The Dance

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She stood in the open door of her balcony, looking out at the city below her. It was twilight and it was her favorite time of the day. The dirty streets, the traffic, all the things you hate about living in a large city always seem to fade away under the approaching nights shadows. The world looked softer, more sensual under twilight’s haze. Sensual? She shook her head slowly; laughing under her breath at how quickly that word sprang to her mind. It wasn’t surprising, not really, considering what happened to her the other night. It had to be the full moon affecting he. It sure wasn’t logic dictating what she’d been saying or doing lately. Still laughing quietly, she stepped out into the night’s silence and sat down on a padded chair, remembering how it all started even as the darkness around her deepened.

The day had started out so badly. She woke up and turned over, looking at the alarm clock by the bed. Seeing the numbers flash, she knew there had been a power surge during the night. She jumped out of bed; trying to find her watch on the dresser so she could see just how much trouble she was going to be in at work. As she hoped, she had just enough time to maybe throw on something and get out the door, praying traffic was light today. She might just make it in time if everything went perfectly. She reached into the closet and grabbed the first thing her hand hit as she raced to dress. Not even looking in the mirror, she raked her fingers through her hair to tame it down, grabbed her shoes, and headed out the door. Just as she got to her car in the parking lot, she looked down and saw she’d grabbed the wrong shoes. It wasn’t a matter of them being the wrong color. No, she’d picked two different shoes.. both for her left foot. Swearing under her breath, she ran back inside, searched the closet quickly for a matching pair of shoes and finally found a pair. As she stood up to once again leave, she looked down and noticed the dark mark on her white silk shirt. Somehow, she’d already gotten it dirty. Gritting her teeth, she found a somewhat unwrinkled shirt that matched and threw it on, frantic to get on the way. She rushed outside and got in the car, which thankfully purred like a kitten, and started her commute.

Traffic was ugly and she finally arrived at work fifteen minutes late. Luckily for her, he was running late as well. She sighed in relief, starting on the morning’s tasks. Things seemed to be running smoothly for a change and she became more relaxed as the morning went on. After lunch, she received a call from her boss, asking her to come into his office at two. Wondering if he somehow knew that she’d been late, she began to get nervous. He never wanted to see anyone in his office unless something was wrong. Her mind raced to try to remember if there had been talk of layoffs or downsizing, but she couldn’t remember even the hint of such a thing happening. At ten minutes till two, she was standing outside his door, waiting for his assistant to let him know she was there. Finally, she was sent in, where he asked her to have a seat across from him at the desk. He stared at her quietly, making her even more nervous. “Do you like working here?” he finally asked. She looked up at him, made contact, then looked away quickly before answering that she did enjoy working for the company. He sat in silence again, no expression on his face.

She began to fidget slightly, tugging at her skirt hem, playing with the buttons on the cuffs of her shirt. “Then you won’t say no if I tell you that we’re giving you a big project to handle on your own and that it’s going to require you work a lot of overtime for which, since you’re salary, you won’t be monetarily compensated. However, it will show everyone else in management how ready you are for additional responsibilities and could get you a promotion in next year’s review.” She jerked her head up at him in disbelief. She wasn’t being fired, but was instead finally being given her own project to manage? She knew the project managers tended to work nearly 60 hours a week most weeks, and now they were doing the same thing to her, knowing she couldn’t refuse or else they’d replace her. “No sir, not a problem. When do I start on the project?” Smiling at her, he replied “Tomorrow morning. I’d suggest you take today and as long as it takes tonight to finish what’s pending on your desk.” He then turned around in his chair and started dialing the phone, thereby dismissing her.

She was fuming. Sorry morning, sorry afternoon, and what was going to be a long sorry night. She spent the rest of the day finishing up the small things on her desk, and began to delegate the bigger ones to other coworkers. As she assigned the last task to the new guy down the hall, she stretched and realized how sore she çekmeköy escort was from sitting all day. Glancing at the clock, she couldn’t believe it was already nine pm. She didn’t even remember getting out of her chair since she’d sat down after she’d left her ‘meeting’ with the boss. Still aggravated, she got in her car and headed home.

Her mind was busy, already organizing her calendar over the next several weeks to give her plenty of time to meet the due date on the project. As she aimlessly drove towards her apartment, she saw a building with a pink neon palm tree above its door. Since she was stopped at a traffic signal, she curiously stared at the place, wondering what it was. The door opened and she could hear the heavy thrumming of a bass and briefly glimpsed flashing lights as a couple left the place. She so needed a drink after the day she had. Should she go in, see what the place was like? But she had this huge project starting tomorrow and it was already so late, shouldn’t she go home and get some sleep? Arguing back and forth with herself, she saw the light change from red to green and knew she had to make a fast decision. Turning to look over her shoulder for traffic, she whipped the car into the entrance of the lot, and finally found a spot near the back wall. Not really being thrilled with her options, as it was rather dark back there, she shrugged, grabbed her ID and her money, then locked the car and set the alarm.

The place was jumping inside. There were so many people pressed together, she wondered how anyone got around in the club. Still, the music was good, and the place was dark except for the occasional bright strobe lights bouncing over the tangled bodies on the floor, all of which was exactly what she liked in a club. She pushed her way through the bodies and finally managed to get to the bar. Shouting over the heavy techno rhythm, she ordered a drink and turned around to look the place over. The bartender came back, and she paid him for her drink, tipping him a couple of dollars extra. She sat down on a barstool at a nearby empty table and turned around to watch the dance floor.

Her eyes closed as the music washed over her. Between it and the alcohol, she began to forget the day’s mishaps and frustrations. Some time later, she looked at her watch and saw it was now after 11. As she stood to leave, she saw a man headed in her general direction. Thinking he was either headed to the men’s room or to be with a group of friends somewhere behind her, she stepped to the side. Instead of walking past her, he stopped directly in front of her and touched her arm lightly. Looking up at him, she realized first that he had to be a bit over six feet tall. The next thing she noticed was his eyes. They were brown, but more than that they were clear and focused. Unlike everyone else around him, he was obviously not drunk. Instead, the more she looked into his eyes and read his body language, she knew this was a person who would not concede control of himself in any way. She watched his face as he smiled warmly at her, then gestured toward the dance floor, asking her to dance in the only way he could with the cacophony of sounds around them rendering speech useless. She glanced at her watch again, then at him, not sure what to do. Making the decision for her, he took her by the wrist and gently pulled her to the floor with him.

The floor was even more crowded than what she thought. Bodies of strangers pressed against hers as they gyrated to the music. He kept pushing forward until they were in the center of the dance floor. The air was stifling here and it was hard to breathe. She wasn’t sure if he intentionally pulled her body so close to his or if the crowd simply pushed them together, holding them tightly against each other. As they moved with the crowd, with the driving beat of the drums and bass, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She knew the project would not allow her any free time to do anything like this, so she’d enjoy tonight and worry about tomorrow later. As the music shifted to a slightly different rhythm, she felt his hands steal around her waist, pulling her even closer along his body, his fingers pressing her hips forward. She looked up at him in surprise when she felt his erection brush against hers. She decided to act as if she hadn’t noticed it so as to not embarrass either of them. She knew the affect the bodies of the other dancers were having on her as they rubbed against her on the floor and assumed it turned him on the same way.

It couldn’t be helped in this crowd of people; there was too much skin and too much friction for someone to not be at least slightly aroused. With the alcohol making her feel mischievous, cevizli escort she relaxed and let the movements of the dancers around them meld her body against his, using the rhythm of her own moves to tease herself against him. She looked up at him, trying to look innocent. She was instantly caught in his gaze. He was still smiling, but it had changed. Instead, the smile had become a smirk. He knew exactly what she was doing and it was obvious that he was allowing her to continue.

Her heartbeat increased with alarm as she realized the dangerous game she’d been playing. This was not one of the harmless guys in her circle of friends. There was nothing harmless about this man. Suddenly fearful, she dropped her eyes and tried to move off the floor, needing to get away from him. She pushed against the wall of people around her, but it was as if she was trying to push through concrete. The floor seemed to be even more packed than it was before. As she tried to lean her body away from him, his hands slid down from her hips to cup her ass cheeks, drawing her upon his erection even tighter. He leaned down to her ear and she could hear him laughing at her useless attempts to get away. His hands slid back up to her waist, dragging her skirt upwards with them.

She struggled against him, her hands pushing ineffectively on his arms to stop him from exposing her. The thought of someone seeing her like this was humiliating, but even more so because he was still laughing at her. Realizing it would draw more attention to keep fighting, she stopped moving, thinking he would become disinterested and leave. Instead, this seemed to have the opposite affect. He increased his grinds and thrusts against her, making her clit jump and throb even as her hands pushed against his chest in an effort to stop what he was doing to her. His hands spread themselves down her ass once again, cupping her cheeks in his hands and pulling her against him so hard that she could feel the feel the buttons on his jeans biting into her soft skin as he ground himself into her.

Despite the fact they were on a public dance floor, her body reacted instinctively, the warmth spreading through her lower body and making her nipples stand out against her shirt. His fingers spread themselves against her ass, sliding underneath the tightly pulled material. Feeling his hot hands on her bare ass, she twisted to try to once more get away. She was embarrassed at being exposed this way, at how his fingers and hands roamed over her intimately at his will, and at how her body was reacting. She knew if he kept moving his fingers, he’d find out just how wet she was and how excited this was making her.

As his fingers teased her ass, she could feel her panties becoming soaked with her arousal. His hand continued to tease her ass, one finger sliding in deeper to push gently against the tight opening. Her eyes grew wide and she looked up again, seeing the intensity there. She knew there were no options for her, this was going to happen and there was nothing she could do to stop it. And if that were the case, she’d enjoy it and stop fighting. Letting the crowd of dancers support her from behind, and his body support her in front, she relaxed in his arms, her teeth finding his chest and biting hard on the material, feeling the skin catch underneath between her teeth. She could feel his heart beating fast against his chest. He moved his right hand forward to play with her slick cunt, making her moan loudly. She didn’t care because she knew they’d never hear her in this room. His fingers began to slide in and out of her hot and wet pussy easily, fucking her on the dance floor in rhythm to the beat of the music. She was so hot, so wet that she could feel her wetness running down the inside of her thighs, mixing with her sweat.

The music became even faster and the other bodies on the floor pressed onto them harder, pushing the fingers of his right hand deep inside her cunt, and forcing the index finger of his left hand into her ass, penetrating both openings at once. No longer able to support herself, she clung to his shirt desperately. She leaned her forehead onto his chest as he fingered fucked her furiously, showing no mercy for her helplessness or concern that anyone around them would see. She bit deeply into his shirt, knowing she was leaving marks on his chest. The harder she bit him, the deeper he thrust his fingers until she was writhing to more than just the music. The combination of his hands, the possibility of being discovered, and the smell of his skin against her face pushed her over the edge and she exploded on his hand, drenching it with her orgasm. He slowed down his thrusting as she came, but did not stop erenköy escort until the spasms inside of her stopped. Breathing heavily, she looked up at him expecting to see the smirk back on his face as he had clearly made it clear who was playing whom tonight. Instead, she saw a smile cross his face as he slowly removed his fingers from her body. She staggered a bit as she was forced to support her own body weight again. She was craving his touch again, wanting him to fuck her with more than his fingers, wanting to touch him and do for him what he just did for her.

She tried to tell him this, but the music was still too loud and her words were lost in the air around them. He kissed her softly and smoothed her skirt back into place. He looked around and suddenly began pushing his way into the bodies on his right. She tried to follow his lead, but she was soon lost in the dancing throng. Angry, frustrated, and consumed by need, she shoved people this way and that, fighting her way to the edge of the dance floor. She searched everywhere for him, but it was nowhere to be found. After waiting a while in case he came back, she finally gave up and went home. The entire way there her thoughts were not on the road, but instead on the way his hard cock felt against her and how badly she wanted him. It was all she could do to not touch herself as she drove down the dark streets. Unable to sleep, she took a shower, and brought herself off several times in an effort to stop the need pulsing inside of her. She finally fell asleep exhausted, her dreams haunted by a pair of intense dark eyes.

The next few days were busy ones and she became buried under paperwork and meetings over the project. But when she was alone, especially at night as she worked by herself in the empty building, she would remember that night and wonder where he was now. Nights like tonight, she would stare out at the city beneath her and wonder whose body he was pleasuring tonight. As the memories of that night mixed with fantasies of what could have happened, her fingers began to trail down her body, stopping to run her tug at her nipples and make them even harder. This made her legs open of their own accord and she scooted forward in the chair to open them wider. As she leaned her head back against the chair, she could feel his hands on her skin and she began to tease herself thinking of how good it would feel to have his hands caress her soft skin. As she fantasized about how his cock felt, she slid her fingers up and down her slit, pretending it was him sliding his cock head back and forth along her. Carrying the fantasy further, she slid her fingers just inside of her lips, coating them with her slickness, using them to tease her clit. Her fingers circled around it, making it swollen and more sensitive.

She moaned softly, imagining his head dipping between her thighs to nibble on it, biting gently as his fingers slid in her once more. Using her fingers to mimic his in her fantasy, she began to thrust them in and out of her, twisting them back and forth as she did, finding her soft Gspot and stroking it. She draped her legs over each arm of the chair, exposing her wet pussy to the night air. The breeze felt cool against her, making her shiver in the dark. Enjoying the caress of the wind across her spread cunt, she began to pump her fingers in and out of her tight tunnel fast and hard, pretending it was his fingers. She knew he wouldn’t take things slow or gentle, but would instead want her writhing in need, begging him for more. She could feel her wetness sliding down the crack of her ass, wetting the cushion underneath her as she arched upward in the darkness. Unable to take more, she used her thumb to press hard on her clit, rubbing over it quickly in a circle, feeling the heat rush through her lower stomach before spreading over her body. She moaned loudly, her hips thrust into the air as she came hard. Her breathing ragged, she slowly lowered herself into the now damp chair, her eyes slowly opening and bringing the world back into focus. She took a deep breath and stood up, needing to go inside and take a shower before falling into another tortured night of sleep.

She shook her head, amazed at herself for acting like this. She’d never done anything like this before, and she was normally so reserved and quiet, even when she was having sex with someone. Now she was fantasizing about a man who used her on a public dance floor, and fingering herself on her balcony at night while she did. As she touched the handle to her door to go inside, she heard a sound from the balcony beside hers. She stopped still, shame flooding her as she realized that the person had probably been watching her the entire time, or at least long enough to know what she was doing. Afraid to look, but knowing she had to know, she turned her head toward the balcony, ready to apologize and beg them to not call the police. As she started to speak, the words died on her lips. She stood, frozen in the moment as he stood there leaning against the wall. His dark brown eyes and intense stare told her that tonight she wouldn’t need the fantasy.

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