The Sway

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Group Sex

I watched her walk in front of me; we pass by the old bowling green as we head down Main Street, past all the parked cars. We glanced at the old men shouting abuse at each other’s failed attempted to get closest to that little white ball.

She struts along slightly in front of me, watching, always watching, out the corner of her eye to see who may be watching her…

We all watch, she watches everyone else, I watch her as her steps start to slow, I know her moves.. Immediately I look around, as her steps start to slow further. I know she’s not waiting for me to catch up to her, even if that is what she wants me to believe..

I look right.. No not them, I peer around her, past her along the street further.. Nope they’re still to far away…. Ahhh there they are, off to the left.. Three men sitting on the porch across the road…

Her steps start to smooth out just slightly as her ass begins to sway.. She grows a few inches in height as she regally shows her assets, she adjusts her top by pulling it down all the way to her bra line.. That ample cleavage strains against the restrictions waiting to burst free…

I know the moves.. I wait for her to tilt her head as if she doesn’t know their looking… I laugh as she turns slightly in my direction. Peering over the top of her dark sunglasses.. Those perfectly plucked eyebrows raised in a falsely pleased expression. Damn she should have been on stage.. She plays the coy innocent little slut so well….

The sunglasses go up and rest on her flaming hair.. Ahhh here we go.. I await the 100-watt smile that she will turn in my direction, the sway and then the quick turn as if she has forgotten to tell me something. And there it is… that smile… the smile that could seduce a man across a room, or in this case across a street…

Ever patiently I await the wolf istanbul escort whistle that will accompany the smile.. She reaches for my arm as I draw nearer her, she turns at the last second dragging her breasts across my chest.. Ohhh the fucking little slut has no idea that I know what she is up to..

The whistle interrupts my train of thought and arms linked together we start to walk at a snails pace down the street. Then she turns her head slightly at the last minute as if she is talking to me and looks past me at the men who are clearly enjoying the show.. She chuckles girlishly and lowers her head in sweet submission.. Ahhh the slut she plays them well, these men…

I shake my head as seconds later she is skipping ahead of me in search of the next group of men to tease.. I watch it all again.. The casual look, the extension in height.. The breast push … the sway… oh god the sway.. Her ass is fine.. So very fine and when she walks that way.. If I’m standing closer enough to her I can smell her cunt juice, it gets in my nose and fills my head and turns me inside out.. The way she turns me on so quickly it’s a little unnerving even to me; she has me for sure by the literal balls..

I lean against the post and drag out a smoke I light it while shading the flame with a hand, I watch her over the rim of my glasses and imagine what it is I truly want to give that teasing bitch …

Yeah… I can see me bending her over the counter in our kitchen, pushing those tits of hers down hard onto the counter after I’ve ripped her shirt opened, fuck I hope the stainless steel burns her nipples cold… I’ll hold her down with the flat of my palm close to the roots of her hair so she can’t move a damn muscle.. I’d kick those long legs of hers apart and lift her skirt up over her waist and tease that dripping wet cunt of escort bayan hers with a stroke of my finger from ass hole to clit, all the more made easer by her lack of underwear…

I’ll rudely wipe her Mickey Juice all over her pale white ass over and over again.. Letting her know, that I know, how turned on she really is by my impersonal touch..

I’ll delve my fingers into her cunt and listen to her cry out.. Then I’d pull them out again and shove them back in further then before adding one more finger for good measure as my frustration grows with her…

She’ll wiggle that cute ass of hers around and want more.. Ohhh I’ll give the fuck slut more alright.. More than she’s had before as my fingers start to widen inside her.

I’ll hear her call out to me for more and a forth finger will slide into her.. I know my hand will be drenched in her special liquid, she’s a wet bitch when she gets all horny and I know by the time she cums she’ll be dripping on the floor..

Damn she’s close to it now as my fingers play and turn and stretch inside her. I twist and I turn I push in deeper hurting her but knowing she loves the pain.. I start to slip my thumb in there as well and before I know it she has sucked my hand deep into her cunt and she’s clamping down on it.

I can’t move my hand much cause she is so tight around me.. In and out I punch and twist at her waiting for her to contract around me.. Ahhh there it is the first twitch as her screams of pleasure start to grow frenzied and the demanding wench wants more..

I give her more I give her everything I can with all the strength in my arm and throwing my body onto her back as she loves it that way.. I grind myself into her as my wrist and forearm starts to disappear up her cunt.. I feel her juice letting down on my arm seconds before she almost breaks Kartal escort my wrist with the force of her orgasm..

I’ll lay my head against her back and wipe the sweat from my brow on her shirt.. I’ll lean in and breath in her ear to calm her to get her to begin breathing at my pace so she can relax enough and I can pull my hand slowly from her still convulsing cunt…

I will hear her soft pain filled moan as I slip from her.. I will hear the squish as her juice slips free of her body on my withdrawal.. I will hear the splash as her cum as it hit’s the floor.. Smell her in the air, in the house, in the room, with us for the next day.. Ahhh it is the perfect reminder of a great afternoon..

I’m pulled from my musings as I hear the wolf whistle I take a last drag on my smoke and throw it to the ground.. Grinding it in with the flat of my boot as I push myself off of the post and walk towards her.. She’s flashing that smile at me and my lust grows hotter Ohhh yes a fine afternoon is going to be had here….

As I get closer to her I ask her, “When are the boys back from fishing?”

She arches those perfectly plucked brows at me and says, “Not for a few more hours”

I smile my own smile that says absolutely nothing and brush my own ample breasts into hers, stilling there for a moment before walking off.. Swaying my ass as I think of what she is going to get.. I work that ass hard the way I know she loves to watch.. The long full stride the look over the shoulder as she stands there momentarily dumbstruck…

“What have you got in mind love?”, she calls to me from the distance between us..

I half turn and tilt my head, I look over my sunglasses at her.. Then push them back up high onto my head, pushing my own long hair back.. I arch my own plucked brow..

With a hand rested on my hip I smile lavishly at her and turn my back and walk away from her..

The last thing I hear as I turn the corner is her yelling out “Hey your doing the sway!”

As her healed boots begin to chase after me … I think Oh yeah a fine afternoon is to be had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32