Birthday Fling

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The last thing I wanted to be doing after work on a Friday was running around to different stores shopping. Unfortunately for me Cindy, my wife, needed me to help get a bunch of things for the party we were having the following night at our house. Despite this being a birthday party for her good friend Bonnie, I was the one doing most of the preparations. On my way home I needed to make stops at the card store to get Bonnie a birthday card. I had to go to the liquor store to get a bunch of alcohol. I also had to go to the grocery store for snacks and other small party items. Fortunately Cindy was going to get all the decorations as well as decorate the house.

When I got home the only two things I needed to do were clean the basement, and help make the Jell-O shots. The basement of course was a mess but it needed to be cleaned. More than likely people would migrate down there since we have a room with a dart board, a room with a pool table, and a room with a ping pong table.

Once we finally had everything cleaned up on Saturday we needed to start getting some other things setup before our guests started arriving around 7pm. While Cindy decorated, I setup a table for poker and other card games in our sun room. I also setup a karaoke machine in the family room. The food was going in the dining room while the drinks stayed in the kitchen. We also have a formal living room that we cleared furniture out of so it could be used as a dance floor if people so desired. Basically we had a bunch of things setup so hopefully everyone would have a good time. Cindy was also trying to outdo Bonnie since she went all out last year for Cindy’s birthday party.

By the time we completed all the preparations, it was already late in the afternoon and most guests would be arriving in just over an hour. Fortunately we specifically stated that the party was casual so we didn’t need to get dressed up. Cindy ran off to shower and change, and I did the same using the guest suite. Since it was a casual affair, I just threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater. Though the house would probably get hot with the approximately 50 guests there, it was second nature to throw on the sweater in the middle of February. Cindy of course couldn’t go quite as casual. She decided on a pair of black pants and a nice white sweater. She knew that I loved that sweater because it was rather tight and it made her 36B tits look a little bigger than they were.

There she was all 5’5″ and 105 pounds of her standing in front of me with her dark brown hair up in a ponytail, and she was starting to turn me on. I complimented her on just how beautiful I thought she looked and gave her a nice big kiss. While kissing her I let my hands roam down around her firm ass and gave it a big squeeze. Unfortunately at about that time the doorbell rang and our guests were starting to arrive. It was a damn shame that we had just gotten started and would have to wait to finish things later.

Over the next hour or so, most of our guests had arrived except for the guest of honor and her husband. We were rather surprised that Bonnie and Mike weren’t there yet. A few minutes later when the doorbell rang again, and I answered it, I knew exactly why they were a few minutes later than just about everyone else. Standing there at the door was Bonnie looking drop dead gorgeous.

She was wearing a black skirt that hung about 3 inches above her knee with a tan sweater which had buttons half way down the front. The buttons were half undone to show a little cleavage, which I didn’t need to look too closely to see. She also had on black leather boots with 2-inch heels that came almost up to her knees. The heels put her at about eye level with me, just under 6 feet tall. For a casual party she definitely dressed up. She had her long blonde hair down and it looked like she spent quite a bit of time getting ready. Mike on the other hand was just like me, casually dressed in jeans and a sweater.

When they came inside, Mike immediately went to the drinks mentioning something about needing plenty of alcohol to make it through the night. I wasn’t exactly sure why he made the statement, but I got the feeling that Mike wasn’t too thrilled about being at a big party. Bonnie mentioned ataköy escort that he was a little upset about her getting her hair done specifically for the party, but he would be fine and have a good time.

A few more guests arrived shortly after the guest of honor, and by 10pm the party was in full swing. Cindy had the karaoke machine going and a bunch of people were hanging around there trying to sing and entertain the crowd. The poker table was full with a bunch of people, all guys for some reason. There were even a few people dancing in the living room with the stereo going. There were a few times when everyone stopped and we had toasts to Bonnie…mainly with Jell-O shots, but also with other types of alcohol.

As midnight approached quite a few people had left to head home, but we still had about 20-25 people at the house. I am not sure there were many sober people, but it did seem like everyone was having a good time…Mike included. Actually Mike was at the poker table, rather drunk, winning a nice chunk of money from everyone there. Cindy still had the karaoke machine going. There were a few people that I didn’t see so I decided to take a walk down to the basement to see if anyone was down there. Much to my surprise it was quiet down there and at first I didn’t see anyone.

As I started back up the stairs I heard a voice from behind me asking why I didn’t bother to say hello. I turned around and it was Bonnie sitting on one of the stools in the main room next to the pool table. I was surprised to see her down there all alone since it was her party.

“Why are you down here alone?” I asked her.

“I am a bit drunk and wanted a break from the noise,” she answered.

“I can understand that. I will leave you be, unless you would like some company,” I mentioned.

“Unless you are needed upstairs, why don’t you stay? We can shoot pool or better yet, how about we play darts? I have wanted to play again since Mike and I were here last time,” she replied.

Since she was the birthday girl and she wanted to shoot darts, we decided on darts. We walked into the room with the dart board and just started tossing the darts at the board. I guess this was the warm up period because neither one of us was really paying attention to where the darts landed on the board. We were just tossing and shooting the breeze for about ten minutes. Eventually Bonnie looked at me and asked if we should decide on rules and actually play. Since it was her birthday I let her decide on the rules, and she decided on 6 darts and lowest total score drinks a shot. I was rather surprised at that since she was already fairly drunk and we didn’t have any alcohol downstairs.

Oh well, upstairs we went looking for alcohol. Bonnie stopped at the poker table to find that Mike wasn’t there. She looked around but still couldn’t find him. So, she came and got me and we both went to look. Since I didn’t see him downstairs I decided to check the guest rooms upstairs. In the main guest room there he was passed out on the bed. I went and found Bonnie, told her where he was, gathered a bottle of bourbon and a shot glass, and went back downstairs. Bonnie went up to check on Mike, grabbed the 6 remaining Jell-O shots and came downstairs.

Once we were downstairs I grabbed a small table from another room to set the drinks on. While I was doing that Bonnie sat down and started to take her boots off. I noticed her struggling a bit and offered my help. I got down on one knee and helped her remove one boot at a time. As I slid each boot off I was able to feel her incredibly smooth and soft legs, which immediately started giving me a hard on. Not really thinking clearly, probably because of the alcohol, I started to slowly rub her legs and move my hands further and further up her legs. When my hands were about half way up her thigh I looked up to see her looking down at me, which startled me and made me stop and stand up. I immediately apologized and blamed my actions on the alcohol, but Bonnie didn’t mind at all.

“If you even do that again, you better be prepared to slide them up further,” she commented. Then out of the blue she blurted out, “Let’s shoot some darts”.

Now that Bonnie had her boots off, she was a escort bayan istanbul couple inches shorter than me when she stood up. I am about 5’11” tall so I am guessing that she is about 5’9. The nice thing about her being a couple inches shorter now was that I was able to get a better look at the cleavage between her 34D breasts. I know this size for a fact since she accidentally left a bra at our house last summer after going to the pool with Cindy. Ever since that day I have wanted to see them for myself, and now seeing her in front of me that thought was back in my head.

Since I was too busy looking at Bonnie, she decided to take the darts and shoot first. Much to my surprise she did fairly well and actually beat me the first round. Knowing how much she likes the Jell-O shots I opted for a shot of bourbon. The next 3 rounds I won rather easily and as I thought Bonnie opted for 3 Jell-O shots. We were taking out time shooting the darts and the first 4 rounds must have taken at least 30 minutes, but by the noise we could tell that the party was still going strong upstairs. The next 2 rounds we split, Bonnie opting for the Jell-O shot again and I opted for the bourbon.

At that point we decided to take a quick bathroom break, as well as a break to check on the rest of the party. Since Bonnie wasn’t walking straight I offered to carry her up the stairs. Being about 210 pounds and very much in shape, her 120 pound body wasn’t heavy to me at all. Once we were upstairs she went to check on Mike, and found him still asleep in the guest room. I went over to Cindy to see how she was doing. She still had about 15 people rotating singing different songs. Since the party was still going rather well Bonnie and I decided to head back downstairs and continue our dart game.

Once we returned, we immediately started the game again. Bonnie commented that she needed to win because once she was out of Jell-O shots then the game needed to end since she didn’t want bourbon and we didn’t have any other alcohol to drink. I told her not to think about that and we would cross that bridge if/when we got to it. So onward we went, Bonnie won the next 2 rounds, and I downed 2 more shots of bourbon. The next 2 rounds were split, and I won the third one, making Bonnie down her last Jell-O shot. Despite Bonnie not having any Jell-O shots left, she grabbed the darts and took her turn. Before I decided to take my turn I asked how she wanted to continue. Bonnie looked at me and just told me to take my turn.

After taking my turn Bonnie should have taken another shot since I was victorious. Without and shots remaining, she looked at me, unbuttoned her sweater, lifted it over her head, and dropped it on the floor. I stood there shocked that she would even think about taking her clothes off in front of me. I had tried in the past to get her naked, if for nothing else so I could see her tits, but I had never been successful.

“Your turn,” she said as I caught myself staring at her breasts.

As I walked over to the dart board to grab the darts, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Bonnie was slipping her skirt down around her ankles. As shocked as I was before I didn’t know what to think about this latest development. As I was about to take my turn I turned to face the board. I was trying to keep my mind off of Bonnie, knowing that both our spouses were upstairs, but it wasn’t an easy task. As I went to throw my first dart I noticed that Bonnie had started to remove her thong, leaving her standing there in only her bra. I was so shocked that I dropped the darts on the floor.

When I dropped the darts on the floor Bonnie came over and asked if I had been distracted by anything. As I started to bend down to pick up the darts Bonnie stopped me. She looked at me and asked me to unclasp her bra to remove it. I was a little apprehensive since we had both been drinking during the party. However, seeing her standing there had me so turned on that I forgot my surroundings.

I leaned over to get closer and reached behind Bonnie’s back to unhook the bra. I slowly removed it allowing her beautiful tits to hang free. As I was removing her bra, she was removing my belt, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, and beylikdüzü escort getting them down around my ankles. Once my pants were removed she quickly removed my boxer shorts and took my hard dick into her hands. As she began playing with my dick I was getting more and more excited. I leaned into her and locked lips with her, slowly inserting my tongue to explore her mouth and play with her tongue. I could tell that I caught her by surprise when I did that because she pulled back slightly before submitting to the kiss.

Bonnie removed my shirt so we were both standing there naked. She slowly kissed down my neck to my chest and eventually all the way down to my penis. She lightly licked from my testicles to the tip of my cock over and over. When she would get to the tip, she would swirl her tongue around for a couple seconds. This was getting me so hot that I actually had her stop. I knelt down on the floor with her and slowly lead her all the way down onto me while I lie on my back.

Once on the floor, and Bonnie on top of me, she started slowly bobbing up and down above my face. She was teasing me by lowering her tits down to the tip of my lips and then raising up again, allowing me to get in a quick lick of her hard nipples each time.

As she continued this motion I allowed my hands to roam all over her legs and ass. I slowly reached around and found her pussy with one of my hands. Slowly I penetrated in and out with my fingers, playing with her clit. The more I played and got her pussy wet, the faster she bobbed up and down bringing her beautiful breasts to my mouth.

After a few minutes of us both playing with one another, Bonnie lowered herself down onto my cock. As my cock slowly entered into her, I started to feel ecstasy, and let out a rather loud moan. Once I was inside her, she started to lift up almost to the point that my penis would leave her pussy, and then back down she slid.

Each time she would rise up and then lower down we were both feeling amazing sensations. At times I was getting the chills and felt like I was about to cum. Bonnie was starting to breath heavy and was letting out moans with just about every movement at this point.

The entire time I was happy to let Bonnie stay on top and be in total control. I was allowing my hands to explore her gorgeous breasts, and play with her hard nipples. As I started to play more with her nipples she started to quicken her rhythm.

As she started to move quicker, Bonnie’s tits started to bounce up and down. I reached around and grabbed her ass to hold her tighter on my cock as I neared orgasm. As I began to shoot my load into her I squeezed even harder and keep her tight against my pelvis.

As my cock was spitting everything I had into her, Bonnie started to climax herself. She gave out a scream that everyone in the house must have heard. I could feel her muscles starting to twitch on my prick. As her orgasm continued she became very sensitive to the touch. Just about every movement with my hands made her flinch and give out a moan of pleasure.

I wasn’t ready for any of this to stop even though we had both reached climax. I slowly rolled Bonnie over onto her back and continued to move my penis in and out of her pussy. We positioned ourselves so she had her legs up in the air with ankles on my shoulders. This allowed me to drive my cock further into her and increase the sensation for both of us. As we continued fucking, Bonnie reached her second orgasm rather quickly.

Immediately after her orgasm I removed my cock from her. I slowly slid her legs back down to the floor and moved up to a position so I could get my cock between her tits. I grabbed her tits with my hands and used them to fuck her tits. As I was about to cum for the second time Bonnie wanted to take me into her mouth so she could finish me off but I wouldn’t let her. Instead I spit my load up onto her chin and quickly removed my cock from between her tits so I could release the rest of my load on her tits.

As I finished, I collapsed, out of breath to the floor next to her. I reached over, grabbed Bonnie’s hands and slowly rubbed by juices all over her chest. She leaned over, gave me a big kiss and thanked me for the Birthday present.

She then got up, and headed for the bathroom downstairs with her clothes in hand.

A few hours later Bonnie and Mike were the last ones to leave the party. Bonnie thanked me again and assured me that a special gift would be waiting for my birthday. I can hardly wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32