The Abyss Ch. 04: Sasha’s Story

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18 when involved in sexual situations.

WARNING: This is a BDSM story that contains scenes depicting pain.

I’m thinking about telling the story of Justine’s husband and maybe moving forward with Justine’s timeline to future adventures. Let me know if you have interest in seeing these stories.


Summary of Prologue and Chapters One through Three

Justine is recounting her current scene with Mistress Laurine where her Mistress has used both pain and pleasure to push Justine into a dark abyss where she surrenders control to her Mistress.

Justine then recounts how she got there. Justine was once a partner in a Big Four accounting firm and was the engagement partner on a multinational client audit based in Paris. Justine, 43, married, with two adult children, usually would go to bed early instead of hitting the town with her younger team members when the work day was finished.

A flash of mid-life crisis encourages Justine to join her crew. Sasha, one of the team members, suggests they go to a BDSM club in the outer fringes of Paris that she heard about from some of her Paris colleagues. Sasha meets up with a mysterious woman while Justine bides her time before she calls it a day. When leaving, the woman, Laurine, invites Justine to join them. Laurine dispatches Sasha to get drinks and admits to Justine that she only befriended Sasha as a means to meet Justine. Justine tells Laurine that she is not interested in women, but Laurine gets Justine to admit that she is interested in Laurine.

Laurine convinces Justine to go to a private room for a 15 minute introduction into the BDSM world – no strings attached. Justine accepts, and ends up having one of the most violent orgasms of her life after Laurine teases and then hits Justine with a flogger.

Mistress Laurine asks Justine if she wants to go home with her. Justine wants to, but also wants to take time to put her affairs in order. Mistress Laurine is insulted by Justine’s failure to immediately go with her. She throws Justine’s clothes out into the corridor, pushes a naked Justine out into the corridor and locks the door behind her. Justine scrambles to pick up her clothes. To her embarrassment Sasha is there to help her. Sasha takes Justine back to the hotel and suggests that Justine can now be blackmailed with the knowledge Sasha now has of Justine’s public nudity. Sasha accompanies Justine back to Justine’s hotel room and takes advantage of her, slapping her to the ground and then forcing herself on Justine’s prone body. Justine submits to Sasha and they have furious sex that is satisfying to Justine but is a hollow victory for Sasha.

The next morning Justine puts her personal and professional life on hold. It only takes two phone calls and she realizes that her existing life is disposable and not worth keeping. She puts her efforts into finding Mistress Laurine. She returns to the bar and in return for an exorbitant amount of money secures her phone number. Justine calls but is hung up on. Mistress Laurine lets Justine stew for a few hours and then texts Justine to come to her house.

At the house, Justine is blindfolded and secured by her hands in an upright position. A unknown woman performs analingus on Justine while Mistress Laurine stands in front of Justine and uses her hand to bring Justine to an orgasm. The blindfold is removed and Justine discovers the unknown woman is Sasha. Mistress Laurine tells Justine that she summoned Sasha and discovered the entire story of Sasha’s abuse of Justine. They then go to a separate room where Sasha is held. Mistress Laurine administers ten strokes with her flogger that incapacitates Sasha. Justine comforts Sasha and then, at Mistress Laurine’s direction, brings Sasha to a rousing orgasm using her mouth.

Mistress Laurine then announces she will administer ten additional strokes for Justine’s insubordination the previous night, but that Sasha will serve as Justine’s “whipping boy” for her transgressions with Justine. All of them know that Sasha will not be able to endure another whipping. Justine intervenes before the first stroke is administered and accepts the whipping herself. Mistress Laurine’s love for Justine increases with Justine’s sacrifice, and after the whipping is administered, lays on the floor where they can reach a climax and fall into the Abyss together.

This chapter recounts the story from Sasha’s perspective.

Chapter Four

I was young and naïve. I was selfish and self-centered. Through obedience, self-humiliation, and a connection to my sexuality I have learned what it is to truly love and to be truly loved.

I am also a slave. I’m sitting here naked in the middle of my cell awaiting Maltepe Anal Escort orders from Mistress Laurine. It may be hours before I hear from her. I am alone with my thoughts, and my thoughts are many.

I was Sasha. I was a petulant spoiled child who through her charm and good looks cajoled, flim flammed and faked her way through life until my defining moment. The moment I struck another woman in the face. The culmination of my selfishness. I took advantage of another woman’s vulnerability to satisfy my carnal desires. I am ashamed at what I did, but thankful it led to a self-awareness that I lacked but so desperately needed.

Let me explain.

I grew up in an affluent family in Virginia. I lived in Floris, Virginia until I went to college. As an only child of two career State Department bureaucrats I wanted for nothing. I blossomed at age 13 into a woman. I grew to my current 5’3″ height and was fortunate to develop C cup breasts at an early age. All of the societal cues for young women were centered on their sexuality and their ability to manipulate people. And for that I was a grand master. I was relatively smart and used my charm at an early age to be the teacher’s pet. I got good grades all the way through high school using this technique.

When I entered the University of Northwestern Virginia’s business school I decided to major in accounting. I soon discovered that accounting is not my strength, so I was able to supplement my study skills with my body. There was many a teaching assistant, man or woman, that had late night “study” sessions with me that ultimately resulted in sexual satisfaction for them and a better grade for me. I was able to leverage my good grades into interviews with and ultimately choice internships with Big Four accounting firms.

I was always attracted to both men and women. In college it was like a smorgasbord. Men and women of every size, shape and color. I experimented liberally. I found at an early stage that my “bad girl” subliminal messaging led me to the BDSM world, experimenting both as a Domme and as a sub. But I was just a child playing in an adult world. I really didn’t understand the true power of dominance and submission. I just thought it was an adult game that supercharged the high of sex. It did, but there was so much more on an emotional level that I didn’t appreciate.

I first met Justine as a second year staff accountant. At that time Justine was the audit partner in charge of a multinational client that was the plum assignment in the office. Her audit team traveled the world, centered on Paris, a city I always wanted to visit. I begged the office partner in charge for a full year before she finally relented and placed me on Justine’s team. My first assignment with her was an audit assignment at the client’s headquarters in Paris. It was a two week assignment with two days tacked on the end for sightseeing. Those two days at the end changed my life.

During the audit assignment I made it my mission to ask the locals in our Paris office about clubs, and particularly ones that specialized in BDSM. There was a consensus that I should check out the Club Mirabeau. It was expensive but the best one in town. They also told me that they charge much more for unaccompanied males, so the two other audit team members, of course both male, urged me to find another female for our night of exploration.

I really didn’t know Justine that well. Aside from friendly office banter, until my assignment with her I only knew her by reputation. And her reputation was as a hard ass bitch. I wasn’t surprised. To make partner in a man’s world took a mental toughness that is not wired into most women’s DNA. She was not only a partner, she was a partner on the most important client of our office. As a member of the team I did not see anything contradicting that reputation. We had a lot of work to do and Justine cut slack for no one. We had a specified set of procedures to follow and a strict time budget to complete them. Justine made sure that we stayed on task 100% of the time, and for the young professionals on the team, that took a level of discipline we were not accustomed to. In particular for me, who was always able to wheedle myself out of the tough work, Justine made sure I shouldered my share of the load, and I unfairly blamed her for my unhappiness during the engagement.

That simmering resentment didn’t keep me from also fantasizing about her. She was a tall beautiful blond. I’m sure she highlighted her hair, but even if she reverted to her dishwater blond, her hair was dazzling as its lush mane was up in a French twist. She of course always dressed tastefully with tailored jackets and skirts and heels no more than 3 inches. Being in close quarters during the assignment, I could often see as she leaned forward that the margins between the buttons on her silk blouse would reveal a lacy demi-cup bra holding creamy white “D” cup breasts. I knew she was happily married but I lusted Maltepe Yaşlı Escort after her nevertheless, no different than I lusted after my older teaching assistants and professors when I was in college.

All this was a prelude to that fateful night.

It was an early August night in Paris. We had just wrapped up our audit assignment and were back at our Relais et Chateaux flagged hotel. As was our routine, the team assembled in the hotel bar. On nights when we didn’t have to be in at the crack of dawn the next day we would plan an outing to a bar or club. We would always ask Justine to come with us and she would always beg off and go back to her room. This night was different. We were joking around in the bar. I could tell that Justine was in a different mental place. She seemed less focused on work and more focused on her life. Maybe it was because we had just finished our assignment and she felt she could let her hair down. In any event when we made the usual ask of whether she wanted to go to a club that night were floored when she said yes. The two guys and I waited in the bar for her to change and come back to the bar.

I knew something was going to be different that night when Justine returned. It was as if time slowed to a crawl when the two guys and I saw Justine get out of the elevator. She was absolutely stunning. Her blonde hair was taken out of its usual French twist and allowed to cascade over her shoulders. She was wearing a sheer silk blouse that had one more button open than usual. You could see the edges of her bra and her inviting cleavage was there for all to see. She was wearing a skirt that was probably three or four inches shorter than usual and was wearing black stilettos with four inch heels.

I was the first to talk. “My God Justine, who let out your inner slut?”

“What DO you mean?” she asked back. It was the perfect response to let the tension out of the air. All of us laughed.

She added for good measure, “It’s good to keep my team on its toes.”

Barron, who would have loved to get inside Justine’s panties, verbalized what we were all thinking, “Well, at the risk of sexually harassing you, you look amazing.”

“Thanks. I don’t want to feel more out of place than I already do. I hope I’ve dressed the part.”

You could see Barron undressing Justine with his eyes. “Oh, you have. Trust me.”

It was my idea to go to Club Mirabeau. I was looking to hook up with someone. I knew there was something more for me out there. I just didn’t know what it was. The guys were just voyeurs. They were all talk and no action, but it was good to have the company. Justine? I didn’t know what to make of her. She was my boss. She was so businesslike and reserved. I had never seen her in a social context other than the hotel bar and certainly not in a BDSM club. Even with her slutty get up I figured she would get one drink and go back to the safety of the hotel.

When we arrived at the club it pretty much went as I expected. The guys went out exploring. Justine got a drink and stood away from the action. I was energized by the crowd. There were a number of people there were garbed in leather and there was no doubt this was not a group of posers but people looking for serious action. I wanted to be one of them.

I eyed an opening at the bar next to a stunning woman with long black hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a low cut black leather top that showed her ample breasts to their best advantage and a short black leather skirt. She towered over me with her 5 inch stiletto heels. She carried herself with an air that told me she was a Domme. My high school French was a bit rusty but I asked her if I could buy her a drink.

“Don’t bother,” she said in perfect French accented English. “I have a drink now but maybe later my dear.”

“Your English is perfect,” I said offering what I thought was a compliment.

“Is that all you are looking for, a well-spoken French woman? There are plenty here,” she said in a bored and disinterested voice.

“No, no, I didn’t mean it that way,” I said trying to save the situation.

“Well, in what way did you mean it?” she said, now showing annoyance.

“Please, can we start over? I’m Sasha.”

“That’s a lovely name. I’m Laurine. Is this the American way to pick up a woman?” she asked, now showing amusement at my awkward approach.

“No, it’s the American way to tell you that you are a beautiful woman,” I said with confidence.

“That’s better. Flattery will get you everywhere, even in Paris,” she said with approval. “I saw you across the room. You came in with another woman. Who is that?” she said, trying to show disinterest.

“That’s my boss Justine.” I then gave Laurine a thumbnail sketch on Justine’s background. While I was describing Justine I was eyeing Laurine and picturing her ravaging my body. That was an arousing visual that was exciting to me. As my mind was drifting away Laurine picked Maltepe Zenci Escort up her drink and took my hand and without asking started walking towards a table. It was clear she expected that I would follow her, which I did. We walked past Justine and it was clear that Laurine gave her a long hard look as we did so.

As we sat down Laurine hit me with a bucket of cold water. “You’re a lovely young girl looking for fun. Do you know you are in over your head?

She called my bluff. I had to show my hand. “Yes, I know.”

“There are many sharks in these deep waters. How do you know I’m not one of them?” she asked with sincerity.

“I don’t. Are you?”

She paused and then gave me a thoughtful answer. “I don’t know myself. I’ve often asked myself that question.”

“I want to know.” I was truly bewitched by this woman. I didn’t care if she was going to use me for her pleasure. I could feel I was getting hot and became aware my panties were sticking to my crotch.

“Give me your number,” she said in a commanding tone. She went her purse and handed me a pen. I wrote the number down on a napkin and handed to her.

As I was about to ask her to take me home Justine came by the table. She leaned over to talk to me and said “I think I’m going to call it a night.”

As she straightened to leave Laurine looked at her and said, “Join us Justine.” It was clear Laurine wanted Justine to join us. I had a suspicion that Laurine was just toying with me as a means to talk to Justine.

Her next comment confirmed my suspicion. “Sasha was telling me all about you. I saw you across the room and knew I had to meet you. You’re married with two grown children, right?”

From the look on Justine’s face it seemed as if Laurine had just asked Justine to explain the theory of relativity. Justine was completely stymied. It was if she was already under Laurine’s spell. “Uh, umm, I’m pleased to meet you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I had never seen cool, calm and collected Justine ever lose her composure. Now she had lost her footing from all things an innocuous question from a woman she didn’t know.

Laurine knew what effect she was having on Justine. Instead of laughing at Justine she managed to just smile. “My name is Laurine, and I’m pleased to meet you as well.” She held out her hand to Justine to shake it and a second surprise occurred when Justine kissed her hand instead of shaking it. I couldn’t believe it but my supposedly happily married boss was being captivated by a French Domme.

My chances with Laurine were reduced to exactly zero when she turned and said to me, “Sasha, why don’t you be a dear and me another drink and the same for Justine.” I had no choice but to obey her command and carry it out as if my dignity was still intact.

It took me a few minutes to secure the drinks. When I returned to the table it was clear that I missed a serious conversation and that Laurine had already closed the deal. The two of them were staring at each other and neither of them looked up to even acknowledge my presence. I felt humiliated, being treated as if I were a piece of lint to be brushed off a jacket. I uttered, “I think I may be interrupting something important here. I think I’ll go find the guys.” I then wandered off to another part of the club where there were private rooms with observation windows. I thought I could observe and maybe participate in some of this action and to take my mind off of my embarrassment.

I drifted from window to window until I saw something that I would have never guessed in a million years I would see. Laurine was hoisting Justine’s handcuffed hands above her head. She then carefully undressed Justine. Justine was facing me but was now wearing a leather hood that covered her eyes. I was overcome with jealousy. I was jealous that Justine had won the attention of Laurine away from me. I was the one that always used my charms to win. I was the younger one and I thought the prettier one. Now that Justine was naked I was jealous because that thought wasn’t true. Justine looked ravishing. Her large breasts, with their slight sag, swaying with her body’s movement as Laurine used her hands, and then a flogger, to coax Justine to thrust her body in response to her touch. Her pale white skin and long legs, the line of her body accentuated by her hands being restrained over her head. I wanted to be Laurine making love to Justine. I wanted to be Justine being titillated by Laurine’s flogger.

Even though I was in a public hallway I had to use every ounce of my willpower to keep me from pulling up my skirt, pulling aside my moist panties, and fingering myself to a satisfying climax. Instead, I watched in rapt attention as Laurine’s touch made Justine visibly tremble. Laurine then whispered into Justine’s ear. She paced back and forth, manipulating the handle of the flogger so the tendrils traced a circular path near Justine’s ears, no doubt to heighten Justine’s sense of anticipation. Then with a practiced flick of the wrist the tendrils of the flogger connected square with Justine’s breasts. Her body jerked in reaction to the lash. Laurine then took the handle of the flogger and rubbed it against Justine’s pussy, causing Justine to violently shake as her body spasmed in orgasm.

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