The Farm Ch. 03

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Jordy looked up from his ape-like posture and nodded. Jenny never got use to the helpless look of his facial expression with that ball gag in place. The Farm seemed to use such simple tools that worked marvelously to subdue the hundreds of men. Hard work, hot cramped quarters, the slop-pad, the wheel, the beam, ball-gags and now the humbler were all astonishingly simple and yet effective. For as strong a man as Jordy was she felt completely safe. There was nothing he could do to harm her even if he wanted. And even if he could, she could easily signal for help.

Holding the leash in one hand and her umbrella in the other they finally reached their designated row. A stack of baskets had already been placed at the end of each row.

“Lookie here,” Jenny exclaimed. “Someone has already helped you. Look at all those baskets!”

Jordy rolled his eyes and as he did, Jenny giggled and smiled brightly.

“Oh slave, you should be pleased you didn’t have to make a second trip. Here; bend over and let me put some lotion on that back of yours.”

Jenny giggled again. “Oh I guess you are already bent over. Silly me,” she said teasingly.

Massaging the slippery lotion over his neck, back and legs she lingered a little longer than she probably needed to. He felt strong. He was strong and she relished the feel of the meaty tissue under her small and delicate hand.

“OK slave. Let’s start here. We’ll do this just like yesterday. Whenever you see me stand I want my cooler brought down to where I move. Understood?”

Her slave nodded.

And so the late-morning commenced. With Jordy on his knees, the pull of the humbler relaxed its yanking on his balls so long as he remained back on his haunches. It was when he didn’t stay with his butt resting on his heels that the humbler reminded him it was still attached. Whenever he stood, reached forward to pick beans on the other side of the plant, scooted down the row or stood to resituate his mistress he’d more often than not get a painful shock that made him wince and make his mistress giggle.

Jenny sat watching for some while but like yesterday she soon became bored.

“Just keep picking,” she said after standing. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Pacing first up and then down the row she walked behind the slave and stood behind him. Admiring the work of the humbler she stared intently at the precious package of testicles sticking out as if they were begging her to attend to them.

“You do have some nice balls, slave,” she said eyeing them closely. “And this contraption sure does make them stand out beautifully.” She stepped over the row of plants separating the two of them and squatted.

Jordy tensed when he felt her hand on his back. “Keep picking.”

Tenderly she traced her index finger around the circumference of the taut sac. “Mmmm, I love a man with big balls. These aren’t bad but if they were a bit bigger I’d be even more pleased with you. Do you want me to tell you about the guy with the biggest balls I’ve ever seen?”

Jordy didn’t turn but nodded enough for her to see.

“I thought you would.” Jenny reached past the wooden crosspiece and slid her fingers and palm up and down his shaft. In a matter of seconds it grew and stiffened. “This guy I’m talking about has an amazing cock too. Do you want me to tell you about that too slave?”

Again he nodded. She wasn’t sure if he really wanted to hear what she had to say or was more wary of what might happen if he told her ‘no’. Jenny mused at the thought for a second and ten launched into her tale. While she did she enjoyed the feel of his hard cock and tight balls.

“Bobby is the slave of a good friend of mine. His owner’s name is Debra and she is one of my best friends. Bobby was given to her by her twin sister about a year or so ago. When he first came to be with Deb he had a cock and balls about your size but I never saw him in his original state. Deb told me how big he was and so I can only guess he had the same size equipment you have slave.” She squeezed Jordy’s cock, making sure it remained nice and hard.

“Anyway, I think he was like eight or nine inches and his balls were probably just like yours – pretty average for a guy with a nine inch cock. The problem Deb had with Bobby was he couldn’t bring her to a powerful orgasm without cumming himself before she ever got close to her own climax. I know that frustrated her and I’m sure it would frustrate you too if you ever found yourself in that predicament. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Jordy inclined his head in agreement.

“Hmmm, how interesting. And it’s good to know you would. Anyway, I also know that after they tried for a few days without Bobby being able to control himself and get his mistress to cum, Deb consulted with a doctor-friend of hers who happened to specialize in sexual matters. The outcome of their consultation was that Deb came to realize her vagina preferred a thicker cock than what her slave had. And do you know what that doc prescribed?”

Jordy paused from his work long enough to shake denizli escort his head.

“She proposed he undergo a surgery to remedy the problem.”

Jordy turned to look at his mistress and as he did he felt Jenny give his goods a nice hard squeeze.

She gave him one of those smirks, you know, the ones where she looks him in the eye and then squeezes again, just because she can. Jordy winced in pain while Jenny continued to squeeze. She squeezed until he winced again and shrieked out a muted cry, even though the cry was lost in the vastness of the field. Why she squeezed as hard as she did she wasn’t sure. It just happened. Coming out of the momentary trance she quickly released her stranglehold grip.

“Oh baby,” she said suddenly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry Jordy. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Really I didn’t.” Jenny caressed his sensitive orbs using only the flat of her palm.

Jordy looked back with eyes full of wonder. Both were glossy from having teared. Trying his best to convey he understood he nodded again and then turned turning away and resumed his picking.

“Jordy I’m sorry. I really am. I didn’t realize you would be so sensitive down there,” she repeated.

She let him be for a bit. After the plant he was working on had been picked clean he also paused. He wasn’t sure if it was OK to move. He pointed to his right.

“Go ahead. You can move.”

Pushing the basket down the row he very carefully maneuvered his body down beside it and resumed harvesting the crop.

Jenny let him work for awhile in silence. When she was sure he was no longer in pain she spoke. “Bobby,” she said almost in a whisper, “Deb’s slave underwent some kind of surgery that allowed his cock to get a lot thicker. It didn’t get any longer but it got really meaty. I mean really thick.”

Jordy turned and gave her that ‘really?’ look with his eyes.

Jenny nodded. “Yea, it was like this big.” She made a circle with both hands. “But the doc also injected his balls with some kind of medicine or hormone or something. And within a few weeks, his balls doubled in size. They were huge!”

Jenny walked in front of her slave and conveyed with her hands just how big they were. “You should see when he cums. God Jordy, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing to watch!”

Jordy stared at her; his expression seeming to say he wanted her to tell him more.

“I’ve fucked that slave Jordy. I’ve fucked him and felt that cock inside me and I’ve seen him cum. God it’s the most incredible thing to see.” She paused as if thinking back to that time when he had been given to her to supervise. Her time with him was the beginning of the end with her longtime lover, Lisa, and the beginning of a new phase of life that had eventually led her here. It wasn’t that Jenny didn’t enjoy the intimacy that came with being with another woman but after meeting Bobby something inside changed – forever.

“I always thought his cock was too big for me but I’ve never been able to get over just how gorgeous everything looked all packaged together. And,” she paused, thinking back to that time when they were together and when Deb’s life remained in God’s hands after her accident. “His balls were … Damn, they were so nice, slave. They were spectacular.”

Unable to comment or ask follow up questions he kept his head down and his hands moving. The bushel basket continued to fill.

Jenny pointed to the cooler some ways back. “Go get my cooler, slave.”

Jordy stood and although he winced three of four times he hastily shuffled away and brought it to where she stood waiting. Jenny sat thinking back to that easy life she had in Texas. She had lived as Deb’s slave in Deb’s home. How fun it had been to be told she was expected to tease and torment such a stud of a man. That was the life but she knew Deb had been correct in her assessment of Jenny’s situation with Bobby. Deb had rightly noted that Jenny’s heart would never be content loving another woman and although she had fallen in love with Bobby during Deb’s accident, she could never really have him again like she had. Jenny needed a man for her own and this was where Deb had sent her to find one.

Coming to The Farm with hopes that she’d snap up a compatible slave almost immediately soon became a dashed hope. Diana had let her roam the premises at will for the first few weeks after arriving so she could assess the many prospects. During that time she became acquainted with many of the women on staff as well as an equal number of slaves.

Diana gave her specific instructions to not engage the slaves in conversation – not even those whose gags had been removed. Not yet anyway. “You’ll know when you find a perspective slave when you spot him. All of the women that come here with that intention always do. Just look and watch and think and get answers to your questions from their mistress.” That had been Diana’s advice.

Despite the few hundred resident-slaves in training she found only two that really caught diyarbakır escort her attention and after spending several days tagging along with first one and then the other and talking to their respective mistresses about them she decided neither was what she wanted.

Eventually Diana put her with Mistress Rachel. She never knew why but that relationship was a disaster. Rachel was one of the veteran mistresses who had worked at The Farm off and on for years. Jenny thought she would serve as a wealth of information but instead, all she did was to tell her what to do with the slave in her care. That was as far as things went between the two of them. Their interaction, despite Jenny’s repeated attempts to learn from her remained limited. Rachel seemed to want to socialize with the other mistresses way more than she wanted to take the necessary time to teach Jenny. It was as if Jenny’s presence allowed Rachel the opportunity to do nothing. She hardly trained her slave for the time Jenny was with her.

Rachel was the kind of woman who could talk nonstop forever and upon reflection end up saying almost nothing of substance. Jenny never was able to enter into the conversation and whenever she tried, Rachel always redirected back to some remote topic that had nothing to do with what she wanted to talk about.

It was only because Rachel had to leave The Farm to take care of a personal matter at home that Jenny became assigned to Jacqueline. On the day of her reassignment, Jackie was preparing to leave The Farm to pick up several recruits. Jenny joined her on that trip. Jacqueline was so different. Jenny still felt intimidated by the confidence so many of The Farm’s mistresses conveyed but Jackie was normal enough that she could talk with her more openly than with Rachel. It didn’t take long to see the differences between these two mistresses. While Rachel wanted to do her own thing and really acted like slave-training was a secondary reason for being at the farm, Jackie was someone who viewed the rules and regulations of The Farm as gospel. And although Jenny understood the validity of all of those rules they weren’t all that important to her at the time. She wanted to focus her thoughts on how the guys felt and what they must be thinking while at The Farm being trained.

Jenny sensed there was a disconnect between what Jacqueline wanted to do with the slaves she trained and where the mind of her slave was at.

“I don’t care what they are thinking,” she told Jenny. “Really I don’t. I don’t care what they are thinking or what they are feeling. I just don’t care.”

It was that attitude that she found so difficult to identify with and still struggled with to some degree now. Why did she care if she squeezed Jordy’s balls a little too hard? I mean really. It was just a pinch. He’s fine now. Maybe the way Jackie felt were part of the package when working for so long at The Farm. Maybe a girl couldn’t really express care and concern with the guys. Jenny wasn’t certain but therein laid the difference between where she was emotionally and where both Jackie and Rachel were. Rachel was just downright mean at times and Jackie also revealed that streak; like when she took the strap to the two Travis and Jordy in DC when they were strung up in Chevonne’s basement.

Jenny couldn’t believe how easy it seemed for her to unleash such fury on guys she had no connection with whatsoever and who hung suspended completely helpless to defend themselves from her strap. Jackie beat those boys. She beat them and that black woman beat them right along with her. Seeing that had unnerved her. It bothered her then and thinking about it now still bothered her. One of those recruits Jackie had whipped happened to be Jordy.

That was the night she first met him. Almost immediately she realized there was something different about him and although it wasn’t anything specific, she had an undeniable attraction for him. She felt it from the time she first grabbed hold of his handsome cock and began her assessment. They had become acquainted. She learned his name. She learned he was brilliant. Jordy had revealed he was an MIT PhD graduate in computer science. But most profound, Jenny felt a positive vibe pass between them when she evaluated his body and held onto that handsome cock of his.

And as fortune would have it, Jordy became Jackie’s responsibility here at The Farm. And through that assignment Jenny had been rejoined with this good looking man. The problem now though was she knew she was treading on thin ice with Jacqueline. Jackie had been spying on her yesterday and saw her doing things that were against the rules. But how was she ever to find out more about this man if she couldn’t see into his heart? Because of the way things were run here, she never would. Not with that freaking ball slammed in between his teeth. It was why she took that thing out yesterday. She wanted him to share. She needed him to talk about his feelings and about who he was.

Jenny so dearly wanted to antalya escort learn more about him but because she knew Jacqueline might be out there somewhere – even if she couldn’t actually see her – she dare not risk pressing her luck. And so she watched Jordy pick bean after bean after bean. Looking down from where he had started, there were probably fifteen baskets already full. Soon some other naked guy would stop by and throw them into a gigantic white sack and cart them off to be washed, sorted and prepared for market.

“I didn’t tell you this yesterday but I came to this place because my mistress made me,” Jenny said after having said nothing for more than an hour. By now the sun was well overhead and had started its agonizingly slow descent into the west. Jenny loved being in his presence but having nothing to do but supervise him was probably even more boring than his picking job.

Maybe that was why she felt compelled to talk. The silence was maddening. Jordy raised his head and gave her one of those raised eyebrow looks that registered as “Really? I didn’t know that.”

“Yep. I’ve been a slave for more years that I can even think; more than ten anyway. I’ve been both a lesbian slave and a heterosexual one. Lisa was my first and longest mistress. We were best friends in college when we were at the University of Texas. We dated and fell in love and she became the alpha and that made me the beta.”

Jordy looked up to let her know he was listening and interested.

“Lisa was gorgeous. By the time we graduated she had already been crowned Miss Texas. God she had a great body and we loved snuggling and spending time together. Back then she use to have me bring her to so many orgasms.” Jenny giggled while reminiscing in thought. “I think I spent at least an hour a day between her legs. Unfortunately that didn’t last forever. We both graduated with business degrees. Lisa had the more prestigious one because she went on and got her MBA. Together we started a business that audited company records. Basically we made certain our clients remained compliant with the government and we were pretty good at it. We grew and in time our business morphed into tax accounting and although we made lots of money, our love affair took on a progressively less-emotionally charged state. It wasn’t that Lisa didn’t want me pleasing her but those times when she told me to lick her pussy became fewer and farer between. And when we did we both realized the intensity of those younger years was something we couldn’t get back. I missed that. I don’t know if she did but I sure did.”

“Lisa knew a few other ladies who lived nearby. They were friends back from her beauty pageant days. One friend was a woman named Tyaja. She was a gorgeous black girl who won the Miss Oklahoma title on the same year Lisa was Miss Texas. Jordy, Tyaja’s talent was singing and she has the most breathtaking voice. She also has a knockout body. She is hotter than hot physically but when she sings those opera pieces it’s like she somehow transforms that sexual side of her into absolute perfection. You don’t even notice her body. All you hear is how beautifully she sings. I love hearing her perform.

Lisa’s other friend is Deb. I already told you a little bit about her. She was the runner up to Tyaja in the Miss Oklahoma pageant. She’s just as stunning but not nearly as dominant as Tyaja. Tyaja reminds me of that Tianna chick from DC. You know, the one that strung you and Travis up. Those two girls are one and the same in that respect. They’re both real take charge women. Anyway, Deb and Ty had this unspoken battle that raged for years. They were best friends but there was this other side of them that very few knew about. It’s complicated and I don’t think it’s important to tell you all about it other than I think they finally got it resolved earlier this summer; they finally settled their differences just a day or so before Deb sent me here.

My story was a roundabout way of telling you that Lisa, Ty, Deb hung out a lot. We were the best of friends and my three lady-friends all have supermodel bodies. I was the one who never modeled. I’m too short and I can’t compare with those girls. They’re incredibly built.”

Jordy looked up at his mistress thinking how wrong she was. Who cared if she was shorter than most? She had a supermodel body is his eyes. The sleeveless tank top she wore now clung to her breasts and torso. Not only was she slender in the hips and waist but she had such inviting tits. He loved tits and Jenny had a perfect set to go along with everything else about her that was nearly flawless.

Inwardly Jordy smiled and he wished he could have complimented her, but that wasn’t in the cards. Hoping his eyes conveyed his attraction for her he risked looking up into hers so she could see how much he enjoyed her company. Jenny smiled softly and took no offense to him making eye contact when not being directly addressed.

After telling him the story of her lesbian days she stopped talking and looked out across the lush greenery of the field and then to the hills that surrounded The Farm complex on three sides. Jenny wondered if it might actually be a pleasant experience to sit out here during the spring or autumn seasons when the temps were not so brutal. The surrounding mountains that cradled The Farm were indeed beautiful. “If there was only a breeze,” she thought.

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