The Coaches Ch. 01

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The Coaches: Part One

Hakim hadn’t seen the man in years. They had went to college, chased women, and won two conference basketball championships together. They had entered the NBA draft in the same year: along with two of their other teammates. Playing for different teams had put some distance between them and they eventually lost touch.

Hakim was shocked to sit down beside LeRon Green while having the oil changed on his Acura. It took him thirty seconds to recognize him.

“Man how old are you now?” Hakim asked.

“Thirty eight. You don’t remember were the same age?”

“Shit. Now I do.”

“Man what the hell have you been up to?”

“Well after not being able to re-sign with Atlanta, my agent got me a gig in Italy. But I didn’t like being away from the states so after a year a came back. Been coaching for a while now.” Hakim replied.

“Me too. I’m in town checking out a coaching job.”

“You always were trying to imitate me.” Hakim pulled his wallet out of his pocket. “Gimme your number man.”

LeRon turned around to grab the pen that was sitting on the table to his right. When he turned to grab a piece of paper Hakim was handing him, he accidently knocked Hakim’s wallet onto the floor.


“Sorry man, I’ll get it.” LeRon shoved the credit cards that had spilled back into the wallet and picked up the picture holder. LeRon took a double take of the picture of Hakim and his wife. “Who’s this, Playa.”

“That’s my wife Jodi.”

Hakim watched as LeRon flipped thru the picture holder looking at the photos. He waited for LeRon’s expected comment with some trepidation. LeRon had always lectured Hakim in college about dating white women, saying they were nothing but trouble. Hakim always felt that anyone he was attracted do was worth dating. As LeRon stood up Hakim got ready for some criticism.

LeRon took another look at a picture, then looked at Hakim. “She’s slammin.”

I wonder what softened him. “Thanks man.”

“When did you meet her?”

This was a subject that Hakim didn’t like to discuss in public settings. But he did want to tell LeRon. They had discussed at length every girl they had bedded in college and if there was anyone he could trust it was LeRon.

“Hey you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” LeRon flipped to a picture of Hakim and Jodi. Hakim was standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders. The picture was a blown up high school basketball team picture. It was apparent that the rest of the team had been cut out of the photo.

Hakim took the picture holder before LeRon started asking questions but it was too late.

“You coached her?”

Hakim answered under his breath while looking around. “Yes.”

“Oh man you gotta tell me this story.” LeRon said thru a grin.

“You got anywhere to be soon?”


Twenty minutes later, Hakim and LeRon were sitting across from each other in an old chinese restaurant. Hakim liked to eat lunch there because it tended to be empty for lunch and he didn’t want anybody hearing this story.

“Okay man spill it.” LeRon prodded.

He seemed oddly eager to hear the story for a reason that Hakim couldn’t figure out. Perhaps he had developed a fascination with stories about black men and white women. Perhaps he was just curious about how Hakim and his wife met.

Hakim swallowed and began his tale.


Hakim was just back from europe and was able to parlay his basketball resume into a coaching job at a medium sized Catholic high school. It didn’t pay much and it was for a girls team but Hakim didnt need the money, he just needed to get his foot in the door. Besides that he heard that girls were far easier to coach than boys and from his experience of playing for hard headed mens team he strongly suspected that it was the truth.

Jodi Reece immediately caught Hakim‘s eye. She was the tallest girl trying out for the team at five feet eleven inches. She wouldn’t be seventeen years old until april of that year and had good athletic ability. Hakim thought that if she worked hard and grew one or two more inches she could eventually be the star of the team.

Hakim also thought Jodi was extremely sexy. When he met the team for the first time she was tight jeans and a school sweatshirt. Hakim was pleased that the sweatshirt was just a bit on the small side so he could take notice of her large breasts. Her bubble butt filled out her jeans exquisitely and she had a small trim waist. Her hair was a bit messy but it was extremely long and brownish-red in color. She had green eyes and an exotically chiseled face.

Although on most days Jodi’s catholic school uniform did a good job of covering up her assets, Hakim quickly realized that the hardest part of this job was going to be his dick.

He worked with Jodi quite a bit hoping she would take to his instruction. He was friendly but kept thing completely professional. He made it clear that she needed to work on the weak points of her basketball game and Jodi became the hardest Side escort working player on the team often staying late after practice to put in extra work in the gym. Unfortunately Jodi didn’t develop into more than a mediocre player. Hakim was a bit disappointed but Jodi was a great example for the other girls to follow. They worked harder than they would have if she hadn’t been on the team.

Hakim was working on some plays in his office later that first year. He looked at his watch and thought that those girls who were staying late had left the gym so he got up and went to turn the lights off. On his way to the gym he passed by the girls locker room. The door was cracked and he heard giggling and talking that was a bit too loud.

He stopped to listen. Usually the girls left thru a door that led to the parking lot so he wasn’t concerned about being discovered. He thought it would give him an opportunity to hear what the girls really thought of him and allow him to improve his coaching. But that wasn’t what he heard. Hakim made out three voices, maybe four. One of them was Jodi’s.

“Jodi don’t you get tired of staying here late?” a girl asked.

“Hell no.” another girl replied. “she’s got a crush on the coach.”

“Shut up.” Jodi said.

“Is that true Jodi? Do you want to kiss the coach?”

“Oh my god, she’s blushing. Look at her.”

“Leave me alone.” Jodi said.

“I knew it. I don’t blame you really. I mean I’m not into black guys but he’s got to be the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.”

“You would date an African-American?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Jodi said rather loudly.

“Oh you pissed her off.”

“He’s really dark skinned.”

“I think all that dark skin is sexy. I know you think so Jodi.”

There was a moment of silence before Jodi said almost whispering, “Oh yeah.”Laughter erupted for a few seconds then Jodi continued. “Please don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“We aren’t going to tell.”

“Hell no, you think we want to get the guy fired. I like him.”

Hakim went back to his office. He decided to watch a scouting tape only because by the time it was over the girls would probably be gone. But it was impossible to get Jodi out of his mind and he was beginning to have thoughts that troubled him. He couldn’t deny to himself that he wanted to fuck the hell out of Jodi Reece. Her crush only made her more attractive in his eyes; and terribly tempting.

But he was ashamed to be having thoughts of fucking a teenager that young. There was no way he was going to risk jail or get his coaching career derailed.

His dick was as hard as it had ever been and was hurting. If only the girl was older. Hakim started thinking about her other qualities. She was extremely hard working, a great student, very intellegent, and loved basketball. He desired no other qualities in a woman.

She was too young.

But maybe he could wait for her.

Hakim wondered if he could keep her interest in him stoked until she turned eighteen and then make a play for her. He would have to keep her close so he could get to know her better. But at the same time he couldn’t do anything that would be considered inappropriate for a coach and a player.

A few days later he signed up to coach a youth basketball team at a local YMCA simply for the purpose of convincing Jodi to be an assistant coach with him.

After few days before the youth league began play saw that Jodi was working alone on the court after practice. He took the opportunity to pretend he was getting a cell phone call.

“Damn man. Okay well I’m going to have to find another assistant. I don’t think I’ll be able to coach those kids alone.” He ‘hung up’ the phone acting disappointed.

“What’s wrong?” Jodi asked.

“The guy who was going to be my assistant coach for the youth league team I was telling you about can’t do it. I don’t think I’m going to be able to find a replacement.”

“Can I do it?” Jodi asked, eagerly taking the bait.

Hakim looked into her green eyes and saw something flash in them that was greater than a player’s admiration of a coach. “I don’t know. You’ve got a lot to do with school already and this would require a lot of work. I don’t think your mother will let you.”

“Sure she will. I’ll ask her tonight.”

“Well I’d definately appreciate it if you could. Let me know.”


“You know it takes a really good person to devote time to kids like you’re asking to. I’m proud of you Jodi.”

Jodi smiled at Hakim and he wasn’t surprised when she told him she could do it the next day.

With the youth team Hakim was spending significant amounts of time with Jodi. During that girls basketball season he saw her five times a week and after the girls season ended he saw her at least three times a week including some saturdays. He took notice that she seemed to only spend time studying, playing basketball and working with him. Jodi didn’t have a boyfriend and Hakim was strongly suspecting she was a virgin. This only excited him Side escort bayan more.

The next girls season began and Jodi grew to six feet one inch tall and improved enough to get a starting spot on the team. The team also improved and was invited to an out of state tournament. For the trip Hakim made sure there were representatives from the school and parents present so no one got any ideas.

Hakim was keeping his distance from the team in the airport. He liked to let the girls have some privacy when he wasnt actively coaching them. While reading the latest copy of sporting news he noticed someone approaching him. He looked up to see Jodi standing in front of him. She engaged him in some small talk about the youth league team they coached. Hakim thought she seemed nervous and she asked him a question he was expecting for sometime.

“Coach, why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Hakim paused for a second and looked around to make sure there was no one close enough to overhear him when he answered. “I’ll answer that question, if you promise no to tell anyone that we were talking about it.”


“I’m looking for a special woman. One who has a lot of positive qualities and above all someone who can be trusted. When I was in the NBA I met a lot of women who were no good and were untrustworthy. I just want someone who will put me first in her life.”

Jodi thought for a moment and then continued her small talk. A few minutes later she walked back to sit with her teammates and Hakim took a long look at her juicy ass. It had grown to be even more enticing. Hakim remembered that Jodi’s eighteenth birthday was going to be on April twenty third.

Jodi managed to get a scholarship to an out of state division one college before the season ended Hakim realized that he was going to have to make a play for her before she left for college. April twenty third came and went but it took a bit longer for the proper opportunity to present itself.

Jodi continued to help with the youth team and on the first saturday in June asked Hakim to give her a ride home. As he pulled up to her house he noticed that the car port was empty.

“Where’s your car at Jodi?”

“I sold it. My mother is going to buy me a new one for college.”

“Where’s her car. She drove out of town this weekend to visit an old boyfriend.”

Hakim pulled into the carport and took a look around. There was no way anyone could see them and Hakim felt this was the only chance he was going to get to tell her how he felt.

Jodi reached over to open the door. “I’ll see you later coach.”

Hakim noticed she took long looks into his eyes whenever she could. Her crush was still strong.

“Wait a minute Jodi. I want to tell you something.”


Hakim hesitated before speaking. “But you have to promise that you wont tell anyone about what I’m about to say.”

“You can trust me coach.”

“I want to tell you that I’m so proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish. Getting a scholarship is going to give you tremendous opportunities in life and I know someone as special as you will take full avantage of every opportunity she sees. You are the most special young woman I’ve ever met.”

“Thank you.” she was enraptured.

“Now that you are going to be leaving I’ve been thinking about how much I’m going to miss being around you. I think to myself that you are someone who is so beautiful and special that it’s worth asking you for one thing before you go off to college.”

Jodi sat silently, she started to shake a bit.

Hakim brushed a grouping of hairs from her forehead and traced behind her ear with his fingertip. “I want to take you on a date. Just one to show you how you should be…”

Jodi jumped forward and pecked Hakim on the lips quickly.

Hakim softly grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her back toward him. He gave her a full french kiss. Their tongues twirled around each other lightly and Jodi started breathing heavily. Hakim put his hand on her right thigh. Jodi wrapped her arms around Hakim’s head and kiss became sloppy. Hakim slid his hand up Jodi’s thigh and began to rub the mound between her legs. He took notice of how hot she had gotten there before she pulled away from the shock of the sensation.

Jodi was breathing heavily and Hakim lifted her head and looked into her eyes. He was so tempted to try to take her to her own bedroom right then and there but he couldn’t chance being discovered.

“Jodi, I want you to go into your house right now and think about it. Let me know what you want to do by coming to my office tomorrow.”

“Do you want to come inside.”

Yes, but not right now. “No Jodi, I can’t. And remember come to my office tomorrow to tell me what you want to do. Don’t tell anyone else.”

Jodi stepped out of the car and Hakim quickly drove off.

The next day Jodi was waiting for Hakim outside of his office. They entered quickly and closed the door.

“Yes I would like to go on a date with you. I’ve wanted to Escort side forever.”

“We have to be careful. I don’t want you to get a bad reputation for dating a coach. Nobody can know.”

“How do we do that. People in town know who we are.”

“I was thinking about that last night. Arent you going to visit your college campus for a couple of days next week.”


“I could meet you after you were done on campus. I know a comedy club in town. We could go there then figure something out from there.”

“That sounds good.”

During the next few days, they made more concrete plans. Hakim persuaded Jodi to catch a taxi to the comedy club at a particular time when he would be waiting for her. She would get a hotel suite in her name and he would drop her off there after they were done at the club and got something to eat.

A few days later Hakim was waiting patiently at the comedy club when a taxi pulled up and Jodi got out. She was wearing a knee length black dress. Her perfectly voluptuous figure was breathtaking.

“Wow” Hakim said as Jodi walked up to him.

“Hi.” she sheepishly grinned and hung her head.

Hakim lifted her head and kissed her on the cheek. “You look beautiful.”

Jodi took his arm and inside they went. Hakim found a table near the back of the room but still with a good view of the stage. Jodi seemed to enjoy the show laughing and chuckling with the audience. When the third and last comedian came on Hakim ordered two wine coolers.

“Would you like to drink what I’m drinking or do you want me to order something else?”

“What is it?”

“Just a cherry wine cooler.” Hakim passed the bottle over to her and she took a sip.

“It’s sweet.”

“Go ahead and drink it. I think you’re old enough.”

Jodi finished her third cooler just as the show ended. Hakim bought two more to take with him. As they left the club Jodi held his arm a bit tighter than before and seemed to be leaning into him as she walked. The alchol had taken it’s desired effect. Hakim could see a bit of her cleavage and his dick got harder than it ever had before.

He was so close to fucking this beautiful, blossoming young woman that he could barely believe it. Almost two years of careful seduction were about to payoff if he didn’t cum in his pants before the got to Jodi’s hotel.

Hakim hailed a taxi. They climbed inside and Jodi nuzzled her head against his neck.

“I’m having such a good time coach. I’m glad we did this.”

Hakim rubbed his hand up her thigh. They were so soft and strong, a testament to both her femininity and the workouts she put herself through. Soon those thighs would be wrapped around his waist. “I’m having a good time too Jodi, but please call me Hakim for the rest of the night.”

“Okay Hakim.” Jodi entwined her fingers with the hand Hakim had on her thigh.

They arrived at her hotel and took the elevator up to her floor. As they walked down the hallway toward her room, Hakim opened one of the remaining wine coolers and took a drink.

“Do you want some more?”

Jodi grabbed the cooler from his hand and took a gulp. They arrived at the hotel room and Jodi opened the door.

“Can I come inside?” Hakim asked.

“Umm Hmm.” Jodi said while nodding.

They both entered the room. It was now time. Hakim set the coolers over on a table and was pleased to see that the bed was huge with lots of pillows and a white sheet set and thick comforter. He saw a full length mirror on the wall.

He took Jodi by the hand and led her over to the mirror.

“Oh Jodi, I’ve had such a good time tonight. I just know I’m going to miss you when you leave for college.”

He kissed her deeply, massaging her tongue with his. A sigh escaped from her mouth and she put her hands around his back and held him tightly. He broke the kiss and looked into her green eyes.

“I love you Jodi.”

Jodi looked up at him silently. To Hakim it looked as though she was at a loss for words. He turned her around so she was facing the mirror and he was standing behind her. He ran his hands down the sides of her body, brushing past her breasts and grabbing her hips. His rock hard dick was pressed into the small of her back just above her butt cheeks.

“I want to fuck you right now.”

Jodi shivered and began to breathe heavily. “I’ve never done that before.”

Hakim found the zipper at the top of her dress and pulled it down slowly. The dress pooled at her feet. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set. They were a shade of red that matched her hair and had black trim. Her breasts seemed to want to explode from her bra. He reached up and grabbed a breast with each hand and squeezed. They were the firmest, most beautiful beasts he had ever touched. She sighed in response to his touch.

“Look how beautiful you are.”

Jodi opened her eyes and looked into the mirror at herself and then into Hakim’s eyes.

“I want you to tell me how it feels, no matter what.”

She nodded her head and then whispered. “I like the way you touch me.” She put her hands on his thighs.

Hakim slid his right hand down Jodi’s washboard stomach and into her panties. He entered her with the tip of his middle finger and then began to circle her lips with it. She was soaking wet.

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