Meeting a Transsexual Vampire Ch. 02

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“Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night, love Toni.” Those words played in my head at least a hundred times. Of all the girls to meet, of all the girls to take home, I hook up with a transsexual vampire. So in this perilous situation, I did what any rational person would do, check the internet.

I started by typing into google “what to do if a vampire is after you,” and almost immediately found a website called The first thing I noticed on the website was all the legal info on the front page. You know the typical jargon, “by entering the website you agree that you are not a member of law enforcement.” “This website does not condone the unlawful killing of any vampires and its contents are for self-defense purposes only.” If this website couldn’t help me, then there likely wasn’t any help available.

I accepted the terms, entered the site and began to browse a bit. They had forums, an online store, news on vampire attacks (alleged attacks, but these guys took it as the gospel) and a facts section. I figured that I should start there and navigated my way to that section. Once the page opened up there was a brief statement saying “Vampires are vile and evil creatures that will kill you and your loved ones without a second thought and our goal is to arm everyone with the knowledge and tools to protect yourself.”

I thought that was a bit harsh, Toni after all, didn’t kill me. I wasn’t particularly fond of being her pin cushion (in more ways than one), but I at least think she wasn’t vile or evil. However, I did read on.

The first section was devoted to dispelling some common myths. For starters, garlic and crosses do nothing. Vampires cannot turn into bats; vampires do have reflections and do not sparkle in the sun. There were also a few others myths dispelled, but these were the big ones. The next section began with “Our greatest weapon against these unholy monsters is the sun. Unlike most myths, a vampire’s aversion to sun light has not been exaggerated, any more than a few seconds of full exposure will result in almost instant death.”

I began feeling a bit light headed, still weak last night and decided to eat something and drink some orange juice. I heated up some left over Pizza and grabbed the carton of orange juice and sat back down at my computer. Looking directly above the computer, it was starting to get a bit dim outside; I had maybe two hours of daylight left to figure out what to do, so I kept reading. “A vampire’s second greatest weakness is silver. The metal burns their skin on touch and renders them, at least temporarily weakened.” That was far more helpful than the sun in my opinion. I can’t control the sun, but I can get some silver chains or something likely. Below that were a few more tips, like “Although silver weakens these evil hell spawn, it will not kill them, however a wooden stake driven through the heart will,” and one particularly scary one, saying “If at any point a vampire has tasted your blood, they will be able to track you at all times until you kill them.” But the two most helpful ones by far, were “For reasons unknown, vampires cannot enter the personal dwelling of another without permission. Even if permission was unknowingly given or intentional, revoking it will halt them from entering,” and finally, in big bold letters “DO NOT EVER LOOK A VAMPIRE IN THE EYES! They can cause you to perform any act for their twisted amusement, including killing your own mother!”

Upon reading that, I smiled for the first time since the previous night. She can’t get me in my house as long as I revoke permission. I felt safe, level headed and like I could survive this fatal attraction. I decided to browse the online store a bit, for good measure, but most of the items were a bit too hardcore for me. Silver bullets, specialized guns capable of firing sharpened wooden stakes. Neither of these made too much sense for me considering I’ve never fired a hand gun and even if I was proficient, I doubt I could hit a target as fast as a vampire. One particular item that caught my attention was the silver infused mace spray, but I figured I might be able to get by without it.

I walked into the living room and again noticed that it was just about dark, maybe an hour of sunlight left, probably less. I had no pressing reason to leave, and didn’t want to risk getting caught outside after sunset, so I sat on the couch to watch some TV. Of course nothing good was on and against my better judgment, I dozed off after a bit and fell asleep.

Almost immediately after closing my eyes, I felt someone undoing my pants while kissing on my neck. It was dark and I couldn’t see who, but whoever this was, swallowed my dick as soon as it was free and began working up and down it. Remembering last night, I began to say “No Toni,” thinking it was her, but eventually that turned into “No Toni, don’t stop.” I heard her giggle when I began saying that, but something Kartal Sınırsız Escort was weird about it.

Eventually she did stop though, and I was worried about what would happen next. It was still so dark and I couldn’t see, but she rolled me over on my stomach and began to kiss me neck. I started saying “Please Toni……please” and I again heard her giggle, but it sounded like it was coming from somewhere else.

Finally I felt her enter me. Weirdly it didn’t hurt and I just began to moan with her thrusts, rhythmically even. It was odd, I didn’t feel forced, yet I definitely wasn’t okay with what was happening. I was wondering, did she catch me looking into her eyes without me even realizing she was there? I didn’t think so, but soon I heard a very familiar sound that caused shivers to run up my spine. I heard the sound of her fangs coming out. This time I was clearly saying “No Toni, don’t,” but I don’t think she cared. I heard that strange giggle again and I jumped up before she could bite me again.

I knocked my table over, spilled the orange juice and the Pizza hit the floor, but I was okay. But okay from what? My clothes were still on, so I must have been dreaming. I started to clean up, when I looked at my phone. Three missed calls from Charles; man I wish I let him have her. Also it was six o’clock, so I looked to see if it was dark outside yet and of course there was Toni standing by the window.

I immediately looked away from her eyes and attempted to revoke my invitation to her, but she quickly pounced on me, knocking me on the floor and covering my mouth with her hand. She had me completely in her embrace. She sat on my legs, with her legs wrapped around me, while she had one hand keeping me from speaking and the other pulling me closer. “Having a bad dream hon?” Toni asked. She then giggled again before asking “Or was it a good dream or maybe even a nasty dream?”

I tried to get her off me, with all my strength, but I couldn’t move her or even free my lips to tell her to get out. I began thinking if she came to finish me off I wish she would just do it instead of toying with me and mocking me with her strength. The only thing I could do to protect myself, was clench my eyes shut and pray for this to be over soon.

Toni’s voice then took a more calming tone and she eased up a bit. “I know you’re attempting to revoke your invitation to me, but that would be a huge mistake.”

Confused, I stopped fighting her off, not that it was doing anything but making me tired and began to listen. “How long do you think you can avoid being out at night, a day or two, a week maybe? What about if you need to work late one night and don’t get home till after sun set, and it gets dark so early these days, how long do you think you can escape me sug? “

She was right. I couldn’t avoid her forever. I didn’t know what to do and the sudden weight of this hit me like a ton of bricks. She knew that I was just about broken, so she began whispering in my ear, “Listen Dave, if I wanted to kill you, I would have last night. Open your eyes, and let’s talk face to face, I won’t glamour you, but the longer you keep me waiting, the hungrier and the hornier I get, and I can’t guarantee any degree of self-restraint.”

Toni slowly began to move her hand from my mouth, unsure what I would do, but willing to take a chance, however I kept my eyes shut, not completely trusting her. “You don’t want to kill me?” I asked, still unsure if this was her way of playing with me before killing me.

“Of course not” Toni intimately said to me before planting a light kiss on my lips.

Even without looking in her eyes, her words were very convincing. I began to ask her, “But last night you almost…….” And she stopped me there and put one finger over my lips to quite me.

“Lost control and I’m sorry” she said almost pleading with me to believe her. “It’s been so long since I’ve fed on someone and the synthetic blood just isn’t the same. I lost control for a moment and I will never let it happen again, I promise hon.”

Unsure if I was making a huge mistake, I thought again about revoking my invitation, but Toni began kissing on my neck and whispering “Trust me” in my ear.

I still felt uneasy about this situation, but I was at least sure of two things, first she didn’t want to kill me and second, it was only a matter of time before she caught me outside, so for the first time since last night, I looked her in the eyes and simply said “Ok.”

I saw that of smile of hers, go from ear to ear and Toni began aggressively kissing me and said “you won’t regret this.”

Once she pulled me closer, I remembered the second issue that made me nervous about her, her cock, which was now hard and pressing against me through her skirt. I broke my lips free, and dropped my gaze towards the floor momentarily and asked, “what about down there?”

I Kartal Suriyeli Escort could tell she was hurt that I was afraid to look in her eyes, but I think she understood. She just lifted my chin till our eyes met, and said smiling “we’ll work up towards that.”

I sensed no deception in her words and nodded my head as if saying it’s okay with me. Toni responded by lightly pushing me on my back, straddling me and removing her shirt. Toni had an unbelievably stunning body and it was hard to believe at one point, she was a guy. Maybe being a vampire just adds hotness, because even knowing what is hidden between her legs, I find it hard to believe.

I attempted to sit up and kiss on her breasts, but every attempt I made at getting closer, was thwarted by Toni simply pushing me back down towards the floor or stiff arming me. Each time I tried and failed, she would let out a very feminine giggle. She enjoyed reminding me she was stronger and that she was in control and really made no attempt to hide it.

Once Toni got tired of that particular game, she, within the blink of an eye, went from facing me in a cow girl position, to a reverse cow girl position and undoing my pants. Whenever Toni moved that fast, it scared me. I was never sure when her more primal instincts would kick in, but she seemed to always answer an aggressive move with a very affectionate one to relax me. Toni then began kissing on the inside of my legs, while getting my cock worked up with her hand. All I could do was moan, which she responded by swirling her tongue around the head of my dick. The harder I got, the more of me she swallowed until I was deep inside her throat.

Eventually I noticed her cock from under the skirt she was wearing. It was hard and about the same size as mine. Toni would periodically shake her ass at me, likely wanting some sort of reciprocation for the amazing blow job she was giving me. I wasn’t sure what to do, I was enjoying the blow job, but I didn’t want to take her in my mouth, just wasn’t sure if I was willing to do that. However, I am good at licking pussy, so I figured I’d try licking her ass. I grabbed both her checks, one in each hand and spread them, and began lightly flicking my tongue around her hole. I must’ve touched a sensitive spot because Toni lifted her mouth of my cock and drew her fangs.

“Ooooo baby, I knew you’d get into it,” she moaned. She then paused for a moment and said “Just relax, don’t jump and I promise it won’t hurt.” And before I knew it, she lightly bit down on my inner thigh.

It took everything in me to not jump. My heart began racing and I couldn’t control how fast I was breathing, but I did calm down a bit once Toni began to lightly stroke my cock. These two feelings, being equally close to an orgasm as I am death, were incredible.

I must’ve dazed off into space, just enjoying what was happened, because Toni lifted her head from my thigh just long enough to say “Keep going hon” before sinking her fangs back into me.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I began to lick around her ass and dart in and out of her hole once again. And as Toni promised earlier, she didn’t seem to be losing control. Last night, I passed out after a few seconds, but tonight I seemed to be able to take her feeding on me at this much slower pace.

Eventually Toni sat up, when still sitting on my chest, I saw her bite down on her wrist, and then put a drop of her blood on each bite mark on my inner thigh. I couldn’t see what was happening, but there was a weird tingling feeling and then I could no longer feel blood running down my thigh.

Toni then slowly faced me again, and with lightning speed, flipped us until she was on the bottom and I was on top. She brought me closer, as if she was gonna bite me, but instead said “take me.”

I was caught off guard by her demand, but didn’t need to be told twice. I moved between her legs, in a missionary position and plunged myself all of the way inside Toni with one motion. Normally I wouldn’t do that, but with her being a vampire, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt her, and I was correct.

She responded by arching her back, and wrapping her legs around my waist, which I took as her wanting more. I grabbed her leg and shoulder to create leverage and began stroking as long and as hard as I could. Wanting more, she pulled me closer, till we were face to face and lightly bit into me, between my neck and shoulder.

I tried to keep going as fast as I was, but I just couldn’t now that she was biting on me, so I began doing much slower strokes, which still seemed to satisfy her. I began to slowly moan, from both being inside her and her fangs being inside me before she told me “cum inside me baby.”

I was already close, but her words began to send me over the edge. I began to pound her as fast as I could, while she continued to feed on me. Finally Kartal İranlı Escort I let out one final moan, which signaled her to release me from her grip, as I released inside of her.

I looked in her eyes again, as I normally would after such an intimate act, which caused all sorts of questions to run through my mind. Toni looked so feminine, yet the secret between her legs said otherwise. And she had this very innocent look, yet I knew deep inside was the nature of a killer. Her existence was a perplexing and I decided then, that I wanted to get to know her, despite her being a vampire and a trans girl.

We just stared into each other’s eyes, enjoying the moment, when Toni finally broke the monotony and bit into her wrist again and pressed against the wounds she created, healing them as she did before. Exhausted from sex and the loss of blood, I collapsed on the floor next to her, holding her while still looking in her eyes. “

Toni kissed me again, which was weird since I could taste my own blood, and said “I left last night with only half my needs met, so you still owe me hon,” and with that, she darted towards my room and signaled for me to join her. She remained kneeled on my bed, with her still erect cock pointing towards me and I knew what she wanted.

I didn’t know what was scarier, her fangs or her cock, but I trusted that she would maintain control and not get too aggressive. I climbed on the bed and surprisingly, Toni slowly rolled me onto my stomach. She had to know I was a virgin back there and was likely nervous as hell. As fast as she moved at times, how could I not afraid. All it would take is one second of her losing control, and she could easily cause permanent damage to me back there as well as more pain than I have ever endured.

But true to her word, Toni never lost control. She began whispering in my ears, “I have to get you ready first.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but since this was all new to me, it made me nervous. But to my surprise, Toni began working her tongue inside my hole, like I did for her earlier. The feeling was absolutely amazing.

In and out, up and down, all around, Toni explored every inch of my hole and left me wanting this to never end. But it did, she must’ve deemed me ready, because her tongue stopped, and she began to climb up higher on me. And then the answer to my question came to me, her cock was scarier than her fangs. I began trying to get up and move away from her, but Toni positioned her feet behind my knees, which kept me from getting up or closing my legs which would deny her access to me.

“Please Toni, I’m not ready,” was all I could say, hoping that pleading with her would make her stop.

In an attempt to comfort me, Toni began sucking on my ear and whispered to me, “It’ll hurt a bit at first, but I know it’s your first time, I’ll be gentle.”

With that, I knew she wouldn’t stop, and I began to feel the tip of her cock, poke at my entrance. “Please Toni” was all I could get out before the head of her cock was inside me.

It didn’t hurt that bad, but I knew there were several more inches to go. Toni slowly slid inside me more and more, and every time she inserted more in me, I held breath.

“Just relax sug, I’m almost in” Toni whispered to me. I decided to take her advice and I exhaled, which loosened me up just enough for her to enter me.

“Ooooo, that’s it,” Toni said almost triumphantly. Her fucking me was totally different that me fucking her. While I was going as fast and as deep as possibile, Toni clearly was going as slow and as shallow as her body would allow.

She was right, it did hurt a bit, but once the pain subsided, it was totally different than anything I’ve ever experienced sexually. Feeling full was definitely amazing, but it had an interesting effect on my cock, which now was swelling and feeling like it was gonna burst.

Almost embarrassed at how good she was making me feel, I whispered “Oh shit” as low as I could, but of course Toni could hear that.

“What was that hon?” she asked, knowing full well what she heard.

I ignored her, and she let off of me just enough for me to get off of my stomach and on all fours. “Maybe you’ll also like this,” Toni said before she grabbed my cock and stopped just short of stroking it.

“Please Toni……please,” was all I could say, but this time more than loud enough for her to hear.

Toni giggled and said “I knew I’d make your dreams come true hon” and began stroking my cock, much to my satisfaction.

Knowing that I was enjoying this and was likely ready for more, Toni bit into me again and began to speed up a bit. Within a few strokes, I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I began to cum all over her hand, while my ass clenched her cock tighter and tighter until she also began to cum inside me. Once she was done, Toni once again bit down on her wrist, so she could use her blood to heal the wounds she created, but this time when she was done, she rolled me over and with her fangs still out, covered in my blood, looked me in the eyes and said “You’re mine.”

Fully aware of what I was saying and what it meant I looked her back in the eyes and said “I’m yours.”

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