The Cabin

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It was that time of year every summer that Jennifer took a long weekend to spend with her best friend Amber. Looking back, it doesn’t seem that it had been over five years ago that they had met online; funny how fate brings two people together like that. But sure enough, they had met online in a celebrity chat room, both sharing the same fantasies about the same hunky movie star.

Amber’s family owned a small little ski cabin close to Angelfire in New Mexico and when they had first met, had planned a small get together of the chat room regulars from their room and had a week of sun in the secluded little cabin; spending time skiing during the day and watching old movies and videos starting their favorite movie star. Over the five years that they had known each other, the only thing that had changed is that their circle of friends had depleted down to just the two of them and honestly, that’s how they liked it. They were inseparable, even living in two different states but since the drive between them was a mere 3 hours, that didn’t stop them from spending as much time together as possible.

Most of their time was spent chatting it up online on either AIM messenger or yahoo since it was free but they did spend a lot of the time on the phone and when they could, weekend trips to each other’s place for a night spent up talking, watching movies and generally just having fun. But now a whole week was coming up for just the two of them and Jennifer was pumped. This time was always the best and they seemed to become closer with each day they spent together. She didn’t know what she would do without Amber.

Jennifer was a redhead with soft pale skin sprinkled with a few light freckles. Her eyes sparkled like cut emeralds and her lips were like the color of fresh berries. She was petite but with a well-rounded figure complete with flared hips and a large bosom. She possessed a dazzling smile and the ability to make people laugh with her easy-going spirit and her refreshing outlook on life in general. Amber was a bit taller but more compact … more of the athlete’s body: strong firm legs, small breasts, taut belly and it seemed, not an ounce of fat. Light brown hair streaked with hints of blonde framed her oval face kissed with eyes the shade of sparkling jade. Two different girls perhaps, but one strong bond that neither one of their husbands could quite understand.

The drive up was almost as fun as the actual time spent up at the cabin. Both women shared the same interest in music and acted about 10 years their junior. Jennifer would drive to Amber’s place in Oklahoma and then the both of them would drive the remaining 7 ½ hours to Amber’s family cabin in New Mexico. The time spent in the car was passed singing and laughing, remembering past trips and catching up on the news online. It seemed as if there was nothing they couldn’t share and not one minute that each one wouldn’t delve into with the utmost of detail just to send her friend spiraling into fits of laughter. That’s what best friends did best.

Once at the cabin, the girls spent little time unpacking and lots of time giggling and continuing stories started in the car. Most of the stories continued with online behavior and things that had gotten “involved in”, usually ending with the other one spiraling into peals of laughter at her friend’s antics. There wasn’t much these two wouldn’t do and this weekend trip would prove as much …

One evening both women were relaxing on the couch, watching one of the movies they had rented. It was rather late and both had indulged in a few too many mixed drinks, giggling at things on the T.V. screen that weren’t even funny. Amber’s head was relaxing in Jennifer’s lap and idle fingers toyed with the dishwater blonde’s hair as they watched and laughed, both making comments that would send the other one doubled over with giggles. At one point, Amber glanced up at her best friend and couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful the redhead was. When she laughed, it moved into her eyes, making them sparkle like glittering sapphires and her lips curved so enticingly upwards, she couldn’t help but wonder how sweet they actually tasted. Watching her from beneath the blanket of long lashes, her eyes followed the curve of her throat all the way down the v-neck plunge of her halter top, feeling a small wave of desire at the way her friend’s bosoms rose and fell with each breath. She had never noticed it before but they were beautiful!

Jennifer could feel the gaze of her friend even before she looked down and when she did, Amber had such a strange look on her face that Jennifer couldn’t help but ask, “What?”

Amber blinked suddenly, a soft flush creeping to her cheeks as she felt like she had been caught doing something naughty. Glancing upwards as her friend still stroked her hair, she smiled guiltily and then looked away back towards the T.V. “Nothing,” she whispered.

Jennifer’s eyebrow shot up, knowing her friend better than that. “Oh no you don’t,” she teased, tweaking her nose. yalova escort “What was that look for?” Amber looked back at her friend a little guiltily and Jennifer could see the hint of a blush in her cheeks. Now Jennifer really wanted to know what was wrong and she looked down at her friend, noting the way her eyes averted to keep from locking with her gaze, something she only did if something was bothering her. “Amber, what?!”

Amber glanced back up at her long-time friend and couldn’t help but notice just how close her large breasts were to her face and damn if she didn’t have this strong urge to see them without that top on. This of course only made her blush more and she couldn’t find the words to explain to her friend. Instead, she just kind of turned her face to her friend’s belly and nuzzled in, an arm slipping around her waist and hugged her close. She could feel Jennifer’s fingers stroke soothingly down her hair and over her cheekbone, tucking in her hair behind her ear and she inhaled deeply, trembling a bit to be so attracted to her friend. God, what if she thought she was some kind of pervert and never wanted to see her again?!

Jennifer hugged her friend close, not quite sure what was wrong with but she was starting to worry. She could feel Amber’s fingers clutching onto the back of her silky pajama top and her face was buried in her belly. She couldn’t help but gently reassure her best friend with tender fingers in her hair and rubbing down to her back then back up again. “Shhhh … it’s okay. You can tell me anything Amby,” she whispered. She saw Amber glance up between her breasts, a very loving expression on her face and Jennifer couldn’t help but smile causing a smile to cross Amber’s sweet face as well. She could feel Amber gently rub her back with her fingertips and then slide forward to her side a bit. The warmth from Amber’s breathing was lovely against her belly and Jennifer could feel her own breathing quickening a bit to match her friend’s. Staring into her eyes, she knew that she and Amber were closer than anyone else she had ever met and would do anything to make her feel okay.

“You’re so beautiful,” Amber whispered and smiled to see her best friend blush.

“Thanks … so are you, Amby,” Jennifer whispered back and then leaned down to kiss her friend’s forehead. Amber saw her chance and tilted her head back just in time for Jennifer’s lips to press to hers. She saw her friend’s eyes widen but Amber quickly reached up to her friend’s head and held it in place as her lips quivered over her sweet ones. Jennifer felt her heart race … she had never expected this and what was worse, it was so sweet … so innocent and she loved it! Jennifer pulled back hesitantly, a nervous laugh suddenly erupting as she looked down at her best friend’s head in her lap. “I think you’ve had too much to drink,” she teased.

“Maybe,” Amber giggled, so thankful was she that Jennifer hadn’t gotten mad. “But it was so nice. Can we do it again?” She batted eyelashes playfully and smiled when she heard Jennifer’s laughter.

“You are so bad!” Jennifer teased, shaking her head but she could feel her body responding to just the implications of Amber’s innocent request. What the hell?? Her nipples were getting hard and starting to push against her silk pajama top and there was Amber right there in her lap with one of them right above her mouth! She saw Amber’s gaze drawn to it instantly and when she licked her lips, Jennifer felt an electric shock jolt down between her legs. “This is crazy!” she blurted out.

“I know,” Amber whispered even as her hand slid from Jennifer’s waist and one lone finger lightly caressed over the hardened nub. She felt Jennifer shudder and shift a bit on the couch as she glanced up to her best friend, smiling to see undeniable curiosity welling up in her blue eyes. “But you want to, don’t you?” she barely whispered the question.

All Jennifer could do was nod, afraid if she spoke any words that the spell would be broken and that they both would come crashing back to reality. It must be the alcohol talking … she had never even thought about this! Or … had she? As all kinds of questions flooded her head, she bit down on her lip to try to calm her nerves as Amber’s fingers flicked again at the hardened nipple and then slowly raked her fingernail over it through the silken material. My god … that was delicious!

“Can I?” Amber whispered, without looking at her friend. She wanted that nipple … she wanted to know what it tasted like … what it felt like in her mouth. Her finger trailed lazy circles around it, loving the way it was so hard and she could feel little flutters in Jennifer’s stomach as her head remained on her lap, a soft cheek pressed to her belly. All Jennifer could do was nod and lock eyes with Amber as she reached agonizingly slow for the first button on her top. When it released and the v-neck opened a bit more, Jennifer couldn’t help but suck in her breath as Amber’s lips caressed the exposed skin and then another zonguldak escort button … and another until Jennifer could feel her pussy throbbing just thinking about it.

Once the buttons were undone, Amber glanced up to Jennifer, her hand frozen momentarily as if she were going to push the open top aside and at the slight nod of Jennifer’s head, she pushed the material aside to expose one beautiful breast. She could hear Jennifer’s gasp match her own as the hardened nipple was now exposed to her sweet mouth but she couldn’t help but lovingly caress it with a fingertip, slowly circling it, watching it tighten even more. The trembles in Jennifer’s belly vibrated against her ear, sending own shivers of delight down her form to her belly and below. “Please,” she heard Jennifer whisper as her fingers tightened in Amber’s lovely blonde-streaked hair, her back pushing forward a bit to move the nipple closer to Amber’s parted lips.

That’s all it took for Amber to lift her head slightly and dart a tongue out at Jennifer’s beautiful hard nub and was rewarded with a whimper of pleasure from her best friend. She could feel Jennifer’s fingers tighten in her hair and she reached up with one hand and pushed her friend’s ample breast up a bit before closing her lips around it. She never knew suckling a girl’s tit could be so exquisite and with each nibble and swirl of her tongue, she could feel electricity ignite between her thighs.

Jennifer’s head fell back against the back of the couch, eyes closing at the sweet sensations her friend’s mouth on her tit were eliciting. She had never felt anything quite like this. Sure, she had had her nipple in a few mouths but they were all guys and they had done it as a means to an end. But Amber … god, it was as if she were worshipping her breasts, laving it with soft licks and mews of delight. “Oh god, Amber … that’s so … so …” she trailed off, having no words.

Amber whispered against her friend’s tit, clamping her teeth gently around the nipple, “I know …” Jennifer’s eyes flew open and looked down. Just watching her chew on it and pull it slowly away from her body only to release and lick it like a delicious drop of cream was sending her quickly to the edge of nirvana. Amber slid her right arm around her friend’s waist, causing her to slump down further on the couch, adjusting her position and then turned a bit, her mouth descending on the nipple once more. She could sense her friend’s impending release; could feel the tremble in her thighs and belly and the way she was starting to tighten. Drawing the nipple deep into her mouth, she gazed up at Jennifer as her head pushed into the back of the couch, eyes closed as she relished this moment.

Suddenly Jennifer’s eyes flew open as she felt Amber’s hand slide between her thighs, her thumb lightly running over the silk material there. “I … I don’t know Amby,” she whispered, her lips parted even as her breath came in faster, blue eyes glazed over as she felt her friend’s lips and teeth tug on her sensitive nub. The two friends locked gazes momentarily and then Amber reluctantly pulled away from the hardened nipple she had been feeding on. Jennifer could feel the deep sigh within her, aching so much for more but at the same time too afraid to go on. She nibbled on her lip and looked away but then Amber was sitting up beside her on the couch again, looking at her in such an amazing way that Jennifer couldn’t believe how shy she felt all the sudden.

She started to button up her pajama top but felt Amber’s hand over hers. “Please don’t,” she whispered, gently pulling it away, her hazel eyes locked with Jennifer’s. And then their lips were meshing together again and neither one really knew how it happened. Soft moans were coupled with whimpers of delight as tongues clashed together in an elicit dance. Amber’s hands slid to Jennifer’s shoulders to push off her pajama top and then they were apart and Jennifer pulled Amber’s over her head before bodies mashed together as one. Then they were standing and hands were pushing down silken bottoms and thumbs hooked into satin panties and before either one of them knew it, they were standing in the middle of the cabin, nude and rubbing up against each other like they had been lovers for years.

Jennifer’s hands roamed over every inch of Amber’s flesh, cupping her smaller breasts, thumbs flicking over the hardened peaks and found that every moan released from her best friend’s mouth sent another shudder of desire down her belly to pool between her thighs. Her hips reflexively ground into Amber’s as she felt roaming hands in return slide down over her back to caress and knead her firm ass. A soft mewling noise from Amber warmed the honeyed recesses of her mouth as Jennifer’s hand slid down her belly to search out the warm depths between her shifting thighs. God, she was so hot … and she found herself wondering if she felt this same way to Amber.

Suddenly, in their shifting and moving around in anxiousness to get closer, Jennifer zonguldak escort tripped over an empty glass and felt herself falling back. Amber’s lips had been attached and she had been leaning into her so they both fell, giggling back onto the couch. Amber’s body was now pressed tightly onto Jennifer’s and she looked down mid-laughter, eyes shining at her friend and then lips met once more as hips ground against one another. Amber’s leg shifted and pressed between her friend’s, wiggling up until she could feel wet folds part and Jennifer’s hardened clit against her flesh. A soft moan quickly encouraged Jennifer to do the same and then their natural impulses took over as each began to shift and move against the other’s leg, causing friction against their hard nubs as their tongues dueled in hot, seeking mouths.

Amber could feel her friend’s impending release in the way she was trembling against her so violently and she wanted more than anything to taste her but she could feel her own climax building as they humped together on the couch. Tearing her mouth from Jennifer’s, she trailed soft lips down her neck to her shoulder, a gentle bit delivered to her flesh. Where did that come from?? Lord only knows but she was driven on by Jennifer’s squeal of delight. She could feel her friend arch up beneath her as her breath came in short pants and Amber could feel her own clit throbbing out of control. Pressing her leg up further into her wet folds and against her friend’s pulsing nub, her tongue swirled downwards to her hard nipple and captured it in between her teeth, giving it a tug. That was enough to send Jennifer hurtling over the edge, clinging to Amber as she shook violently beneath her. Feeling her friend release beneath her was enough for Amber and she cried out against the soft breast captured in her lips as her own orgasm ripped through her.

Jennifer gasped for breath, wide eyes looking up at her friend as they both shuddered to completion on the couch. Reflexive fingers pulled her close to her wildly beating heart as their lips melded together … soft, sensual, sweet. “Oh Amber,” Jennifer whispered against her friend’s lips.

“It was so …” Amber trailed off, trying to find words for it as her fingers gently stroked her friend’s breast and side, reaching up for another kiss as the words wouldn’t come. Gently they surrendered to this sweet exquisite passion that was suddenly so fresh and new to them. Their bond became unpregnateable with each searing kiss and each stroke of now bold fingers that caressed downwards along trembling flesh. Soft moans and shifting flesh grew as they explored one another’s erogenous zones, each lost in the sensations of her new lover.

And then Jennifer was pushing upwards on her friend, seeing the look of confusion cross her face as she gently pushed her off and stood up on now wobbly legs. Gently grasping her friend’s hand and with a soft tug, started off across the floor and down the hall to the bedroom, glancing back at Amber trailing behind her and caught her checking out the way her ass swayed to and fro with each step. “Like what you see?” she teased, licking her lips.

Amber grinned, reaching out to run her fingers over her friend’s heart-shaped ass. It was so perfect! “Oh yes,” she purred and then ran forward, capturing her best friend in her arms and then dashed into the bedroom on the heels of both laughter and passion. They fell on the bed, legs and arms intertwined, lips boldly seeking out the other’s as their passions ignited. Former shyness and nervous exploration gone as Jennifer rolled her friend over to her lovely back, slipping between her thighs as lips and fingers explored her small mounds of flesh. Amber’s breasts were much smaller than her own but just as lovely in their own right. Her nipples were like ripe little cherries that begged for Jennifer’s mouth and she eagerly gave into the temptation, rolling them like small hardened balls between her teeth. Amber’s squirming and cries of pleasure spurred her on as she could feel her pussy throb and moisten against her belly pressed between her thighs.

“Oh god, Jennifer … please … I want to feel your tongue on me,” Amber moaned, almost begging as Jennifer’s mouth moved from one hardened nub to the other. Her hands slid into Jennifer’s red locks, pushing down slightly, needing her friend’s mouth on her swollen clit.

Jennifer eagerly complied, her mouth sweep down over her best friend’s trembling belly, slithering further down on the bed as her hands reflexively pushed Amber’s thighs wider. Her nostrils flared, catching the first sweet scent of her friend’s arousal and her curiosity grew even more. She had never smelled anything like that … it was so … enticing. She could feel more than hear Amber’s intake of breath as she settled lower, her mouth just above her friend’s swollen, parted labia. She gazed up at her, seeing the pleading look in her eyes and then let it fall down to the picture of perfection before her. She never knew just how beautiful a woman’s vagina could be. Using her finger to part her folds a bit more, she noticed the different shades of pink and red … the complex and different textures within … the way her clit protruded and throbbed to life, like a flag of surrender to her desires. It was beautiful.

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