The Hotel

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We have arranged to meet at the hotel in town. He has phoned with the room number and a few definite instructions.

They include that I must be wearing a short skirt, button up shirt no bra and no panties & high heels. I am to ensure I am shaved clean. I can bring along my favorite toys and lubricant.

I arrive with the necessary attire and toys my favourites being my rabbit and my strawberry and chocolate flavoured lube.

We met in a bar. He is a good-looking gentleman a few years older, married and with a beard. He is strong willed and well spoken – intelligent and sexy.

I go up to the room and find the door unlocked and slightly open. I walk in. I am nervous. My heart is thumping in my chest. No one knows where I am. The danger and anticipation have made me wet

The lights are dimmed in the room. It’s a clean room in an average hotel – nothing stylish – functional with a queen-sized bed. There is champagne on the dressing table. I look around in the dim light. He’s nowhere to be seen. I’m confused.

My cell phone rings. A deep quiet male voice comes through.

“There is a blindfold on the dresser next to the champagne. Put down your bag, put on the blindfold and stand in the middle of the floor with your back to the door. Make sure the door is still open. Spread you legs and place your hands behind your back.”

I do as instructed. As I spread my legs I feel my wetness against my thighs.

I stand in the silent room

Suddenly I feel a satin cord slip around my wrists and tighten. He moves in against my back and I feel his hardness. His hands slip around and find the top button. Slowly he undoes my shirt. He slips his hands around my naked breasts and pinches my nipples, gently tugging at my nipple ring. I feel the shudders running down my spine.

He slips the shirt over my shoulders and slides his hands to the zip of my skirt. I feel the zip slide open and his hands tug my skirt down over my hips. It falls to the floor in a pile.

His voice whispers against my ear “step forward out of the skirt and spread your legs a little wider please”

I step forward and spread them – feeling the breeze against my wet hard clit. There is silence in the room. I jump a little as the champagne cork pops. I hear him pour it into the glass. I can feel him move in front of me. Suddenly the cold glass connects with my skin between my breasts. He slides it down across my stomach and between the lips of my pussy where he pauses for just a moment and turns the glass between the lips. I giggle for a moment. He places a finger over my mouth and tells me to “shhhh. Feel – don’t make a sound – just feel”

His finger trails across my chin and down my body to my throbbing pussy. His finger glides over my pussy and pauses. I strain forward. I desperately want him to plunge it into me and slide it back to grip my hard clit between his thumb and forefinger. He holds it still though almost driving me wild. His thumb joins his forefinger and they glide between my lips skirting my clit. Suddenly he pulls his hand away and he moves behind me. I feel Escort Beylikdüzü him slip the satin cord off my wrists. He takes my hand and guides me toward the bed.

“Lie down – on your stomach please. Legs nice and wide. Arms above your head toward the wall, wrists together.”

I place my face down into the pillows, my legs open and my hands above my head he slides the cord over my wrists and ties the cord to the headboard with a length free for movement.

“Please bend your knees and lift your arse into the air with your head down”

As I follow his instruction I feel myself blush. I am completely exposed. Suddenly I feel the coldness of the champagne running down through my crack. His finger catches it at the bottom. I hear him slide his finger into his mouth and lick it off. Suddenly I feel his tongue against my clit. He licks the champagne off I bite my lip as I try not to cry out. I thrust back trying to get him closer and harder. He pulls away.

“Stay still my little slut or I will stop”

I stop and my breath catches in my throat I hear him going to my bag and opening it.

“Ah, rabbits strawberries and chocolates – a good selection – I can have fun with these.”

I hear the lube being opened. I can imagine him spreading it across my trusty rabbit. I can hear his soft footsteps across the carpeted floor and feel his warmth behind me. I feel the warm slippery rabbit slide along my crack. Forward and back. Forward and back. I rock to meet it. Thrusting my hips forward and back.

Suddenly it slips into me. Deep and hard. I feel myself almost cum but he slips it out again and moves away my head is spinning my breath is coming in short sharp gasps.

“Did you like that my little slut”

“Y…yesssssss” I answer in a husky voice

“Do you want more my little slut?”

“Pl..Please. Oh God yes!

“Very well”

I hear the rabbit’s soft hum as he switches it on. He brings it against my wet open cunt lips. It slides in slowly but definitely. His other hands holds my pussy open and guides the rabbits ears around my clit. He twists it from side to side and then in and out. Up and down. Its ears rubbing around and over my clit its slight vibration intensifying the feeling. He increases its speed. I push myself back further, opening myself wider. My back arches. He turns it up further. Thrusts it in deeper and harder. Slides it over and around my clit. I feel my orgasm mounting. The first shudders running up and down my spine.

“Don’t cum yet my slut – don’t cum yet”

I move my hips in to move the rabbit’s ears away from my clit

“No, no my sweet … stay still …I will move your trusty friend”

He slides it away from my clit and thrusts it deeper into my cunt instead. I feel it brush against my g-spot.

Suddenly he leans over me his body covering mine his hand moving the rabbit back his other hand finding my hard nipple and tugging on my nipple ring. The change of sensation leaves me breathless and giddy. I feel his hard dick against my arse the rabbit slips out of me Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan and his hand comes up to cup my other breast.

He is quietly rubbing himself against me – his pants still on. His hands slide up over my back and into my hair. His fingers part and grip my hair between them. He tugs and pulls my head back. I feel my back arch and my head tilt back. His one hand runs down the length of my face coming to rest on my chin. He slides it down my throat and along my shoulder. His other hand joins it and they run down my spine. Up and down. A shiver runs through me. He releases me and steps back. I hear the zip of his pants open. I hear him sit down on the chair. I hear his shoes hit the ground followed by his belt and pants. He stands and must be removing his shirt and tie. I feel him move back behind me as his hands come to rest on my hips.

He pauses. I feel his hard cock against my open cunt. Suddenly he plunges into me as his hands pull my hips back to meet him. He is deep inside me. Deep and hard. He pulls out and plunges back into me while gripping my hips.

I feel myself getting lost in the sensations. I feel my cunt gripping him. Suddenly his hands release me and he slides out of me.

My giddiness subsides and I feel my confusion take over.

“I told you to remain silent – you have not listened my slut”

I don’t even realize that I have made a noise

“I’m sorry… I really am sorry … please don’t stop. Please” I beg

“In a moment my dear. In a moment.”

The silence in the room is deafening. I feel my throbbing intensify again. The anticipation is killing me.

“Roll over and spread your legs – knees bent and knees wide apart”

I drop myself onto the bed and spread myself wide open as I lie on my back my hands tied above me. My shoes still on raise my hips higher and my legs wide open with knees wide apart leaves my wet cunt exposed. I feel the air cooling my wetness. He is at the foot of the bed neatly between my legs. He kneels down sliding a pillow under my hips. His fingers spread my cunt lips. I feel his head drop and his tongue run along my groove. First one side, then the other. I open my legs wider.

I wish my hands were loose. I would grip his head and hold him closer pushing his face deeper into my groove.

I catch a moan in my throat and suppress it. He circles my clit his teeth just touching her. I feel myself bordering on cumming. I feel it mounting. I am thrusting up to meet him. To drive his tongue harder into me. His hands slip around my thighs. His fingers pull my lips wide open. His tongue moves hard against me. Suddenly I can’t help myself. The orgasm runs down my spine and explodes through my cunt. I feel it pulsing. The thrusts helping it along. It rolls back up my spine and comes down in a second, harder explosion. The scream that breaks from my lips comes from deep down. Somewhere primal. It bounces off the walls and is joined by a second loud moan. I lie back my legs collapsed over the edge of the bed, my head spinning, my lips dry and my Beylikdüzü Escort breath ragged as the orgasm subsides I hear a knock at the door.

He goes to answer. It is the hotel manager.

“Is everything ok here sir?”

“Yes, perfectly fine.”

“Oh,” comes the embarrassed answer

“It’s just that we heard the screams and thought someone was hurt.”

“No, no-one hurt here. Thank you.”

“Sorry to interrupt then sir.”

An amused giggle is heard as the door closes. I giggle too. I didn’t realize how loud I can be. He unties me and removes the blindfold. As my eyes become accustomed to the light I sit up. He pushes a cold glass of champagne into my hand.

“You enjoyed that did you”?

My quaking knees and heaving breath confirm my eager “Yes, thank you.”

I realize he hasn’t cum yet. I stand up and move around to stand in front of him. I move between his legs and take the champagne from his hand. Gently I push him back on to the bed. As he lies back I kneel between his legs. His cock is hard and clearly keen to be helped to relax. I cup his balls in my hand and guide his hard cock head into my mouth I run my tongue around the head and slide my lips over the head.

He groans and arches to meet me. I decide not to punish him for the sound and movement. I am too keen to enjoy the taste of him. I release his cock and replace it with my hand. I move my head down over his balls. I lick them and slide first one then the other into my mouth. I run my hand up and down his cock my fingers sliding over the head. He arches again and his hand slip down into my hair. He grips the side of my head.

This is my favourite part. This is where his hands tell me what he wants and I decide when and how to deliver on the demand. I release his balls and slide my mouth back over his cock head. My fingers come to join my mouth along his shaft. I feel his hands grip me tightly and guide me down. He thrusts deeply into me, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I pull back and follow my lips up with my fingers

I am wet. I want to feel him cum deep in my throat. I want to taste him and hear him as he shudders though his orgasm. I feel like a dirty naughty slut. I love it.

I slide my lips back hard along his shaft. I slip my hands under his arse and guide him forward. His feet help raise him as they rest on the floor. As he thrusts up I thrust my mouth down over him. My teeth just touching his head and shaft. Faster and faster we go until suddenly he arches hard and a moan of note escapes his lips his hips thrust forward and his cum explodes into my mouth. I run my tongue along the base of his cock head. He shivers, quivers and moans. He tastes salty and sweet.

I swallow his cum down slowly leaving just enough to give him a taste. I slide up onto the bed over him and find his lips. As I plunge my tongue deep into his mouth I release his cum onto the back of his tongue. I slide it back up coating his tongue. He tastes and a wry little smile graces his lips.

“Tastes good. Almost as good as you.”

I hear giggling at the door and realize that the hotel staff has been listening in. I smirk giggle and loudly say, “Hope that was as good for you as it was for us.”

“Thank you,” comes the reply before the giggles move off down the passage.

I turn to find him, eyes closed, smile wide and breath deep. I curl up beside him and fall asleep with him.

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