Alex and Emma Pt. 08

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Alex was not in bed when I woke Sunday morning.

I remembered cuddling last night. Spooning while he lightly ran his fingers up and down my arm. His head resting against mine on the pillow, his other arm under my neck and our hands loosely connected above us.

For the most part, we had just lain there. Enjoyed the silence. The casualness of being together without sexual intimacy, although we were both buck naked.

But there was also the discussion about what we had done before crawling beneath the covers.

It had taken some coaxing on his part, but I’d finally admitted my hesitancy on topping him. On doing it again. It went against everything I had thought about myself in this lifestyle. I had been and always expected to be a submissive. To have a partner request I dominate him was all new to me. Especially when I felt that he took greater pleasure in that role than controlling me.

He had assured me that it pleased him immensely to have me submit to him. That it had been some time since he’d had such a willing partner. One who at least would consider his fetishes beyond the normal Dom eccentricities.

I had accepted his apology when he begged for forgiveness because he’d disobeyed me. He just hadn’t been in that sub space in so long. It had thrilled him to return, to know he could trust me to help him reach the heights he had once summited. He hadn’t realized it had scared me…and pissed me off at the same time.

“I’m so proud of you, Emma,” he’d said, pulling me closer and kissing the top of my head. “Thank you.”

That was the last thing I remembered until five minutes ago. Not even any dreams.

I ran my hand along the space beside me where the sheet was thrown back…the slight indentation that remained in the other pillow. Considered if I should curl up and get more rest or go searching for Alex. The sudden urge to pee answered the question for me.

My clothes were not where I’d left them on the floor beside the bed. But I found a black-and-white striped dress shirt draped over a chair, which matched the dining room set. I sniffed the former, groaning softly at the scent of Alex’s cologne on the material, and pulled it over my shivering shoulders.

He wasn’t that much taller than I was. But apparently his arms were longer since the cuffs of the sleeves ended at my second knuckle. The hem of the shirt fell to mid-thigh, just barely covering up the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties. And my medium bust was just shy of filling out the chest area too tightly.

All-in-all, it was the typical “sexy woman in a man’s shirt” look. My bedhead hair probably only added to the effect. The perfect ensemble to be leaned over a piece of furniture and fucked from behind.

In the hall, I saw that the office door was closed again. I used the facilities then padded my way to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. Maybe get something to eat since I was up.

There was one banana left in the bowl beside the coffee maker, the latter looking to have enough left for one cup. I searched for the cereal I’d eaten yesterday, but it had been mostly gone then. I eventually found the empty box in the trash. Knowing there was nothing in the fridge except milk, I swiped the fruit and pulled the peel half-way down, practically inhaling the exposed white part in one bite. I moaned at the feeling of my mouth being full before I remembered it was okay to chew.

He really needed to go grocery shopping. And I needed to get my mind off sex.

A warm mug in one hand and the rest of the fruit in the other, I stood in the living room window, alternating between which hand I raised to my mouth while watching cars and people pass below.

Although Alex’s apartment was at the back, only his bedroom window faced the rear. The view from where I stood, and presumably the other bedroom, were of the street. A row of hedges behind the building provided some privacy from other residences and offices. But on this side, there was just open road and sidewalks lined with the barest of grass in between. The nearest tree was at least a block away where campus started.

One of my favorite things to do was people watch. To try to figure out where they were going, what they did for a living, or just who they were based on their mannerisms…clothes…and especially how they treated others.

That’s how I came to think of the current story I was writing…or stalled on, however one wanted to look at it. I’d been standing in my office window, staring at the asphalt three floors below, which was usual when I was trying to collect my thoughts while working. That day, I saw a young man standing across the street, leaning against the lamp post. He had one hand in the pocket of his leather jacket while the other raised a cigarette to his lips every fifteen seconds. His hair and face were neatly groomed; his jeans and shoes seemed designer.

I assumed he was waiting for someone. Kartal Olgun Escort I didn’t have to wonder long before a dark sedan pulled up, and the man leaned down to the passenger side window. I couldn’t see anything being exchanged except words…and possibly directions because the man pointed down the street. And then the car left. Almost a full minute later, he finished his cigarette, stomped it out, and walked in the opposite direction.

I pondered who he was. What he was doing. Was he mafia? A CI? Maybe a secret agent. I bet he hit up the club scene at night. Had a favorite girl…or two. Or none at all and brooded over an expensive drink, like top-shelf whiskey, wishing he were somewhere else. Someone else.

A car alarm pierced the morning air, reaching through the glass panes of the window just enough to bring me back to the present.

The coffee was gone, as was my breakfast, so I decided it would be a good idea to check on Alex. Because if he planned to be holed up in his office all day or even all morning again, I’d leave him in peace and go home. Let us both relax a little. Yesterday had been more intense than I’d expected, though it had turned out to be good. Still, if he was busy, he needed to concentrate. Not worry about entertaining an older woman.

I knocked softly on his office door and waited until he called to enter before I opened it.

“Whatcha doing?” I leaned against the doorway, arms crossed, which raised the hem a little and pushed up my breasts inside his shirt.

“Mmm. Just working. You?” he said, not looking up from the book on his desk.

“Had breakfast.” I watched him for a minute. “So what do you do for work while you’re in school?”

He finally glanced my way, and a low moan reached me from across the room. “Mmm. Just a lot of reading and writing.”

“Oh. I thought you meant you had a ‘job,’ job.”

“Well, yeah, I have a job as a freelance writer,” he chuckled and sat back, crossing his own arms. His finger and thumb stroked his bottom lip while he observed me.

I gulped. Did he know how seductive that simple gesture was? “Ahh. So like me, but the easy part.”

His eyes crinkled up at that. “Mmm hmm.”

We both continued to stare at each other, neither making any attempt to move from our positions. Eventually, he relaxed his arms and absently played with a pencil beside a stack of papers.

“Am I disturbing you?” It was almost a whisper.

“Not at all.” He sat up and held out his left hand, gesturing that I should approach.

Without needing to be told, I knelt on the carpet beside his chair and sat back on my heels. My head tilted to rest on his left thigh while I stared at the underside of his desk, my hands on my lap.

“Good morning, Little One.”

“Good morning, Sir.”

When nothing else was said, I closed my eyes, and he returned to his work. Ignoring me. Or so I thought.

After a few minutes, I felt his hand on my head. Stroking my hair. I was getting drowsy from the gentle motions when his hand wrapped around my chin and his thumb pressed at my lips. I opened, letting him slip inside.

Moaning softly, I suckled his thick thumb. Whether that was his intent or not I wasn’t sure, but he didn’t stop me. I bathed him with my tongue contentedly while he read. Occasionally, I heard the pencil scratching on paper when he wrote something down. But otherwise, it was quiet.

The longer his thumb was in my mouth, though—twitching slightly whenever he caressed my jaw with his fingertips—the more difficult it was not to suck harder. I tested a nibble, and he made one of his soft noises of approval that was part hum and part moan. I took it as a sign I could continue.

Alex suddenly pulled on my chin and removed his thumb. I rose up on my knees, adjusting to face him. He kissed my forehead, stroking the back of his hand along my cheek.

That made me purr. My eyelids flutter. I wrapped my arm around his calf when my knees wobbled, watching him intently.

Without a word, he slid two fingers into my mouth and returned to working.

I closed my mouth as best as possible and swallowed. Soon after, I felt drool gathering at the corners of my lips. Since it was harder to suck now, I rocked my head back and forth slowly, imagining I was sucking his cock.

When he pumped his fingers himself, I looked up to see him smiling at me. I opened my mouth wider to take a breath, and he pulled out only to add another finger a second later. The three stacked like a triangle and made me feel full. Not dissimilar to the banana I’d stuffed in there earlier, except I could seal my lips around a banana.

“Touch your breasts.”

My heart beat faster at the depth of his voice…the three simple words. I moaned, cupping and fondling both of them appreciatively. My thumbs stroking over my nipples through the shirt.

His other hand rested on the back of my head and gently guided it down until I was nuzzling his knee with my cheek, staring at his crotch this time. Kartal Sarışın Escort The angle allowed him to still keep eye contact as well as push his fingers in all the way up to the third knuckle, stretching my lips.

“Good girl. Now stop. Put your hands on your lap.”

I blinked slowly.

His hand left the back of my head, his gaze cutting back to his work. He didn’t have to tell me to stay where I was.

I closed my eyes, preparing to relax as much as possible with his fingers wedged in my mouth. But I squealed when his bare foot nudged between my thighs and his big toe stroked my pussy.

“Hump it.”

I blinked my understanding. Rocking my hips against his foot, I tried to keep my eyes on his face since he wasn’t visually paying attention to me. I spread my knees a little to give him more room. He rewarded me by rubbing my clit. I gave him a low moan of appreciation.

We continued in this way for another few minutes. I wondered how he could possibly concentrate on playing with me and working. Then again, just because he was looking at whatever was on his desk didn’t mean he was thinking about it. Which made me feel guilty for having knocked on the door in the first place. I was a distraction, no matter what he’d said.

Alex eventually smiled down at me again. He granted me a short reprieve, removing his left fingers from my mouth to reach down the top of his shirt I was wearing, clamping my right nipple sharply…wetly. Then he released that as well, patted my head, and returned to using my mouth.

“Edge yourself.”

It was harder to breathe now. To think straight. My hands lifted at least twice. I wanted to hold him…to play with my breasts again. To ease the tension he was so masterfully building within me. But I’d stopped myself each time, forcing them back down.

“Unbutton the shirt but leave it on.” He licked his lips and worked my pussy faster with his foot. “Hands behind your back. And don’t sit all the way down.”

Each command made me whimper, my legs tremble. But still, I obeyed.

When I revealed my nakedness to him, I heard him groan…felt his toe grind in a little deeper. I left the sides of the shirt open, letting him see the rapid rise and fall of my breasts—the tightness of my nipples—as he worked me up. And I spread my knees wider so I could sit down lower on his foot but not on my own heels, my hands clasped behind my back.

The new position required me to use my hamstrings and buttock muscles to keep myself up…to bounce. I knew I was going to pay for this later, but right now, I couldn’t stop moaning at the feeling of him above and below at the same time. All while I tried to watch him…though all I wanted to do was close my eyes and sink into the feelings flowing through me.

His fingers moved faster, truly fucking my mouth, making me gag and drool. “Beg when you’re on edge.”

My moans changed to whimpers. I clutched my hands tighter to my ass, using them to push my hips forward. Humping him, my breasts bouncing now.

My eyes flew open wider when his toes repeatedly pressed at the entrance to my vagina, slipping and sliding back and forth through the wetness coating my pussy.

The top of his foot rubbed against my clit, and the tremors intensified. I had to fight not to bite down on his fingers as I tried to stem the tide. I beseeched him with my eyes, continuing the motions below my hips but in less fluid movements now. A quick glance down showed the large bulge in his pants. And that spurred me to hang on. Because as much as I wanted to please him here, I wanted to suck that cock. Ride it. And he’d only let me if I obeyed him now.

I lifted off him slightly to ease off the tension.

He shoved his fingers as far back in my throat as they would fit, holding them there while I gagged. “Come. Now.”

Concentrating on the sensations and not about what I was doing, the pain quickly changed to tingling. And the tingling exploded into small bursts. Mentally, I begged them to get bigger…spread out further. Then it happened.

I screamed around his thick digits soaked in my saliva, ceasing my rocking though my whole body continued to shake.

Alex rubbed faster and faster against my clit, pushing me over.

I convulsed, my screams silent. My face and mouth were wet, as were my thighs. I tried to keep the constant pressure going, but he pulled his hand and foot away just before I collapsed at his feet.

“When you’re ready, suck my cock and touch yourself.” His voice was calm. As though he was a parent telling a child to go make her bed.

Dragging myself up, I leaned my head on his knee. Clutching his leg. Breathing hard. Noticing he’d gone back to reading. The nerve. Still, I knew my place. Accepted it. Relished it.

It took a few tries to get the words out. Even then, they sounded raspy. “Thank you, Sir.”

His smile looked genuine when he turned to me. Stroked my hair. “You’re welcome, Little One. But we’re just getting started.”

My Kartal Şişman Escort legs trembled when I rose up on my knees again beside Alex where he sat at his desk. I’d collected myself after collapsing at his feet from my first orgasm today, but the exertion of the process I’d had to go through to get to that goal had done a number on my muscles. Not to mention how it had taxed my brain trying to stay coherent enough to obey his commands.

I was out of practice, so this was all good for me. I couldn’t help thinking of how sore I was going to be this week, both physically and mentally. But it had all been worth it for my reward. I reached for it now, unzipping his pants. Licking my lips while I carefully released his straining cock.

Alex kissed the top of my head. “Just the head at first, Little One.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Scooting between his now-parted legs, I darted my tongue out to lick the slit. Then across the entire top with the flat of my tongue. Wrapping my hand around him, I pulled the foreskin down so I could run the tip of my tongue around and under the ridge.

“Good girl.” He pushed away his work, leaning back in his chair.

I sighed at his hands playing in my hair while I lowered my head to take more of him into my mouth. As instructed, I only closed my mouth around the crown. But I teased it as much as possible, swirling my tongue and lips around it, tilting my head back to look up at my Sir. Moaning my appreciation of how good his hands felt on me.

His cock propped between my lips, I moved my hand to caress my left breast, my right hand between my legs with fingers sliding into my slickness. Rubbing my clit in small circles. I sucked gently, swallowing his precum. Wanting to take his cock deeper into my mouth. Into my pussy.

One of his hands joined in the play. Toying with my right nipple and brushing his fingers over it. The other hand slowly forced me lower and lower on his cock.

In my head, I was crying out in relief. Outside, I just moaned softly.

“Mmm. Good girl. Let’s test just how much you can take.”

Humping my own hand, I pressed against his hand now covering my breast, mirroring the sensation on the left with my other palm. I closed my eyes to relax and fall into the sensation, my mouth opening wider. My head tilting back further.

He forced me more, stopping about halfway down his cock. “You have to earn the rest on your own.”

I grinned, up for the challenge…again. I put my all into swallowing around his cock. Pumping my head back and forth. Rubbing my clit faster.

Gradually, his cock swelled harder and harder. His head fell back with a moan, his hand on my head suddenly stopping my descent.

I released my breast to grasp his leg, choking.

He released my head. “Hands behind your back now. Work the rest of the way down on your own.”

I nodded with tears pricking my eyes, my hands moving back while I withdrew almost all of the way to take a deep breath. Then pressing forward slowly, I took him in again. Pulling back, pushing down. Repeating. Taking a little more of him each time. But try as I might—and despite his encouraging groans and still thickening cock—I was unable to get the last few inches.

My mouth was stretched wider, seemingly more than when I’d sucked his fingers…was that only minutes ago? It was almost painful. Or maybe that was just because my jaw had been worked quite a bit this weekend.

“God, the sight of you is about as bewitching as anything I’ve ever seen.”

The gravely tone of his voice had me trying harder, but it wasn’t enough. And I knew it was because of my angle. I had been able to deep throat him yesterday…when I was leaning over him. But kneeling before him? It wasn’t going to happen. At least not on my own. I looked up at him, imploring.

“Do you need help, Little One?”

His cock slipped from my mouth with a plop when I pulled back. A line of drool hung from the tip to my lip. “Please, Sir.”

I dived back in, sliding him as far in as I could on my own. My pussy clenched each time his cock throbbed in my mouth. I whimpered, my eyes still begging him. All I needed was a little push. Like his hands in my hair, gripping it as he guided me down until I was gagging and feeling his cock press deeper into my throat.

Alex smiled and gripped my hair, as though reading my mind. He pushed gently but inexorably, gasping the further he made me go. He paused and gulped loudly when I was just a couple of hairsbreadths away from his base. “Think you can take it all?”

I whimpered—saliva dripping out one corner of my mouth—and blinked twice because I couldn’t nod.

Withdrawing to catch my breath after he let up on my head, I scraped my teeth over his skin, moaning as it slid like a velvet sleeve on a steel pipe. I gulped down air once my airway wasn’t obstructed and then went under again, hopefully successful this time.

“Good girl.” He pushed down harder.

My eyes widened, and I choked. Squeezing my hands so hard behind my back it hurt. Silently willing my throat to open just a little more.

When that didn’t work, I tried the opposite, clenching my eyes shut. Switching my focus to my pussy, feeling it contract around emptiness. Yet my thighs were wet. Sticky. Did the guy even have a clue what he did to me?

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