The Gift

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Copyright 2005-2006 by madengineer3

all rights reserved

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It is all but impossible to look at a person and see what they are really like. Our own prejudices come into play, as well as the other person’s skill at creating a cover that masks who and what they really are. This is even truer when something is being hidden either because of shame, guilt, or prevarication. Most of us wear masks. If we could understand what is under other people’s masks we might be more willing to share. This story is about unmasking and providing satisfaction under stressful conditions.

My name is Joe Mischnik. I’m a musician by training, but work in an office as a personnel manager. As it turns out, there are very few musicians who can earn a good living just using their music (even if it is above average). My wife, of twenty-two years, Soozie passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage about three years ago. I am not sure I will ever fully get over that loss. The loss was even harder to take in light of my problem. About ten years into our marriage I found that I had type II diabetes. The way we found this out was that I was having a harder and harder time obtaining an erection. I went to see a urologist, a friend of long standing, who ordered some testing. To make a long story short I had already started to develop restrictions in the artery that supplied the blood to my penis. I didn’t want to use one of those stupid vacuum pumps to create a pseudo-erection, and my wife was very understanding about it.

I could get half hard, but not hard enough to penetrate even a relaxed and well lubricated pussy. After spending part of an evening to “get it up” she had an idea. She had me lay on my back on the bed. She got out a shoe lace, her vibrating dildo, and the vibrator we use for sore muscles. The first thing she did was to tie the shoestring into a loop around my scrotum, above the testicles. In this condition my balls couldn’t “escape”. Then using the vibrator she started to tease my balls with it. Oh did it feel good! After a minute or two she started to take my mostly limp cock into her mouth and play with it with her tongue. Oh did that feel good! By this time she had moved around so that I could eat her out. As we both neared a climax I put her dildo in her and turned it on. At the same time I spent all my time concentrating on her clit. We both had explosive, violent, orgasms that were truly wonderful.

My wife’s idea was the solution to escort ilanları a vexing problem, but now she was gone I was at a loss. I, for moral and religious reasons, was unwilling to hire a “professional” to help me reach a satisfying climax. Oh, I could easily reach an orgasm; but it wasn’t the same when I didn’t have her pussy to play with. I was unwilling to try to get friendly with a woman, and then have to tell her I was mostly impotent. I was in a bind!

My niece, Esther, was the pride and joy of my life. My wife’s sister conceived Esther about the time of our wedding. She had grown into a very smart, very beautiful woman. She had gone through college, and medical school on scholarships, and with our financial help. She had recently been hired by our local hospital to fill an opening in the internal medicine department. It was there that the story really begins. The urologist at the hospital is the same one who identified my problem. At one point, when they were alone in the doctor’s lounge, he asked Esther how my problem was doing in light of my wife’s demise. She commented that I seemed to be a bit depressed. Esther knew nothing of her uncle’s (my) impotence problem, but being very quick whited she indicated that she knew only the end effects of it but would like to know the internal details of the problem. The urologist took her back to his office and found my folder in his files. They looked over the test results and notes. While my wife was still alive the urologist, a very old friend of mine, off and on asked if my problem was causing any emotional problems. I had, under the protection of patient/doctor confidentiality, told him of my wife’s solution.

My niece asked him the obvious question. How did I manage to remain emotionally whole with this devastating problem? He paused for a moment, swore her to secrecy, and then told her about my wife’s solution. At this time there was a page for Esther to go to the emergency room. She left, but my problem was on her mind. What could she do?

It took her a couple of weeks to decide what to do, and screw up the courage to put her plan into action. She gave me a call and asked me over to her place for supper and a quiet evening with some good music. She also asked if I would bring along grubby work clothes since she would like to have me to help her with a mechanical problem. I was more than willing to go along with this. Esther is a wonderful cook, and our tastes in music are very similar. We both love the Romantic and Neo-Romantic composers.

The dinner was excellent! The wine was very good and the mixed drink after the meal really went down nicely. I wasn’t drunk, but I had a very pleasant “buzz”. She asked me to change into my grubbys. Little did I know what was gaziantep escort ilanları coming up.

When I came out of the bathroom, after changing, she said that she had a surprise for me, but would need my cooperation to make it work properly. I wasn’t feeling any pain by this time and agreed. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

“I want this to be a real surprise but it will take me several minutes to get things ready.”

I responded: “I wait right here and I promise I won’t peak.”

“No, uncle Joe, that won’t work. I’m going to blindfold you and leave you in my bedroom while I take care of things.”

All I could say was “o.k. if that’s what you want.” After all, this request came from my niece, and I trust her.

She led me into the bedroom, had me sit on the edge of her queen sized bed, and put a good blindfold on me. I heard her moving around, and some strange sounds that made no sense to me. I now know that the sounds were those of nylon rope moving through pulleys. She came back to me and asked me to hold something for her. I stretched out my hands to take whatever it was. It was then I felt the loops of rope around my wrists. Before I could get a word out she had pulled on the ropes so that I was pulled over on my back with my arms stretched out.

“What are you doing?”

“Just take it easy, uncle Joe, I’m not going to hurt you.”

There were more noises.

“I still want to know what is going on.”

At that instant I felt rope loops around my ankles and the sudden feeling of my legs being pulled apart. I was now “spread eagled” on the bed, and blindfolded.

“Stop this nonsense right now” and that is the last thing I said because Esther had placed a piece of duct tape across my mouth.

The next sensation I felt was her removing my socks and shoes. This was closely by a new sound and feeling. I realized that she was cutting off my old grubby work clothes with a pair of scissors.

“We’re almost ready, uncle Joe, be patient with me a bit longer.”

What was I going to do? I was tied down, blindfolded, and effectively gagged. What option did I have but to wait?

“Now, I’m going to take off the tape from your mouth, but you need to promise to not speak for the next little while. Can you do that?”

I nodded my head, yes.

I felt the tape being very gently removed from my mouth. She then removed my blindfold. At first the room seemed overly bright, but it wasn’t too long before I realized that Esther was wearing only a very transparent “baby doll” peignoir. She was so beautiful! It was then that I saw that she had my wife’s vibrating dildo, a shoe lace, and the vibrator in her hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked, and she reminded me gaziantep escort bayan ilanları that I had promised to not speak.

Esther started to explain. “uncle Joe, I love you so very much. I want you to be emotionally whole as well as physically whole. I had a long chat with your urologist a couple of weeks ago and decided that you need some expert care.” She went on, “he told me of your problem and Aunt Soozie’s brilliant solution. How long has it been since you have had true release; Three years? Well that is too long for your emotional stability so tonight is the night.”

I didn’t know what to say. About this time she was tying the shoelace just above my balls. Her hands felt sooooooo good. Then she started to play with my cock and balls.

It had been so long since anyone touched me, but myself. I wondered where she had learned to be so skilled at making a man feel good. I stopped wondering because she had started working on my balls with the vibrator. Damn, that felt good! It was only seconds before I realized that she was licking and kissing my cock. At this point I was in ecstasy. She then moved around so that her pussy was at my mouth. I started to lick her pussy lips. She briefly stopped what she was doing and released my hands. I then started to work over her pussy in earnest. As things progressed I reached over and grabbed the vibrating dildo. I turned it on and gently slid it into her vagina, which was now well lubricated.

Esther moaned softly. I then paid all my attention to her clit. It wasn’t long before we both reached thunderous climaxes. At that point she curled up in my arms and we slept.

When I awoke I smelled fresh coffee.

Esther came in, naked, and told me that I needed a shower. She led me to her bathroom and pulled me into the shower, where she proceeded to give me a wonderful soaping up with special care and massage for my cock.

“Uncle Joe, I don’t want you to misunderstand what I have done. I don’t want you to be emotionally withering because of lack of companionship. As a doctor I am prescribing a visit to my place for a therapy session at least once a month. That may not be often enough, but we can play it by ear. If my hunch is correct you were thinking about your wife the whole time you were having pleasure, right?”

“Yeah, you are exactly right. You know, you look and feel a lot like her.”

“I guess I do. That isn’t too surprising since my mom and Aunt Soozie looked enough alike to be twins.”

“Uncle Joe, the point is that in your mind you were enjoying your wife, my aunt, all over again. I’m sure that when we started pleasuring each other I wasn’t even on your mind. Aunt Soozie was! You weren’t lusting after me, you were remembering how good your marriage was. That is all I want to give you. If I thought you were hot for me, I’d stop doing things immediately. However, as therapy to compensate for your erection problems, aunt Soozie had it right. I’ll do what I can to make things go well.”

What can I say? Esther had a point. I wasn’t lusting after her, I was reliving a wonderful moment in married life.

I still enjoy our monthly dinners and play.

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