Fuck Box

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The cock came through the hole, I held it in my small hands, it was average in length but heavy in girth, bringing my face towards it I could smell it was clean and fresh unlike some of the other visitors I’m prone to get. I put it on my face and rubbed it around, feeling the heat of my first cock of the day, on my skin. If I fancy the cock presented I always spend a little more time enjoying it. This one was a nice way to start my day. Its owner sighed as I ran it over my lips and kissed it gently.

I engulfed it in my mouth opening wide to allow his full width inside. The cock filled my mouth nicely and my tongue went to work on the underside. It began to thrust a little to meet my strokes, so I stopped moving and let it fuck my mouth. He stopped his motion after a a couple of minutes, and I resumed my movement taking control of his pleasure.

The feel of his hard unit teasing the back of of my throat was amazing, he was long enough to reach the gateway to my throat, but not quite long enough to throat fuck me. The whole was big, about 12 inches square, big enough that it was not a hinderance to full penetration. No the problem was he just couldn’t get deeper with this size cock no matter how hard he tried.

Having established a rhythm, and having tested the length versus depth equation, I worked the shaft feeling the veiny texture of it run across my lips and tongue. It was a very nice cock, the thickness making up for any lack of depth, as I clearly had to keep my mouth open wide to prevent any unwanted tooth contact.

We went like this for a few more minutes, his moans and little grunts becoming becoming more urgent. I pulled my lips off and teased it by gently running my fingers and tongue across the stiff shaft. I then focused intently on the head of it causing intense pleasure for a few moments while I sucked just the tip aggressively. Then working it further into my mouth I alternated between short strokes and deep thrusts.

Feeling him tremble and shake at this sensation, along with the seemingly harder cock told me I was doing it right. I could tell our encounter was going to be coming to an end soon. That’s when I engulfed his cock with my mouth and encircled it with my fingers and began to milk him with my mouth and hand. It was coming soon, I could feel it build up and everything swelling under my touch. He knocked indicating the main event was about to happen. It was unnecessary in this case, but customary to warn the receiver that a hot load was coming. I appreciated the warning but changed nothing, and continued to milk that tool till it gave me some sweet cream.

It started jumping my mouth, that was followed by a pretty massive load filling my mouth. I adjusted, tried swallowing it as it filled me, but no chance as it overflowed

out of my mouth and dripped on to my tits. I worked diligently and caught the rest neatly, swallowing it then cleaning any remnants from this very nice cock as it softened. He mumbled a quick thanks and withdrew his shrinking dick. Telling me it was worth every penny and he planned to come back someday.

I spent the next few minutes before the next customer cleaning the spilled cum off my titties and anywhere else it happened to fall. I like to be fresh as possible for each customer. I never knew for sure how long I had between customers, well that’s not entirely true. My husband made sure there was at least 3 mins between customers, so I could catch my breath or pee or clean myself up depending on the need. We tried 5 mins in-between but found I was sitting there frequently for 2 minutes waiting for no reason.

Those 2 minutes added up across the day and since we could only stay in one place for a few hours time mattered. Time equaled money and this was all about the money. Let me explain. Ours is the usual tale of woe, bad job, lost job, expensive mortgage, college tuition for our daughter and desperation. Having run out of options we fell back on our old professions. Before I met my husband I worked as an escort to pay for my living expenses while I earned my useless history degree. He was a drug dealer, who set up a few fucks for bucks in his spare time while attending college.

Now 18 years later when desperate times hit, he joked that we might have to go back to our old professions to pay the bills. I had been thinking it for a long time but never mentioned it, he opened that door and I jumped through it. We really were deep in debt and credit cards weren’t going to last much longer.

We ran an ad online and met a some ‘clients’, but neither one of us was comfortable with it. It wasn’t the sex part it was the ‘date’ part. I just didn’t enjoy sitting with these guys and pretending I liked them, also since I wasn’t ‘young’ anymore, in my forties, I tended to get a lot of the kinkier requests.

Once I made enough to get us out of the danger zone we paused and reevaluated the situation. Gary, my husband had been busy researching and formulating a plan should I want to continue. bursa escort The money was great and the job market looked bleak, so it was decided we would continue, but quite differently.

Gary modified a travel trailer he picked up on line. He put in a partition, changed the doors around, threw some paint on it, BANG, portable fuck box. It had 2 beds, a bathroom, kitchen area, and oh yea, the very back was a gloryhole booth.

He also was in charge of marketing and security, all I knew was I was busy, and we were making damn good money. I didn’t mind this format at all considering it mostly limited the small talk, and we could move directly to the point. Plus cocks, I really like cocks and missed the variety that I enjoyed in my youth. Gary and I have done swinging, and even tried a sex club, but again there was too much pretending and bullshit. This is working great.

I heard my next customer enter the booth, the familiar sound of rustling clothes followed and shortly after a small soft dick popped through. I approached it, and found it also was quite fresh and clean. I held it in my hand encouraging it to get hard, placing kisses on it and gentle caresses. Sure enough it started to wake up, growing in my hand. I slurped up the head and let it continue to grow in my mouth. This was one of my favorite things, feeling a mans cock in my mouth as it grows turns me on. As it grew my pussy moistened and felt it start to warm up. It became apparent that my current customer was a ‘grower not a shower’ as he was now threating to penetrate further than the last guy.

I pulled it from my mouth to steal a quick look and was becoming impressed. He was approaching 7 inches and was easily going to be able to fuck my throat. I returned it to my waiting mouth and thrust it all the way in. A little gag choke at first making my eyes water, but then success. He was now firmly lodged in my throat and I began the process of throat fucking this nice cock to completion. It wasn’t too fat and was surprisingly smooth, I could breath easily around it. I lowered my hand to my pussy and gently teased it, feeling the wetness, and letting it drip on to the pad I have in place to catch random fluids.

I used my other hand to fondle and tease his ball sack that was pushed through the opening, gently cupping the balls and pulling on them occasionally. He seemed to enjoy it, as all I ever heard from him was “Oh yea, just like that,” and much moaning. After a good amount of time passed I increased my ministrations to encourage his climax and feed me his jizz.

I could tell it was going to be soon and was waiting for the knock, what I got was blasted in the face since he exploded when I took him out to take deep breath. I slammed it back in let it finish off with gentle suction and strokes of my hand. Although it didn’t seem as though he came as much as the first guy, he made a bigger mess.

He said “Holy fuck!” as he withdrew, I quickly got to work cleaning my face and neck from the gooey splatter he so kindly gave me. I also needed to pee real quick so I hustled into the toilet and peed while wiping off with a towel. I had enough time to take a drink of my coffee when I heard my next customer enter the box.

I reached over and turned on video monitors and watched as my next guy prepared himself. He was a young Hispanic fellow, and he was a big boy, I enjoyed watching them prepare sometimes, they were not aware of the cameras recording and watching each and every person just in case. It gave me a voyeuristic thrill to watch them and to see just who was attached to that dick I’m about to suck. Honestly its backfired a few times also, after I took in an exceptionally large load, I looked at the monitor to see my daughters ex-boyfriend, I almost vomited, but I found out later Gary charged him double.

I approached the semi-erect uncircumcised penis poking through the hole, visually inspecting it, noticing right away its not as fresh as my first two offerings, but not so gross I want to gag. I could just reach over and get a wet wipe and clean it myself, but being the slutty girl, I sometimes need a dirty cock to set me off. This seemed to be the one, something about the slightly overworked smell, the thickness of the foreskin, the huge jumbo balls, filled with cum, that hung there waiting for my touch.

I started sucking it right off, aggressively trying to clean it with my tongue. I left no space on that cock untouched by my mouth and tongue. Once that was complete I set about the task of fucking him with my mouth. I used one hand to stimulate him while I reached down and started to diddle my clit with the other. I wanted to cum while this guy finished in my throat, it was all about the timing.

The thought of being used by a unwashed man probably on his way home from work was fuel for the impending orgasm. His musky scent, and the thought of him using my mouth as release at the end of his day. I was never surprised at what pushed me over, today it bursa escort bayan was the unclean cock of hard working man using me like the slut that I am. He was talking in Spanish that I had no hope of understanding but sounded so damn sexy. His husky Latin voice was speaking directly to my pussy.

His cock was very hard now and pushing against my throat, I relaxed and let it pass into my gullet, my eyes watering almost as much as my pussy. This one was nice having both length and girth testing my ability. It wasn’t a perfect dick but pretty close, touching the sweet spot in my throat, filling my need for width, I maintained a nice tempo. Controlling the motion and the pace to allow us to cum together, this took patience and experience.

I could feel the pressure building in my core, my climax was going to be a good one. I increased the pressure on his cock and my pussy at the same rate since I felt we were in sync. A slight pulse and twitch came at the same time as the knock warning my mouth to prepare for the flood of cum that was on its way. I took a final breath and shoved his full cock all the down my throat. Using my mouth and tongue I milked the exploding cock, forcing it all directly down my throat, feeling each pulse match the throbbing in my gushing pussy. The room started to fade a little as my orgasm overtook my senses, I felt my pussy gush onto the covered floor as I let myself go.

His Latin profanity, (again I had no clue but could figure it out,) turned me on even more as I enjoyed sucking the last of his cum from his still semi stiff cock. I would make a note of this one, and hope he returns again. I watched his cock disappear through the opening giving it a small kiss good bye. I looked at the monitor and watched as this hulk of a man put his work clothes on and prepared to leave, hopefully feeling as happy as I was.

After his exit I cleaned up and prepared for what I was sure was going to be a few more hours of cock sucking. I did have two more average punters after that before my day got interesting.

I had a couple that came in. She was encouraging him, I listened to them talk as she told him she “couldn’t wait to see this”. I watched the monitor as she kissed on him and helped him disrobe. “Look your already hard so don’t even try to act like you don’t want this.” she continued.

He was kissing her back and saying its not important, “He loved her”, when she stopped him and made it clear why they were here.

“Babe,” she said, “You’ve got a huge cock, I’ve got a tiny mouth or throat or whatever. Not for lack of effort on my part, nor yours, I can not fit that entire thing in my throat. I’ll never be able to deepthroat your cock.” She continued looking into his eyes. ” You give me everything I ask for and more, let me give you this.”

“But baby, I’m worried about Us, isn’t this cheating?” He objected weakly “I mean what about….”

She cut him off, “It’s not cheating if I found her, set it up, paid for it, and brought you here. To be honest I’m hot just thinking about it. I can’t wait to see your cock disappear down this chicks throat.” She kept undressing him, and pulled her panties off from under her mini skirt also.

“Ok but if you have any second thoughts just please tell me.” He implored.

“Oh, I don’t think I will.” she said pulling out a purple ticket and putting in the hole. My husband took the time to create a ticket system with colors. Each color had different services attached, purple meant I would be licking her cunt till she came. “I been wanting to experience a woman’s mouth for a couple of years, ever since my neighbor licked me before I left for college.”

His cock started to come through and even I was impressed by its size. I even looked at the monitor to make sure I saw correctly, this young man was cute but somewhat small in overall size. But his dick was disproportionate to his body. I’m talking about a horse cock. That fucker was easily one of the biggest I had seen, ever.

I took a moment to just examine it, before taking it in my hands and weighing it. Fuck it was heavy, and gaining weight and hardness as I caressed it gently. I was mesmerized by its shear beauty when I remembered I had a job to do.

I took the head and placed it gently on my tongue, slowly wrapping my lips around the it. His cock responded by jumping a little. I contained it tightening my lips around it and taking a little bit more.

“Do you think you can deep throat it?” she asked, her face close to the hole.

Looking over I could see her looking at the point of contact, my lips, his big dick. I nodded and pulled more into my mouth before letting it out slowly. “I got this.” I said, and took the head all the way to my throat. There was still a substantial amount of cock untouched by my lips so far.

I could still see her out of the corner of my eye, she was adjusting herself trying to get a better view. I pushed further and let this monster penetrate my open throat. escort bursa pulling back, a stream of saliva kept his cock in contact with my lips. Spreading the saliva down his cock as lubricant I stroked it and admired it once more. I sure would love to feel this fucker in my pussy, but that was not the job today.

I was about to resume and prepared to swallow this fucker when she asked, “Excuse me, can I get a better view somehow?”

“Yes but, are you sure about that? We will all lose anonymity. We will be completely exposed to each other” I said

“Fuck yea.” they said almost in unison.

I stopped, feeling intrigued by the couple I made a quick decision. Standing up I said “Step back.” I opened a couple of locks and swung the whole wall out of the way. I also flipped a switch letting Gary know the situation in here had changed.

We were all nude, without the privacy wall, his cock looked even bigger when viewed attached to his body. I pulled him over to a more comfortable chair and pointed at another one for her. I got down in front of them on my knees.

“Is this better?” I asked, while returning my attention to his glorious cock.

“Yes, much” she commented.

So I resumed taking his cock in my hands and pointing it towards my lips. opening my mouth I took it slowly all the way down as far as I could easily. There was still more cock.

I adjusted my position and tried again, some more depth and a little gag. Taking a couple of deep breaths I adjusted my position again and slowly took almost the whole thing. I worked like this for a few minutes, sensing their enjoyment and letting everybody savor this moment.

“She said this is so fucking hot.” I looked at her and saw her legs flung open, and she had two fingers up her dripping snatch. They were working overtime alternating between her pussy hole and her clit.

“Do you want me to lick that for a minute and make Boy Toy here wait?” I asked.

“No I’m good, I’ll wait my turn.” she said

“Fair enough, so I’m going to finish him now.” but I added, “Do you want to learn a few tricks? Maybe help you do this yourself?”

“Sure, that would be great, you would actually do that, like teach me how to deep throat.” she squeaked excitedly.

“Why not?” I was curious.

“If you teach me then you might lose a customer.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud and said “Oh no, Honey, the only customer I don’t want to lose is my husband, who you probably met when you made your arrangements. The rest are just dicks, except for this one here,” I said pointing to her mans dick, “this one is exceptional, if you like it you better learn how to handle it.”

“I’ve been watching, but I’m still unsure of how you are fitting it all in without gaging your guts out. every time I that cock close to the back of my throat, I start gaging or even puke.” She went on, “Its not like I think its gross or anything but my gag reflex is super strong. If I don’t figure this out I’m afraid he.. he will find some slut that can, he knows its possible he’s seen porn.”

This whole time Boy Toy is trying to comfort her, and tell her that’s not how he feels at all. But she is having none of it, and goes on to explain that she caught him watching Deepthroat porn last month and has she been obsessed with providing him this pleasure ever since.

“Ok, ok.” I said. “Watch me and learn” I reached out and grabbed his swollen dick and said. “First angle is everything, Stand up.” He stood, “Second is working it in slowly, those bitches in porn have lots of experience, plus off camera they are prepping themselves.”

Demonstrating I slowly took his cock back into my mouth, between sucks I gave her tips and tricks to be successful. I could tell it was sinking in and she was intently listening and watching every move I made.

I stopped talking and resumed my enjoyment of this trouser snake. I was now taking it fully and pressing my lips against his pubic mound. Getting throat fucked by this giant was simply amazing. I was in control and slurping away making gluck – gluck sounds while getting speared.

He was awesome standing still as a mountain, allowing me to service his cock as I saw fit, but I wanted to see something. So I throated him as far as I could and waited. I didn’t have to wait long as he started to gently move his meat in and out.

He placed both hands on my head and held it there. I looked up and gave a little wink and a nod. That was all he needed, he then started fucking my face all the way, deep into my throat, spit flying. I could feel his balls smack my chin and he rooted around my mouth and throat, working towards his climax.

His breathing changed and his body started to tense up I knew he was close. I prepared myself for the eventual release that was coming. I reached out with my free hands and grabbed his balls with one hand, and stuck a couple of fingers on the other hand into his girls cunt hole.

That seemed to do the trick. His cock stiffened and shot stream after stream of hot cum down my throat. I barely got a taste since his cock was lodged so far down, most of his creamy load went right to my belly. I finally got a little taste as I slowly pulled back, slurping and savoring this Goliath of a cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32