Battling Exposure

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This is my first attempt at a short story so please let me know what you think. It starts off slow with CFNM and ENF scenes, but gets more steamy towards the end. Enjoy!

Battling Exposure:

It wasn’t the 17 degree Fahrenheit temperature that had turned backpacking in the North Cascades into a life or death situation…it was the rain. As majestic as the Pacific Northwest is in late autumn, the weather can turn on you in a ferocious way! Failure to plan accordingly can lead to terrible exposure.

My friend Julie and I had set out with the intention of cold weather camping, but because of unusually heavy snowfall the access roads had limited entry to the park. The rangers advised us not to use our backcountry camping pass, but we had driven all the way from rural Oregon, and were determined to rough it out.

Julie and I met in church when we were kids, but even through youth group we never dated. Partially because I never had the courage to suggest taking our relationship beyond the best friend zone and partially because just being friends meant we could hang out together without our parents or youth leaders chaperoning us. We were both shy and inexperienced with the opposite sex having grown up in a small town church. Even though we were both eighteen now it still took some convincing and a promise that we’d use separate tents for our parents to approve the overnight outing.

Julie was athletic and curvy with pale skin, curly red hair, and bright green eyes. She was a little heavier than most of the other girls in our youth group, but it settled marvelously around her butt and breasts, and she carried more muscle from outdoor activities. I silently adored her beauty, as she hiked in front of me. “I wonder if she ever checks me out?” I wondered as I caught myself staring at the way her wet pants clung to her behind. I’m Adam, a thin hiking and running enthusiast who has some lean muscle, but was never as built as some of the other guys in school. I didn’t play team sports so I didn’t know how my body measured up to the hometown athletes, but I had a fair idea that I was slightly more endowed than average in one area.

Several miles into our hike it started raining which didn’t seem like an urgent problem until Julie slipped on the icy wet snow and crashed down a steep embankment. She managed to grab onto some brush to slow her ascent, but was now dangling partway down a ravine that could be deadly if ascended at full speed.

“I can’t hold on Adam!” She screamed through the torrential downpour.

“Unsnap your pack!” I screamed. I was worried the added weight would cost us precious time for her to hold on. I quickly emptied my pack onto the ground and grabbed the paracord I left at the bottom. Tying part of it around a rock to anchor it, I tied a knot and threw a loop down, which she was able to carefully wrap around her torso so I could help her slowly climb up. In the process, I was violently pulled onto my front. I slammed my ribs on the rock in order to be able to pull without risking going over the slippery edge myself. With a lot of exertion I helped her back up over the edge. Julie was trembling partly from the cold and partly from the adrenaline as she grabbed me for a hug and kissed my cheek.

“Stop blushing, I owe you my life!” She said as if it wasn’t the closest thing to a first kiss either one of us had experienced.

By that point all my gear was soaked and I realized we’d left the tents in her pack when we’d divided the gear. Shivering and soaking wet we pressed on for a short while until we found a rocky overhanging that I tied a poncho liner over to make a makeshift shelter front the wind and rain. It was then I noticed she had a tear down the inside of her pants and her thigh was bleeding.

“I need you to take off your pants so I can treat that wound.”  I told her. She gently protested that she could do it herself so I handed her the first aid kit and turned around to give her privacy.

“Adam” she said after a minute, “I can barely move my fingers, can you help me?” I turned around and tried not to stare. She looked adorable in her jacket and wet gray cotton panties. The rain was causing her panties to stick to her and I could see the outlined shape of her vulva.

“Adam!” she snapped bringing me back to the task at hand. I cleaned the wound off, tried to get as many splinters out as I could, and wrapped it. Dressing the wound caused her legs to separate wider and I saw part of her labia peaking out from the side of her panties.

“All done!” I told her and she quickly snapped her legs shut.

While our clothes and gear were soaked, my sleeping bag was in a waterproof bag.

“Uh, I know this is awkward, but we’re going to have to get out of these wet clothes and share or we could die of hypothermia.” I told her. As dire of a situation as we were in the thought of seeing her naked caused a slight stirring below. I was probably just as nervous about undressing in my shriveled state too.

“I know we have ankara escort bayanlar to strip, but can we undress in the sleeping bag? I’ve never shown myself to a guy.” She was blushing and looked like she was going to cry from embarrassment.

“How about I turn around and you can strip down and get in the sleeping bag, then I’ll join you?” I offered disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see her. She nodded so I turned around until she said it was safe. Then it was my turn. She rolled over onto her other side as I turned around and stripped off my soaked shirt, jacket, boots and socks. I hooked my thumbs in my briefs and pants pulling them down in one motion. I turned around expecting to slip into the sleeping bag, behind her, and saw a pair of bright green eyes staring right at my penis.  She quickly shut her eyes and rolled back over, but she had seen everything. I don’t know if I was more embarrassed that she saw me naked or that she saw me for the first time when I was cold and wet. Either way I didn’t feel like confronting her about it under the circumstances. Granted she never said she wouldn’t look, but I couldn’t believe she’d peeked after I had been such a gentleman! I felt my mostly soft penis nestle against the crevice of her butt as I held her for warmth. We laid in awkward silence as I tried tried to ignore her hard nipples against my arm so I could get some sleep. “I’m sorry,” she sniffled before I drifted off to sleep.

“Adam,” I heard her say in the middle of the night. I didn’t open my eyes or respond right away due to exhaustion so she must have concluded I was still asleep. I felt her get up and I squinted my eyes open to see her nude form in just a pair of boots walk out the exposed part of the shelter into the moonlight. She squatted down to pee and although I couldn’t see much I did get a long look at her pale shapely bum. I was rock hard at the sight of the first naked woman I’d ever seen, but I didn’t want to get caught looking when she came in so I closed my eyes as she stood up. She tucked herself back into the bag and felt something poking her. Reaching in she grabbed hold of my shaft and quickly let go when she realized what it was. That was the last thing I remember before a beam of light hit my face several hours later.

“Wake up!” a woman’s voice said. A tall lady with a headlamp was looking down on me.

“We need to get you out here and somewhere warmer.” she informed me. I tried to respond, but couldn’t move! I struggled to retain consciousness as she she undid our sleeping bag. Julie quickly got up and all I saw was her butt again as she was quickly wrapped in a poncho by the stranger. I was lying there with my penis completely exposed to both women, but between the bruising on my ribs and the cold I couldn’t do anything about it. The stranger after checking my ribs for obvious fractures, pulled me onto my feet, and Julie wrapped me into an emergency blanket. Her hand brushed against my penis as she tied it shut. How are we ever going to go back to normal after this I wondered? They pulled my boots on and hauled me a short ways further up the trail where I saw a large tent lit by a lantern. Inside was considerably warmer and insulated.

They gently laid me on my stomach and the stranger grabbed a medical bag.

“Get that blanket off him!” She said frantically. Julie untied the emergency blanket, and I was exposed again.

“Isn’t there another way ma’am?” I heard Julie ask.

“Hush!” the woman said, “I was a medic in the Army for twenty years. I need to know his core temperature.” I felt a pair of bare hands pull open my cheeks, and a gloved finger rub a lubricant around my anus. That’s when it dawned on me two sets of hands meant Julie who until earlier today had only seen me with my shirt off at the lake, was staring right at my anus. My thoughts were interrupted by the thermometer plunging into my hole. After a minute it beeped and and an ungloved hand wiped the lubricant off. “Julie!” I thought burning with shame.

They wrapped me in a warmer sleeping bag and rolled me onto my side so that I was facing inside the tent know. I was regaining awareness, but pretended to be asleep because I was too embarrassed to talk to them right now.  The stranger, Sierra, introduced herself to Julie, and said she does volunteer search and rescue because of her medic background. She was just out camping when she saw Julie’s orange backpack at the bottom of the ravine and came looking for us.

“Alright enough about how I found you. It’s your turn,” she said sterilizing the thermometer. Julie started to protest, “What about him?” but Sierra shut her down.

“Who cares if your boyfriend sees your ass sweetheart? Besides he’s out like a log.” I was out of the direct ring of light provided by the lantern and my eyes were barely open so it must have looked like I was still asleep. Sierra helped poor Julie, who was stammering something about us just being friends, out of her poncho, and had her kneel down on the floor facing ankara esmer escortlar away from me. I had to stop myself from gasping, I could see Julie’s entire vulva the way she was bent over. For a second I felt guilty, but then I remembered how she had peeked at me earlier. Sierra was standing over her and didn’t block the view. She pried Julie’s cheeks apart revealing a cute pink anus. Freezing as I was, I thought I might ejaculate just seeing the gloved finger rubbing slowly against her intimate hole. Sierra glanced back while waiting for the temperature and saw my eyes wide open now. I was caught! She grinned but didn’t say anything to Julie as she wiped the lubricant from her pucker. I was relieved she kept my secret, but she had a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Alright, honey why don’t you slip into the sleeping bag and keep your “not-boyfriend’s” cock warm so I don’t have to field amputate it in the morning.”

I snapped my eyes shut knowing Julie would be mortified if she knew I’d seen almost everything she had. Julie slipped into the bag behind me this time and I was briefly disappointed I wouldn’t be able to feel her hard nipples with my arm again, but then her arm wrapped around me resting her hand around my erect penis. This time she didn’t let go and drifted off to sleep leaving me with the biggest tease of my life.

Sierra spent some time taking incident  notes in a journal. I could see her clearly in the lantern light. She was a dark haired Latina who looked to be in her early forties, and had a more muscular frame than I did. After about twenty minutes she put the book down, and walked over to a little cot on the other side of the tent. She took off her coat, boots, and thermal top. She wasn’t wearing a bra but all I could see was her bare back. She pulled her pants down revealing a pair of tight black thermal underwear that ran the entire length of her legs. I was hoping she would would go all the way but she appeared to be stopping. She looked over her shoulder at me and saw Julie was asleep. Flashing me another mischievous grin she bent over and slowly peeled the underwear all the way down her legs. She had a toned butt and thighs, and I leaned forward to see if I could see between them before wincing in pain from the bruising. Sierra turned around with a smile and wagged her finger at me. She walked towards the middle of the tent revealing her firm breasts with large brown nipples, and shapely lips under a small strip of neatly trimmed hair. It was my first frontal view of a naked woman and she was staring into my eyes the whole time.  When she got to the middle near the lantern, she turned around and bent over again giving me the briefest glimpse of her crinkled brown anus and vulva before flipping me the bird and clicking the lantern off. I was rock hard, Julie’s hands were on my election, and to top it all off I heard faint moaning coming from Sierra’s side of the tent.

When I woke up the next morning Julie was getting dressed. She already had her dry panties on but I was treated to my first glimpse of her gorgeous breasts and delicate pink nipples as she tried to put a sports bra on. We briefly made eye contact and she turned bright red and faced the other way. I was enamored, but worried about what this incident was doing to our friendship. Sierra saw me moving and came over to check my ribs.

“You’re bruised pretty bad, but should be able to be on your way as soon as you get some strength back. I just need to check something real quick. Julie would you bring me the thermometer?” Not again!

“I feel much warmer now!” I retorted. While Julie grabbed the medical kit across the room still in just panties and a sports bra. Sierra leaned in towards my ear and whispered, “Warmer? I think things will get a lot hotter for you from now on if you let her help again.” I reluctantly rolled over onto my stomach again and felt bare hands pry me open and a thermometer tip touch my hole.

“No, you can’t just stick it in you have to open his asshole a little bit,” Sierra said. I felt a lubed, latex, gloved finger enter my rectum and realized it was Julies finger in me! She briefly curled it hitting my prostate, before inserting the thermometer. I felt the blood run from my face, but at the same time my erection was about to explode!

“Ok, good now roll him back over…oh I guess his appendages still work,” Sierra laughed staring at my slightly over six and a half inch hard on already wet with precum. Julie stared with her mouth wide open.

“Unless you’re planning on using that mouth for something why don’t you go grab a piss bottle for him.” Sierra chided her.

I couldn’t even make eye contact with Julie by the time she came back with the bottle Sierra directed her to grab my pole and orient the tip in the bottle. “Julie, I’m going to check on the water I’ve got heating over the fire, if he has any trouble going just tug on it a few times.” And with that she left me with my almost lifelong crush who had my sincan grup yapan escortlar morning wood in her hands. “Julie, you don’t have to do this I can take care off…” she jerked me a few times and I exploded in the jar after all the build up. Even after all she’d seen, ejaculating and peeing while she cradled my member was a bit much for me. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and got up without saying a word. It wasn’t fair I hadn’t even got to see her fully from the front and she’d practically fingered and jerked me off.

Sierra came back in with some hot water and motioned Julie over. “Alright, let me have a look dear,” she said. Julie stood in front of her with her back to me. Sierra undid the bandage I had placed the day before and cleaned the area before replacing it. Then she grabbed the waistband of Julie’s panties and pulled them to her knees. “Wait! He’ll see my bu-“

“No, dear he’ll see your ass. I didn’t hear him complaining when you put your finger in his so why don’t you relax and let me check for splinters. You need a new pair anyway this dry pair us already sopping wet. Besides, how is he supposed to know what he wants to eat later if you don’t show him what’s on your menu?” Sierra joked giving Julie a light slap on her bare butt. I still hadn’t seen her fully from the front, but thinking about eating her anus I’d secretly seen last night had me hard again already. Julie pulled her panties up once Sierra was done, and got dressed fully without looking at me. Sierra and Julie talked outside for about an hour while I wondered if it was the last time I’d see part of her nude. Julie stayed outside with the fire while Sierra helped me dress and eat.

“Do you think she’ll be okay after this?” I asked Sierra.

“She’ll be okay, but you’re going to have to do something for her. So listen carefully,” Sierra said grimly. She yanked down her pants and underwear to her midthigh and spread her lips apart to reveal a small bulb. “Lick this and she’ll be more than okay.” She pulled her pants up and flipped me off again with a smile.

Sierra was a character, but she did radio us help from the rangers to get back to our van. We said our goodbyes and hit the road back to Oregon together, but by the time we got to I-5 South it was already dark. After awkwardly not saying anything to each other for the first hour of the drive,  Julie and I agreed to split the cost of a hotel room. We phoned our parents and explained what happened… well part of what happened anyway. Both sets of parents reminded us to get two beds. I rolled my eyes, if they only knew how we slept last night.

Julie let me get the first shower since I was injured and I collapsed on one of the beds in just a hotel robe.

“Adam, we need to talk.” Julie said. She was wearing a hotel robe with a towel in her hair, but she still looked stunning.

“You weren’t supposed to see me like that!” She started.

“I’m so sorry, I looked and the way the trip went. Can we go back to the way things were and pretend none of this happened?” I offered. Julie dropped her robe,

“You weren’t supposed to see me like that because I wanted the first time to be special.” She was wearing stunning dark green lingerie that complimented her curly red hair. My mouth was wide open in shock, as her hand snaked beneath my robe and grabbed my shaft.

“You sure you want things to go back to the way they were?” She asked coyly. “Julie what are you-” before I could finish she pulled back my robe and took me deep into her mouth. I moaned as she pulled it out and started licking the head while staring right at me with her bright green eyes wide open. Getting up, she pulled her green panties down giving me my first look at her neatly trimmed red strip and protruding lips. 

“Wait are you sure you’re ready for intercourse?” I asked. She unsnapped her bra. “No more of this “intercourse” or “penis” nonsense. We’re not in youth group anymore so if you want me to slide your cock into my wet pussy say so!” she scolded me. I could tell she was a little embarrassed talking dirty. I consented and she gently rode me, partly because it was her first time being penetrated and partly because of my bruised ribs.

“Julie, I need to pull out!”

“Cum in me, I have the arm implant.”

I shot my load into her and she stopped rocking. Losing my virginity was the hottest experience of my life, but I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten her off during her first time having sex. Julie led me into the shower to clean up after. She soaped my cock up and almost got me hard again before putting the showerhead right against her pussy. Seeing she was cleaned out from the blood and cum it was my turn to return the favor. I knelt in front of her and licked from side to side until I found the little bulb Sierra had shown me earlier. I gently licked, but her knees started wobbling so bad she had to lay down in the shower with her legs over my shoulders. I continued sucking on her until her legs locked around my neck like she was trying to choke me.

“I’m cumming, Adam!” she moaned.

Afterwards we set on the bed holding each other naked except for our open robes while she confessed she’d planned on surprising me this weekend the whole time.  I admitted that I loved her for years but never made a move.

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