Team Tina

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Authors note – The events related here go back to the late noughties. My wife Sara and I had moved to Amsterdam with work and soon discovered the delights of so-called “Parenclubs”.

To describe us both; I’m very average – 5’9″ (not very tall in the Netherlands), skinny/wiry depending on if you are feeling kind, and an entirely average seven-inch dick. Sara was, and is, in my opinion, a stunner. She paid her way through university working part-time as what we would today call a ‘plus-size’ model, mostly modelling lingerie and swimwear for catalogues. She’s 5’7″, blonde shoulder-length hair, a pretty, ‘girl-next-door’ face and the body of a 50’s movie star; big tits, big hips; the classic hourglass shape.

This episode started at the end of an evening in a club close to the centre of Amsterdam. We were talking with Rob and Astrid, who were our first and closest friends in the ‘scene’ after meeting them on one of our first visits, almost a year previously. We had just enjoyed an energetic session with them and another two couples, during which Sara had been fucked by all four guys, one after the other. That’s another story though.

After a long night, Sara and I finished showering and headed back to the bar area for a drink and chat with Rob and Astrid. We’d known them for almost a year after hooking up with them at the same club on our first visit. They were a few years older than us; Astrid was typically Dutch, tall and blonde with large breasts (36DD I had glimpsed in one of her bras at some point). Rob was shorter and athletically built, with a shaven head and body. His dick was average size, though Sara and Astrid both raved about what he could do with it.

Rob and I headed to the bar, while Astrid and Sara took a seat in a booth. While our drinks were being poured, I noticed the girls were deep in conversation. “Probably planning something,” Rob laughed.

“God help us!” I replied. We gathered the drinks, took our seats, and spent the rest of the evening talking, before heading to our taxis just before 2 am. On the way home, Sara seemed deep in thought but didn’t want to talk, so I nodded off for the short journey.

The following morning, after a long lie-in, I went out to get milk and bread. When I arrived home, Sara had coffee ready on the table. “Sit down,” she said.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“You know Astrid and I were talking at the end of last night?”


“She asked if we’d like to go to the club on Thursday.”

I recalled seeing posters in the club advertising Thursdays; ‘Mega Gang-Bang Night’ it was billed. It was the only night of the week where they allowed entrance to single men. Every other night was couples only.

“How does it work? Won’t there just be lots of guys and no women?”

“The club pays women to go along and make themselves… Uhm… Available. Astrid and Rob have done it before.”

“Do you want to?”

“I think so. You know I’ve fantasized about this sort of thing… How do you feel?”

“I guess I’m OK if you are. I’ve seen you with plenty of other men in the past.”

“This is a bit different. Most of them had a partner to look after you.”

“Yes. You can handle more men than I can women though, right?”

Sarah smiled “That’s just how women are.”

“You don’t need to remind me. We’d probably better book Friday off work though.”

Over the next few days, we got more details from Tina, who seemed to be the girl who organized things. They would open at nine, though the girls istanbul travesti weren’t expected to start until around ten. Sara would be paid 200 Euros and we’d also get a free pass to use on another night. There would probably be four or five other girls working and they would cover one or two ‘entertainment’ rooms, depending on how busy it was. Most of the girls would also have a male chaperone to ensure the many rules were obeyed. Astrid and Sara were on the phone together for two hours on Tuesday evening, though Sara wouldn’t tell me what they had discussed, “It would ruin the surprise…”

On Thursday afternoon, Sara and I both left work early and met up on the tram on the way home. “I have a job for you,” she announced.

“Go on then, what?” I replied.

“Astrid and I were talking.”

“I know.”

“I’d like to change my look a bit.”

“What do you mean?”

“My pussy. I want you to shave it.”

This was a surprise, as Sara had almost always gone for the full bush look with just a bit of trimming around the edges. “What brought this on?” I asked.

“Astrid dared me. And… You know… I want to be sure everyone gets a good view.” Sara smiled.

When we got home. I made coffee, while Sara showered. I went into our bathroom with the drinks as she was finishing drying off. “Do you want to help?” Sara asked.

“Of course,” I replied.

Sara walked into our bedroom, while I collected my hair clippers, some shaving foam, a razor and a bowl of warm water. Sara had placed a towel on the edge of the bed and was sat on it.

“Be careful,” she said, then lay back, spreading her legs wide. I knelt on the floor and got to work, first removing most of Sara’s pubic hair with the clippers, then moving onto the details with the foam and razor. After about twenty minutes, I was happy with the job; “I think that’s good,” I said.

“About time. What were you doing down there?” Sara joked. “Anyhow, take a picture, let’s have a look.” Sara handed me her phone, and I took a photo. Sara then reached down, touching her bare pussy. “Wow. Feels different.”

“And looks great. Good enough to eat,” I replied, handing over the phone.

Sara laughed, “Maybe later!”

“Not now?”

“No, I think I need to save myself today.”

I showered. As I dried myself and dressed, Sara modelled her clothing options for the night. We agreed on a black bra and thong with a black fishnet body stocking.

We had agreed to meet Rob and Astrid an hour before the club opened for a few steadying drinks at a nearby bar. Astrid was sitting at a table when we arrived, while Rob was at the bar. “The usual?” he asked us both. We nodded and sat down with Astrid. She and Sara started chatting away in Dutch, so I could not pick up much of what was being said. Rob returned with the drinks and sat next to me. “Is this the pep talk?”

“I think so. How often have you guys done this?” I asked.

“This is the eleventh time I think. We have been coming since around the time we first met you,” Rob replied.

We arrived at the club shortly before nine. Henk saw us arrive and unlocked the door. “Come in ladies. You know where the bar is, go and grab a drink.” Rob and I followed, but we were obviously not the top priority. Sara and Astrid went to the changing room, while Rob and I headed to the bar and got beers for ourselves and G we agreed on three or four, then we’ll see how she feels,” Astrid said, putting her hand on my shoulder. Marieke will be here to take istanbul travestileri over soon.”

“And then?”

“I’ll come back in thirty minutes or so and we’ll carry on like that.”

“What if Sara has had enough?”

“Marieke and I can handle it.”

“Are you sure? There must be twenty guys here.”

“A lot of them are regulars; they all want to fuck the new girl. Once she’s done, they will spread out a bit more.”

“How many guys would you normally have?”

“Depends. There are usually about 40 men and four or five girls. I was here once with just two of us though.”

“Wasn’t that… tough?”

“Not really, the other girl must have fucked thirty guys that night,” Astrid smiled at the memory.

“Wow. That’s going some.”

“That’s Tina. She’s here almost every week. Her partner doesn’t know. He thinks she works behind the bar at a regular club.”

All the time, I had my eyes on Sara, who had her eyes shut and was continuing to give directions in a breathless voice. She must have heard Astrid and I talking, as she looked over and smiled. The guy fucking her was going harder, and soon he drove himself to a shuddering climax. He climbed off the bed to be replaced by number three, a man perhaps in his 50’s with greying hair and a paunch. “Not Sara’s usual type,” I whispered.

“He’s a regular. He’s quite gentle and very quick usually.”

“How does Sara know that?”

“Rob’s helping her. He knows quite a few of these guys. We don’t want Sara stuck with someone who’s going to take ages about it.”

Astrid was right about number three; after a few minutes of slow pumping, he made a couple of deeper strokes and groaned. Meanwhile, number four, a younger guy, skinny, with a long slim cock, was ready and eagerly took his place. He was maybe a bit too eager as he came within seconds. “We get a lot of that early on, especially with younger guys,” Astrid said. “He’ll probably recover enough for another go later though.”

Sara had a short conversation with Rob, then reclined and began to masturbate. She quickly brought herself to a shuddering orgasm and lay back to recover.

Marieke entered the room, and moved to the bed with a tall, muscular man I guessed was her partner. “Time for me to have some fun now!” She said, removing her thong and swapping places with Sara on the bed. Sara picked up her clothes and walked over, handing them to me. Now she was closer, I could see her chest flushed red. “Let’s get you a drink,” I offered. We turned and left just as the first of Marieke’s men began to fuck her.

Astrid and Rob headed to the bar to get some drinks, while we went to the showers. Sara quickly showered and dried herself. She took the bodystocking off me and pulled it over her head, “No point in hiding anything now, is there?” I put the bra and pants into my locker and we went back to the bar. Astrid and Rob were standing with a pretty girl, nude, short, and petite with very long blonde hair. Astrid introduced us; “Sara, Mark, this is Tina.”

Sara and I exchanged greetings with Tina, “Astrid has told me all about you both. Welcome.”

“Thanks,” Sara replied.

“So, how did it go?”

“Oh, no problem. It was good, most of the guys didn’t last very long though.”

Tina laughed, “Wait ’till later. The ones that manage a second time will go a lot longer.”

“Unless Tina gets her hands on them!” Astrid grinned.

Tina smiled sweetly “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Oh, come on. You travesti istanbul know nobody lasts very long with you.”

“Unless I want them to!” Tina smiled. “Anyhow, I need to go and check on Carolina. I’ll see you all later.”

Rob handed over a beer for me and a large glass of water for Sara. “Why don’t you two sit down? We’ll join you in a minute,” he said. Sara and I walked over to an empty table and sat down next to each other.

“So, really, how was it?” I asked.

“Good. I enjoyed it. What about you?”

“It was a bit strange watching you and doing nothing myself I guess. You looked fantastic.”

“You don’t need to stay with me next time.”

“Do you not want me to?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, I was just aware you were watching the whole time. I think I could let myself go more if you weren’t there… It’s your choice though. You could always go and fuck Tina; Astrid says she is amazing.”

Astrid and Rob joined us at the table. “So, are you going to have another go?” Astrid asked Sara.

“Sure. I’m not letting you have all the fun,” Sara smiled.

“Great. I’m going to go and take over from Mareike at eleven, so you can come at half-past. If you change your mind, just let Marieke know OK?”


We chatted and drank. Just before eleven, Astrid and Rob left to take over from Marieke. Sara and I continued talking. Aware of the attention she was getting from men in the bar, Sara sat with her knees apart and her pelvis pushed forward on the seat.

We were both keeping a close eye on the clock. Just before half eleven, Sara stood up, “Come on, time to go to work,”

“I thought you didn’t want me to watch?”

“You can walk me to the door. It’ll be just like when we were first dating.” Sara smiled.

“Who said romance is dead?”

We returned to the red room and entered to see Astrid on all fours. A tall blond guy was taking her from behind, while Rob knelt in front of her, his cock in Astrid’s mouth. Sara and I watched, holding hands as the blond fucked Astrid with short, rapid thrusts.

Sara and I walked to the bed as the blond guy came noisily. “Hey,” Sara said.

Rob looked up, “You ready?”

Sarah nodded and sat on the bed, “Yup. You look like you are ready for some action.”

Rob looked at me. “Go ahead. Take care of her,” I said.

Astrid leant over to Sara, they exchanged a few words, then Astrid climbed off the bed and picked up her underwear. “Let’s go,” she said softly.

I paused at the door and looked back. Sara was kneeling in the same position Astrid had been in, with Rob guiding his cock into her pussy. I turned and followed Astrid to the shower.

Astrid showered and put her bra and pants back on, then we returned to the bar.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Great. You know how time flies when you are having fun. It was like I was barely in there any time.”

“How many?”

“Five, four of them were quick though. The last guy was good.”

We ordered drinks. When they arrived, we went to the same table as earlier and sat down. “If it’s not a rude question, why do you do this?” I asked.

“The quick answer or the long one?”

“Either I guess.”

“Well, the short version is I like sex. A lot. So does Rob, though sometimes I want more than he can deliver. And… It’s liberating sometimes to not have any emotional ties or stuff… I could ask why you are doing this?”

“I guess I’m in the same boat as Rob, I can’t keep up with Sara,” I smiled.

“Not that part. Every man is the same.”

“I’ve not thought about it too deeply. Every time I see Sara with another guy it gives me a thrill… Just knowing she’s in there fucking somebody now does as well… Have you ever had Rob leave the room?”

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