The Bull Chronicles Ch. 03

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NOTE: While the stories in this series are not necessarily chronological, it may help the reader to at least look at Chapter 1 and 2 to learn a little more about Thomas Jackson Patrick “Bull”.

Going to be working on a series of stories based on a character that has formed in my head – call it my alter ego. You see, I am a jack of all trades and fairly gifted at many. I’ve been a soldier, a firefighter, a counselor, a cop. My kids friends call me GI JOE because of how many different things I do and am asked to do. I’m married, 2 kids, grandkids on the way, so while this isn’t me – it’s sometimes who I see when I look in the mirror. All of that being said please note this is a fantasy genre – this character is the “stage version” of me – a bit larger than life with some Hollywood melodrama and creativity thrown in just to make it fun to write.

Any resemblance of an actual human being is completely intentional since I wouldn’t dream of suing myself for copyright infringement.


TJ was sitting on a hotel room bed after a long day of training. The Georgia mountains and the heat of a late summer day had taken a toll on his body. His team was teaching T triple C (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) classes at Camp Frank D Merrill and they had just finished a Mountain Evolution that had involved moving casualties under fire while evaluating their injuries and providing care.

He had a beer in one hand, flipping channels to find a baseball game with the other. The a/c of the hotel unit was blasting as cold as it could barely able to keep up with the heat and humidity of the day. The 6’1 220 pound 52 year old man had been trying to teach and keep up with Army Ranger candidates younger than his son and the aches and pains were piling up. He needed a vacation.

The room phone rang and TJ got word that his dinner had arrived – a wonderful sandwich from a local place. He had chosen to stay in and rest his body instead of going out with other Contract Instructors. He left both of his phones in his room as he slipped on flip flops and a light summer shirt to grab his dinner.

When he returned there was a flashing light on his personal phone. He picked it up and saw that he had missed a phone call. It was from the widow of a dear friend. A sense of reality hit him, just how many widows of dear friends he knew. If you had asked him when he was 35 to name 6 men to carry his casket to the grave he would have rattled off those 6 in a heart beat – some 17 years later, they were all dead. His best friends, all gone. He remembered that episode from M*A*S*H when Col. Potter had received the rare old scotch because he was the last of his buddies to survive. TJ had gotten to open that bottle before he turned 50.

He shook off his trip down memory lane and checked his voicemail. “TJ, it’s Kristin. Any chance you are going to be in the area, I’d love to see you and need to ask you a favor, but would rather do it face to face. Call me when you get this, please.”

He walked over and put the sandwich on the desk and redialed her number. She answered, “TJ, how are you?”

“Oh, you know me K – about the same, still in the world doing 18 Delta (Special Forces medic) stuff. How about you, still teaching? How are the kids? I haven’t seen them since Drew’s wedding.”

She smiled, “Yeah, still teaching – Drew and Amanda are expecting, can you believe I’m going to be a grandma? Megan is engaged – you will be getting an invitation as soon as they nail things down. It will be special for her, you are the only one of her special Uncles left.”

TJ sighed, “Yeah, I know – when we lost Jimmy last year, that left just me. Getting old sucks K. Enough about me,” he said as he pulled on his beer, “What’s up that a pretty girl like you is calling a worn out old warhorse like me.”

She hesitated, “I need a favor, but I need to ask in person. Any chance you are heading to The Dakota’s anytime in the next decade?”

He laughed, “I just told myself I needed a damn vacation, I’m owed some time. I can be there day after tomorrow. I’ll fly into Fargo and rent a truck and be there Thursday night.”

She paused again, “How about I pick you up at the airport instead?”

The thought puzzled TJ, but he wasn’t going to argue with her. “Sure K, that sounds like a plan, I’ll shoot you a text with flight info, if it’s an emergency I can be wheels up in 90 minutes.”

He heard her laugh, “You and your damn Go Bag – no sweetie, it’s not an emergency, Thursday will be fine. It will be nice to see you old friend.”

TJ whispered, “You too K – see you soon.”

They hung up and TJ thought about that night and the injuries to her husband Greg. TJ had done everything he could and kept him alive long enough to get him to the evac bird and to the Forward Hospital, but the head trauma was just too much.

“Get out of the dark, Patrick” he said to himself as he picked up his phone. He called his boss and told him what was going on, his boss, also a former team guy knew K and told TJ to go take care of things, we are wrapping up here and will be fine. He then called etiler escort the travel agency that contract guys used to get quick flights and they had him booked out of Atlanta on Thursday at 0955 stopping at O’Hare then onto Fargo, arriving around 1500 Central Time. He texted the flight info to Kristin and finally turned to his sandwich that had now gotten cold.

TJ wrapped up his part of the training, thanked the boss for giving him time and packed up his stuff. Tuesday evening he shipped a lot of his stuff home through UPS, sent his weapon loadout with his boss and then texted Kristin, “Hey K – remember I’m flying commercial.”

A bit later she texted back, “Yep, already have Greg’s Sig ready to bring to you, I know you won’t be unarmed. See you tomorrow at 3. Can’t wait to chat.”

TJ shook his head, he couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, but then again he was dealing with a female. Afghan warlords, Iraqi village elders, tribal and government leaders from other can’t be named locations – those he could understand. A woman, not in this lifetime.

He woke up the next morning, did a light 5 mile run, showered and drove his car to Hartsfield and parked it in the long term lot, caught the shuttle and made it through TSA to the American Airlines gate with plenty of time to spare. He grabbed some breakfast and settled in to board the plane, he had nothing more than his go bag carry on with enough clothes for three days, if he needed anything else he would just have to buy some.

The flight to Chicago was uneventful so he texted Kristin, “K, at O’Hare, on schedule, I’ll text you when I get to Fargo, only a carry on so I won’t be long after deplaning.”

She texted back a simple, “Copy” he chuckled, once a military spouse always a military spouse, even after their husband paid the ultimate price.

Like the first leg, the flight into Fargo was a smooth one, they rolled to the gate and he waited for folks in a hurry to deplane as he texted Kristin that he was on the ground. People always seemed to be in a rush, nobody ever liked to enjoy life anymore he thought as they pushed past him onto the jetway.

He grabbed his bag and through it over his shoulder and headed towards the pick up area outside the airport. Kristin had texted that she was in a white GMC Arcadia and would be waiting. He walked out of the airport and got ready to call her when he saw her drive up. She rolled down the window, “Hey soldier, need a ride?” She broke into a wide grin, that beautiful girl next door smile that she always seemed to have on her face, no matter what the circumstances. She was even the comforter to the team in the days leading up to Greg’s funeral.

TJ smiled, a genuine down to the soul smile that only happens when you are around those trusted folks that have seen you at your best and your worst and still loved you. “I don’t know, I thought I was here prowling for a date, you might cramp my style.”

She laughed, “Get in, the Sig is in the glove compartment.”

TJ tossed his bag in the back and hopped in the seat, checking the slide on the Sig Sauer P320 and slid into the small of his back inside his jeans. He looked at his driver, “You look really good K, I mean really good.” The years had indeed been good to her, now a bit over 50, still trim with short brown hair just a couple of wisps of gray, fashionable glasses over her deep brown eyes. She was wearing a summer top that showed off her tan arms from working in her flower beds and a pair of jeans and sandals. She truly looked amazing. When she took in TJ’s words, she blushed deepening a natural pink that seemed to always highlight her cheeks.

She smiled, “Hungry?” she asked.

TJ groaned, “Actually, I am – I ate in Atlanta but didn’t grab anything in Chicago. She drove them to Doolittles Woodfire Grill – they had a nice lunch and chatted, catching up on life and years. They sipped their wine afterwards and just enjoyed each other’s company.

TJ looked at his watch, “If we are heading to your place K, we may want to get on the road.”

She looked at him and then looked down and blushed. “Ummm, about that. I need you to read something and then I need to ask you that favor.”

His hand gently touched hers, “K, take a breath, whatever you need I’m here, you don’t need to be anxious around me.”

She smiled, he thought he saw a tear in her eyes, “Yeah TJ, I do with this. Here, you read it then we can talk.”

He opened the letter that had his name on the envelope.

He read:

Bull – my brother,

We went through everything together you and I. We saw the world together, we kicked ass together, you are truly my brother from another mother. If you are reading this then I must be gone and K must need something from you. I told her that I have trusted you with my life and you have trusted me with yours. I have told her that if she ever needs anything that all she had to do was call you and you would move heaven and hell to be there for her. Not that you need it, but this letter is my permission halkalı escort – treat her like the queen that she is my brother. ~ Speedbird, out.

TJ leaned in, “Talk to me K, whatever you need I am here and Speedbird was right, I will move heaven and hell for you.”

She smiled and he saw true fear in her eyes. “TJ – this is going to sound insane and you are going to think I am crazy, or hell that Greg and I were crazy.” He waited and she continued, “I don’t want to go home tonight or tomorrow. I want to stay here, in a hotel, with you.”

TJ tried to keep his composure. “We can do that, we can enjoy the city and just hang out – whatever you need K.”

Kristin sighed, “No, TJ.” This time her hand went to his, “I want. No, that’s not true, I need you to remind me that I am a woman. Greg knew in small town life that the vultures would circle when something happened to him. They did and I kept them all away. I haven’t been… been…” she hesitated “I haven’t been with a man since Greg was deployed. There, I said it.”

TJ smiled, “K, are you asking what I think you are asking?”

She nodded, “I am.. I don’t want to take you to the house and have you see that folded flag you presented to me and have guilt. I want, no, I need you to make love to me TJ. It’s been so long and my heart is bursting I am so lonely and craving touch – but it has to be someone that won’t hurt me, someone I trust, as weird as it sounds, someone Greg trusted. It has to be you. Greg even told me one night that after we were finished making love that if anything ever happened to him that I should call you.”

TJ chuckled, “I’d love to say that sounds strange but I used to joke with him that whenever you called out O God that you were thinking of me.”

She folded her arms, “Yeah, I know he told me that too. You two were incorrigible you know?”

TJ smiled, his green eyes dancing a bit, “Yeah K, we were. The only person that misses him more than you and the kids is probably me.” This time, TJ’s eyes got filled with tears.

Her hand touched his, “I know Teej – you have lost a lot these last few years. I can’t imagine the hurt. I asked you a big favor and it’s okay if it’s too weird for you.”

TJ looked at her, “Did you get reservations?” She nodded and he continued, “One room or two?” She held up two fingers. “Where?” She said, “The Radisson.” TJ took out his phone and googled the number and dialed, when they answered he gave his name and said told them that there had been a change of plans that they only needed one room and were there any suites left. They told him they had a jacuzzi King Suite and he booked it cancelling the other reservations.

He looked at Kristin, “Does that answer your anxiety m’lady?”

She blushed as TJ paid the bill and held out his hands as she handed him her keys. “A queen does not drive her own chariot m’lady,”

TJ meandered his way around town, stopped at a local store and got a couple of bottles of wine. During the trip Kristin sat in the passenger seat of her own car. She smiled, “It’s just ingrained in you all isn’t it? Making sure you aren’t being followed, I mean. Greg drove like that in our little county, and everyone knew him and knew where we lived.”

TJ just nodded, “Enough years outside the wire and it becomes second nature. I’m not sure I could drive a direct route if I had to.” He put his arm on the center console and her hand reached out and touched his.

“You don’t have to do this you know, I don’t want it to feel like I’m a mission or you are just doing your duty.”

He looked at her as they came to a stoplight, “K – you are beautiful inside and out, you are kind, and yeah you are sexy as hell. Believe me, this is not taking one for the team. Hell, if I didn’t love Greg so much, I may have tried to pick you up once or twice before now because I can be kind of an ass that way if I don’t respect someone.”

She laughed and got that cute little wrinkle of her nose she always got. “I think that’s a compliment, so let’s just say thanks and leave it at that before you dig yourself a hole.”

They both laughed as they pulled in to the Radisson. He touched her hand, “Stay here, I’ll check us in and come back we can get to the room through a side entrance so you don’t have to be so visible.”

Kristin smiled, “Thanks TJ, but I asked you here, remember? I’m a big girl, I can walk into a hotel with you.”

TJ parked and they checked in and headed up to the room. He reached out and took her hand in the elevator. “You know, you don’t have to do this either hon,” he assured her.

Kristin sighed, “I know I don’t have to. Let’s just get in the room and see what happens, please.”

TJ nodded as the elevator doors opened and they made their way to their room. It had a nice view, was large and spacious. TJ unpacked their bags and put clothes away – he refused to live out of a suitcase. He put the wine in the fridge as Kristin watched him move.

“Why did you never remarry, TJ? You are a good guy and would make someone really innovia escort happy.”

TJ nodded, “Maybe, but in truth after Tina I decided that it was more fair to admit that I was married to my job and not put some other poor soul through that.”

He sat on the large sofa and rubbed his eyes. “Let’s take a nap,” Kristin suggested.

TJ slipped off his boots and nodded. “I like that plan K.” He moved to the large bed and slid to the middle. “Join me?”

Kristin timidly crawled into bed and snuggled up to him, putting her head on his chest. TJ kissed the top of her head and she whispered, “This feels nice.” With that, in no time both of them had drifted off to sleep.

Kristin woke up first, confused by the feeling of a warm body next to hers she startled which woke TJ up like a soldier on high alert. Kristin screamed and then started to cry. TJ wrapped her in his arms and comforted her, soothing her hair and gently whispering to her while she cried into his chest. After a few minutes he gently tilted her head towards his and kissed her, not the forced kiss of someone trying to start something, but a kiss of two old friends renewing a friendship. It was gentle yet firm, their tongues dancing with each other. The kiss didn’t break as it became a bit more intense and heated. Kristin was moaning into the kiss and pressing herself into TJ’s growing erection she felt through their jeans. Finally, he broke the kiss and stepped back, “It’s been a long time for you K, we have all evening, let me treat you like the queen you are.”

He walked into the main bathroom and started the shower in the oversize walk in. He adjusted the temperature and stepped out of the bathroom and encouraged Kristin to come closer. “This is the beginning, a queen must be clean for the black knight.”

She was embarrassed but he help calm her with gentle words and touches. He slowly undressed her, admiring her body and affirming her beauty with each piece of clothing removed. He gently cupped her breasts as she sighed, he teased her gently until her dark brown nipples hardened before removing her jeans and panties. She had a bit more hair than he was used to, but she looked beautiful. She wasn’t the tight ab, ripped girl he remembered from time at the lake with she and Greg, but she was a beautiful woman with curves and the grace of some maturity.

He lead her to the shower and had her step inside. He stood outside and removed his shirt, then his boots, and finally his jeans. Her eyes went from his eyes, down his torso, to his erection and finally back to his eyes. He stepped in the shower and pulled her close. Her hand went reached down to touch him, but he stopped her. “Not yet love, just enjoy the touch.”

They stood together under the water, two people enjoying the touch of the other. He gently washed her, from her head to her toes, washing her hair and caressing every inch of her body. She sighed and moaned with certain touches – but then she wanted to return the favor. She gently washed each scar, silently wondering where each one came from. A graze from a bullet, a knife wound, and various other wounds to his body. Eventually her hand found his erection and she wrapped her hand around it, she lovingly stroked it and kissed him. She whispered, “My God, I’m wet.”

TJ chuckled, “You should be K, we are in the shower.”

She growled, “Asshole, you know what I mean.”

He turned off the water and dried her from top to bottom. “Are you still wet, K?”

She bit her lip and nodded. He took her hand and lead her to the vanity in the bathroom and sat her on it. He knelt between her thighs and began to kiss each thigh, moving higher and higher until finally his lips parted her lips and his tongue found her clit. He allowed her to ride her pleasure like a roller coaster. He would get her close to the edge and then ease off – over and over again he would get her to the edge and leave her there, only to take her higher the next time. After what seemed to her an eternity he pushed her over that edge, causing her to growl and whimper, to pant and moan. One orgasm crashed into another like waves in a stormy sea. She had finally broken free from her forced chastity and she let loose a flood, covering his face and chest with her pleasure.

He stood and kissed her. As he stepped forward the tip of his cock found an inviting opening and he slid just inside. He felt her thighs tighten at his waist. “TJ, it’s been a long time – please be gentle.”

He stepped back and scooped her up in his arms, “No, my queen – not in the bathroom, I am taking you to bed.” He carried her to the large king size bed and placed her on it. Crawling over top of her he looked into her eyes, “You put me inside K.”

Her hands found him and she guided him to her opening and gently he pierced her. Giving her time to adjust to the time of chastity and his girth. Ever so slowly he eased in, taking her a bit higher with each movement. It took a few minutes, but he eventually slide all the way inside and he just stayed there. Not moving, just letting her breathe. Soon, her hips began to move just slightly, then a bit more. After a few minutes he felt her body tighten and the words started, “Oh God, oh fuck, I’m going to cum, TJ – I’m going to cum on your cock, oh my God, oh my God – don’t move.” The release again poured from her as she panted. When she relaxed she blushed, “I’m sorry – it’s just been a really long time.”

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