The Hay Loft

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Robert and Trisha worked for a small town real estate company.

Robert and Trisha were due to meet a prospective client at and out of town location.

Robert swung into the long winding drive. The car over steered and Robert found himself, the car and Trisha in an adjoining field. Robert pushed the gas pedal to the floor but the car wheels just dug deeper and deeper into the soft wet earth.

Robert and Trisha decided to walk to the house and meet the client. From there they could call a tow truck.

As they walked up the drive the sky came over dark and menacing. In almost an instant the heavens opened and released their payload. Trisha and Robert ran through the hay field and chanced on an old red barn.

Robert pushed the barn door open and led Trisha by the hand to through the opening he had created to the safety of the barn.

Robert applied all his impressive upper body strength to force the door closed against the howling force of the wind.

The barn was dark now and only punctuated by beads of soft light emanating from the poorly fitting wooden cladding that made up the structure of the barn.

Robert and Trisha were soaked from the wind swept torrent of Mother Nature. Robert looked at Trisha and noticed her nipples protruding though her wet shirt.

Robert had never noticed how attractive Trisha was before, but seeing her wet auburn hair cascading down her neck and terminating in soft curls made him see her in a new erotic light.

Both out of breath from the exertion of reaching the sanctuary of the Barn they rested a while.

The floor was wet and so they both decided to climb up an old wooden ladder to the hayloft.

They lay in the hay for a time; Robert glanced over to Trisha and transfixed on the slow rhythmic rise and fall of her perfectly formed chest. He was strangely Escort Bayan Esenyurt attracted to Trisha. Like a moth to the orange glow of a flickering flame. He rolled onto his side and looked deeply into her eyes. She shied away from his hot piercing gaze.

Robert reached over and clasped her soft face. Gently lifting her head until their eyes met.

Trisha had mixed emotions half of her wondering if, desperately hoping against hope that Robert would pounce on her like a majestic wild animal and half wanting to be anywhere else.

Trisha didn’t have to wonder for very long; Robert moved in for the kill and kissed Trisha on the mouth with a premeditated cunning.

Trisha had never been kissed so forcefully before and she felt both inhibited but also adversely excited.

Robert softly caressed Trisha’s soft breast through her wet top. Trisha was very aroused but unsure of what she was supposed to do. Robert ran his hand down her wet body and interlaced his strong fingers with hers. Gently pulling her hand to his body.

Trisha ran her hand over Robert Chest; She could fell his abundance of chest hair through his water soaked shirt.

Robert skilfully undid the buttons on Trisha’s top. Trisha hadn’t noticed until he gently slipped her shirt down over her shoulder revealing her velvet soft skin. Robert helped Trisha to release the buttons on his own shirt. In one muscular stretching motion Robert removed his wet shirt to reveal his own body. Trisha’s hot little eyes were hungrily, hypnotically transfixed on his chest. As she reached out to Robert, under her own steam this time, she felt her hot snatch show the first signs of seepage.

With an almost hunter like instinctive reaction Robert ran his light fingers down her body and hungrily lifted her short skirt Escort Bayan Avcılar around her waist. Trisha felt a little embarrassed due to her own wetness but was comforted in the knowledge that’s she was still wearing her soft white panties.

Robert ran his hand up and down her soft valley felling her brush through her wet panties.

Trisha’s body was in sexual turmoil but it was as though her own heated pleasure was dispersing her inhibitions like a fog lifting at the sight of the morning sun.

Trisha was becoming emmersed deeper and deeper in pure ecstasy; she gingerly ran her hand down Roberts chest hesitating as she got closer to his manhood. Trisha unzipped Robert with a feather like delicate touch, like a thousand whispers all working in tandem to accomplish a common goal.

Trisha delved into the depths of the confines of Robert’s pants with an un-recalled before sense of excitement and danger. She slowly retracted her fingers around Robert’s thick tool. Robert groaned in pleasure as she gently slid her hand up and down his hard cock.

Trisha’s pussy was very wet now and it was now impossible to differentiate between the wetness caused by the rain and her own sweet juices. Robert slid his hand around one of the sides of her panties. Trisha gasped in pleasure as Robert felt her uncovered naked clit.

Trisha was so excited with the attention that her clit was getting that she became unaware of her ever-increasing grip on Roberts’s member. Robert cowered back slightly from her firm grip but kept on pleasing her hot moist clit.

Robert leant forward and pressed his lips to Trisha’s. Trisha was breathing very shallowly now, causing her breasts to rise and fall in rapid succession.

Trisha could feel the straw in the loft gently piecing her body but Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü this somehow added to her pleasure. Trisha arched her back in pleasure as Robert slid his fingers into her drenched valley.

Trisha could feel her orgasm building like a distant echo at first but increasing rapidly until without warning it run through her whole body with the deafening amplitude of a hundred wild mustangs stampeding over the prairie.

Trisha’s body began to convulse with in her own pleasure.

Trisha pushed her pleasure from deep within her valley drowning Roberts’s frantic fingers.

Her orgasm had aroused Robert; he leapt on top of her with the grace of a gazelle, pushed her panties to one side and gently guided his pleasure stick into her willing pussy. He pushed further into her until he could feel her soft soaked silk panties gently caress his balls.

Robert advanced and retracted his love pole slowly at first as Trisha felt very tight against his hot cock.

As Trisha’s box became accustomed to Roberts size his rhythm increased.

Robert reached down and took a firm hold of Trisha’s thighs from behind and lifted her legs so as to penetrate her hot box as deep as possible.

Trisha gave a slight squeak, as she had never been penetrated so deeply before. Robert’s eyes immediately leapt to Trisha’s face. She gave him a reassuring smile that she was not in any real pain.

Roberts pushed his face into Trisha’s soft neck and continued to pump Trisha for all he was worth.

Robert was so horny his pre cum mixing freely with Trisha’s wetness. Like matter and anti mater negating each other in such perfect universal harmony.

Robert felt himself tighten and exploded into Trisha’s wanting pussy. Overwhelming the capacity of Trisha’s box. Each thrust increasing exponentially the volume of his pleasure. His hot cum oused from Trisha and ran down her body onto the bed of straw beneath her.

They both lay side by side just holding each other with gently caring, Neither of them minded the thought of rural property any longer. Just two spirits who came in from the rain and found an afternoons pleasure in each other.

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