The Inbreeding Twins – Mike , Chris

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My identical twin brother Mike walked into our bedroom after his shower. He held the towel around his waist in a fist tightly, so it wouldn’t fall. It hung low on his waist. My heart lurched to pounding when, to my surprised, I looked and saw his soaked, dark pubes showing over the lip of it. He must not have known I could see his crotch hair, but I wasn’t about to say anything.

I eyed Mike’s bush of dick hair as he strutted through our room. The fact that his cock had hair like mine made my penis grow. Fuck, I want him to drop that towel, I thought to myself, as I watched him, so I can see what he’s packing. His shoulders were swollen, and his stomach was flat, toned. Mike had hair in all the places men should have hair after puberty. There was hair on his legs, his arms, and on the back of his hands. Even the tops of his feet had hair. His chest had a formidable amount of fur too. My erection grew as I checked out his backside when he turned, seeing his dump-truck ass covered by the towel.

Then, to my pleasant surprise, as if I wasn’t even in the room with him, Mike let go of the towel. It fell to the floor by his big man feet as he stood at his dresser. Oh fuck. He’s naked. Fully fucking naked. I sat up on my elbows and drank in the sight, my dick pushing a tent higher. My brother’s massive ass flashed at me. Both of his ass cheeks were covered with hair. To be honest, his ass was hairier than I was expecting, and it jiggled perfectly as he moved. His calves were powerful looking. His back was generally hairless, aside from a patch of dark hair at the base of his spine above his crack. It was a muscular back. My erection stiffened being in the room with him now, seeing that he didn’t seem to give a fuck being naked in front of me for the first time in a long time. Not sure what had changed in him to not care, but I loved that he was naked in front of me.

Mike searched through his dresser drawers. As he bent over, his ass cheeks peeled open slightly, hinting at his hairy hole. I wanted them to open wider, though his ball sack flashed at me between his thighs, which made my pulse rush.

“Fuck,” he cursed, slamming the drawer shut. I quickly grabbed at the hard organ in my crotch to squeeze it, to get myself more aroused over my twin brother’s nude body. I could have exploded my load then and there into my underwear but had to let go fast because Mike had turned around. My jaw clenched.

There it was: my twin brother’s flaccid dick.

“Are these your underwear?”

I didn’t answer but kept my eyes directly on his cock. It was the first time I was seeing it in a long time and had to stare at it. His scrotum was shaved smooth. The bag of skin was wrinkled and glistening slightly from the water. Both of his testicles hung casually inside, the right one hanging lower than the left one. The shaft of my brother’s four-inch, flaccid penis rested on top of them, aiming just off to the left. Like me, my brother was circumcised. The head of his dick looked just bigger than mine, though the girth of his shaft wasn’t as thick as mine, maybe three-and-a-half inches from the look. The hair over his dick was trimmed in a controlled, upside-down triangle shape. It was a neat patch of black pubic hair.

Mike could see me eyeing it, so to make it less awkward he asked, “You eyeing my cock?”

“Just letting it all out, huh, bro?”

He looked down at his dangling, exposed dick. “You have one too, Chris. Didn’t think it would be a big deal for you to see mine finally. We are twins, aren’t we?”

“We are indeed, bro. Took you long enough to show me,” I joked.

He smirked, grabbing himself. “Gonna have to return the favor some time then, Chris,” he winked.

I swallowed, feeling my erection still fucking raging in my underwear under the blanket. I wanted to show him my hard on. I didn’t care that I was stiff. My brother wouldn’t ask to see my dick without being into it, so why not show him my cock when it was fully erect. “Oh, you wanna see your twin brother’s cock?”

“I feel like it would only be fair since you’ve seen mine now.” He shook his hips, making his penis and balls slap his thighs.

“Alright. You asked for it, bro. Let me take my underwear off.” I lifted my ass and shimmied them off under the blanket, Mike watching me. I wasn’t sure if he noticed my tent. “You ready,” I asked.

“Go for it.”

I pulled the blanket back, lifting my t-shirt, showing my brother my bare thighs, and the full erection I had between my legs.

“What the hell, Chris!” Mike turned, cussing at me. “You had a hard on? You could have fucking warned me.”

“Come on, bro. You know what a hard on is. Take a look at your bro’s dick.”

He slowly turned back with a grimace on his face, disapproving. But he looked just the same.

My erection was seven inches, cut. I liked a smooth sack too, so mine was shaved like Mike’s. Girth-wise my cock was five inches around with a full hard-on. My bush however was a little more frivolous sahibe escort than my brother’s. It had been a while since I had the chance to manscape. Feeling Mike’s eyes on my stiff penis made it get harder.

“Could have told me you had a boner, dude. But looks good, Chris. Now put that thing away.”

I chuckled nervously because I wasn’t sure if I had crossed a line. I pulled the blanket back and felt my cock going flaccid as Mike stepped into the underwear he grabbed, crossing the room to his bed. I pulled my underwear back on under the covers and rolled over to go to bed, hearing Mike shut off the light and get into his bed.

Around two in the morning, I woke to Mike whispering my name. Our room was pitch black when I opened my eyes, but I could just make out his silhouette on his bed when I rolled over to face him.

“Chris,” he called again quietly.

“Yeah..” I responded, voice hoarse with sleep.

There was a long pause of silence. Then he asked, just slightly above a whisper, “Do you want to fuck?”

My heart cranked to pounding as I shot up, resting on my elbow. “What?” Sleep sped away from my eyes as energy filled chest and pounded in my ears. My adrenaline was flowing like lava through my veins, waiting for him to repeat what he said, unsure if he asked what I thought he did.

A moment passed for what felt like an eternity before he repeated his question. “Do you want to have sex?”

“Dude, are you fucking serious? Didn’t you just cuss me out for showing you my hard cock a bit ago?” I had never thought of the prospect of having sex with my twin brother. It kind of scared me to cross that line with him. If we did fuck, we’d never look at each other the same again. We were identical twin brothers for god sake. We could never take it back. We’d never have the same relationship. But a deep, feral part of me knew I’d love it. My rushing pulse validated that feeling.

I waited for Mike to mull it over, simultaneously deciding if it was a good idea myself.

“I know. Sorry about that. I was fucking nervous. I’m still fucking nervous. Can’t even fucking believe I’m asking you this, but I kind of want to have sex with you, bro.”

My heart cranked faster and faster. I felt my cock start to get hard in my underwear. “Fuck, Mike. For real?”

“Only if you’re into it? You did show me your boner earlier, so I feel like you might be.”

“Bro, my dick is getting hard as we speak. So, yes, I’m into it.”

“Mine’s getting hard too, Chris.”

We didn’t say anything for a minute, both feeling our penises get hard, anticipating having sex with each other.

“Dude, we can’t ever tell anyone if we do this,” I said, hardly believing we might actually fuck.

“Bro, to our grave,” Mike whispered.

My pulse continued to thump in my chest, fueling my growing erection in my crotch, waiting for whatever would come next.

“Get over here,” Mike called over.

Shit. We were gonna fuck. Twin brothers.

I threw my blanket back and walked over to his bed. My knees were shaking, and my semi-erection pointed out, tenting my underwear, but I let him see it. As I approached, Mike pulled back his covers. He was only wearing his boxers. His chest was hairy and bare, and I noticed a sizeable boner in his underwear.

He moved over and I laid down beside him on his bed. He let the covers fall back over us. I felt my brother’s leg and arm rubbing against my own. My cock danced between arousal and nerves, almost softening and hardening with each beat of my heart. We laid beside one another, both of us too nervous to make the first move.

Being the older twin by two minutes, I swallowed my pride, sat up and pressed my lips to Mike’s. He softly opened them, letting my tongue slip into his mouth. Our tongues touched, gliding over each other as we swapped spit. I pressed my lips firmly into his, and he moaned into my mouth.

I pulled away, our lips snapping apart. “Bro, this is wild.”

He was laying on his back. “Feels weird kissing my twin brother, but it’s turning me on,” he confessed.

“Oh, yeah?” I reached for his groin and wrapped my fingers around his rock-hard cock in his underwear. “Damn, Mike. That’s fucking hot.”

He lifted his head off his pillow, touching our lips again. We made out passionately. Our lips parted, tongues gliding furiously against each other. I loved the taste of my brother’s mouth. His spit mixed with mine and we both exhaled, moaning in arousal. His scruff tickled my lips, as I’m sure mine did to his. I pushed my hips into his leg, pressing my erection into his thigh, all the while thinking to myself: I’m fucking making out with my twin bro, holy shit.

He pulled his lips away, “Fuck, you’re hard. I can feel your boner against my leg.”

“Bro, my cock is so fucking stiff for you.” I thought about seeing my brother naked earlier, seeing his fat, jiggling, hairy ass. I was going to pound it with my swollen, aroused sahibe escort bayan cock and force his hole open with it.

“Take off my underwear, Chris.” My heart lurched, excited to get my brother naked again. I sat up. The blanket fell off my shoulder and Mike lifted his butt up. I put my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. His erect dick slapped against his stomach as I pulled them off him, tossing them on the floor beside his bed. His cock was fully hard, similar in length to my seven incher.

I took off my shirt. Mike sat up to take my underwear off for me. My erection pointed into his face as he pulled them down, throwing them onto his underwear beside us.

“I want to take your dick to the base, Chris.” I was all too ready to fucking pump my brother’s ass full of my sperm. He moved his big legs to either side of me as I moved on top of him, my boner proving how ready I was to fuck him.

My hands were on the mattress as Mike laid on his back beneath me, feeling the head of my cock teasing his hairy crack. We kissed again, passionately making out.

Pulling away, he looked me in the eyes and said, “Let’s fuck, bro.”

He was such a stud. I pecked him, then asked, “Are you ready, dude?”

“Nervous but ready, yeah. I want you to fuck my fat ass, Chris.”

My cock strained stiffer. His ass was so fat, and I was going to rail the fuck out of it. I licked my palm, keeping his gaze, and guided my wet hand down to my swollen, erect penis, lubing the head to shove into my brother.

I pushed my hips forward, feeling his hairy ass cheeks spreading around the head of my cock. I couldn’t fucking wait any longer. I pushed harder until his puckered, tight hole kissed the head of my boner.

We were looking into each other’s eyes as my cock head stretched his boy cunt, entering into his ass. I was inside my twin brother’s ass, and it felt incredible.

My brother moaned for me, as he felt his brother’s thick dick expanding his hairy pussy. I couldn’t hold back. I forced my cock into him, to the base.

Mike moaned again. “Oh god. You’re big, Chris. Ugh, fuck. Give me your cock.”

I felt my brother wrap his legs around me as I started pounding his ass. My erect dick shoved in and out of his hole with each forceful thrust. We were having sex.

It felt insanely good. I exhaled as his hairy bro pussy stroked my dick. “Take my cock, Mike. Take your brother’s fat cock.”

He moaned for me once more, feeling intense pleasure from my throbbing dick. “Oh, god yeah, Chris.”

“You little incest pig. Take your twin brother’s fat prick,” I said.

“Oh, fuck yes. Incest me, bro.”

I groaned, turned on by our twin brother, incest sex happening in our bedroom. Our parents had no idea what was going on, and it was an absolute turn on. We were fucking like feral, inbreeding animals.

I railed my brother’s ass, pumping him with my cock, thinking about how much sperm I was going to bust inside him eventually.

Mike’s eyes rolled back, and I nearly lost my load seeing him lose himself in my sex. I fucked him harder, aroused by his arousal. We were being loud, but it felt too fucking good to slow my fuck. His head jetted over his pillow as my pubic bone connected to his ass.

Mike kept moaning for me. “Chris, the head of your dick keeps hitting my prostate.”

“Oh, yeah,” I grunted, exhaling forcefully between thrusts. “You like that, bro?”

“Feels so fucking good. Don’t stop.” He looked down at his crotch. “I’m precuming so fucking much.”

I glanced down too and saw the head of his penis covered in sticky clear precum. It matted his happy trail.

The bed was shaking vigorously beneath us, thrusting back and forth each time I pounded him. I eased up on my pumps and leaned down to make out with him again. He pulled me into his mouth with his hand at the back of my head, my cock fully inside his ass. After a few seconds of kissing, I pulled away and said, “I have to slow down a bit. I’m gonna explode if I don’t and mom and dad are gonna hear us.”

“Okay, but don’t bitch out too much. My brother lays down pipe so fucking good and I want you to be rough on my hole.”

The slapping sound of my skin against his eased up, but I felt him tighten his hole around my shaft begging me to go harder.

“Oh fuck, Mike. That feels so good.” I focused on the sensation of my brother’s asshole sliding the length of my cock, my pubes pushing against his hole as I buried my entire bone inside him. I fucked him in slow, deliberate drives into him. We kept each other’s gaze, passionately having sex. Both of us inhaled and exhaled together. Mike nodded at me, letting ‘yes’ and ‘that’s it’ escape from his lips just louder than an exhale.

Then suddenly I realized, we weren’t just having sex. We were making love. I was making love to my identical twin brother, Mike, and somehow it felt both good and natural. I knew he felt the same escort sahibe way about what we were doing too.

I gave him a peck on the lips and then kissed his neck. He smelled incredible, like guy and musk. My stud of a twin brother. I was so into him. Mike groaned when my lips sucked the skin on his neck. His lips rested against my ear, and he whimpered in pleasure.

Then he demanded, “Plow my ass, Chris. I need to unload.”

I pulled my head away, to look into his eyes again, and picked up the pace again. I hammered my brother’s ass. His head shoved forward when I connected, as the sound of our skin slapping together echoed in our room again. Mike tightened his hole around my shaft. “Oh, fuck yeah. Milk your brother’s cock with that hole.”

“Give me your twin sperm, bro. Fill up my ass with it.”

I grunted through my nostrils, like a bull, feeling the work of my thrusts beading as sweat on my brow. We were both starting to sweat. I got of whiff of raw onions, wafting from either mine or my brother’s overgrown, deodorant-less guy-pits and it traveled from my nostrils straight to my prick, making me harder somehow.

Fuck, do I love fucking guys, especially if that guy is my twin brother, I thought to myself.

Mike’s bed was shuffling beneath us again. The legs rubbed against the hardwood floor. Not any harder than this, Chris, or mom and dad are gonna catch us, my mind said. But damn does he feel good.

“Oh god, Chris. I’m getting close.”


Mike didn’t answer at first. His eyes were closed and he moaned uncontrollably, albeit quietly. I forced my cock deeper, seeing how amazing it felt for him.

“Oh god.” I knew Mike was nearing his orgasm. I pounded his ass harder, the bed squeaking louder. The head of my cock rubbed my brother’s prostate with speed and pressure. He was milking my cock with his hole, but I was milking him with my thick brother-penis.

“Gonna unload for your brother, Mike,” I was breathless and forcing my cock into him. Drops of my sweat were falling onto his chest.

Mike opened his eyes and found my eyes. “I’m gonna bust my cum.”

“Let it go, bro. Explode it everywhere.” I slammed into his ass.

“Fuck, here is comes.” Mike wrapped his arms around my neck and we both looked down at his cock to watch him ejaculate hands free. I thrusted harder and harder, fucking the cum out of him. Then he moaned and I felt his hole contract around my dick. His sperm shot from his cock, coating his hairy stomach with a long strand of white reproductive fluid, reaching his chest. I kept fucking him. He moaned again, throwing his head back on the pillow. I kept watching his dick orgasm. Each of my pumps jetted his sperm from his prick onto his body. His hole quivered around my cock with each pulse of his cumshot.

He spurted nine times. The last shot of my brother’s sperm came out of his dick and he exhaled, dropping his arms.

“That’s gonna put me over the edge, Mike.” I was fucking him hard still, feeling my penis engorging for ejaculation. Seeing my twin get off what gonna make me get off.

“Seeing your brother cum gonna make you nut, dude?”

“Oh yeah. I’m just about to go.”

Mike reached down and I felt his large, manly hands grab each of my hairy ass cheeks. He pulled me into him, forcing my cock head deeper. “Unload that sperm inside me, Chris.”

“Oh god.” I fucked him hard, feeling his hands on my ass.

He coaxed me to ejaculate in him. “Come on, shoot it. Bust that sperm, bro.”

Suddenly, the image of Mike’s hairy, jiggly ass when he dropped his towel after his shower popped into my head again. That’s what I was fucking: my twin brother’s dump truck, fat ass. I looked at him, my fly-as-fuck, hot, twin brother with a set of ass cheeks on him.

I was gonna bury my cum inside him.

“Oh shit.”

“Yeah? Shoot it inside me, Chris.”

“Oh shit. Fuck, Mike, I’m gonna unload in your bro cunt.”

“Do it, dude.” He pulled my ass with his hands. My prick reached as far into him as it could go. “Blow your cum.”

I pushed into his ass, cock too sensitive to keep hammering, and felt my ejaculation rushing up my dick and counted down for him. “Three, two, one….here I go.”

My penis tensed then released in waves of pounding orgasms, exploding my sperm deep into my twin brother’s ass.

“Oh, fuckkkk,” he said. “I feel your cock thumping.”

My dick expanded and relaxed, expanded and relaxed as I ejaculated inside his hole. My sperm kept coming and coming, dumping in pulse after pulse into my brother’s fat hairy ass.

Eight pumps later and I was still unloading. Nine shots, ten, eleven. “Jesus, that’s a lot of cum,” Mike said. I groaned, feeling the last two spurts of my jizz injecting inside him.

I collapsed onto his body, panting loudly, wet with perspiration. His semen, still on is body, caked against my stomach and chest. I got another blast of our BO.

“Fuckkkk,” I exhaled. Sitting up I looked at Mike and brought my lips to his again. His mouth opened and we made out, the salt of our sweat dancing with our tongues.

We stopped kissing and looked at each other.

“Bro, that was the best I’ve ever been fuck,” he confessed.

I pecked again and said, “Best decision I’ve made was to pound my twin brother’s ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32