The Girl Ch. 4

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Desiree awoke to the growl of her stomach. It startled her, and she sat up and looked around. Johnathan lay next to her, his back to her, on his side. The morning sunlight shone through the white curtains, filling the room with a warm glow that seemed almost solid in its peacefulness. As soon as she looked at him she was calm, knowing that even though she was unfamiliar with her surroundings, he somehow made her safe just by being there with her.

She found herself staring at him as he slept. His chest moved with each breath, his bare back smooth and hinting at the muscles under his warm skin, appearing so inviting to touch in the soft glow of the early morning sun. Even, steady breaths showed his comfort in sleeping next to her. After several moments of this, it was just too much for her; she had to touch him. Her smallish hand slid gently over his arm and down onto his lightly furred chest, relishing the masculine definition it held. He made a noise as if to acknowledge her in a dream, and then was silent again.

Her hand played in his soft, light fur and she became aroused. From his chest, she ran it over his arm, and down to his hip, pushing back the covers to reveal his backside. He had a small derriere, smaller than her own despite his somewhat larger frame, but it was nicely curved. And, she thought, extremely appealing to the eye. She caressed it as best she could in the position she was in, somehow feeling a little naughty for touching it, but finding the experience very erotic and enjoyable at the same time. After a moment he stirred, and it startled her a little. He was asleep, apparently, because his eyes were closed. After a moment, he mumbled something incomprehensible and turned half way towards her, now laying on his back.

His bare chest was on full display now. Her eyes scanned it, drinking it in, and she found her loins beginning to warm rapidly. There was something about his chest and stomach that just did it for her; she did not know what. The growing moisture and heat between her legs, though, proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt. Without her realizing it, her breathing had begun to deepen and speed up. She bit her lower lip lightly and quite unconsciously, and continued her explorative caresses.

The covers were hiding his maleness, but only barely. Perhaps a third of his thick, dark brown pubic hair was exposed on the side of him she was on, and she caught a hint of his personal sexual scent. That scent, which would have been undetectable by other than a female nose, electrified her instantly. Her nipples stiffened, her hidden heat surged suddenly with wetness, her heart suddenly raced and her breath caught in her throat for a second. Desiree could not resist it. She had to breathe that scent in and experience it further.

Gingerly, she pulled the sheets back to revealed a rather large, semi-soft penis erupting from his patch of pubic hair. The contrast was such that it emphasized the thing, bringing her entire attention to it and it alone. Desiree drew closer to it, breathing in his scent as deeply as she could, loathing to exhale because it meant she could not smell him for a moment, could not continuously feed the addiction she was captivated by. Each exhalation was hurried, impatient, and then she was at him again, drinking his body’s lusty advertisement, reveling in the high it gave her. By the time she got her face to his sex, she was literally beginning to drool with desire, from both her mouth and her hidden heat. Desiree buried her nose in his pubic hair and slowly breathed in perhaps the deepest breath she had ever taken. It was pure bliss. This man was everything, and she must have him in every way she could. She wanted nothing more that to unite with him in the deepest possible way and stay united that way forever.

From her deep inhalation of his scent, it was a short step to letting her desires take over. She opened her mouth, and his maleness quickly disappeared into it. Taking it into her as deeply as she could without swallowing it down her throat, she slowly savored the sensation against her tongue, the roof of her mouth and her lips. It was wonderful, but not quite enough; she needed something more. His heartbeat was light but detectable on her lips, and this thrilled her to no end for some reason. She beamed in delight, and began sucking his semi-flaccid manhood like it was some sort of gummy candy cock. With the suction, her tongue slid back and forth over the underside of his head and the top of his shaft, and she loved the sensation of his helmet in her mouth.

Johnathan drifted out of sleep’s unconsciousness and into the barest of awareness, but he knew something was going on. Something good. Whatever it was, it filled his entire pelvic area with a warm, glowy pleasure that was akin to being immersed in a thick, warm fluid. It was at once totally relaxing and yet, beckoning to something else, something more. The pleasure pulled at him, gathering momentum, making him both very Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir aroused, and yet curious. It called to him, slipping him out of sleep and into a dream of the most beautiful woman in the world – his Desiree – pleasuring him with her mouth. He settled into the dream, and could feel her mouth, sweet and velvety warm on him, licking the underside of his head and shaft. It made him groan in pleasure.

This went on for a little while, until it started creeping down the length of his shaft towards the base, enveloping him slowly, as if a millimeter were a mile, producing the most amazing sensation somewhere unidentifiable inside his hips. Then, after it reached the base of his cock, that sensation began to move up and down on him, in a slow, determined piston-like movement. It grew in speed and soon he was experiencing so much pleasure that he knew he could not help himself but to explode very soon. Futilely, he tried to resist that impending sensation of overwhelming bliss, tried and failed. It only made the orgasm stronger, harder, and he exploded with such force and pleasure that it awoke him fully in a second. His eyes flew open as he yelled out his unbearable pleasure. He saw her looking back at him with perhaps the most surprised and bewildered look on her face as his juices shot out her nose and back onto him.

She looked as though she’d been simultaneously been caught in the act of doing something terribly naughty, and totally surprised. She withdrew from him, making faces and twitching her nose violently, trying to wipe away that stinging fluid she had accidentally washed her nose out with. A massive sneeze blew the remnants all over her legs, his stomach and the bed. She looked like she felt better, if not mortally embarrassed. It was all just too much for him, and Johnathan burst out laughing as hard and as freely as he’d ever laughed before in his life. When his eyes open from the laughter, he saw that she was gone.

“Aw, shit…” he muttered to himself. He knew, with a sinking feeling, that he’d hurt her. Suddenly it didn’t seem funny in the least. He wiped his eyes and jumped up, calling her name.

“Desiree? Baby, where are you?” he said, walking out of the bedroom. He found her huddled on the couch in the fetal position, sobbing quietly to herself. Instantly, he felt like an unworthy bastard. He swallowed hard to fight back the growing pain in his heart at having hurt her feelings.

Kneeling next to the couch, he apologized.

“I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings… honestly I didn’t. Please forgive me.”

She turned her head away and continued sobbing quietly to herself. His heart sank even lower.

“Please talk to me,” he asked softly. There came only the soft sobbing that escaped the couch’s muffling effects. He waited a few moments, trying to think of what to do, what to say.

“Baby, I was not laughing at you to hurt you. I was not trying to be hurtful at all. It was just the response that came to me when I opened my eyes at the exact moment I did and saw my come blow out your nose, and… the expression on…” he said, allowing the feeble attempt at explanation to die on his lips.

“I’m so sorry, lover,” he said, hanging his head. “Please forgive me.”

After a moment of uncertainty, Johnathan sighed deeply, got up and walked into the kitchen. Johnathan didn’t quite know what to do with himself. He’d caused her so much upset, without intending to, and yet it caused him so much pain to see her hurting… what could he do?

‘Maybe I should just give her some time, and then try to make things right when she’s calmed down a bit,’ he thought. Not knowing what else to do, he began cooking breakfast: bacon and eggs with sausage links. Soon the sounds and scents filled the kitchen. Johnathan’s mind was on the incident, and he was caught quite by surprise when a nasty grease splatter landed on his arm. He screamed out in pain and staggered back, almost falling, only to be steadied by Desiree’s arms. She had been standing there watching him cook breakfast, and somehow had anticipated that he’d be in need of steadying.

He turned to her, looked into her reddened eyes, the spatula he’d been tending the eggs with still in his hand. She looked up at him with teary eyes that seemed to beg him for something, but he could not quite understand what. ‘Please,’ they said. Johnathan forgot everything else and took her into his arms, wrapping her up so tightly that she almost disappeared. She wrapped her arms around him, too. He kissed the top of her head, and rocked her for a while. Then he remembered that the grease had splattered on his arm, and all of a sudden the incredible burning sensation was there, as though it were some sort of delayed response. With her in one arm, he walked over to the sink, set the spatula down on the counter beside it, and reached for a paper towel with his burned arm. The pain was searing, and the motion İstanbul Escort made it hurt worse. Johnathan winced and hot tears came to his eyes as he extended his arm, pulling the burned skin ever so slightly. A high pitched cry choked in his throat, but she heard it. Desiree saw his pain, and looked at him with a combination of helplessness and sadness. She didn’t know how to help him, but she knew he was hurt, and she wanted desperately to do something.

“Johnathan, what can I do to help you? I see that you are in pain. How can I bring you pleasure?” she asked, the helplessness obvious in her voice.

“Please get me some ice out of the freezer,” he replied. A single tear rolled down his cheek, betraying his courageous attempts to appear unhurt. His eyes closed in pain. He struggled valiantly not to show her this growing agony, but it came through anyway.

“Wait a minute… I… I remember something, I think,” she said. Memories out of the abyss of her newly programmed mind rose to the surface, slowly at first, then more fully. She remembered touching a cut and healing it, so she took his arm and put her right hand over the burn, with her palm right down on it. Johnathan’s eyes flew open instantly, as he screamed in agony when she did this, but she clamped down on the burn with her small hands, somehow resisting his frantic attempts to pry them off. Her eyes closed, her head went back a bit, and then something happened… but exactly what, Johnathan could not tell. What he did know was that all of a sudden, he was screaming without a cause. The pain had simply vanished!

“What the hell?!” he cried out, wiping away a now-useless tear that had begun to tickle. He stared at her in awe as her head came back upright and her eyes opened. She looked up at him, searching his eyes – waiting, hoping and expectant. Johnathan looked at her face, then down to his arm and back again, and then as she released his arm, he looked at the still greasy spot that had been an angry red before. It was simply greasy now, and there was no sign of a burn or pain.

“What did you do?!” he asked incredulously.

“Have I done wrong, Johnathan?” she asked, sounding a bit unsure of herself.

“No! I just… I don’t understand how you did that!”

“I remembered… I just… remembered it, and… I did it again,” she replied, her memories elusive now.

“You just healed my burn with a touch in less than a second!” he cried.

“Was I too slow?” she asked, confused by his demeanor.

“No! I mean, I don’t know how you did it, but… it’s good! Very good!”

There was a moment of silence between them. He stared at her in awe, and she smiled slightly, pleased that she could make him feel better, but still uncertain of herself. Their eyes were love-locked for an eternal moment.

It was the smell of burning food reaching his nostrils that broke the spell. His awe was replaced with concern, and he grabbed the spatula and attended the severely overcooked food. It was a total loss. He turned the stove off and set the food on a cool burner.

“Well, so much for breakfast,” he sighed.

“I can cook,” she stated.

“You can? How did you learn to cook?”

“I don’t remember. But I do know how to cook. Would you like for me to recreate the intent of your efforts?”

He laughed. Her technicality was amusing to him, sometimes, and endearing at the same time.

“I have a better idea, lover. Let’s make love and then go out to a restaurant for breakfast.”

“A restaurant? What is a restaurant?” she asked.

“It’s a place where other people cook your food and serve it to you and then you pay them for the service. No work, no dirty dishes, no burned arms -” At this she laughed lightly.

“I can cook for you and serve you. It would make me happy to see you happy,” she offered.

“Hey,” he said. “About this morning… I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I am so sorry. Please forgive me?”

“I don’t understand the correlation between a restaurant and this that you are saying now, but I understand that you did not intend to hurt me. I just… I could not help myself, I could smell your sexual presence and I acted as my urges dictated.”

“Oh, baby, believe me, it was wonderful. I have not had such a glorious wakeup call in my life! You can do that whenever you want.”

“Will you make my nose burn again, and then laugh at me if I do?” she asked, again uncertain, her utter sincerity making him laugh even more.

“No, baby. I won’t. Just make sure you swallow when I come next time,” he replied.

“I guess I did not expect you to come when you did,” she said, smiling sheepishly.

“It’s all right, we have plenty of mornings to look forward to figuring it out. So how about breakfast?”

“Can I have sex with you first?” Desiree asked, looking up at him innocently, unconsciously biting her lower lip again. She looked so adorable when she did that. He just could Escort İstanbul not resist a kiss.

“How do you want me?”, he asked after they tasted eachother

She smiled and made a cute little squeal of glee, and then immediately turned to the chair at the breakfast table, bent herself over it, spread her legs and presented herself to him. It was too much for him. He was hard before she finished settling in. When she flashed him an inviting “please come fuck me” look, he immediately obliged.

Hovering behind her, he caressed her hips, ass and thighs. The smooth curvature was so sweet a sensation in his hands. He closed his eyes and tried to lose his entire awareness to the feeling of it. It was amazing, as was the insistence of his erection to be inside her. She arched her back down so that her ass stuck out more, and her hips tilted up to give him a better view of, and access to, her hidden treasure. The smell of her sex filled his nostrils. He opened his eyes, drinking the sight of her, and then slid his hands down between her legs, and then started back up, slowly caressing her inner thighs and softly pulsing femalia. Her sex was wet between her inner lips already, meaning she was well and truly aroused. This was already obvious to him by the scent that filled his nostrils.

Even angled as she was, with legs spread wide, her fat pussy lips did not separate. He loved that about her. Johnathan spread her beautiful puffy pink outer lips and slid a single finger lightly over her clitoris, which made her shudder with pleasure. Then he continued down into the cleft that formed behind it, between those adorable little inner lips, leading to her depths. Her slick readiness and smooth, perfect pinkness made his cock seem to groan in frenzied desperation, but he was enjoying his self-orchestrated teasing. He slid his finger down along that wet valley of hers slowly, feeling it grow slightly deeper with each millimeter his finger traveled, and slightly wetter, until he suddenly found his finger at the edge of her well of pleasue. She begged, desperately wanting that he should put it in her. In response, he did just that – slowly, sliding his middle finger into her amazingly hot pussy. As thin as his finger was, her sheath hugged it almost hungrily, and seemed to twitch in its involuntary response.

Johnathan marveled at her heat. This woman produced so much heat from her sex when she was aroused that it was like fire heated her depths. He loved it. Sliding his finger in and out of her slowly, watching and enjoying her head fall limp in her pleasure, he listened to her moans and mews, and massaged the inside of her with his finger. He paid special attention to the little knot of muscle that was her G-spot. As his finger passed over it, she sighed in pleasure and each time thereafter that he did it, her sigh took on a more and more insistent feel. Soon, she was mewing and moaning in rhythmic time to his motions, and his cock was straining with increasing jealousy of his fingers.

Her legs slowly spread apart more, seemingly without her realizing it, as she grew closer and closer to her approaching orgasm. Johnathan realized that one of his hands was doing nothing, and so he saddled up behind her, reached around, and began stroking her clitoris at the same time. It wasn’t a comfortable position for him, but Desiree half groaned and half shrieked in pleasure as a response, and after just a few seconds of this, she turned her head back and gasped out her desire for him to be inside her.

“Please… please… I need you in me….” she gasped. With that plea, Johnathan could no longer deny her, or himself. Withdrawing his finger from her, he used his hands to find her entrance, and guided himself to it.

At the touch of their sex organs, her head dropped again as she moaned her pleasure. He felt a crazy, lustful tingling sensation flash over him, and he knew it was over for him. He had to have her. With a single movement, he slid himself into her waiting warmth, and she immediately obliged him by having a shuddering orgasm that shook her as though she was experiencing her own private earthquake. She tried to resist it, lost in the bliss of it, making no sound for a moment. Finally it was too much and she threw her head back and let the pleasure burst from her throat.

She cried out, her vagina twitching and spasming powerfully. Between her movements and her sounds, he was only on his second thrust when she forced him over the edge and into his own orgasm.

His groaning cry tore from his throat as he found release deep within her. He slumped forward, holding her around the waist, his heartbeat thumping powerfully in time with hers for a while. Johnathan’s chest rested against her back, and he hugged her as they caught their breaths. His penis still twitching, he kissed her shoulders, reveling in the intimacy they had managed to achieve so quickly and easily.

“Wow,” he said, slowly sliding out of her after he’d stood up again. “You are one hot woman.”

“I’m sorry, Johnathan. I cannot help how heated my vagina becomes when you are near me. Perha-”

“Hey, silly!” he said, laughing again. “I meant ‘hot’ as in ‘sexy’! I love how ‘heated your vagina becomes’ when I am near you.” His broad smile reassured her, and she hugged him.

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