Female For A Day?

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I have always been obsessed with boobs. I like them all but especially big ones. I stare at them in the grocery store and of course have an extensive collection of pics from the internet. Lately, I have even been thinking about what it would be like to have a big set myself. I’m a guy don’t get me wrong, but I am fascinated by what it would feel like to have a large set of breasts.

The internet is a great source of information as we all know. I found sites for cross dressers easily. I figured this would be the best place to start. I measured myself for a bra and found out I wore a 38A. I ordered a C cup though because I also ordered some breast forms that would fill that size out. When the stuff arrived I was amazed at how real the breast forms felt. I hurried and put the bra on then slid the forms in place. They had some weight to them and filled up the C cup bra I had on. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see what having a set of tits would look like on myself.

I walked around the house in the bra with the forms in place. They felt nice, but I could tell they weren’t real. They didn’t move like they were part of me. I searched the internet again to see how I would go about getting a real set of tits for myself. The options were varied. Implant surgery, which I wasn’t interested in. Hormone therapy, which would allow me to grow my own set but effects would be permanent and it could effect my male sex drive. The options that seemed to be the ones for me were saline infusion and pumping.

I read up on how to do this and ordered some supplies. I started with the pumping and was able to get some nice swelling. I continued to pump while I worked up the courage to infuse saline into my breasts. After about 6 weeks of pumping I decided to try the saline. I had to keep things very sterile and inserted a catheter needle into each of my breasts. After pulling the needle out a small tube remained in each breast so the saline could be delivered. I had 2 500 ml bags of saline set up, but I didn’t know how much I could get in. I connected the lines and started the flow. It burned like hell at first. Over a few hours I was able to get about 400ml in each breast. I decided to stop and disconnected everything. My breasts were very firm and to me looked huge. I put the 38C bra on, the one I had used with the forms. I was surprised to see I filled it. This was great. I spent the rest of the day with the bra on feeling the weight of my temporary new breasts. The next day they were much softer, more like real female breasts and I knew what I had to do.

The effects of the saline would last a couple of days I discovered. I planned to try an experiment on an upcoming weekend. I made my preparations and on Friday night I infused 500ml in each breast. I was so excited I jerked off twice that night in anticipation of the next day. Saturday came and during the afternoon I started to get ready. My breasts were much softer now and still big. I laid out on my bed some clothes I was going to wear that night. They were a woman’s clothes.

I am a 24 yr old male. In high school I was a runner and lately I have been doing some triathlons. I am about 5’9″ with a slim runners build. Since I swim, I have shaved off all my body hair. I took a shower and loved the feel of my breasts as I soaped them up. After drying off I started to get dressed. I slipped on a pair of black lace panties tucking my 7″ cock along with my sack up underneath. I picked up the matching black lace push-up bra. It was a 38C but when I put it on my tit flesh was spilling out over the top of it some. I had bought a nice sundress that I thought would be sexy but not overly so. I wasn’t sure what size to by but when I put it on it was close. It actually was a little tight across my enhanced chest. I went into the bathroom and applied some conservative makeup and put a long blond wig on. I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see a good looking female.

I decided a safe place to go out like this was to a mall. The shoes I was wearing only had a slight heel so I could manage them. As I window shopped I would catch guys reflections looking at me. A couple of times I saw a couple of wives or girlfriends punch them when they stared too long. I bought some women’s things and in one store there was a young guy behind the counter and when I paid I made a point of leaning over and caught him staring down the front of my dress. I looked up at him and smiled and he gulped and smiled back. I hadn’t really said anything to anyone because I wasn’t sure how my voice would sound. After a couple of hours I had gained some confidence and walked back to my car. The heels made my butt swing and I knew I got looks. When I got back home I laughed at how easy that had been. I got undressed and lay on my bed thinking about the looks I got and I knew I had to do it again.

A couple of weeks later I was back at the mall but this time as my male self and also was with a buddy of mine. We were sitting in the food court looking at girls. I of course was looking at their breasts and Kartal Öğrenci Escort was thinking out loud when I said, “Man, don’t you wish you could see what it would be like to have a set of tits like that one.”

My friend Bill said, “Dude, are you serious? You would like to see what having big breasts would be like?”

I kind of sat up and said, “Sure, why not. I mean not permanently but just to see what it would be like.”

I hadn’t told him of my little excursion in women’s clothing to the mall.

Bill was silent for a moment then waved me closer to whisper something. He said, “I might be able to help you out with that.”

Now Bill worked for a pharmaceutical company in their research dept. I bent down and said, “Really? How?”

He explained to me that his department had been working on a new drug that would someday replace the need for a woman to get breast implants. It would naturally make their breasts grow. Depending on the dose they could gain from 1 to 4 cups sizes. It was still in the very early trial stage. They had only given it to a couple of female volunteers. The results were encouraging. Their breasts had doubled in size overnight. Unfortunately the effects didn’t last.

“Wow,” I said, “Do you think you could get me some of this stuff?”

Bill said, “Well, we haven’t tried it on a guy of course, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It will be risky, but I will try to sneak some out of the lab.”

I thought to my self, how great would that be. Real temporary breasts without the hassle of saline. For the next couple of weeks I couldn’t stand it. Finally Bill came through and dropped off the drug. He gave me a vial and a few syringes. I would have to inject myself. He gave me the recommended amounts to achieve desired cup size. It took about 6 hrs for the drug to do it’s thing he said. He told me to call him if there were any problems.

I waited until about 1pm on Saturday to do it. I went into the bathroom after getting naked. I took a shower and wiped my hip down with alcohol. I drew enough of the drug into a syringe to give me a nice set of full C breasts. I closed my eyes for a moment then jabbed the needle into my hip. Slowly I pushed the contents of the syringe into my muscle. I pulled the needle out and decided to lay down and let the drug do it’s thing. Something in it must be making me sleepy because I drifted off.

I woke up to some cramping in my stomach. I was also having some shooting pains in the muscles of my arms and legs. I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep. I opened my eyes and saw a nice pair of breasts on my chest. I was just about to feel them when another cramp hit. I doubled over on the bed with the pain. Something was happening inside me. It felt like someone had kicked me in the balls. I stood up from the bed on shaky legs. I reached down to my balls to massage them. All of a sudden I felt something pulling on the left one and I don’t mean down I mean up. It was pulling hard now and my ball was rising up and with a pop disappeared into my body cavity. All I could do is stare as my left one soon joined it. Where they were going up inside I didn’t know. My cock stared to draw itself up and now I was getting scared. I sat back down on the bed as it disappeared all except the very tip of it. What was left was poking out a little from what looked like lips. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My genitals had been turned outside in and I now had a perfectly formed female set.

I reached up to my breasts which still seemed to be growing. I looked at the clock and saw it had been about 5 hrs since I had injected the drug. I lay back on the bed and hugged myself as cramps continued and pain racked my body. It seemed to be reforming itself. After an hour, things settled down and I started to feel better. Weakly I got up and unsteadily went to the bathroom. What I saw in the mirror nearly caused me to pass out. I didn’t recognized the woman staring back at me. I looked closer and saw some slightly recognizable features of my old male self, but the person in the mirror was definitely female. I had long hair, and my facial features in no way look male. I stood back and looked at my naked body. My waist was much slimmer and my hips were wider. I turned to look at my ass and was rewarded with seeing a shapely rounded one that most girls only hoped for. I turned back to see my breasts. They were full and heavy. My areolas were large and puffy and my nipples were hard and sticking out. They had to be bigger then a C cup. I looked down to between my legs and where my cock and balls had been was now a set of pouty pussy lips. I reached down and spread them and found the unmistakeable opening to my vagina. Above it I found my clit and as I stroked it a little I found I was actually getting wet. I stopped and looked over the rest. I looked slimmer and shapelier. I got on the scales and found I weighed less too. I was already pretty thin but now things were in different places.

I sat on my bed and took all of this in. To all outward Kartal Çıtır Escort and apparently inward appearances I was a 24 yr old woman. I had taken a drug that was just supposed to make my breasts grow temporarily but it had done so much more. I decided I might as well take advantage of my present state. I had bought some women’s clothing at the mall and decided to get dressed. I slipped on a tight fitting pair of women’s jeans. They fit my new ass like a glove. Of course I was wearing a lace thong underneath. I tried on every bra I owed but none of them fit. I had to be sporting a D cup or possibly DD breasts. I decided on a tanks top that hugged my new curves. I did my hair and makeup and I must say I was pretty hot.

The first place I went was Bill’s. I knocked on his door and when he answered he looked me up and down and asked if he could help me. I smiled at him and said, “Bill, don’t you recognize me?”

He stared at me and said, “No, I am sure if I had met someone that looks like you I would have remembered.”

I smiled at him and said in a sweet female voice, “It’s me John, your buddy who you gave that experimental drug to.”

His jaw hit the floor and he looked around and pulled me inside and closed the door. He looked me up and down and said, “Oh my God, so this is what happens if a guy uses it. What happened?”

I told him about how I reacted to the drug. I explained all the changes my body went through and there was something I needed to know.

“Bill,” I said, “These changes are temporary right? I mean when it wears off I will change back into a guy?”

He said he thought so. All of the women they had tried it on had only temporary breast growth. Either the next day or the day after the went back to the way they were. This was great news and made me feel much better. I let him look me over and I could have sworn I noticed a bulge appear in his pants. I smiled at that and said I need to go since I had plans. As I left I saw him rub his crotch. If I was going to have that affect on men this would be an interesting night.

I decided to go to a local club that had a dance floor and a bar. As I walked in I felt most of the male eyes on me. I went to the bar and ordered a drink but when the bartender brought it he said it was paid for. I smiled and knew this was going to be a great night. Something about the drug was making me think like a girl and have female desires. My big breasts were straining at my thin tank top and I could tell my nipples were at full attention. Halfway through my drink a cute guy asked me to dance. I accepted and once on the dance floor my new female self took over and I moved just like a girl and rubbed my ass right up against his crotch. He had his hands on my hips as we ground into each other during the song. When it was over he asked me my name and I said it was Johanna. He wanted to buy me a drink and I said OK.

He was very cute and I could tell he was a little nervous. He kept stealing looks at my tits which I thought was cute. He was built really well and I actually found myself wondering about the size of his cock. Was I really doing this? It was almost like an out of body experience. I knew I was a guy, but for right now I couldn’t help myself. I was a female. As we talked I rested my hand on his thigh and I felt him shudder. We danced some more and as the night wore on we drank more until we were both drunk and just staring into each others eyes. He asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. I thought a minute and said yes as long as I could follow him. I wouldn’t stay the night in case the drugs wore off.

We somehow made it back to his apartment. We barely got inside the door before we were ripping each others clothes off. I can’t explain what I was feeling. All I knew was I had to have his cock inside me. I heard him catch his breath when he took my top off. He went for my breasts with gusto. Licking and sucking them. My nipples got huge and it felt sooooo good. I squeezed out of my jeans as he took his off. All I had on was my thong when I pulled his boxers down. I was rewarded with seeing his big cock at full attention. It was about 8″ long with a big head. His balls hung down low in a big sack. It was so surreal as I reached out to stroke it. He led me to his bedroom and we climbed on the bed. As I laid back he slowly removed my thong. I opened my legs and he started to kiss my pussy and spread my lips. I guess it passed the test because he acted like this was a pussy he wanted very much. He licked me up and down and it was driving me nuts. Finally he found my clit and as he sucked on it I had my first female orgasm. I spasmed on the bed for a minute losing all control. Man this was so different then what a guy feels but oh so good.

He moved up over me not being able to wait any longer. He propped himself up on one hand as he used the other to guide his cock to my entrance. I had no idea if I was tight or loose or what it would feel like. His cockhead touched the entrance to my new pussy and it was going to Kartal Elit Escort happen. He pushed forward and even though I was very wet it was difficult to get it in. He pushed some more and slowly his glans entered me. It felt like I was being stretched and would tear. Once the head was in he pushed some more and he went in further opening me up. He had about half his cock in me when he started to stroke. With each pass it got easier. My new pussy was molding to his size. Soon he was all the way in at the end of my canal. He began fucking me and I was in heaven. We were both sweating and he was playing with my big tits. Having a lot to drink he was lasting a long time.

I was having small orgasms as he fucked me. This was some much different then what a guy feels. I felt him start to speed up. I knew what was coming. He was. He was a tight fit in me so I could feel his cock swell some and I knew he was close. He raised up and grabbed me by the hips and plowed my pussy. My big tits were undulating so bad I had to grab them. I heard him cry out and then felt it. I felt the sperm travel up his shaft and explode into my depths. I was hot and he kept shooting. He must have unloaded a quart in me. It sent me over the edge and I came hard spasming on his cock. Finally he was done and he collapsed on top of me.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I had fucked another guy. Of course being changed into a female by an experimental drug made that possible. We lay there together for awhile and he finally rolled off me. When he did his cock came out of me with a little pop. I waited until he was asleep and snoring to make my exit. I slipped out of bed and found my clothes. Getting semi dressed I left him sound asleep and made it down to my car. I was wiped out when I got home and took a quick shower before climbing into bed. I had not given that guy my address or phone number so I was sure he couldn’t find me. That was a great one night stand but I was ready to get back to my old self. I fell asleep wondering what changing back would feel like.

I woke up and stretched looking at the clock. It was almost noon on Sunday. I was hungover some but thought back to last nights adventure. I rolled out of bed to go take a piss. When I reached down for my cock it wasn’t there. I looked in the mirror and I was still the same hot chick from last night. As I sat on the commode and peed I thought back to what Bill said. It might take a day or two to change back. I took a shower and decided to just relax today and see what happened. The day went by like normal. I went out to shop and got admiring looks. How do women get used to that? Finally evening came and I went to bed early because I had to work on Monday. I fully expected the change to happen tonight.

I woke up to my alarm and got up to get ready for work. When I got out of bed I sat right back down. I was still a girl. Nothing had changed overnight. There was no way I could go to work like this. I called Bill and told him to get his ass right over here. When he arrived I was in tears.

“Look at me”, I said, “How can I face people I know like this. I thought you said I would change back after a couple of days.”

Bill sat there thinking and said, “Look, I am not sure what happened. Maybe on a guy it takes longer to change back. I know a doctor that could run some tests. He would be discrete and he is familiar with the drugs we are making.”

I agreed to let this doctor examine me and I called in sick to work, Bill drove me to the doctors office and I went into an examining room. The doctor was a nice older man and reassured me everything would be fine. I was put through a lot of tests. Blood work was done and I peed in a cup. He did an ultrasound on me and poked and prodded all my parts. I finally was able to get dressed and Bill and I went into the doctors office.

He came in with a folder and sat down to give us his assessment. He had a very concerned look on his face. After looking at all his charts and notes one more time he closed the folder and looked up at us.

He said, “I have figured out why you haven’t changed back into your male body. It seems the since this drug was designed for female genetics it had a different effect on you. It was made to increase female bust size but on you it altered your genes and caused your testicles to become ovaries and you scrotum to become a vagina. Your breast’s increased in size like they were supposed too but the rest of your body adapted to the need to be a genetic female. In fact as soon as your new ovaries formed you ovulated.”

I sat there dumbfounded with what he was telling me. I was ovulating when I had sex with that guy last night.

He continued with his explanation, “It seems that you would have been able to change back if one thing had not happened.”

I managed to ask, “What would that be doctor?”

He sighed and said, “Well there is no doubt you had sex last night. Sex with a very potent male. The reason your body is not changing back is because you are pregnant. The new female genes are not letting it happen. Not only did your new ovaries produce an egg, but you have a fully functional uterus and that fertilized egg is implanted in there. In about 9 months you will give birth. Maybe after that your body will switch back, but I doubt it. I think this is permanent.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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