The Anniversary

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Helen was slowly dragged from a peaceful sleep by the muffled sound of creaking springs and stifled moans and grunts from the next room. By the sounds, her son and his wife were having an early morning screw. She cocked one eye open to look at the bedside clock. Quarter to seven. Bloody hell!

As she listened to their efforts, Helen lay in the warmth of her bed, her fingers idly toying with her vulva, wishing it was she who was getting laid. Now a widow, it was some time since she felt a man’s cock deep into her. It was a few months ago by pure chance, when holidaying in Malta. A wonderful feeling to have cock inside her again – and again! – from a much younger guy. Hmmm! Her mind went back to that unexpected encounter.

The noise from the next room got more intense. Her own juices were starting to flow onto the pads of her fingers. Lubricating had never been a problem for her, even now, in her early fifties. But she kept herself in trim with weekly visits to the gym. Besides, Helen enjoyed watching the other women in the changing room, with their variety of breasts – no pair alike. She speculated on the shape of their vulvas, wondering if they enjoyed having their labia nibbled – if they’d been penetrated that morning by an impatient dick.

A stifled cry from the next room brought her back to reality as Anne, her daughter in law, reached her peak of bliss. Although Helen had never seen him naked since he started to grow up, she knew that her son, William had a good sized penis. Her husband had a regulation six inch cock but, comparing their bulge in swimming trunks, William’s was considerably bulkier than his father’s. So she concluded, a bigger cock all round. Anne was a lucky lady!

And she was right. In the next room, as he slid his eight inch shaft into Anne, lying on her side, knees tucked up to her breast, he molded his body into her shape behind her, cock buried deep inside its natural target. William was whispering in her ear to her to keep it quite, or they’d wake his mother. He was getting a bit reckless himself as the tension mounted in his belly, the springs objecting noisily to the bouncing.

But Anne was reaching the peak of her climax. She didn’t care about his mother! Deep behind her clit, in the pit of her stomach, she felt the familiar spring coiling, ready to completely engulf her in agonising rapture. Her spasms were beginning. She clawed at the pillow case, biting her teeth into the soft pillow in an attempt to muffle her cries of ecstasy as the unrelenting cock drove rapidly in and out, deep into her vagina. Oh God! It’s wonderful!

As her mind blew into a thousand flashes, she was aware of the muscular convulsions inside her, William’s cock exploding. Anne never understood why, but she always subconsciously counted the spasms of the cock spurting its contents into her. Seven. Always seven. Her excitement began to abate as the orgasm gradually passed.

William reached into the bedside cabinet drawer for a tissue. He placed it round the base of his now softening cock as he withdrew it from the delicious nest of soft, warm, fleshy folds. The sperm seeped from her into the tissue, tucked loosely into her pussy. The couple lay quietly, his arms folded round her, fondling her soft heavy boobs with their stiffened nipples, before it was time for them to face the day. They both enjoyed an early screw, two or three times a week.

Meantime, twenty miles away, Anne’s parents were lying side by side. The teas-maid had just filled and was quietly steaming. Amelia rolled onto her side, throwing her arm across her husband’s lower half. With mild surprise she felt his cock was stiff. Early morning pride, no doubt, but even so… Curling her fingers round the familiar shaft, Anne began to play with it casually, stroking and pinching. She loved this cock – well, she liked any cock, but this was special!

Peter was still half asleep, but conscious of the hand gently toying with his shaft. It was good! He enjoyed having his cock teased and Amelia had always been an enthusiastic lover of his manhood. As it stiffened even further, Peter pushed his hand between Amelia’s thighs to test the state of her cunt. Hmmm! Wet through. A quick morning shag was called for. But not yet. Rolling to face Amelia, Peter dragged up her nightie and leaned over to fasten his lips over her engorged nipple, its rim marked by a series of small pimples.

‘Fuck me big boy,’ she whispered into his ear, positioning the hard shaft at the entrance to her secret entrance. And ‘big’ was the word. Peter enjoyed a fat cock – not particularly long – about six and a half inches – but in girth almost seven inches! It was at its widest about two thirds up the shaft, though the head was no thicker than the rest of the it. A human torpedo in fact. Women adored the feel of it stretching their vaginas ever wider as it penetrated them.

When she was younger, their daughter Anne was quite jealous of her Mother having that cock all to herself. She often imagined it forcing its way into her own wet cunt illegal bahis – a word she had heard her mother use in the throes of lust. She too preferred that description, rather than the clinical vagina.

In her late forties, Amelia was still a beautiful, elegant woman, tall and slender with sleek auburn hair. She enjoyed shagging more than ever, and her husband seemed just as capable as in their younger days – though not, perhaps, as frequently. They had always had a fairly open marriage, both indulging on a little on the side form time to time. But their real enjoyment came from threesomes for Amelia. They decided shortly after the kids had left home that they would expand their sexual horizons and experiment with sex for sex sake. Both wanted to try a threesome and did.

The usual plan was for Peter to arrange for a man to come to their hotel during a business trip. Amelia found it so exciting. Anticipating having sex with a man that she had never met until he came to the hotel, started her juices running. The ‘playmate’ would call the room on the house phone when he got to the hotel and they would go down to the lobby to meet him. After chatting over a cocktail, if Amelia approved of him, they would go to the room. As soon as the door closed behind them, the kissing and touching would begin, Amelia standing at the foot of the bed.

As Amelia got into a clinch with the playboy, hands groping each other, Peter would casually remove the playboy’s jacket, followed by his wife’s jacket. Then her blouse would follow. The bra was unclasped, and the garment removed to allow her soft breasts their freedom. As the man explored Amelia’s breasts and nipples, Peter unbuttoned the man’s shirt and unclasped the waistband of his trousers. After unzipping the man’s fly, Peter unhooked his wife’s skirt so that skirt and trousers dropped to the floor at about the same time, leaving the couple squeezed against each other, with little to keep them apart.

By this time, the playboy’s warm cock was pressing hard against Amelia’s groin. She could feel it, hot and eager. In no time at all, Peter had pulled down the man’s underwear and his wife’s knickers. After rubbing her hairy groin against the stiff cock, Amelia would fall backwards onto the bed with the playboy on top of her, allowing Peter to pick up their clothes, draping them over a chair.

Watching the couple writhing against each other, exploring genitals, licking, sucking and kissing, Peter quietly took off his own clothes, his own cock now rigid with lust. He took the camera from the bedside table. Every detail of the man’s cock and its penetration of Amelia’s secret paradise was recorded . Before long, Amelia would be catapulted into the first of her several orgasms.

Both Amelia and Peter found it indescribably sexy being naked with two men, one of them a stranger. She loved having two dicks to suck and to fuck her. Amelia had orgasms easily and often, even when being screwed by just one man. Two men was out of this world! Many, many orgasms for her! Eventually both men would spray their sperm over her face and tits. She was obsessed by sperm – all those millions swimming up the vaginas seeking the egg.

Amelia also began exposing herself to other men in public. Mostly in hotel bars, when Peter was there. The look on the faces of the unsuspecting voyeur was exciting. After all, a very attractive, elegant sophisticated lady is the last person you would expect to be sitting on a bar stool without knickers, exposing her hairy, ginger vulva. Sometimes, if Amelia liked the look of them, these men willingly agreed to join them in a threesome.

They had discussed having a threesome with another woman involved, but it never materialised. Their favourite choice would be Doris, James’ mother, because of her demure appearance. Peter thought a good shag would do her the world of good. Besides, it would be fun, and sexy to have her naked, blushing with embarrassment, being screwed by Peter whilst tonguing Amelia.

Peter was all for persuading Doris’s son Billy, still single, to fuck his mother, but Amelia was too nervous of the idea. Even so, she would have thrilled at the chance of him fucking her. It was another avenue to be explored in the near future, she hoped. More variety of sex.

‘Fuck me darling,’ she repeated. And fuck her Peter did. Slowly and thoroughly, squeezing his fat cock into her eager cunt – the old English word favoured by Amelia.

Doris’s other son, Charles had developed a thriving business in electronics and could afford a large five bedroom mansion in its own acre of land whilst still a young man. So in between making money, he shagged as many women as possible – which was a lot! Until Annette came along. The shagging didn’t stop, but it was confined to Annette – to begin with, anyway. The wife-swapping came later.

In the principal guest room of their mansion was a large mirror in an ornate frame, overlooking the bed. In the adjoining room, which was Charles and Annette’s bedroom, a large painting of Jacques illegal bahis siteleri Tissot, The Reception, showing a beautiful young lady being escorted in the ballroom by an elderly gentleman, decorated on the wall. However, the painting would hinge open to reveal a view of the adjoining bedroom through the two-way mirror.

Charles and Annette had observed many sexual encounters in the guest room, to their own delight whilst playing with the other’s private parts. At her husband’s suggestion, Annette had shaved her pubic hair entirely. Her mound, her vulva, her inner thighs were all completely devoid of hair. The labia looked stunning, peeping cheekily from the valley of sexual delight behind the chubby outer lips. Charles was, however, was also well-endowed in his size of penis. His was a full nine-inch specimen, with a head of considerable dimensions with a wide rim. He also shaved his groin in an attempt to make his weapon appear that much bigger. They were familiar with the sexual activities of all their friends and family, including in-laws.

Through the two-way mirror, Annette had several times seen, and admired, her brother’s father-in-law’s thick cock, mostly when flaccid, though occasionally when erect and proud, ready to fill Amelia’s cunt. She said as much to Charles.

‘I wouldn’t mind sampling that inside me,’ she had confided to him.

‘Can be arranged,’ he laughed.

‘Huh! Pigs might fly. He’s never so much as glanced at my tits.’

But there she was wrong, because Peter had often fancied Annette’s young soft body, lusting after her on many occasions. Amelia, who knew all about her husband’s incestuous desires, was quite a good mimic, would have him close his eyes as she made love to him, pretending to be Annette, calling him ‘Daddy’ and telling him what a wonderful cock he had and how much she wanted to feel it inside. Of course, they didn’t know that Annette shaved, otherwise Peter would have lusted after her all the more!

Charles’s mother, Doris, was a divorcee. A quiet, reserved lady. Now in her early fifties, her figure was fairly slight. But her breasts were a good 34 c, though disguised by ornate blouses. But unsupported, they tended to sag rather. Her dark nipples were a good inch in diameter. Hips were narrow, and her legs spindly. With clear brown eyes and a short straight nose, Doris was not unattractive, though she could not be classed as beautiful in the conventional sense. She wore her greying hair swept back into a bun. She was not vain.

Her interests were in the WI movement where she was a regular provider of tea and biscuits. Her unassuming behaviour suggested that no one could accuse her of harbouring indecent thoughts. Goodness! Not Doris, for heaven’s sake! But they’d be wrong. She had a lewd mind which continually dwelt on sexual matters – cocks in particular. Many of the WI members were likewise interested and one special friend exchanged lurid thoughts with Doris, which usually culminated in a mutual masturbation session. A woman knows best how to satisfy another woman, Doris thought, as her clitoris was being manipulated.

Her friend Lily could bring Doris to the brink of an orgasm and hold it there it seemed for ever, before allowing the waves to crash over her in an orgasm of breathtaking delight. That was something her husband had never been able to do. Nor any man. She just hoped that his new wife was satisfied with his sexual activities. Aided and abetted by DVD’s of pornography, Doris’s sex life was happier now than during her marriage. Her favourite was to watch men ejaculating. Hmmm! All that lovely sperm erupting!

That weekend was Peter and Amelia’s silver wedding anniversary, and all were due to visit Helen’s daughter and son-in-law. Charles had suggested that they all spent the week-end with them, with a dinner party on the Saturday evening to celebrate the event. Helen would be there with her son and daughter-in-law, Annette’s brother William with his wife, Anne, and Charles’s mother, Doris, and his brother Billy.

Whilst getting ready, Charles watched the happy couple, Amelia and Peter, through the two-way mirror. Amelia still had a good figure, with firm breasts and large proud nipples. She was teasing Peter’s thick cock with a light laugh. He heard her faintly through the glass telling him that she fancied a bit of that tonight, to celebrate twenty-five years of fucking. Studying Amelia, Charles thought he wouldn’t mind screwing her himself. He told Annette as much, to her amusement.

‘If you do, I want Peter!’ she replied.

Charles had worried that the dinner party might be a bit of a sober occasion and thought it necessary to ensure the party went with a swing. Having discussed the problem beforehand with Annette, he had sought advice from a number of sources – mainly on line – and decided to buy an aphrodisiac concoction to add to the white wine. This, he thought would be more acceptable than offering snorts of cocaine – besides the parents might object to hard drugs. So, a mild stimulant canlı bahis siteleri to help liven up the evening would be more appropriate.

The meal went well, with fine wines to accompany each dish. Charles had placed himself between Helen and Anne and Annette between Doris and William opposite. Peter had the two unattached ladies, Helen and Doris at his side, whilst Amelia was flanked by Billy and William. Charles walked round the table filling each glass with the special chilled Chardonnay, of which there were four bottles in two large carafes with the added ingredient.

As the meal progressed, the Chardonnay changed to claret wine. The guests became less prudent, the talk moving inevitably to sex and the changes in the morality of the modern times. Amelia was explaining about the art of seduction in the sixties and the rules of engagement in her and Peter’s courting days. This caused much amusement.

‘None of this “I say madam, do you fuck? Wham, bam, thank you ma’am approach.” approach on the first date! Much more subtle over a series of dates. Build up to the foreplay on the back seat of the cinema. Get to learn the feel of a cock and how it spits its juices in the dark.’

‘And virginity was still to be treasured!’ added Doris, feeling a hand lightly stroking her leg above the knee. She raised a mental eyebrow at this intrusion to her privacy, but decided to slightly part her knees to see what happened – how far it would go.

Light dance music played in the background. The room had become very warm, encouraging the men to remove their jackets, which they had hung over the backs of the chairs, unbuttoning their shirts to try to cool off. Annette had researched aphrodisiac food and had prepared a meal accordingly, including favourites – avocado, asparagus, coriander, figs, and honey- amongst others.

In the middle of the bawdy chatter, Anne suddenly declared loudly in a slightly slurred tone, ‘All you men are interested in are these things,’ surprising them all by lifting her top to display her naked full breasts, topped with proud nipples.

‘Ah, I see that you’re one of the modern girls Anne, going without a bra,’ was Peter’s response.

At the other side of Billy, Amelia piped up ‘And some of the older generation can do likewise,’ opening her top to display her own beautiful bare breasts. Not quite as firm as Anne, sagging slightly over her rib-cage, but still voluptuous. The men’s eyes opened considerably wider at the sight, a ripple of applause greeting the action. ‘Women burned their bras in the sixties don’t forget!’

There was no doubt in Billy’s mind that the wine had gone to his head rather – and to other sensitive parts of his body. He couldn’t control the erection which quickly developed at the sight of a bare breasted woman on either side of him. Unable to check himself, he reached across to cup a breast of each in his hand, as though weighing them.

‘They’re both of good sound quality,’ he laughed, ‘with a lot of joy to offer we men,’ to the general surprise and amusement of the other guests. It was one thing to look at, but quite another to touch the goods on display!

Meantime, Charles, delighted at the way the evening was developing, was exploring the inner thighs of a delighted Helen, whilst Peter had chosen to explore the reaction of his neighbour, Doris, by stroking her thigh under cover of the table cloth. His was, of course, the hand she had felt. Perhaps, he thought, they might engage in a threesome after all, if she responded. Doris gave him a thin smile, but made no attempt to remove the exploring hand. So, whilst the others were engaged in persuading Amelia and Anne to remove their tops altogether, Peter’s fingers were quietly insinuating their way into the knickers of his daughter-in-law’s mother-in law!

This put Doris in something of a quandary. She, like the others, had consumed sufficient doctored wine to remove any shyness, and Peter was an attractive guy. In fact she felt quite salacious – deliciously so! And she had fancied Peter for years. Now here he was trying to grope her fanny. Well! It was a pleasant feeling to have a man stroking her bare thigh, sufficiently attracted to her to want to explore her fanny. Though she knew that it was really the wine that had unlocked his desires. As her honey oozed, she looked at his wife and daughter, who seemed cheerful enough having their breasts fondled by her son.

Amelia called out to Helen opposite. ‘Hey Helen. Do give we older girls some support. I know you have nice tits, so let’s see them.’

Charles, who had interrupted his exploration of Helen’s inner thigh to go round the table refilling the wine glasses, had returned behind Helen. She was feeling languid with all the wine, whilst he, too, was having problems trying to deal with a powerful erection. Putting down the bottle, he placed his hands on Helen’s shoulder straps. She turned her head to look up at him. Her smile gave him to believe she accepted the offer. The hands pushed the straps of her dress from off her shoulders and over her arms. The bra catch offered little resistance to his nimble fingers, falling away to reveal her meaty tits, with very large, dark areolas and fat nipples. Not exactly pretty, but certainly all woman and most suckable.

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