Chasing Hannah Ch. 04

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Thank you all for the continued positive feedback and interest. There have been a number of requests to see certain scenes or characters involved with Hannah. Rest assured, if I have introduced a character then I intend to do something with them somewhere down the line. With that said, I do aim to keep the plot as realistic as you could expect from an erotic story so requests for giant cumshots or using cum for milk probably won’t happen. Never been a fan of cream in my coffee!


July 6 – 4:30pm

The local gym was Hannah’s favourite getaway from reality outside of her weekday evening runs and was a place she visited almost every weekend. It wasn’t a large gym by any means, a privately owned business that had three rooms, each one dedicated to either cardio, strength or yoga. Despite not being a large building, there was still a good amount of choice when it came to equipment. Some days she would spend hours running, cycling and rowing. Others, she’d alternate between weights and yoga, building her body and keeping it as tight and pliable as possible. Today was definitely a cardio day though and Hannah had been at it for the past 2 hours. After a 30 minute run, she went for a long cycle and then decided to work her arms as well, settling down in the rowing machines and pumping out a good few kilometres before taking a break.

Now, she was back on the treadmills and hitting a fairly steep incline as she ran, pushing her legs as hard as she could. Her body was a dripping mess of sweat and matted hair, plastered to her forehead and cheeks as she ran, which were bright red from her exertion. Her calves rippled with power as she surged up the incline at a fairly impressive pace. Her chest bounced slightly, held fairly firm by her sports bra and the black tank top she wore had so many sweat patches that you couldn’t tell that she had been wearing a clean top unless you’d watched from the moment she started. She created more the further she ran, pulling the hem of her top up and swiping her face as she surged forth. Every time she wiped, her impressive abdomen was on perfect display. Each of her steely abdominals protruded from her stomach, glistening under the salty fluids that coated her skin. Her obliques framed them, equally soaked and shimmering under the lights of the room.

She grabbed her water bottle from the holder on the treadmill and squirted some cool refreshment in to her mouth as she ran before replacing it. She had every intention of keeping up her run until the gym closed and she was whisked out by the owner. The longer she got to stay away from Cassie’s probing and teasing, the better of she’d be. Coming home from work last night beaming was probably the worst thing she could have done because as soon as the vixen saw her expression, she pounced with the questions. She milked every detail out of Hannah about her meeting-turned-sexcapade with Claudia and with more than a hint of jealousy, laid the flirting and jokes on thick. The poor girl had been pining after Hannah’s package for the past few years and the thought of someone else having gotten to it first was by no means a pleasant one. Nonetheless, she masked her envy behind a veil of sexual humour and teasing until she was cackling like a schoolgirl.

Hannah shook her head slightly and continued to run. It was only about 15 minutes until closing time and so she decided to even out the slope and speed up her pace for the last leg of the day. She fiddled with the buttons on the treadmill and it whirred as it brought the running surface down flat and sped up slightly. Her feet pounded loudly on the rubber as she ran. Thankfully for her, she was the only one left in the entire place so she didn’t have to worry about her footfalls being too loud. Besides, who’d be able to hear them clearly over the volume of the energy charged Drum and Bass playing through the gym’s sound system? At least that was her line of reasoning and she didn’t have anyone there to debate it with. Or so she thought.

No sooner had she started the final leg of her run that she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see the owner jumping up on the treadmill next to her. The two exchanged a smile and the machine whirred up.

“Well well, I should have known I wouldn’t get to run in peace. You have a habit of sticking around until closing time, don’t you Hannah?”

“What can I say…? When I’m here… I feel like I’m in my comfort zone. Besides… you never seem to complain about… having a customer, Misha.”

Misha simply laughed and started up her run alongside Hannah, bringing her machine up to a similar pace. Hannah didn’t know exactly where Misha’s parents were born but she assumed it had to be either India or Sri Lanka based on her dark, sun-scorched skin. It didn’t help her guessing that she didn’t seem to have any noticeable accent either. She sounded as local as someone whose great-great-grandfather had founded the town in the first place. But all that Kartal escort bayan aside, it definitely showed that she was the owner of the place. Her body, while not very built was incredibly toned. Unlike Hannah, she tended to avoid using weights too often, finding more enjoyment in fitness and yoga. She had a very meek chest, sitting at a B-cup which seemed to fit more with her small stature that barely reached Hannah’s chin.

Her short, side-swept hair wavered and flicked about as she ran, dark as night. Her stride was much shorter than Hannah’s thanks to her shorter legs and so her body marched much more quickly. The two ran in silence for a good 10 minutes, which was more than enough time for Misha to build up a decent sweat of her own, though she still had nothing on the litres of fluid that Hannah had lost. Satisfied with her run, she turned the machine off and stepped down. She took her towel and proceeded to wipe away the sweat over her body, dabbing off her face and running the towel over her neck and arms. When she bent down to dry off her legs, Hannah couldn’t help but take a peek. Misha’s rear was framed beautifully by her tight lycra running shorts and it stuck out directly in Hannah’s direction. She continued to stare right up until Misha stood upright, righting her gaze just as she turned around.

Misha walk around behind Hannah’s machine and watched her run for a moment. “Come on, missy. I’m about to shut up shop. Want to come help me lock everything off?”

“Sure… I guess.”

Hannah brought her machine down to a walking pace and gave herself a minute to catch her breath, taking another gulp of her water before powering the treadmill off and stepping down. Following behind Misha, she flicked off the lights as she exited the room. The dark-skinned beauty threw her a set of keys and she locked the fitness room door before throwing the keys right back. She walked in to the locker rooms and took her bag out of a locker at the far end of the room before sitting down on the benches. The room was hot and smelt of a mix of sweat and deodorant. Hannah’s own body was definitely adding to the smell, beads of sweat dripping on to the tiled floor and her thighs most definitely leaving a film over the bench. She pulled a towel from her bag and began wiping her chest and arms down. She dabbed at her face and then wiped her legs, running the towel over them slowly and feeling how rigid her calves and thighs felt. Soon enough, Misha entered the room and made her way over to the young brunette and sat by her side.

“You are probably the only person I know who decides that they just want to sit in a smelly, disgusting locker room. Anyone else would have grabbed their things and left by now.” Misha jibed, poking Hannah’s arm as she did.

“Yeah well, I’m probably also the only person you know who spends 3 hours on the machines.” Hannah gave a bit of a smirk as she shot back, eliciting a wide smile from Misha.

“Too true, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as durable as you come in here. The few meatheads we get here are all show and no substance. You though, you’re something altogether different, Hannah.” Misha made a point of giving Hannah a once over as she laid on the praise.

Hannah laughed lightly, “I know, I know. I’m not human. I’m a cyborg or a robot or something.”

“Not exactly what I meant. Sure, you could probably hit Olympic pace for long distance running but that’s not all I’m talking about here.”

“Oh? What else is on your mind then?” Hannah’s expression became almost quizzical.

“Well aside from your incredible stamina, there’s also the fact that you turn down the attentions of every guy that walks in here. There must have been at least half a dozen guys this year that I’ve seen talking to you and you just seem so disinterested.” Misha sat back as she mused on Hannah’s commonly observed dismissals.

“I don’t like being interrupted is all… I’m here to sweat, not sweet talk.”

“That sounds fair, I can understand that. But on the other hand, there’s also this…” Misha’s hand reached out into Hannah’s lap and pressed down firmly.

Hannah’s eyes went wide and she froze up completely. She sat in silence for a moment then looked down between her legs, seeing Misha’s hand atop her crotch. She turned towards the darker woman with a look of both anger and fear, conflicted in her emotions. “Wh-what are you…?”

“You think you can come in here week after week, spending hours on end showing off that killer body of yours and not once let a thing like this slip? I’ll give you credit, in all the time you’ve been coming here I’ve only spied it a couple of times but the cat is out of the bag, Hannah.”

Hannah sat staring at Misha, part of her wanting to run but she knew that wouldn’t do her any good. “I guess there’s no hiding it then. Yes, I’m a hermaphrodite. And that right there is part of the reason I push myself so hard all the time. I thought coming to a small Escort Kartal gym would mean I wouldn’t be found out. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to have to find another place to exercise on weekends…”

Misha’s expression softened considerably, “Of course not… I pieced it together myself a while back and I’ve never said a word to anyone. Now that I know for sure, I give you my word that it’s going to stay between you and me. So you better keep on turning up each week or I’m gonna feel bad about coming on so strong.”

Hannah let out a sigh of relief and her body began to relax. “Thanks, Misha. If you promise to keep it a secret then I promise I’ll keep turning up here every weekend. But uhh, I can’t help noticing that your hand is still there…”

Indeed, Misha’s hand was still sitting firmly on Hannah’s crotch, the small bump of her adrenaline shrivelled penis against her palm. “You’re right, it is. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to let go just yet.”

“So you’re going to try and undo everything that I spent the last 3 hours working to accomplish?”

With a grin, Misha gave a little squeeze. “That sounds like an awful lot of fun to me. You still got enough energy in that stunning frame of yours for another workout?”

Hannah answered by taking Misha by the back of her neck and pulling her in for a firm kiss. Their lips pressed together and the saliva spread over the pink skin. Misha’s tongue wasted no time darting out of her mouth and forcing its way inside of Hannah’s, feeling the slipperiness of their tongues rolling over each other. At the same time, she squeezed her fingers gently against the lump inside Hannah’s gym shorts, causing a quick shock of energy to rush through her body. Hannah brought her hands to Misha’s chest, rubbing at her small mounds through her tight clothes, having little luck getting any sort of grip, resorting to erratically digging her fingers in to the spongy padding of Misha’s sports bra. Misha broke the kiss and licked along Hannah’s lips before sliding off the bench and kneeling between her legs. She licked at the clammy skin of her powerful thighs, feeling the tension and firmness of her form on her tongue. The salty taste of sweat overpowering that of her skin, leaving a tangy aftertaste in her mouth. She didn’t care though, it seemed to spur her on further. She licked upwards, running her tongue over Hannah’s gym shorts, quickly finding her soft cock and pressing the tip against it.

Hannah moaned quietly and ran her fingers through Misha’s short, black hair, her crotch quickly becoming moist at the urging of the warm, wet tongue between her legs. Misha continued to lick until a visible wet patch formed over Hannah’s bump, which had begun to slowly grow. The bump grew in to a lump, which grew in to a full-fledged bulge and eventually piqued Misha’s interest too much for her to hold back any longer. She reached for the waistband of Hannah’s shorts and slid them down her thighs, watching as her full, eight inch cock sprung out of its confines.

“Holy shit, I didn’t think it would be this big!”

“Now you see why I work out so hard, have to starve this thing of blood if I’m going to hide it.”

“Now I see why you work out so… hard.”

Misha’s fingers wrapped eagerly around the length of Hannah’s hot, thick cock. She felt the blood pumping through it, the veins bulging inside her grip. Slowly she began to stroke, bringing her lips beneath the tight ball sack and kissing at the puffy lips of Hannah’s pussy. The attention made Hannah’s hips squirm slightly, a sign that Misha took as an invitation. She kissed down the slit and slid her tongue inside, licking from the entrance all the way to her clit. She tasted the mix of sweat and pleasure and it filled her nostrils. Such a pungent scent and it drove her libido wild. She lapped at the folds of Hannah’s pussy, savouring the zesty mix of her fluids and coaxing more out of her drooling hole.

“God you taste amazing!” Misha’s tongue probed at her entrance and slipped inside, slurping up the juices that leaked out. Hannah could do little but moan as she felt her walls being massaged and teased. She gripped the bench and tilted her head back slightly, closing her eyes and enjoying the attention being paid between her legs. Misha continued to slurp at the juicy petals in front of her, leaving a sheen across her mouth as she finally pulled away. She licked her lips and started to pump Hannah’s cock faster.

“Something about the sweat really turns me on, let’s see if your cock here tastes just as good.” Without further hesitation, Misha plunged her lips down over the head of Hannah’s cock and down her shaft until she met with her pumping hand. Hannah gasped and her mouth hung wide open.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing!” Hannah’s hips pushed against Misha’s suckling lips, trying to shove more of her length inside that warm, slippery mouth. The tip of her cock pulsed and a gush of precum squirted out over Misha’s tongue. Kartal Rus Escort She smeared it back over Hannah’s cock and continued to suck. Her lips drove back and forth along the throbbing meat stick as her fist pumped at it. With a final powerful slurp, she pulled her lips off the delicious dick and licked her lips clean.

She stood in front of Hannah and pulled her tight, lycra shorts down her legs and threw them aside. She turned around and bent over slightly, sticking her firm bubble butt out towards Hannah as she peeled her briefs off her ass and slid them down to the floor, stepping out of them. Hannah eyed the round cheeks, reaching out and squeezing them firmly in her hands. She felt the coolness of Misha’s skin as she massaged the plump buttocks. A couple of fingers darted below the cheeks and found the contrastingly hot lips of Misha’s pink lotus. They spread them apart and probed at the wet entrance, causing her to wiggle her butt slightly and coo.

Misha turned to face Hannah, rubbing at her drenched snatch. “Enough teasing… I want that cock right now.” She climbed atop Hannah’s thighs, straddling her and rubbing the girth of the monster cock over her own dripping folds. She rocked her hips back and forth, grinding her clit over the head as the thickness of Hannah’s shaft spread her lips open. Finally she brought the head to her entrance and speared herself down on it, splitting herself wide as she filled herself full of the hot, bulging knob.

“Uuugh, so good…!” Misha groaned as she slowly lowered herself on to the colossal cock. “God, you’re filling me up and you’re not even half way in yet.”

Hannah grabbed at Misha’s thighs, holding her tightly as she felt her cock being gripped and squeezed by the tight walls of Misha’s cunt. “Mmmngh, nice and slow. Get it right up in there.”

Misha’s pussy dripped over Hannah’s length, but even the mix of her spit and her juices weren’t enough to ease the tightness and burning of her walls. She lifted herself back up to the tip and pressed down more firmly, slowly fucking her way down each inch of Hannah’s fleshy girder. After a couple of minutes of trying, she finally had about six inches inside her.

“I’m going to be feeling this all tomorrow, fuck it… completely worth it.” Misha started to bounce on Hannah’s erection, causing both women to flood the locker room full of their lustful moans. Hannah’s lips wrapped around Misha’s dark nipples, sucking firmly on them, pulling them from her chest and watching them snap back, Misha’s small breasts jiggling each time. She licked and swirled around them, flicked them back and forth, taunted and teased them.

“So tight, your pussy is squeezing me so tight!” Hannah met Misha’s bounces with her hips, pushing upwards, trying to get the last couple of inches inside the smaller woman’s body. Finally, she was rewarded with the sound of her thighs smacking against Misha’s ass.

“Mmm, that’s all of it. So big… I can feel it churning up my insides.” Misha ground her hips around Hannah’s length, feeling it rubbing at her depths, the tip pressing against her womb. She grabbed Hannah’s hair and pulled her against her chest, prompting another round of tongue lashings over her hard nipples. She groaned and panted as the sensation from her nipples spread through her body to join with the stimulation and electricity between her legs.

Hannah felt her bloated tip leaking into Misha’s pussy, completely swallowed up by her walls. She held the smaller woman underneath her thighs and powered her way in to a standing position. She spread her legs for balance and cocked her hips back. “You ready for this?”

Misha looked down at Hannah and nodded. Her thighs trembled and she wrapped them around Hannah’s back to steady herself. “Give me everything, I want to feel my insides being split apart by your giant cock!”

Hannah wasted no time in complying, thrusting her hips forward and jamming her entire length deep into Misha’s quivering puss, causing her to go stiff and cry out in utter joy. Hannah’s hips shot back and forth like a piston, ploughing her way between the tightness of Misha’s walls and plunging her tip to nudge at her womb over and over again. It felt incredible, her inhibitions disappeared and she ravaged the supple frame mounted on her dick over and over. Had her session with Claudia yesterday opened the floodgates? Now that Misha knew her secret she wanted nothing more than to drown her body in cum and she urged her hips forward as hard as she could manage.

Misha bucked hard, her hips thrashing about as her orgasm washed over her. She slumped over Hannah’s shoulder as juices squirted and dripped from her nether lips. The relentless assault refusing to cease. “Guhh, fuck! Don’t stop, mmmmm! Fuck me, fuck me!!”

Hannah snarled and obliged, pulling at Misha’s thighs with every thrust, impaling her like meat on a skewer. Her cock swelled and pummelled against the poor, aching womb. Sweat dripped from her chin and splashed over her arms as her vigorous pounding continued. Misha clung around her neck, trying desperately to stay in control of her body as the consistent dredging of her pussy turned her thighs to jelly. Her inside quivered and pulsated, coating Hannah’s member in a pool of sex.

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