Mia Mine Ch. 04

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Mia was startled awake by a ringing noise. David stirred then said, “Oh Shit! Forgot about my cell phone alarm.”

Mia looked over to the clock on the night stand and saw it was 3:30 AM. “Do you really have to go to work today? I have to stay here, I have several meetings here today, so I won’t be taking the ferry to Seattle.”

“Yes, I do have to go, I have some meetings set up for today as well. But I certainly didn’t have to wake up this early to make it to the ferry on time since your hotel is right across the courtyard from the terminal.”

“So you are saying you have a little time before you have to leave?” said Mia as she started kissing her way down his chest.

“Oh my yes, we do have a little time, and I am enjoying your idea as to how to spend it,” said David moving over onto his back, giving Mia a perfect avenue to his now hardening penis.

Mia alternated between dragging her tongue on his body, and planting little kisses. She did stay a little longer at his belly button, letting her tongue play in and out with it. David moaned and put his hands on her head. She let him guide her to his now rock hard penis, and she started her tongue at the base, and slowly licked her way up to its tip. Her actions were rewarded with a copious amount of his pre cum that now glistened in the little light that made it into the dark room. Mia savored the pre cum, and made a point to smack her lips after she brought it all into her mouth. She then hovered a bit over him, he moaned and pushed her head down harder. She opened her mouth and let him guide her all the way down, taking him in her mouth and throat as far as it would go. She held that position for a while, letting her tongue play and breathing around his pulsating penis. She then cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them, creating another and now louder moan. She began in earnest now to rapidly go up and down his shaft. She sensed his urgency as his balls tightened in her grip, and she began a faster up and down motion while she sucked. David’s legs began to shake and she knew he was close, so she pulled back so just his tip was in her mouth. With a loud “YES!” he began to shoot his seed, she took load after load, having to swallow to keep up. David’s ass lifted up off the bed, and Mia put her hands under it and held him closely to her mouth, to get the last little dribbles, then let him fall back down, completely satiated. After his breathing began to become close to normal he said, “Mia my dear that was absolutely fantastic!”

“I wanted to send you off with something to remember me by,” said Mia.

“Oh I have volumes to remember you by,” said David with a huge smile. He reached over and kissed Mia deeply, their tongues intertwining and held her so closely. She felt wonderful in his arms, being held and kissed like she had never been before. Unfortunately David saw the time and said “I have to shower and get going”.

Mia asked, “Are they going to wonder about you wearing the same outfit two days in a row?”

David laughed heartily, “No one there really cares what I wear, as long as I am there and not naked. Besides my dear, you wear outfits, I wear what is clean and on top of the stack. That beautiful body of yours deserves the most beautiful clothes as possible to highlight the beauty underneath. It sounds like your work is more in person than mine anyway. 80% of what I do is on the phone or on the computer so very few people actually see me.”

“Well, that is their loss, and I want to see as much of you as I can, and perhaps we’ll work on your outfits,” said Mia with a smile, “and besides if you talk to any women on the phone with that voice of yours, they are probably ready to come through the wire and rip off whatever you are wearing anyway.”

“Hmmm, well they do a good job of hiding that feeling,” laughed David as he got up and headed towards the shower.

Mia laid in bed, languishing in her feelings for David, loving the fact that he was naked in the shower, in her room, and now with her. She even heard him humming and smiled, knowing he must be as happy as she.

David got out of the shower, having not closed the door, he gave Mia a little show before he walked over to the sink to shave and brush his teeth. He let his towel drop when he saw her looking at him and gave her his attempt at a sexy pose. They both laughed at his attempt and he got his morning routine out of the way and walked back into the bedroom. As he dressed, he reached over and took his cell phone.

“Put your phone on vibrate and in your front pocket, when I call or text you today I want to know I am really reaching you.”

David laughed, put his phone on vibrate, and slipped it into his front pocket as ordered, patted the phone, then patted his penis, “They are now connected and awaiting your touch.”

Mia gave him another of those radiant smiles, and he once again melted as he did the first time he saw that beautiful smile. “God, you make it so hard to leave.”

“Well, hopefully I make it so hard when you stay.”

“Oh, you do my sweet, you most certainly do.”

He leaned down and gave her a long, hard kiss good-bye, Kartal Ukraynalı Escort got his coat and backpack on, and hurried out the door, as even though he was already so close to the ferry, he had heard the loading announcement already. He got into the elevator, pushed the lobby button and waited. He could hardly believe what had happened, how he had fallen so deeply for this wonderful woman. He had never been with a transgender woman, and had only met a few in his college years when he cooked at a relatively famous, landmark restaurant in Seattle. A few of the waitresses and hostesses there became his friends, and had confided in him during drinks after work. They were all much older, and so experienced, he admired their confident and graceful acceptance of who they really were.

The elevator dinged at the lobby and brought him out of his reverie. He hurried out the door and out of the hotel’s lobby, out to the courtyard, pretty deserted at this time of day. While he hurried, he felt his phone vibrate, already? He smiled as he reached for his phone. The text message only said “Look up!”

He looked up, and saw Mia in the window, with the curtains pulled around her so just her face was visible. She was smiling at him, and looking around. As he waved, she could see there was no one else looking so quickly spread open the curtains to give him a view of her naked breasts.

David almost choked as he lost his breath for a moment. He could see her breasts jiggling as her body racked with laughter. She quickly closed the curtains again and blew him a kiss. He gave her an overly accentuated full body kiss and hurried to get on the ferry, just before they closed the loading ramp.

As soon as he sat down, he took out his phone and called Mia.

“Miss me already darling?” she answered on the first ring, knowing he would call.

“You are amazing, you beautiful thing you. What a sendoff! Just so you know, even running to catch my ferry, you had me hard with your little show. What a dare devil you are!”

“Oh I am a devil alright, you are just beginning to find out about all my mysteries,” cooed Mia.

“Ok, so I am about ready to jump off this ferry and swim back.”

Mia laughed with David and told him to have a wonderful, but quick day, and hurry back to her. David agreed to that plan and told her to get some rest before she started her day. They both kissed their phones and gave their love yous.

Mia slipped back into bed, feeling a little pang of sadness as she touched the spot David had slept in. Then she smiled and let all the wonderful feelings rush into her mind and feel the sensations they created in her body. She was also wondering how she could be falling so quickly for someone. True, she had never met someone quite like David, but she knew she had dreamed of him all these years. She marveled at how she had always thought she wanted someone to “accept” her for who she was. But now she realized she loved the warm feeling he created, because he didn’t really “accept” her. It was beyond “accept”, he seemed to just see beyond all the differences, all the things people had thrown into her face as she had grown and let her become a part of him, as he had now become a part of her. A little tear ran down her face as she felt so happy. She let herself drift off into sleep with that thought in mind and that tear on her cheek.

Mia awoke at 8:30 when her alarm went off. She was glad she hadn’t scheduled her first meeting until 10:00, so she had plenty of time to get ready. Then she realized, it was Friday! She was scheduled to fly back home to San Francisco tonight! She quickly got her briefcase opened and got her ticketing information. She got her lap top fired up and went to her airline’s site to check their schedules. Since it was a relatively short flight, she saw an early Monday morning flight that would work. ‘Should I call David and find out what he thought?’ she wondered. She suddenly had that old feeling of insecurity, what happens if he can’t or doesn’t want to see me? No! She calmed down, and began to trust her own feelings and the things David had said to her. She was sure he was well into his first meeting by this time and decided to go ahead and take the chance. She rescheduled her flight (for a not so small fee) for the early morning flight on Monday. I want to spend as much time with him as I can, she thought. She felt good about taking the chance, and went in to take her shower. She was amazed at the feeling of her hands on her body as she washed, for they were no longer her hands, but his. Each touch of herself was as if it were really his hands. She loved the feeling as she let her/his hands caress her breasts. She had always thought they were too small, but David said he loved them, and he certainly showed it the way he caressed and kissed them. She allowed her/his hands to travel down to her now hard penis, and just held it, like he had the first time. She closed her eyes and remembered each sweet moment of their lovemaking as she held herself, and let the warm water cascade on her tilted face and run down her body.

She reached for her shampoo and squirted Kartal Üniversiteli Escort a bit of the wonderful lavender smelling liquid onto her palm. She lathered her hair filling the entire shower with the wonderful fragrance. After rinsing she decided to use a little of the conditioner, because she wanted her hair to sparkle as brightly as she felt. Upon the final rinse she stepped out of the shower and wiped the now fogged up mirror. She smiled at her reflection for the first time in a very long time. She had always tried to keep up a confident front in business, and with her prowess and experience, it was easy. She had never been able to transfer that into her personal life like she felt now. “I have to give David a big thank you kiss for that,” she said to her smiling reflection.

After drying her hair, brushing her teeth and applying her very light make up, she walked out into the bedroom to begin getting dressed. Before she made it past the bed, she saw her phone light blinking and saw that David had left her a text.

“Sure miss you! Thank you again for a wonderful night. I just realized it was Friday and I hadn’t asked you what your plans were.”

Mia smiled and decided to play a little bit and texted back, “Well I am scheduled to fly back tonight.”

It seemed she had barely finished pushing send, when her phone rang.

“You’re flying back tonight?!?!?”

“Well, hello to you too dear.”

“Mia, I am so sorry I forgot what day it was and hadn’t really asked you your plans. I was hoping we could at least spend the weekend together. Is there any way you can reschedule your flight? I know there is an early morning flight to ‘Frisco on Monday morning. I can drive you to the airport. You can check out of your hotel and stay with me at my house,” David rambled frantically.

Mia smiled to herself, thinking she was so happy she was right about taking the chance and rescheduling, but happier that David had responded like she had hoped. Her trust was rewarded and that was a lovely feeling.

“Honey, honey, relax, I already made that change on my flight I just didn’t want to assume you wanted to spend the weekend with me since you hadn’t said anything.”

“Once again, I am so sorry. Meeting you, and having that wonderful night last night, put me in such a wonderful daze that I was so wrapped up in how great I was feeling I lost all sense of the day and that I should have asked you your plans.”

“I understand the daze part, it is happening to me as well,” said Mia. “I would love to spend the weekend with you David.”

“Oh wonderful! Thank you! I have to get going right now, but can we talk a little later to set up how we are going to meet tonight?”

“I will text you when I get done with my first meeting, probably around 11:00, until then, please know I am missing you, your arms around me, your body next to and inside mine.”

“Wow! That certainly deserves a big Me Too!” David said a little quieter as his appointment had arrived.

They hung up and Mia realized she had dawdled a bit and had to hurry to get herself ready. She quickly put on her special thong, panties, and bra, a nice light blue lace set that was ok, but not all that sexy. She really had packed lightly for what she thought was going to be a short trip and certainly hadn’t packed any sexy underwear. She was sorry about that, but realized she couldn’t do much about it right now. She took out her light blue silk blouse and buttoned it up, then smiled, and undid the two top buttons. She reached for the skirt of her grey suit and slipped in on over her hips, smiling once again, he loves my hips. She zipped the skirt up and put on the matching jacket, turned around and gave herself a nod of approval in the mirror. She hastily threw her stuff into her suitcase and garment bag and started carting everything down to the lobby to check out.

Mia arrived at the new office suites with about 5 minutes to spare. She had left everything but her briefcase in the rental car, and had hoped David would help her return it when he got back. She walked passed her on site assistant, Jennifer, saying a quick hello, and into the office she was using while in town. Jennifer came in shortly after, smiling.

“What are you smiling about Jennifer?” asked Mia.

“Well, I think someone got laid last night,” said Jennifer with a little giggle.

“Oh my, does it really show?”

“Well if you count a face beaming with such intensity that they can see the light on Mars, I’d have to say yes.”

Mia laughed. She liked her assistant. Jennifer was a really pretty girl, in her early 20’s with long blonde hair and her face showing a bit of her Norwegian heritage, as did her beautiful blue eyes. She was a great worker and a pleasure to work with. She was at that stage in her life where she didn’t want a steady romance, but wanted to check everything out and enjoy life to its fullest. Mia admired that about her. She had always felt a little jealous of all the male attraction Jennifer seemed to create. She was one of those women who, when walking into a place, turned all the male and a lot of female Kartal Vip Escort heads. Mia knew she had the same effect, but was tired of getting her hopes up, only to be dashed when she told them she was a transgender person. More times than she wanted to count, either her truth was met with open rejection, sometimes hostile like her father and Jonathan, or like it was an open invitation for everything kinky. She thought back and decided the open rejection was almost better, for at least she wasn’t strung along by someone trying to dabble in a dark fantasy, who would ‘play’ along for a while and then dump her.

“So are you going to just sit there beaming or are you going to spill some of the juicy details?” asked Jennifer.

“Ok, I did meet a man, he is wonderful, handsome, strong, intelligent, funny, and most of all, falling as quickly for me as I am him.” Mia was surprised at her open answer as she was usually not one to share much of her personal self, with anyone.

“WOW! That was quick. How long have you know him then?” Jennifer asked.

Mia laughed again, “We met on the ferry last night.”

“Oh you little vixen you! That is incredible. What’s his name?”

“David and he is the epitome of the Biblical definition of the name, beloved.”

“Well, you always have been one to know what you want and how to get it,” said Jennifer.

“I guess I have in most ways, haven’t I?” Mia smiled. “Now, let’s get ready for the first interviews, we need to get this office staffed.”

With that Jennifer went out and brought in the first of 3 people interested in heading the operation in the new offices. Mia tried hard to keep her mind from wandering while trying to listen to them answer her questions. She made herself look like she was listening intently, but in truth, none of the three really interested her at all. After they left, she asked Jennifer what she thought.

“Well, to be frank, I really didn’t like any of them, and certainly couldn’t see them running the show here.”

“My thoughts exactly,” said Mia. “Ok give me a few moments to type up my notes, and we’ll do the next group.” Mia looked down at her laptop and tried to think how she was going to write her reports about the three prospects. She looked up and Jennifer was still standing there, smiling. “What is it Jenn?”

“I was just thinking of how smitten you must be with this new guy, because that one guy was a real hottie and he could not stop ogling you, and you didn’t even seem to notice at all.”

“Hmmmm, you’re right, I didn’t notice him and I really don’t even remember either one of them being hot at all.” Jennifer laughed and said “You’ve got it bad Mia,” and left the office, closing the door behind her with hercute little ass wiggling in her tight wool pants.

Mia immediately texted David, knowing his phone would vibrate next to his penis, that penis she missed and wanted in her hands, in her mouth, and inside her now wanton ass. “I’m naked and hard and waiting for you,” she texted.

“Ok, I’m going to have to rent a helicopter to get there faster! Do you have a minute to talk? I really want to hear that lovely voice,” was David’s reply.

Mia dialed and David answered, “Hello you beautiful, sexy woman of mine!”

“Oh David, yes I am your woman, as you are my man.”

“You’ve got it hon. How is your day going?”

“Well, other than fighting my mind from wandering into bed with you, not so hot. The first set of interviews didn’t go well, not too impressed.”

“Sorry to hear that, but will that mean you will have to stay longer?”

Mia laughed, “No I don’t think I can push that panic button yet, we have another set to interview in a few minutes.”

“Ok, well, I have gotten myself cleared, so I am going to be taking the 3:00 ferry instead of the 4:20, will you be ready for me by 4:00?”

“I am ready for you right now big boy,” Mia tried her sultriest voice.

“Wow, ok, so shall we meet at the front of your hotel? You probably still have your rental car, so you can pick me up, drop me off at my car, I can show you where to drop your car off, and then I can abscond you off to my den of iniquity to ravage you.”

“That plan sounds very well thought out to me,” smiled Mia. “See you at 4:00.”

The rest of the day dragged on for both, Mia worried because the 2nd and 3rd sets of interviews didn’t really go much better than the 1st. David pushed the paper as fast as he could, so he could get out of there in time to catch the bus to get him downtown in time to catch the 3:00 boat. He finally finished, said his goodbyes and headed out. After his bus dropped him off downtown, he began the 15 minute walk to the ferry terminal. He was amazed at the bounce in his step and how he couldn’t help but smile. The sun was shining, although it was still a bit cold, the sun really felt wonderful. He found himself smiling at the passersby and even said hello to a few. It was funny for he was really proving his theory about the chemistry of love. He walked these streets every day, in almost absolute anonymity. He had thought he could be bleeding from both eyes and no one would bat an eyelash. But give him someone to love, and the thought that someone loved him, and his body chemistry did a strange and wonderful thing. All of a sudden all the women who never even noticed him were looking at him, most smiling. This only added more bounce to his step and he almost felt like he should be whistling.

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