Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 01

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“Where are the Stein House notes? I need to check the projections.”

Debora rolls her eyes at me and walks toward my desk “You know we have accountants for a reason.”

“What if the accountants made a mistake? This is an important deal, I should look it over to make sure.”

Debora lifts a large file and walks toward me “Jim confirmed the numbers personally and you need to go to bed… you have an important meeting tomorrow… remember.”

“Fine, you’re right, if Jim said that they’re good then then I guess that it’s good.”

Debora gives me a small smirk and lays the file down on my desk. “Enjoy your night Mr Toke.”

“I always do, goodnight Deb”

As I walk toward the stairs to the bedroom I think about my assistant. She really is incredible. She keeps my life on schedule, ensuring that no moment is ever wasted. She is discreet, loyal and never fails to anticipate and fulfill any of my needs. She is also a gorgeous, 31 year old, petite, italian, with long black hair. I had briefly considered a relationship with her following my divorce 5 years ago. But I like her, she is good at her job, I mean really irreplaceable, and sleeping with employees is the fastest way to the poor house in my field of work. I run a multinational hotel chain called The Hamrada Inn.

I slowly open the door, the lights are dim inside and entangled on my enormous bed are a pair of beautiful young nymphets. Debora has outdone herself tonight. I expect not to go to bed alone, I almost never do, but to have these 2 here is quite a treat, even for me. The girls notice me as I enter and the one on top looks over at me

“I hope you don’t mind, we started without you.”

I recognize her immediately. It’s Meloney. Debora organizes my dates and if the women enjoyed herself then she is welcome to return. Meloney is a chemical engineering student, 2 weeks ago we just walked down Broadway after dinner and through Central Park. She also took a trip with me to LA when I erotik film izle was overseeing construction on a new site. Meloney is 21, intelligent and a tall blond amazon. She is wonderful to talk to and dominant in the bedroom.

As I stroll toward the bed undoing my red tie I can see the face of the girl beneath her. Erica Johnson, now this is a treat. Erica is a pale redhead of average height and build. But in bed, there are no limits with Erica. In fact Erica gets quite annoyed if she is left in anything less than a fully catatonic state after a night of lovemaking. Erica is more submissive than Meloney but will adjust her attitude to fit whatever sexual situation that she is in.

Meloney and Erica both approach me with small pursed lip smiles, as if they were about to do something naughty and they both knew it. Meloney grabs my shirt and begins undoing my buttons as our lips meet and she forces her tongue down my throat. Three buttons are undone by the time Erica gets her hands on my belt undoing my trousers. Once Meloney finishes with my buttons she caresses her hands down my wide hairy chest to my firm abs below my belly button to help Erica fish out my engorged seven inch phallus. Meloney holds it upright as Erica removes all remaining impediments. Meloney then guides my shaft to Erica’s eager mouth. Erica slowly engulfs my entire length ensuring that every inch is properly serviced. Meloney watches for a few moments before instructing Erica to lay on the bed. Erica complies spreading her legs wide and exposing her neatly shaven pussy with only a tuft of trimmed red hair remaining.

Meloney leans down eagerly eating Erica’s pussy. She is bent at the waist inviting my member to mingle with her already flowing juices. My lubricated cock slips between her folds smoothly. I feels so wonderful to be back inside her moist cunt. She flexes twice, those amazing muscles squeezing my cock before I begin to fuck her. I start a slow rhythm, each thrust met by her hips film izle pushing back against mine. Erica begins to moan as Meloney’s assault on her nether regions becomes more intense. As I increase speed Meloney begins her first orgasm with muffled cries into Erica’s pussy leading to Erica’s first orgasm as well. I pull out and stick my mouth onto Meloney’s convulsing clit and lick her as she loses control of her balance and scrambles onto the bed.

Meloney Rolls to the other side of the bed a secures a strap on. As Meloney begins to tie on the belts I force my cock into Erica’s fast recovering pussy. As soon as I’m inside I begin fucking her in earnest as her supple C cup tits jiggle beneath me. I lock onto her neck causing her to moan and wrap her legs around me forcing my pace to increase. Meloney climbs back onto the bed and forces her rubber cock into Erica’s open mouth. I sit up and Erica rolls over so that I can take her from behind while she gorges on Meloney’s rubber rod. I say turn around and Erica obliges now with my cock in her mouth and Meloney’s strap on buried fully into her wet pussy. I feel myself approach orgasm, Erica feels it too increasing the intensity of her worshiping of my cock. I cum and Erica drinks it down. I fall to the bed but Erica never loses her grip on my cock milking me dry and causing my entire body to writhe in pleasure. Erica moves up to my face and kisses me passionately, the taste of my seed still lingers in her mouth. As we embrace Meloney moves behind Erica to finish what I had started. I begin playing with Erica’s clit and together Meloney and I overwhelm Erica’s senses into her second mind numbing orgasm.

As I lay between my two spent beauties I remember my meeting tomorrow and for a second think that I could drift to sleep satisfied. My dick twitches slightly and both women smile, maybe not. Meloney moves to take me into her mouth, reinflating my desire for these 2 gorgeous women. Erica climbs on top of me presenting her already seks filmi izle abused pussy to my lips. I gorge heartilly and feel the soft tickle of her red fur across my nose. My cock is fully prepared by the time Erica’s juices are running down both sides of my face. Meloney grabs Erica’s hips and pulls her now sopping cunt down to my erection for another ride.

Meloney excuses herself from the bed as Erica and I resume our lovemaking. Erica looks over to Meloney and squeals with delight as she sees Meloney return with a bottle of lubricant. Meloney liberally applies the lube to her staff and I feel her fingers working in and around Erica’s butt hole as I continue to fuck her. I slow to allow Meloney to get into position and Erica lets out a wail as I feel Meloney pierce her sphincter. As we begin to fuck her harder Erica rolls through orgasm after orgasm until her body collapses onto mine. Meloney removes herself and allows Erica to roll off of my body. Meloney unstraps her toy and mounts me in a 69. My cock is getting some well deserved attention and I reciprocate fully to my amazon princess. We have only been at each other for a minute or 2 when Erica recovers and begins to dawn Meloney’s strap on. Erica lubes the length fully and positions herself above my head at the edge of Meloney’s eagerly awaiting asshole. Erica enters slowly causing Meloney to moan on my cock in unadulterated pleasure. Erica tosses the lube toward the foot of the bed and Meloney retrieves it. I spread my legs in anticipation as Meloney spreads the cool lube over my hole. She penetrates me with one finger and it almost drives me over the edge.

Too many sensations, Meloney’s face on my cock with her long blond hair caressing my hips and her breasts on my stomach, her warm sweet clit between my teeth as I smell Erica’s pussy inches above me as she fucks Meloney’s asshole. Then I feel Meloney insert a second finger and I lose control spewing into her mouth. Meloney receives all of it, never slowing for me to catch my breath. Once Meloney is satisfied with my torture she rolls over and allows Erica to continue fucking her while she plays with her own pussy. I just watch as my two beauties continue to make love as I drift asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32