The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 16

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The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 16 by Lemaringouin translated by Pimanko

Chapter 16 Return to the Fold


Martine, receptionist at the Good Breast diary, was on the telephone.

“Hello? Yes, Mr. Walker. Non, Claudine hasn’t come back yet, but she should be back soon. Hold on! I see her coming in right now. Can you wait a few seconds?”

At that moment, Claudine stepped through the entrance door and walked into the dairy’s reception room, followed by Stephanie and Pierre who was holding her arm. Martine stared wide-eyed on seeing Stephanie. Smiling broadly, she stood up to embrace the new arrival.

She then said to Claudine, “It’s Mr. Walker from the Puro Latte company. He’s already called three times. As Claude is not here, he’s been asking to talk to you.”

“Thank you, Martine. Transfer him to this phone.”

Claudine walked over to the small reception room table where the visitors’ telephone and several promotional magazines and pamphlets were kept. She picked up the telephone and sat on the armchair next to it.

Martine took Stephanie in her arms and kissed her tenderly. The women’s bosoms pressed against each other during their embrace.

“Finally, you’ve come back,” she told her. “I’m happy to see you again. We all missed you.”

She stroked her hair and put her hand on Stephanie’s chest.

“You still have such a nice pair of breasts! But you seem tired.”

Stephanie had undergone some exhausting experiences in the last few days,” Pierre told her. “She needs to rest. We have to put her to bed in her room. She has come back, this time definitively. It will be like it was before, our best producer, like she was before she left.”

“We’ve changed the room for Sylvie and her. We always knew she would come back. They won’t be staying in the beginners’ room anymore, rather in Room 26 in the proven producers’ area,” responded Martine. Looking at Stephanie in the eyes, she added, “Sylvie will be so happy! She was really upset during your absence. She’s being milked at the moment, but I’ll tell her as soon as she’s done.”

“No,” Pierre countered, “let Stephanie have her rest first. She really needs it. You can tell her later. She has to sleep first.”

Pierre helped Stephanie to find her new room. He helped her undress and put on her wake-up panty, helped her lie down, and attached suction cups to each nipple.

He kissed her on the mouth and said, “Go ahead. Rest for now. Your special little panty will wake you for the last milking of the day and for supper.

He shut off the light and left the room, leaving Stephanie who fell asleep immediately, exhausted by this special day.

He returned to reception and found Claudine who said, “It’s Mr. Walker. He’s the owner of an ordinary dairy. He’s made an interesting proposition to us. He would like us to collaborate on building a dairy like ours in the countryside. He got wind of the existence of our facilities. He got approval from the government which thinks our programme would fully meet the requirements for the rehabilitation of some of the young women in their custody. He proposes coming next week to pay us a visit and spend a few days here to work on the details of a contract for a joint-venture. I proposed that he come next week to settle on the terms of our partnership and offered our full assistance. He’s very impatient to meet you.”

“Very bursa escort good,” said Pierre, “I’ll let Claire and Claude know. Business is booming. We’ll be able to start phase three of the expansion with the multinational.

Two hours later, the wake-up panty began to vibrate, its bumpy surface pressed against the inside Stephanie’s vagina. The tremors on her clitoris pulled the beautiful hucow out of her deep sleep. She yawned, stretched out her arms into the air and opened her eyes, smiling broadly. The nap had been comfortable and recuperative. She felt full of energy and happy to be behind the walls of this establishment, her true home now. She could now give herself completely over to the sensual pleasures she had missed during the month she had spent outside. Here she could make herself happy as a woman. She would see her friends, who she missed, and relive moments of voluptuousness in the arms of Sappho, Aphrodite and Adonis. She would once again travel down the wonderful road of sensuality, of joyful and repeated orgasms. Regular periodic milking would soothe her breasts by relieving the internal pressure caused by their voluminous production. This copious production had made it possible for her to develop her opulent bosom. It filled her with pride that she had become the best milk producer in the facility.

First, she got of the bed and put her udders in the openings of the lace bra. She combed her long hair into the regulation ponytail, put on a see-through hucow smock and left her room.

She met Claudine in the hallway who kissed her and took her hand. “Did you rest well?” Claudine asked her.

Stephanie responded by nodding her head to signal her affirmation.

“From this day forward, milking will take place in our stable.”

“Pardon?” Stephanie uttered.

“Yes, you are now a proven hucow. You’ll no longer stay in the beginners’ quarters. You’ll no longer be left alone during milking but in the everybody’s company, your friends and your companions. I’m coming with you too. It’s also my time to be milked. You became acquainted with our dairy when you came the first time, for your article. Remember?”

“Yes,” said Stephanie.

“We prepared you then and you became a very good producer. Well, that’s in the past. Now that you have become real hucow, you will join us in the Farm. It’s that building a little farther on. Come. I’ll take you there.”

Claudine and Stephanie left the dairy on foot and headed towards a large building with a notice above the door which read “Good Breast Farm.’ They stepped through the door and, arm-in-arm, headed towards a large elongated room. They faced two rows of leather-covered seats. Side by side, each raw consisted of more than thirty seats. From the ceiling hung flexible pipes each furnished with a nozzle. The seats had openings in the middle and two stirrups to stretch the legs upwards.

Each armchair had two supporting armrests, one of which was furnished with a TV screen, like in airplanes. The touch-type screens allowed for choosing the type of programme which determined the rate of extraction, the suction pressure, the choice of sexual toys to be inserted in the hucows’ orifices, their rhythm and depth of penetration, etc. The other armrest had a mainstay where bottles with large nipples were attached to quench the producer’s thirst during malatya escort the extraction of their milk.

A pair of earphones completed each armchairs equipment. It allowed the broadcasting of soft music, expressly selected to calm the hucows and increase their production. Finally, a lever attached on the side of the armchair allowed for choosing the inclination of the seatback in positions adjusted to maximized the hucow’s comfort during milking.

The room was sanitized regularly. The wall, floor and ceiling were tiled with in evocative motifs representing women together and couples in various sensual and erotic positions. One could say it was Kamasutra illustrated. Some hucows even took note of some unrecognized positions for their intimate nighttime activities.

Claudine led Stephanie to seat number 24.

“This is the armchair assigned to you. The one next to you is Sylvie’s. Those in front of you are Caroline’s and Françoise’s. You can have discussions together, express what you feel and even watch each other enjoy your orgasms. It’s very moving to see other women exhibiting themselves during their orgasms!”

She explained how to handle the equipment. Stephanie listened attentively. She sat Stephanie on her seat having beforehand helped her undress. The bra was not removed because the opening of the cups left the hucow’s udders exposed. Then she helped Stephanie to put in the various gadgets she had chosen for her milking session. She covered them in cream and inserted them in the hucow’s orifices.

The size of the transparent nozzles was easily adjusted to the size of her teats, the breast cup fitting perfectly around the udders and exercising enough pressure on them to help the milk pass through the milk ducts toward the teat and out through the orifices at the tip of each nipple. Because of the intensive milking experienced by the hucows, their teats possessed more than 18 orifices that allowed milk to be expressed and directed toward the recovery containers.

Claudine chose the beginners’ programme for Stephanie because the ex-journalist, having left the dairy for a month, needed to bring her udders up to grade again for industrial milking.

The milking session would last 45 minutes and would be augmented with sexual peaks necessary to induce copious production and thus again become the facilities’ best producer which would permit her, as champion, to be automatically eligible for the monthly competition, the ultimate reward for good behaviour allocated to all hucows who produced well all month long, and drawn by lot, to satisfy their sexual needs and those of the dairy’s clients. Once Stephanie was installed, Claudine kissed her on the forehead and walked away to her own seat, number 52, leaving the returnee to the pleasures of her milking.

Stephanie laid down on the treatment seat, her feet in the stirrups, the earbuds in her ears and teat cups on her udders.

Stephanie lay back comfortably in her armchairs. She extended her hand toward the touch-screen and pressed the ‘Music’ icon with her index finger. Then she touched the ‘On’ to put the milking machines into operation. The vacuum pump began sucking out the air from the suction cups.

Mesmerized, Stephanie watched her teats being suctioned and released alternatively. Each nipple stretched inside the nozzle, enlarged by the çanakkale escort effect of the vacuum. A powerful jet of milk exited the orifices situated at the end of the teat. The milk hit the bottom of cup making bubbles before they were sucked up into the transparent piping and directed toward the central milk line which brought the warm liquid extracted from the udders of all the hucows toward the refrigerated reservoirs containing the daily production.

Stephanie had a large smile on her lips while watching each suction-release cycle, finally feeling the internal pressure in her breasts gradually diminishing.

‘Finally.’ she thought, ‘I’ve missed this! A good extraction cannot be compared to that little electrical milk pumper that I bought. It’s really a pleasure to feel the milk gush out of my teats, see my teats stretch out in the nozzles, feel the electrical current traverse my body, and feel my swollen clitoris throbbing with pleasure.’

Stephanie now embraced the attitude of a true hucow. She spoke, reasoned and acted like her companions, like a contented hucow content getting pleasure out of producing milk. She enjoyed the feeling of the sweet liquid coming out of her teats.

It should also be said that Stephanie always had very sensitive nipples. She had loved that her conquests, whether feminine or masculine, dallied with her little fleshy tips, pinching them between their fingers, pulling them with a rotating movement, sucking them into their mouths, nibbling them and crunching the tips in the middle of their sensual activities. Now these little tips of flesh had enlarged, had become stretched out and more sensitive. What a pleasure it now was to have them kneaded, nibbled and pulled.

She closed her eyes and let herself be rocked by erotic dreams, the memory of nights of intense pleasure that she spent with her partners at the dairy. While dreaming, she felt the dildo penetrate and withdraw alternatively from her vagina, guided by the plug toward it most sensitive point, the point where she would lose all contact with reality, bringing her inexorably toward the summit culminating in carnal pleasure: Ecstasy with a capital E and total relaxation where her limbs would be unable to stop their involuntary and uncontrollable quivering, where everything around seemed so beautiful.

All this had been missing for a month, a lost month without extreme pleasure, a month without feeling the warmth that invades one’s body during sexual arousal and contact with another body experiencing the same things, the heat that transported one on the clouds of voluptuousness which delayed the return to reality, the true daily life.

For Stephanie, this heat had become a true drug, a vital need. Her reveries led her to ecstasy. She put her right hand on her clitoris and urgently started stroking it. This effective stroking, also known as masturbation, which she did alone, led her the edge of a bubbling orgasm. She let out some small sharp cries of enjoyment.

Caroline, who was sitting across from her, also being milked, watched this sensual, erotic spectacle with a big smile. She didn’t say a word in order not to disturb Stephanie in her moments of pleasure and orgasm. But this sight, which was a little voyeuristic, excited her in turn. Together, the two hucows emitted cries of happiness to the applause of the other hucows in the middle of their milking.

At this moment, Stephanie opened her eyes and smiled at the rest of the livestock. She was happy to have returned to the farm. This was now her home. She understood that well. She was made for this. All the companions in the livestock were her sisters. It was her happiness and she had every intention of taking advantage of it!

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