The Fight’s Over

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Slamming the bedroom door, I am so mad, so hurt. I had to get away from you before I said something that I would forever regret. Standing in the bedroom, all alone, I hear the first strands of Ravel. Ahh, Bolero, our song. We have made love to that song so many times, but it still tugs at my heart and desires. As I stand there listening to the building crescendo of the music, I realize one major thing. You are my life, my love and this is a very silly fight. Wiping my tears, I smile. I will not fight with you or against you, I decide. Our time together is too short.

Washing my face, brushing my hair, then totally undressing, I think of you and listen to the music. The music plays on, relentlessly, as I turn back the covers of the bed. Ah, the music, stirring my heart, my soul.

Calling to you softly, I stretch my naked body on the bed. This wonderful four poster bed that is ours and ours alone. The pillows that cradle our heads, so soft. The comforter that keeps us warm after our passion is spent, so smooth. Our bed.

As you open the door, I whisper, “Lover, please come to me. Let’s not fight.”

I can see the love, the desire for me in your eyes as you slowly cross the room to me. I hold open my eskort bakırköy arms, inviting you into them. I watch you as you slowly undress, revealing the body that I yearn for with a burning passion that scares me.

“Come to me”, I whisper again as I take you into my arms. “This is where you belong”.

Our lips meet is a long. slow kiss that leaves me breathless. Taking my lips with yours, you kindle the fires of my passion. I wrap my arms around you, hold you close as my hips start a slow movement of their own. Holding your head with my hands, I hold your face close, taking your lips with a burning desire. My fingers are tangled in your hair as I kiss your lip, soft yet firm, with passion.

I kiss your eyes, your nose, down to your chin. Slowly licking my way down and over, I find that special, sensitive spot, just under your ear. I kiss it, the suck and leave my mark on you. You are mine, that mark says. As I travel down your neck, I can hear your sharp intake of breath.

“This is for you”, I whisper. “Just lay back, enjoy. Take the pleasure that I am offering you.”

Making my way down further, I kiss and caress your chest, your shoulders, over to those sensitive eskort ataköy nipple. Taking one in my mouth, I suck, then gently nibble, then blow a cool breeze across it, watching it get harder from the coolness after the heat. Again and again I suck then blow, repeating this with your other nipple as you moan from deep within.

Licking my way further still, I caress your stomach with my lips and tongue. Across your hips, down your outer thigh, then back up the other one. I purposely avoid your throbbing hardness, sending you mad with desire and need. Down the inside of one thigh and back up the other to the junction of your legs, where I place a soft kiss on your balls. Your cock jerks with this kiss, as if begging for more. Tracing your balls with my tongue, I look up at you. My blue eyes shining with love and lust.

Slowly, oh so agonizingly slow, I lick up your hard shaft, to the tip. Running my tongue around the ridge and just underneath it, you thrust your hips to my waiting mouth. Taking the head into my mouth, I make one, hard suck, taking you deep into my mouth. Your hips are thrusting to me faster now as I suck you in then withdraw to the head. Over and over again, I take escort you into my mouth, down my throat, and back out. The music playing over and over as I drive you to the point of no return.

“Do you want to cum, my love”, I ask as I withdraw your cock from my mouth.

“Oh, God, yes. I want to cum in your mouth. I want you to suck me dry.” you reply in a lustfilled voice.

Taking your cock back between my lips, I tease the little slit, tasting the precum and wanting more. Sucking your cock on down my throat, I reach down and squeeze your balls, rolling them in my hand as your cock slides on down my throat. My throat muscles are massaging your cock and my hand is massaging your balls. I can feel you get harder and start to jerk in my mouth. Your balls have constricted as you get ready to fire your load into my willing mouth.

“OHHHHH, shittttt” you yell as you start to pump your cum into my mouth.

“Suck it baby, take it all, swallow my seed,” you scream as you pump steam after stream of cum into my mouth. Your hips thrusting to me, wildly.

Swallowing as fast as I can, I suck you harder and faster, taking all you have to give me. Then I slow down as I feel you start to come down from the orgasm that has shaken you so hard. Slowly licking, I clean your shaft as you try to catch your breath.

I slide up beside you, kiss your lips, letting you taste yourself on me. “I love you,” I whisper as I snuggle deep within the embrace of your arms, smiling contentedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32