Tequila Slammer Ch. 02

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Stacy flicked a light-switch on and I noticed a big double bed. It was Natalie’s bedroom. I looked at the short red-head who had led me there. She saw that I looked a bit surprised and nervous about being in Natalie’s room.

“Relax. You’re not the first guy I’ve taken into here at one of Natalie’s little parties. She doesn’t mind thaaat much.”

She smiled as she looked over to the bed and quickly looked back at me. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually going to fuck this girl and lose my virginity in the process. Her eyes had the same devilish look about them from earlier, it was as if they were speaking out to me and saying, yes, you are definitely about to have sex with me.

“You’ve been with some girls before, right?” I heard her say, as she slowly turned around and swayed over to the bed.

“Yeah, 3 or 4” I lied.

“Good. Me too” she revealed, as she gave me a flirtatious wink whilst she sat down and made herself comfortable, resting against the pillows at the top of the bed. If I wasn’t fully erect before, I definitely was now.

“Now lock the door and come to bed.”

I walked over to the bed trying to hide just how eager I was. I’d made a few bad choices or bottled chances to have sex with numerous girls before, but I wasn’t squandering this one. I couldn’t believe my luck as I climbed onto the bed and on top of her.

Stacy looked at me longingly as I tasted the tequila on her breath. “You smell nice” she said, before asking me what aftershave I was wearing. It was Ralph Lauren Polo Red, an aftershave that had served me well, especially when pulling girls in clubs after getting cheeky sprays from the No Spray No Lay Guy in the toilet, but for varying reasons I’d never ended up taking them home. As the citrusy Grapefruit aroma lingered in the air, we started kissing once again, our jeans pressing up against each other as our tongues collided vigorously.

Stacy parted her legs and wrapped them around me slightly, as she did this I could feel my now firm cock pressing against her. She made no indication that she could feel it, but I thought she must be able to feel it. I wondered if she thought it was weird that I was getting so hard just from making out. As I pondered this she moved her mouth away from mine and I opened my eyes just in time to see her sink her teeth into the side of my neck. I let out an involuntary moan as she bit, then slowly sucked on my neck. My cock felt like it was so hard it would rip straight through my jeans. As she stopped she looked me straight in the eye and licked her lips like she’d just eaten a cream-filled donut.

“I thought you said no marks”

“I said you couldn’t leave any marks on me. There’s a difference. Besides, I think you like being bitten.”

“What makes you say that?”

Just as she said that she wriggled her arm a little, then I felt her hand squeeze into my jeans, as she slowly wrapped her fingers around my aching cock over the top of my boxers. Stacy raised her eyebrows at me, as I let out a defeated grin. Without warning her soft clasp turned into a forceful clench as I let out another unconditional moan. “Not bad” she said, before removing her grip completely. “I’m getting a little hot. Help me take this off”, without even replying to her I moved my hands down to the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head as she lifted her arms in the air.

I couldn’t believe what I was greeted to when I looked down at her. I saw her soft, smooth pale freckly shoulders and neck, which led down to an elegant black bra which supported a fantastic cleavage. I couldn’t stop looking at what was easily the biggest cleavage I’d ever seen in my life. She noticed me eyeing her up and grinned. “Still a bit hot. Better lose this too. I’ll let you take it off.”

Stacy moved slightly so I could get my arms around her. I placed my hands on her back as I reached around for the bra-straps behind her. I had taken bras off of girls before, but I don’t know, perhaps I was nervous. Perhaps I was too excited. Or too drunk. Or all three. But for the life of me I just couldn’t get it off of her. It took me about 10 seconds just to unstrap one side, before she chuckled at me. I felt pretty humiliated, but that feeling evaporated almost instantly as she easily took off her bra with one hand. As her bra fell away, her giant breasts burst out. They’d looked fairly big whilst she was wearing it, but in all their naked glory they were unbelievable. The biggest I’d ever seen by a mile.

I could tell she was enjoying me feasting my eyes on her milky voluptuous breasts, I saw her bite her lip slightly before I kissed her again, before biting her lip for myself. I made my way down, kissing and nibbling slightly on her neck, making sure not to make any marks, before I slowly made my way towards her left breast. I let me tongue trail along before opening my mouth wide to have what would be my first suck on a girl’s tit. I felt her hand reach for the back of my head, before she started slowly Side escort running her fingers through my smooth thick hair. After a good, long, hard suck, my attention turned towards her nipple. I prodded it with my right hand a little, before giving it a slight squeeze, noting that she gasped slightly as I did this. I opened my mouth again and I licked and sucked on her nipple, feeling it grow a little harder with every passing moment. I took a little nibble as she pulled on my hair and let out a pretty audible moan, she sunk her nails deep into the back of head which hurt a little, but the slight pain turned me on.

I stopped and sat up a little, then reached for the bottom of t-shirt and swiftly pulled it over my head and threw it onto the floor. Stacy eyed me up slightly as I examined her. She was so fucking hot, with the dimly lit room bringing out her body brilliantly. I lent back in for a kiss and we embraced with more intensity this time, as her breasts and nipples pressed against my now bare chest. She stopped getting off with me briefly and I thought she was going to bite my neck and give me another love-bite, but instead, this time she took a nibble on my earlobe. I’d never had anyone do that to me before, but it was almost just as good as having my neck bitten and still to this day, years later, I still use that technique to great success on other girls who have never experienced it.

As we stopped, she reached towards my belt and whispered that she’d help me take my jeans off. She was far more experienced and belt and trouser removing than I was at taking off bras… and with her help, I soon slipped out of my jeans, so that I was just wearing my boxer shorts after I quickly took off my socks. My bulge had gone down slightly, but it was still very obvious through the tight red boxers that I was very erect. Stacy bit her lip at the sight of it and ushered me to move backwards slightly.

“Do you like having your cock sucked?” she enquired, biting her lip once more.

“Ye- yes” I blurted out, flustered. I’d had my cock sucked a few times, but never by anyone who really knew what they were doing.

“Would you like it if I sucked your cock?”

My breathing intensified massively as the blood rushed to my cock and balls. She watched on as she saw me harden, with the hard outline of my circumcised penis unmistakable through the red cotton.

“Yes” I said, almost pleading.

I waited for her to move towards me, but she didn’t. Instead she giggled a little.

“Well…as much as I like giving, if you want me to suck that dick of yours I’m going to have to get something first. I want you to go down on me, maybe if you’re good it will lead to more, we’ll see…”

She laid back down on the bed and opened her legs, ushering me to undo and take off her jean shorts.

“You’ll have to get me out of these first though. Think you can manage?” she said, smiling at how incapable I’d been of taking off her bra earlier. I reached for her flies and pulled on the zip, of course, it wouldn’t budge. I didn’t want to pull on it too hard in-case I broke it completely, but with a slightly harder tug, I did manage to pull it down slightly. This wasn’t quick enough for her liking though, as she sighed, muttered something under her breath and then reached down to help me pull her out of them. I looked down and saw that she was wearing black underwear to match the bra she’d long since taken off, except her knickers had a lace edge to them, with the best part being the translucent, borderline transparent middle that meant I got a real good glimpse of her pussy underneath them.

I’d never given a girl head before, but I’d watched plenty of porn so I had, or at least thought I had a vague idea of what I was doing. I wanted to tease her first, so to begin with a started with light kisses just underneath her belly button, then slowly worked my way down and dotted kisses all over her pelvic bone along the outside of her dark panties. She surveyed me as I did this, judging me almost, trying to keep a stern poker-face. My mouth moved towards her underwear and I pressed my lips against her mesh-covered pussy, slowly and gently applying a little bit more pressure each time I kissed it. Stacy gave nothing away and kept her game-face on. I wasn’t sure if I had my game-face on, but after a minute or so of teasing I decided I’d waited enough time to see her completely naked.

My fingers ran across her thighs and I gripped the side of her knickers, she moved her legs slightly to allow me to carefully remove them before I flinged them aside. I looked at her pussy in all of its glory for the first time – it was silky smooth, almost fully clean shaven if not for the ever so slightest amount of glistening strawberry-blonde pubic hair, but it could only be a day’s worth of hair at best, as I hadn’t noticed them through her underwear. I reached down and for the first time in my life, pressed my lips against a girl’s vagina. I only kissed slightly, deciding Side escort bayan to tease her more and kiss around the newly exposed parts of the surrounding area before I would begin tucking in.

I felt her squirm, ever so slightly, as I pretended to give her a small love-bite on the inside of her thigh. As she squirmed, I let my tongue gently wriggle out of my mouth and lick her lips ever so slightly. I thought I heard a slight moan, as I begin to explore a pussy for the first time, stroking my tongue up and down and in and out of the various caveats to try and find a sweet spot. Stacy begin breathing a bit heavier and I felt her pulse as her heartbeat increased. I got my first taste of pussy juice as my tongue poked and then plunged inside her, she tasted so good that I sucked her into my mouth whilst continuing to lick a different part at the same time. This caused her to gasp and press her hands against the bed, as I heard her whisper “yes…yesss…keep doing that.”

Whilst she was technically still controlling proceedings, it didn’t come off like an order at all. Gone was the voice of the confident feisty older red-head telling me what to do, replaced by a naked girl who had me at her mercy, she now had a tone of fragility in her voice as she quietly pleaded for me to keep eating her pussy. Her wish was my command as I delved deeper inside her, hearing her moan slightly louder as I continued to prod and poke her pussy.

“Fuck. You’re good at this. Have you done this much before?” she asked.

“Not really” I replied, briefly stopping before I began giving her head once more.

“Not bad at all for-ohhhh fuckkkk” she blurted out, as my intensified teasing caught her off guard mid-sentence. I stopped briefly again, lifting my head up to see her face awash with pleasure. I sensed the opportunity to impress her even more, as whilst I had no experience in giving head, I had plenty in fingering. I slowly tickled and rubbed her clit with two of my fingers, before gradually plunging my middle finger into her hot, wet cunt. I slowly pushed it in and out waiting for her moaning and breathing to escalate, but it didn’t. I continued the motion I’d used on a variety of different girls in the past, before she stopped me. She smiled at me, which in hindsight I think was her finding it cute, if not a bit embarrassing how obviously inexperienced I was.

“Keep your middle finger there. Now put your index finger in too… that’s it. Keep them still for a second. Don’t just push in and out, they’re fingers not a cock. Try and do like a tapping motion, but a bit more controlled.”

I felt a little emasculated as the dynamic was switched back to her being in control, but I was receptive and keen to learn. I did what she said and almost immediately she went back to her relaxed state, putting her head back and slightly moaning again as I applied more pressure and explored inside of her.

“Mmm that’s much better. Ohhh yeah… harder…yes… now…now take your fingers out”

I did what she said, awaiting further instructions.

“Now put them into your mouth and suck them, nice and slowly.”

I placed my fingers into mouth and gulped down like I was deep-throating a tangy ice-lolly on a warm summer’s day. I made eye contact with her as I tasted her pussy in my mouth again.

“Mmmm that’s good. Keep sucking. Yes. I bet you’d like me to suck your cock like that wouldn’t you? Well I think you deserve it. Come over here and swap places with me. Your turn.”

As I took my fingers out of my mouth I felt my cock press hard against my tight Ralph Lauren boxers once again. I stared at her beautiful big tits as she moved out of the way so that I could take her place laying with my back on the bed, my head rested against the pillows.

As she hovered around my legs, she looked down at my bulge and smiled.

“Let’s get these off you” she said, before carefully pulling down my boxers as I adjusted my legs slightly to assist her. When they were finally around my feet and off, she looked at my cock which was standing to attention.

“Not bad” she said, examining it.

I got a bit tense as she moved her head down towards my cock, but she bypassed it and went straight for my balls. I’d never had anyone lick, suck or play with my balls before, but I felt a strange tingling sensation of pleasure as she fumbled with one hand and licked and then sucked with another. She came up quickly and guided her tongue from my balls right up the side of cock to my shaft, then I felt another tingling sensation as she licked the tip of my penis.

Stacy looked me dead in the eye as she opened her mouth and slowly engulfed my dick into her mouth, swallowing the head first as her lips and mouth sucked tightly. I moaned as I felt pleasure like I’d never felt before, she continued to sexily suck me off as I felt my cock growing even harder now it was in her wonderfully wet mouth. Her tongue wrapped around me as I reached down Escort side towards her bright ginger hair and slowly ran my fingers through it.

She continued to devour my dick, tickling my balls before tightly squeezing them, which caused me to gasp briefly. I then felt her hand wrap around my moist circumcised cock, and pressing hard she squeezed up and down as her saliva provided the perfect lubrication.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk” I blurted out. It felt so good I thought I was going to cum before I’d even lost my virginity to her. She seemed to notice and released her tight clasp, instead returning her mouth and choosing to slowly suck me off as I carefully ran my fingers through her again. As I felt her speed up again, I massaged her head a little, before pulling on her hair when she suddenly started deep-throating me from out of nowhere. She gargled a little and sucked hard until she choked a little as I let out yet another groan. She looked up at me, and taking my cock out of her mouth, dribbled all of the excess saliva back down onto it.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the door.

“STACY!! STACY IS THAT YOU IN THERE?!” shouted Natalie.

She put her fingers to her lips, indicating for me to keep quiet.

“Yes Nat. Sorry, it is me. I’ve got a bit of a headache, just gonna try and nap it off.” I was impressed with her fake ill voice, she was a real good liar.

“Oh. Oh, it’s just nobody can find James anywhere. I thought maybe you two were…you kno-

“James? Oh what, that younger boy? I think he left like 10 minutes ago. When I came upstairs he was throwing up in the toilet. Couldn’t handle his drink!”

“Oh did he?! Fuck sake! He better have cleaned it up! These younger ones are a nightmare. We found his mate Mikey chucking up in the garden just now too!”

I couldn’t prevent myself from laughing out loud a bit at this. Stacy shot me a death glare and motioned for me to be quiet again.

“Oh dear! Must’ve been all that tequila” Stacy quipped.

“Yeah! Are you sure you’re okay Stace? You don’t need any water or nurofen or anything?”

“No no. I think I’ll be just fine,” just as Stacy said this, she gripped my cock that was still wet from her saliva and started slowly jacking me off. She smiled and again motioned for me to stay quiet.

“Are you sure Stace? You don’t sound well. I could come in and sit with you for a bit if you want?”

“No no Nat. It’s fine, honestly. There’s no need to come-

I let out a pretty loud groan as Stacy unexpectedly began vigorously tugging my cock as she said the word ‘come’. This was the most forceful she’d been with it all night and she held her tight grip as she slid her hand back and forth at breakneck speed. She then manoeuvred herself down and started gently and quietly sucking on my balls.

“Oh fuckkkkkk” I whispered.

“Okay. Okay if you’re sure Stace! I’ll come and check on you in half hour or so!”

Stacy let my balls fall out of her mouth as she replied “That’s sounds good, Nat. Thank you!” before her friend’s footsteps moved away from the bedroom and went down the stairs.

She stopped wanking me off as I was just seconds away from almost certainly cumming into her pasty white hands. “That was close” I said. She smiled. “Just as well she has a lock on her door. Now, I think it’s time that you and I got a little bit more acquainted” she said, with a wink.

Her arm reached out for me and pulled me up, we leant on our knees as we embraced, our naked bodies grinding against each other whilst we made out. I put my arms around and her and with both hands squeezed the bum that I’d been staring at for much of the night, she had soft, yet firm cheeks that felt great in my hands. She pushed me out the way a little and reclaimed her spot, laying herself down on the pillows. I looked down at her as she put her legs out and opened them, as she breathed a little and hungrily looked at my cock.

I looked down at her and knew what she wanted. It was time for me to put my cock inside of her and lose my virginity once and for all. I panicked slightly, as I didn’t have any condoms, did she have some? People always wear condoms when they have sex, right, I thought to myself.

“Err-do you have- do you have-

“A condom?” she replied, laughing a little. “No… you don’t mind though, do you? You trust me, right? Don’t think I’ve got chlamydia or something? God, I’m not that much of a slag!”

“Oh… er no no I trust you” I said, almost relieved. I’d never so much as opened a condom, let alone put one on.

“Good” she smiled, as I leaned in to kiss her again. This kiss was different though. I kissed her softly and slowly, it was much more of a romantic kiss than a sexual kiss. I looked into Stacy’s slightly confused eyes at the sudden change in tone, but she smiled as she watched me slowly put the tip of my penis inside her. I went in steadily, until I felt my cock plunge into her warm, wet pussy. It felt amazing. Like nothing I’d ever thought before. I saw her relax her head against the pillow and close her eyes in pleasure as I pushed myself as far into her as I could go. I looked down at her sexy pale freckly naked body as I came to terms with the fact I was no longer a virgin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32