Eat, Devour

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“Eat me!”


Her groan of frustration was loud and arousing. She struggled futilely against the ropes securing each ankle and wrist to the nearest bedpost. Her naked body glistened with sweat, and was dotted with red dried wax and nicely reddened from the previous whipping I had given her. Blindfolded, she could not see me, could not see what I had planned for her next.

My fiancée and I had spoken about this for weeks. For years, I had fantasized about having a beautiful young woman submit to me, accepting both pleasure and pain from me; for the past year, I had fantasized specifically about having my darling Kat in a position very similar to where she was at that very moment: bound and unable to escape, begging for more. She had long wanted to try some bondage play, and had initially broached the subject with me by showing me “some file I downloaded online last night,” and one thing led to another and we began to research and buy a few supplies and…

…and she was writhing in her bonds, the pair of vibrating bullets churning inside her and clanking together. I could hear those bullets, their sound obviously well muffled by the hot, wet confines of üvey kız kardeş porno her sex, and I smiled. That particular sex toy was a relatively cheap yet very powerful device, and I had not yet allowed her to experience more than half-power.

Kat has long loved to be eaten while having something inside her, so I was not at all surprised that she wanted to be eaten, not necessarily to have the power increased so she could finally cum. But I was not ready to let her cum yet.

On the other hand, that was exactly what I needed after having spent nearly an hour first adoring my restrained fiancée, then teasing her with the vibrating bullets, then adding a fair amount of searing heat and erotic pain to her existence.

At last, I began to undress. Clearly, Kat could hear the rustling of my clothing, for her head turned in my direction, “looking” at me with sightless eyes, her writhing continuing seductively. “Please!” she begged once more, her voice breathy and full of need, the lust within her extremely prominent.

“No.” I finished undressing, smiling to myself as I watched her worry her lower lip. Her whines sounded a little xnxx porno childish, like a little girl angry at not getting her way and about to throw a temper tantrum, but in this situation, it just gave the entire situation even more impact.

But, I did take some pity upon my bound fiancée. I moved toward the bed again, picked up the control box positioned between her spread thighs, and increased the vibration of the bullets to three-quarters power. Kat’s body lurched in response, causing her to pull nicely against the ropes which confined her to the bed, and an impressive squeal of relief ripped past her throat.

Her head was nicely supported by a pair of pillows, providing a good angle. I took advantage of that, mounting the bed, straddling her chest, and telling her to open wide… before filling her mouth.

I was treated to a wonderful fellatio. While Kat had always enjoyed taking me into her mouth, it was a particularly meaningful, particularly animated act on this occasion, most likely due to the combination of the twin vibrating eggs and the ropes which restrained her. Despite the limited range available to her due to her prone position, zenci porno her head moved nicely, her tongue danced around me, and the sounds she made reverberated teasingly through me before gracing my ears. She loved me with her mouth, accepted me into her with complete trust just as I completely trusted her, moaning from her desire and her need and her lust as I gently caressed her face and fingered her curls.

But eventually, I leaned back at last, vacating her dainty little mouth, stroking myself as she gulped down a fresh supply of air, and ultimately unleashing my seed upon her innocent-looking face, applying several new ropes to her beautiful form.

How I wished I could see her eyes, those large expressive hazel orbs which had captivated me first upon our initial meeting. To see my fiancée looking up at me while wearing my love would have melted my heart.

“Eat me, please!”

It was time. Kat had endured the pleasant teasing long enough. She had earned the right to experience her desired release. I dismounted my fiancée, dismounted the bed, and bent over to kiss her sweet lips only to be attacked as forcefully as she could with her mouth. My hand gripped a breast fiercely, and I swallowed her squeal, allowed her breath to fill my lungs and my heart.

But in time, I was perched between her spread legs, gently stroking her on either side of her buzzing sex.

“I’m not going to eat you,” I announced. “I’m going to devour you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32