Lisa, Back in the Business

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Is a spinoff of “Game Show Winners” but can be read as a stand alone story.

You should read “Lisa does her first porno” series to learn about the main character.

Be advised, there is a lot of sex with different people, some rape scenes and some bi action.


It was a month ago that Lisa and I husband came home from the Hawaiian trip we won on the “We Dare You” cable tv show.

As we were relaxing by their pool, the phone rang. Lisa picked it up and a man on the other end introduced himself as John Garvey and asked Lisa if she knew of him.

Lisa said she knew who he was, a producer of high end adult movies. She asked him what he wanted.

Mr. Garvey told her he had a business offer for her and would like to take her and I to dinner to discuss it.

First, she told him she wasn’t interested but then when Mr. Garvey mentioned numbers, she decided to meet with him.

He said he would have a limo pick us up at 6:30.

At 6:30 sharp, a limo picked us up and drove us to a fancy restaurant in the city.

The Maitre D escorted us to Mr. Garvey. After introductions, we sat down to dinner.

Mr. Garvey said that he saw Lisa on the game show and recognized her from the pussy tattoo alongside her smooth pussy. It was then that he knew he wanted her for his next movie.

Lisa thanked him for thinking of her, but she was out of the porno business

That’s when Garvey told her the movie wasn’t going to be just a porno movie. It was going to be a real story with sex.

Then he hit her with a bomb. “Lisa, I am offering you $100,000,000 to do the movie. It will be shot on location in Mexico. You will do all the scenes yourself with no doubles.”

Lisa and I were stunned. Then Lisa asked, “What else is there that I have to do for that amount of money?”

Garvey said there is one thing, you must become pregnant and have a real baby in the movie.

Lisa got up and said, “Thanks, but no thank you.”

Then Garvey said, “Lisa, you don’t have to keep the baby. I already made arrangements for a couple to adopt the baby and I am putting one million dollars in an account for the baby’s future. This will be a legitimate adoption.”

Lisa looked at me and sat back down.

“Who will be the father?” She asked.

Garvey then said it could actually be me or whoever she wanted it to be or he could be one of the actors.

Lisa asked when would the movie would begin shooting and Garvey told her as soon as she grows some pussy hairs that will be shaved off in the movie.

Lisa and I discussed the deal and Lisa said, “I want all our expenses paid, limo service, I get to pick some of my cast members and their expenses paid for and each one gets a million dollars for the shoot.”

Garvey looked at her and without batting an eye said, “Deal.”

We drank a toast and enjoyed a fabulous meal.

Lisa told Garvey that she would be contacting her cast members the next day.

Lisa called her former cast members of her porno movie days, Tom &Tammy and Tiffany.

They all agreed to do the movie and looked forward to getting together with Lisa.

After a couple of months, Lisa called Garvey and told him her hair was all grown in and they were ready. She also told him that Tiffany and Tom and his wife, Tammy were all set.

Garvey said that they would be leaving for Mexico in two weeks to start the shoot.

For the next couple of weeks, everything was set with the actors and on the day of reckoning, a limo came to pick us all up to take us to the airport where a private jet would be waiting for us.

The flight down to Mexico pendik escort was uneventful. Lisa and our friends caught up on happenings since their last porno five years ago.

When the jet landed, we were driven to a hacienda, outside of Mexico City, where we would be staying.

Garvey was already there and had us join him and the director for a meeting to go over the script because some changes were made.

Garvey went over the revised script with us, “Lisa, you and your husband are on vacation and you are kidnapped. The bad guys are holding you for an exchange of a prisoner, El Chapo, who is on trial in the U.S.”

He continued, “However, the U.S. will not negotiate a deal. You will be raped and abused only to find out that they got you pregnant. One of your guards tries to comfort you while you are captive and you develop a liking for him. Eventually, you have a baby and then freed from captivity once El Chapo is killed.”

The meeting lasted about an hour and everyone was ok with the script and shooting would start the next day. Garvey told everyone that he expected the shoot to take one month with days off during the shoot.

First Day of the Shoot –

Everyone was at makeup or wardrobe at 6:00 a.m. By 9:00 a.m. everything was ready.

Lisa was dressed in shorts and a tank top with no bra and I in jeans and a t-shirt. We were driving a rented car.

The car was on the road outside the hacienda heading toward Mexico City . After about a half hour, we encountered a road block and stopped. Suddenly, four men opened the car doors and dragged the two of us out of the car and put hoods over our faces, tied our hands and put us in a van and drove off.

Awhile later, the van stopped and we were removed from the van and escorted to a house where we were put in a locked cell. Ourcaptives removed our hoods but kept our hands tied.

I demanded some answers and was told to shut up.

An hour or so later, a man came to the cell. He told us that his name was Carlos. He also told us that we would be his guests for awhile and if we gave him no problem, we would be ok.

Lisa asked him why they kidnapped us. He told us that we were being held so he could negotiate the release of a prisoner being held in the U.S.

He also said that he knew who Lisa was and that the U.S. would want her back.

Days went by and nothing happened. Carlos came to the cell and told us that the Americans would not negotiate and he has to convince them of the severity of the situation.

End of First Day of Shoot –

Garvey said the first day went well. He said he was going to review the tape and see if any scenes needed to be done over.

Later that night, over dinner, Garvey said the shoot went well and was in the can.

Second Day of the Shoot –

Carlos came in the cell with two men and took me and Lisa out. They took her to a room with a chair and video camera set up. I was forced to watch.

Carlos motioned to the two men as he started the video camera.

Suddenly, the two men ripped off Lisa’s tank top, exposing her breasts. Then they stood her up and ripped off her shorts, leaving her naked.

They pushed her back down on the chair. Carlos started saying that Lisa will be put to death if there are no negotiations on a prisoner exchange.

He asked one of his men for a razor. He then made Lisa lay down on the floor and had his men hold her down.

Carlos than started shaving Lisa’s pussy until it was smooth, laughing as he completed his mission.

The men lifted her off the floor and Carlos gave Lisa her shaved pussy hairs to give back to me.

Carlos escort pendik stopped the video and the two men brought her back to her cell, naked, with her shaved pussy hairs.

I comforted her and Lisa told me she was ok.

End of Second Day of the Shoot –

Tiffany brought Lisa a robe and went back to the house with her to shower and freshen up.

As Lisa entered the shower, she invited Tiffany to join her.

“Just like old times, right Tiffany,” Lisa said.

Tiffany smiled and said, “I missed this for sure.”

They lathered themselves and washed each other, kissing as their hands felt each other’s nakedness.

They finally finished and joined Lisa’s husband and Garvey.

Garvey said that the scenes were great and needed no reshoot. He said he would see us on the set tomorrow.

That night, Tiffany joined Lisa and her husband in bed and serviced both of them until the early morning.

Third Day of the Shoot –

Carlos appeared at the cell and had one of his men drag Lisa out of the cell.

They took her to a room with a bed and threw her naked body on the bed.

A video camera was recording the scene.

Carlos said, “Your country has refused to negotiate. So I am going to send them a message.”

He opened the door and four of his men came in. They undressed as Lisa watched. Soon, one by one, they raped her. Two of them fucked her at the same time, one in her cunt and in her ass. They spent over an hour raping her and roughing her up before they brought her back to her cell.

One of the guards brought her water and towels to clean herself. He also slipped her some extra food. He apologized to Lisa and her me for their actions.

End of the Third Day Shoot –

Tiffany was right there to help Lisa, taking her inside along with her me to rest and clean up. We let her sleep until dinner time.

Garvey came over and asked how Lisa was. I told her she was resting. Garvey said that Lisa was excellent and he was giving her a few days off.

He also said that he will shoot around her and asked me to be on the set in the morning for my shoot with Tom and Tammy.

Fourth Day of the Shoot –

While Tiffany attended to Lisa, I was on the set with Tom and Tammy. The scene was supposed to be them being thrown in my cell naked…

I was in my cell and I heard the guard coming. He had a couple with him and they were naked, a man and woman.

The guard threw them in with me as I yelled out, “Where is my wife? What have you done to her?”

The naked couple introduced themselves as Americans, Tom and Tammy. He said they were taken prisoner, robbed, beaten and his wife raped.

I told them my story and said that I wasn’t giving up.

End of the Fourth Day Shoot –

Tom and Tammy were given robes and went back to their room and I went to Lisa who had been resting.

She asked about the shoot and I told her it went well. She told me she was ready to continue the shoot and for me to tell Garvey.

Just then, Garvey appeared. He said that tomorrow’s shoot was changing and that I was going to fuck Tammy in front of Lisa and Tom was going to fuck Lisa in front of me.

We told them that would be fine and that we would be ready.

Fifth Day of the Shoot –

As the three of us were in our cell, we heard the guard coming and we saw Lisa with him.

She looked ok and I hugged her when she came in the cell. I introduced her to Tammy and Tom and told her their story

Just then, four guards came in and took us to a room with a large bed.

Carlos was there and he directed the men. He then made Tammy pendik escort bayan and Lisa get on all fours. He ordered me to strip naked and I did.

Then Carlos told Tom to fuck Lisa from behind and for me to fuck Tammy from behind.

As we all got into position, Carlos said that Tom and I must cum in their cunts and that he wanted to see the cum ooze out of them to prove it.

Carlos watched closely as Tom and I inserted our cocks in the women. And, even though we were prisoners and the last thing on our minds was sex, we couldn’t help but fuck the women.

I watched as Tom was fucking my wife. Her tits swaying with each thrust. She was giving Carlos a good show for sure.

I started pumping Tammy as I noticed Tom watching.

It didn’t take long before I heard Tom say he was cumming and that he did. I saw the cum oozing out her cunt when he pulled out his limp cock.

At that time, I shot my load in Tammy and my cum oozed out her cunt when I pulled out.

Carlos applauded our performances.

Then we were brought back to our cell. The friendly guard gave us water and towels to clean up.

The next day, Tom and Tammy were taken away and we never saw them again.

End of the Fifth Day Shoot –

We all went back to our room. Tom, Tammy, Tiffany and Garvey to discuss the shoot so far. We all agreed that it was going well.

Garvey said that the movie will fast forward three months and then to nine months. He continued by saying there would only be a few more days of shooting left.

Sixth Day of the Shoot –

(The Time is three months later)

Lisa tells me she pregnant and she has no idea who the father is. I tell her not to worry and that I love her.

Carlos appears and Lisa curses him out, telling him she is pregnant. He smiles and says he wishes it was his and walks away.

End of the Sixth Day Shoot –

Seventh Day of the Shoot –

(Lisa is in the beginning of her ninth month now)

Carlos comes to our cell and tells us that the U.S. is now negotiating for a prisoner swap.

He tells us to be patient as our ordeal is almost over.

He admires Lisa’s pregnancy bump and comments that she will make a great mother and have lots of stories to tell her baby and laughs as he walks away.

End of the Seventh Day Shoot –

Lisa is helped back to our room. The pregnancy and acting is taking its toll on her.

Garvey tells her to rest for two days.

The shoot is put on a two day hiatus until Lisa is ready for the final shoot.

Eighth Day of the Shoot –

Lisa is starting to experience cramps as Carlos comes in and tells us that El Chapo was killed and he is letting us go.

Lisa goes into labor and is quickly taken to the local hospital. She is taken to the delivery room and, after a couple of hours, gives birth to a baby boy.

After more than nine months being held captive, we are told that we free to go.

Two days later, we are given clothes and some money to contact the American Embassy.

The Embassy tells us we can go back to America but the baby cannot. We hand and over the baby and leave…

End of the Eighth Day Shoot –

We all go back to the room after the movie was completed.

Garvey said the shoot was excellent and everyone was superb.

He told us that a screening of the rough cut would be shown tomorrow and after the screening, we would be flown back home.

(Three months Later)

The movie premiers and is well received. Lisa gets nominated for an Oscar for her performance.

Lisa is on top of the world again and calls Garvey and asks him if he wants her for another movie.

He tells her, “I have a terrific idea, a part that would be perfect for you but with more sex than ever, if you are interested. The money is good too.”

She says, “Let’s discuss it.”

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