The Gift

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February was never a painful month for Martha. She had never gone sour and unsatisfied in the 25 years of her existence; not for a day, not for a month and especially not in February. If ever there was any pain at all in February, it resulted from the vigorous and untiring lovemaking her lover’s subjected her to. And no valentine’s day ever went wasted. Once she had symbolically chosen fourteen different partners, randomly picked up from the bars in Louisiana, and indulged in marathon sex, soiling all her mattresses, which for months released the tantalizing smell of the ‘love broth’. Her fluids had leaked onto the bed and mated with the gifts from her lovers, and each time she spotted the bold mark on her velvet sheets she fingered herself like a witch screaming at the moon in the end, mesmerized by the delights her body offered. Her thirst was not easily satiated and she had never found a single person capable of pleasing her. Hundreds of men came and went like clowns, who pleased her with superficial antics, and she trudged on like a woman bored with an oft-visited carnival, a carnival of sin and pleasure. But all that had changed last Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February 2002.

That was the day when she met Fred Mason, a talented architect who had won many accolades and was skillful with his fingers, as she would find out later that night in a dimly lit hotel room. Fred was 28, single, 6 feet tall and in good shape. She had first rested her fluttering eyes on his manly visage when he stepped onto the podium to receive an award from the mayor. She was heavily disinterested with the invitation sent to her a few days back from the City Corporation Office welcoming her to a charity party and award ceremony. Now she realized ‘not coming’ would have been a big mistake. She approached him right after he stepped down. She pushed through thronging crowds that smelt of Cobra, Brute and other perfumes and occasionally she could smell some woman’s dripping cunt, the result of mounting sexual tension. The moment their eyes fixed on each other the rest of the world vanished and both Anadolu Yakası Escort of them edged towards each other, pushing away the heart shaped balloons and braving the floating confetti. The exchanged pleasantries and shared each others lives over a drink. She could feel his erection as they sat across a shaky table chatting and gauging each other’s assets. The dance floor accentuated the need for heavy banging and Martha dripped honey and spilled some on the floor.

Fred, in the pretext of tying his shoe lays wiped the floor clean of the minute drops with his white hanky and took its smell in with a deep breath. This was truly the most wonderful valentine’s day Martha had ever had. As the dance progressed and the focus of the musicians shifted to faster numbers, Fred started to place his erection, which struggled behind his pants, between her bum and rub it up and down. This was a sexual act which would have made even St. Valentine proud. They did not bother to even have dinner and slipped out of the din in a sleek red Porsche. They rented a room in a near by motel and even before Fred could open the door to the room, Martha had taken his tool in her mouth and left it dry. She moaned like a devil worshipper and consumed his phallus with fiery passion. Tearing her free of the costly party wear, Fred thrust in his long tool and smothered a loud scream from Martha with the aid of his fingers. He worked like a stallion and tore open her insides with a lust that would shame the graceful animal. Martha responded with muffled moans and gifted Fred with some deserving Valentine’s Day special love bites. He heaved her out of the bed and pumped her with vigor. He continued this carnal act till she climaxed and fell on his muscular chest, exhausted and completely thrilled. Then with the utmost love and affection he placed her head on a pillow and showered her with his cum.

She couldn’t believe that was a year ago, same day…the 14th of February. Since that thrilling night on Valentine’s Day Fred and Martha had become inseparable and loved each other fiercely. Bostancı Escort The toured places, attended parties and made love in a city that seemed to throw more and more things at them. It was a befitting lair for the two tigers, who never skipped a chance to submit themselves to the whims of their carnal minds. But this February 14th, their first anniversary had turned painful and Martha could not bear the intense grief and sexual longing. Fred had to urgently leave for New York and he would have to stay overnight to attend an important meeting.

He had called early that evening to wish her a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and smother her with kisses over the phone. But that did not change her mood. She needed Fred in her lap, making violent love to her all day. She wanted him to taste her wet pussy and moan, smile and rub the sides of her clit, shower with her and insert his lovemaking apparatus in her pink nest. Her Valentine’s Day was spoiled. She had never ever given much importance to this day of love, this day of desire and sexual madness. She was a gorgeous woman, with stunning figure and breasts that would shame the huge pears found in the orchards of the Arab Sultans. She didn’t deserve this. She had captured Fred’s heart and soul with a single look, consumed his love and worshipped his phallus; she was his devout servant and then again sometimes the mistress of his soul, the queen of his desire. She was the undying source for his pleasure and she didn’t deserve this.

It was then that the phone rung and a guy named ‘Carl’ informed her that a parcel was waiting for her in their office. She let them know that she was available for the night. The office of the courier service was nearer than she had expected as the medium sized package reached her in ten minutes time. It was covered with decorative paper which had heart-shaped designs and half naked cupids. She signed for the parcel and rushed to her bedroom. As soon as her body landed on the bed, she took in a deep breath and opened the package with anticipation. People had given her roses and boxes of chocolate Erenköy Escort on V day, and the tendency to dismiss this as a gimmick was ever present. But it was from Fred and she knew Fred wouldn’t disappoint her. In fact she had a nagging doubt this one was specifically designed to ‘satisfy’ her. Could this wash away her despair and control her lust till the next day? She needed Fred and his warm love or she would die. But for now she needed an elixir, some vent to release her love juices.

The gift was finally unveiled and it was a smooth statue of a cupid with an added accessory. It had an erect penis, large and full of veins, she felt that the veins were throbbing just like Fred’s. She was amazed at the size of this working dildo and kissed its tip before she read the letter attached to it.

Dear Martha

Wish you a happy V Day! You don’t know how much I miss you. I haven’t told you, but before I left I actually got hold of your silk undergarments and today I will play with it in ways you can’t even imagine. I am sending you a gift. Hope you will love it. I am sending cupid as my representative to take part in the night’s festivities. This maddening night, when the whole world is dancing in rapture and engaging in thrilling acts of love, I don’t want us to be left out. We are the greatest lover’s on earth…be like that until tomorrow and when I return I have drawn up plans to keep our title. Until then play with your pussy and remember that each thrust is a gift from me and each orgasm a scream of bliss.

Love you

Though she cried a bit after reading the letter, this Valentine’s Day had after all proven to be a day of delight. She screamed in ecstasy as the cupid thrust its erection into her wet pussy and clawed at her breast at the thoughts of Fred. She graced the night with fast paced masturbation, plunging the angel of love into her inner reaches. Thinking it was a flesh and blood extension of her lover, her god of sin and sensuality – Fred. Her heavy panting rented the atmosphere and her blissful climax coincided with Fred’s own efforts to celebrate the day of love. In the end February proved to be the most pleasurable of all months and it remained so for the rest life, and she would never ever forget her special Valentine’s Day and the special gift she received: the ultimate gift of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32