my last story I have detailed how I have been trying to rehab an injured leg. I severely pulled my left quad. If it was any worse I probably would have needed surgery. I had some very good help from a couple of Asian Masseuses back home in Houston. As an extra benefit I got to fuck them each once.

My leg was getting better, but I thought I couldn’t get past 90%. I thought a man massaging it would help, since they are typically stronger. I enjoyed certain aspects of my Trans massages so much, I always wondered if I would have the guts to have a gay man massage me. However, I have never found a spa that features Gays or Trans Masseuses. It is always a private situation where you go to their apartment. That is not very comfortable. However, I was going to San Francisco. If there were spas that catered to gay men, they would be there.

I looked around and found one. It was a gay bathhouse that also offered massages. You can find them on line, so I won’t use their name. The website went overboard saying the massages were sensual, but not sexual. I believed it because they actually said that they had showers, saunas, steam rooms, and a second floor playroom where you could have sex. Just not in the massage room.

I played around with the idea, and as soon as I got to San Francisco I called and made an appointment. My back and hips were all out of whack from limping and sitting in air planes. The masseur that night was a guy from Thailand. I thought a good Thai massage would set me right. I also thought it would be cool to hang out naked for a few hours in the bath house, just to experience the scene.

I call to make the appointment. “Do you have any availability for a massage tonight at 8?”

“Are you a member?” asks the guy who answered the phone.

“No” I reply.

He said “You know these are not sexual massages, right?”

I say that I do, and he accepted a 90 minute massage appointment. Booking an appointment gives you the use of the bath house all night. I got there at 7, and had an hour to check it out. I gerçek sex hikayesi didn’t think I would get involved with anyone, but it may be interesting – I did enjoy anal, and I have been intrigued about sucking cock. But those experiences were with pretty women with great tits.

I took an Uber to the location. When the guy dropped me off he did a double take and said “Is this the right place?!?” I just said yes and got out of the car.

The outside of the building looked nice, but inside was pretty run down. The online comments said as much. They also said the massages were non-sexual. One even said they say that there were not saying this with a “Wink, Wink, Nod Nod”. So I was pretty sure they were legit massages.

I went in and signed in. They took and kept my ID, which I thought was strange, and they had me sign a document that I knew this was a non-sexual massage. So now I thought this was either non sexual or an elaborate ruse.

They gave me almost no direction to where anything was. They just gave me two towels and said shower and sauna are that way, and the playroom is upstairs. Walking around it was obvious I was a first timer.

I wandered through the lounge, a few couches and a big screen tv with gay porn, and found the locker room down the hall on the right. I found my assigned locker and stripped down.

There were a few other guys in the locker room. Typically at the gym, everyone keeps their eyes straight, here everyone was checking everyone out. I guess it is what I would do if I changed in the women’s locker room. I locked up my clothes and went looking for the shower. When I got to the end of the hall there was a younger (30ish) chubby guy sitting in the hall cooling off from either the sauna or steam room. I saw the bathroom to the left and went in there. I saw no shower room, so I took a Pee and went back down the hall. I asked the guy in the hall where the showers were and he pointed me back to the bathroom.

When I got there I finally saw the showers. There was no other room, there were two shower heads on the wall that faces the sinks. You can’t be right out in the open more than that. I hung up my towels and took a very public shower. A couple of guys came in to pee while I was showering.

I then went back down the hall into the steam room. The only other guy in there was the chubby guy from the hall. I said hi, and he introduced himself as Jim. We spoke for a minute or so. He told me I was very handsome. I didn’t know what to say so I just said thanks. This is awkward for me. I have been married for 30 years. I wouldn’t know how to start a conversation to pick up a woman, I really don’t know how to do it to a guy. (Here is where I could use some advice, I was considering trying the playroom upstairs.)

A few other guys came and went, but no one spoke to each other.

It is strange, but every time you touch your balls to adjust them, everyone looks. I didn’t know what this was about, but I finally realized that it was acceptable for guys to randomly just jerk off when sitting next to you in the steam room. I think that is what they are expecting you to do, when you just reposition.

I went back and forth between the steam room and the sauna. I was now more comfortable and typically just had the towel over my shoulder when I was walking around. When I had a half hour until my massage, I took a quick shower, and went for a walk upstairs through the play room.

The playroom was a maze of little cubbies and bunk beds where two people could hook up. A few of the cubbies and bunk beds were occupied. Every cubby had a lube dispenser on the wall, and a container of condoms. There were a few swings and other contraptions that I cannot explain, other than it looked like you would either bend someone over them, or tie them to it. None of these were occupied. There was no one up there that was unattached and looking for company. Luckily porno erotik hikayeler I didn’t find the chubby guy there.

I went back downstairs and waited for the masseur in the lounge.

At 8 pm he entered the lounge and said his name was Tan. He led me upstairs to a room directly adjacent to the Playroom. We entered and he locked the door behind us and proceeded to take my towel and hang it on the wall. I sat naked on the massage table and we discussed my injured left quad, and how I wanted him to pay it extra attention. Also that because of the leg I was limping and wanted him to also spend time on my lower back. After this he had me lay down on my stomach.

He used a towel to cover me, but mostly just the area he wasn’t working on, my back when he was working on my legs, my legs when he was working on my back. Since he did my ass with my legs and back, he never covered it.

He started standing by my head, and massaged me from my shoulders to my ass. He had a relative light touch, I was hoping a guy would massage with more strength. Once or twice I felt his “package” glance against my ear, but I thought it was inadvertent.

After five minutes he stepped to the other end of the table, and climbed on. He straddled my right leg and crawled up so that he could massage up to my mid back. The table was relatively narrow, so my arms were directly along my sides, palm up. On his first stroke he stretched out to reach as far up my back as he could, and his cock and balls wound up right in my open hand! He was wearing very thin – almost pajama like, cotton pants, and I could feel his package through what felt like a jock. I was surprised he was so blatant.

After all the “this is not a sexual massage” I didn’t expect he would be so obvious 5 minutes into the massage. Honestly I didn’t know what to do about it. It felt to me like he was wearing a jock, under the very thin cotton lounging pants he was wearing. All I did was twitch my fingers a bit, and didn’t fully grab him.

He continued this move a few times, and each time I twitched my hand a little more, allowing it to slightly rub on his package.

After a few minutes of this he got off the table and came up on my right side. Before he resumed the massage I heard him standing beside me. I heard what sounded like a lot of clothes rustling. I thought he was stripping nude next to me.

When he resumed the massage he positioned himself with his cock placed right to my right hip. My right arm was stretched along the edge of the table and was lined up with his dick.

I was still nervous about being overt, but I quickly got past that. His move was to stand at my hip and alternately work down my right leg, and then up the right side of my back. Each time he did this he would rub his cock and balls directly into my palm.

I realized he was not nude, but it did seem like he removed his jock. I could feel his shaft in my hand. His shaft was pointed down, so without actually grabbing for it, I was able to rub the top few inches of his cock. He did this about 8 times, with me being a little more obvious with my rubbing every time.

The only thing slowing me down was that then he was at the top of my leg, he wasn’t overtly making contact with my cock and balls, or asshole. The most he did was casually bump them occasionally.

So, not trying to be the aggressor, I played it slow.

In a few minutes we replayed this same game on my left side. We both got a little more overt, with him sliding his hand under me at my crotch to feel me up a bit, and I started to actually grip his dick as he moved past my hand. He was getting hard now, and so was I. After his customary 8 strokes up my leg he went to move up to near my head. However at this point I actually fully grabbed his cock and started stroking it though his pants.

No there was no pretense as to what we were doing anymore.

When he moved porno hikayeleri up to my head, all I could picture was him trying to do some oral, like in the massage videos I have seen. He didn’t do that, but he did let his cock rub into my head a few times before he asked me to roll over.

When I rolled onto my back, he promptly covered my eyes with a towel. That was probably for the best. He took his position at my left hip and started to massage me, however, now his cock was pointing straight up in his pants. He planted it right in my hand. I kept up a slow stroke of him, until he reached out and started stroking me. At this point he actually pulled down the front of his pants, so I could give him a real hand job, without the pants in the way. I also would reach around and grab his ass. He actually had a nice firm small ass. As good as any woman’s ass I have held.

So now I am reflecting a bit. I am a 55 year old straight guy, laying naked on a massage table while a young Asian guy is giving me a handjob. I am giving him a hand job, and grabbing his ass. It doesn’t feel wrong to me. It feels like sex. Maybe the strict lines I have always seen in live aren’t so strict after all.

We keep this up for five minutes. Eventually he moves out of my reach, I think he was getting ready to cum, and didn’t want to. He speeds up his hand job of me. Up to now, he gave me the best hand job ever. He really knew how to work it better than female masseuses. He kept alternating speeds, and lengths of stroke. He often would keep one hand at the bottom of my shaft and work the top with his other. I guess that having a cock of his own, he knew tricks to make it pleasurable and long lasting.

Once he moved out of my reach, he added extra oil, and picked up the pace to finish me off. It didn’t take long, he I blew my load within two minutes. I came really hard. I shot all the way up my chest, and I am surprised I didn’t hit myself in the face. It was an amazing orgasm, a great massage, and an all-around pretty good experience.

His next move was a bit strange for me. He took my cum in in hands, and used it to massage my upper legs, belly and chest, until it was dry. I never had a woman do that. At least it was my cum!

When this was over he cleaned me up and I was out of the door in about a minute, You have no awkward times getting dressed, if you enter only wearing a towel.

When the massage was over, I wrapped myself in my towel and left the room.

As I have said, the massage room was right next to the play room. I figured I would walk through again I just had a pretty good experience with a guy, and was wondering if I could play a bit. I am interested in trying to give a blow job again. I have tried it with a few transsexuals, with mixed success. Also, I enjoy getting my prostate rubbed, so if I found an easy way for some anal, I would try it again – especially since they had a no bareback policy and tons of lube dispensers.

I entered and started going through the maze of cubicles and play areas. It was pretty quiet, there were a few of the bunk beds with pairs of guys fooling around. There were only two single guys, but I did not interact with them. They were both just sitting in cubicles furiously jerking off. I don’t know if this is how they invite others to join in, but it was too aggressive for me. I wound up going down to sit in the steam room again for a few minutes. A guy a little younger than myself came in and sat to my left facing me on a bench perpendicular to mine. We sat quietly for a minute or so, then he stood up took his cock in his hand and started to jerk off.

Not sure if this is a signal gay guys give each other, but I took it as a signal to split. I stayed for a minute, then went back into the men’s room, took a shower, got dressed and left.

I went back to my hotel thinking that over all it was a positive experience. I would have liked to have experimented with a little more oral, and anal, but overall it was nice. I don’t think I would try a club like this again, but I am glad to say I tried this and I explored what I assume would be the far limits of my sexuality.

To be continued…

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