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She was just a kid, living with her parents on Mesa Boulevard, a quarter mile or so from the police station. Over the summer between her junior and senior years in high school, she experienced what must be a record-setting growth spurt. She went from mousy to spectacular in three months. Living on one of the main drags in town assured that the local cops would notice her. About twice a week she was out in her driveway washing her car, a new Toyota fastback. When she was out there, she was the recipient of the most intense police patrol possible. About once every ninety seconds a car would drive by and wave to her. She always grinned and waved back, even for the fifth or sixth time to the same cop who just kept driving around the block to leer at her.

Her real name was Sarah but everybody called her Sunny. She seemed to be the ideal teenaged girl; friendly, pretty and outgoing. She would have made a great cheerleader but such things held no interest for her. She was blonde, about 5’4” tall and grew into an astonishing body, which was the main attraction for all the cops driving by to admire her. Her car wash outfit was always the same; short shorts and a t-shirt. I suppose the t-shirt used to fit her, but after her growth summer, it was quite snug over enormous boobs. Her shorts revealed a nice ass and long, tan legs. She wasn’t perfect, but she was as fine as a day of sunshine. She was only 18 when the cops began to notice her. The year was 1978 and Sunny had suddenly grown up.

A couple of years later, I happened to be the “on call detective” when a report came in of a burglary at Sunny’s house. Being the public servant I was, I drove out there personally to conduct the investigation. Sunny’s parent’s house is built no more than twenty feet from the roadway. The driveway holds two cars and no more. The family kept a third car in the garage, so parking was at a premium. Fortunately the shoulder of the road opposite the house was wide, so I parked there and crossed the road on foot. Sunny greeted me at the door, wearing a halter top and the familiar short shorts. I introduced myself and went in. The house was modest by any standard. Sunny began by showing me around. She and her brother came home together to find the rear door jimmied and the family television and stereo missing, as well as jewelry belonging to Sunny and her mother.

“It must have happened in the last couple of hours,” she said. “Jimmy and I went shopping together and we left right around noon.” It was now about 2:30 in the afternoon.

I told Sunny to get together with the family to ascertain anything else that might have been stolen and to make a list for my report and their insurance company. I photographed the scene and dusted for fingerprints but found only a few smudges. I asked Sunny how quickly she could get the list together and she told me to come back tomorrow and she would have it ready.

The next day, I stopped at Sunny’s on the way to the post office. It was 10:30 in the morning. I knocked on the door several times and, finally, Sunny opened it. I had awakened her. It turned out that Sunny worked nights as a bartender and didn’t often get home until four in the morning or later, so she tended to sleep late. I apologized and asked her for the list. She was wearing a thin bathrobe that was more open than closed. I figured she slept nude and threw it on when I banged on the door. Even though she tied the belt, the robe was pretty much open to the waist, giving me a wonderful glimpse of her boobs without seeing them in their entirety. It was quite a site to behold. Naturally, they swayed with every movement. My cock was twitching a bit as usual at the beginning of any moment of excitation. Sunny was a beautiful young girl, innocent in her way, but I was there for professional reasons, not to get a cheap thrill. I managed to compose myself and treat the occasion on that basis, though it was difficult to deliberately look away from probably the nicest set of tits in town.

Sunny blushed when she told me she hadn’t had time to compile the list for me and asked me to return tomorrow before she left for work, and she would definitely have it ready for me. I told her I would return at two tomorrow afternoon. She was agreeable and I returned to my car.

As I continued my drive, I chastised myself for the thoughts I was having about Sunny. I was nearly thirty five years old and she was just nineteen. Still, I lusted for her. She was so adorable, yet sexy for such a young girl. I convinced myself that Sunny would probably remain a pleasant fantasy for me and nothing more. But, it sure was nice to spend a few minutes with her and dream.

The next day I returned to the scene of the crime. This time, Sunny was prepared with a typed list of stolen property sealed inside an envelope. maltepe escort I put the envelope in a folder I carried for such purposes. Then, I tried to engage Sunny in a bit of small talk. She was smiling broadly that day as she always was. I asked about her job, and she told me all about it. She never really cared to go on to college, but she loved bartending in a casual and popular steak house about ten miles away. I figured she probably got a lot of attention from the men who would go there to have a few, shoot some pool or watch a ballgame with their friends. I steered the conversation around to her boyfriend and I feigned being shocked when she told me she didn’t have one.

“All the guys I meet are so immature,” according to Sunny. “I prefer guys who are a bit older, who have been around.”

“Hey, I qualify based on that,” I thought. This was getting interesting and I made a decision to see where it was going to take me. I egged her on.

“Most of the guys I run into just want to grab my tits and maul me. Older guys appreciate the niceties of love making compared to just getting their rocks off, don’t you think?” Who was I to argue with that?

“I’ve heard that a lot from other girls,” I lied. “Who wants to handled like a piece of meat?”

“Exactly,” she agreed. “I like men, not boys. And, most of the men I like are already married. Are you married?”

The question practically took my breath away. I’m thinking it demonstrates interest on her part or why else would she ask.

“No, I’m not married. I have a girlfriend but it’s pretty casual. There’s always room for someone new, though I can’t say I am actively looking at the moment.”

“In that case, why don’t you take me to lunch and we can discuss the matter further, when I am not rushed for time. How’s tomorrow sound?”

“Perfect, why don’t you meet me at Renaldo’s at twelve thirty? It’s got good food and it is close enough that I can respond to any emergency if I have to.”

“Good, I’ll see you at 12:30. What should I wear?”

I looked her over. She was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt with no bra. Her nipples were poking their way through the fabric as I assessed her outfit. “What you have on right now is wonderful. The place is very casual. So, wear what you want.”

“Okay, I just have one dilemma. Should I wear a bra or not?”

I gulped, visibly. Now she was toying with me. “Your decision totally,” I said as I recovered from the shock of the question. “I can’t help noticing that you didn’t wear one today and you look great. So, whatever you decide will be fine with me.”

“Okay, then, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said as she began to lead me to the door. She grabbed my arm as we walked, caressing my bicep with her right breast. It felt wonderful. We said a cheerful good-bye to one another and I returned to my unmarked police car with the memory of a provocative conversation, an arm caressed by the boob of a teenager and a date for lunch the next day. Not a bad day’s work, I thought as I started up the car and began to drive away. I happened to look to the left as I began to drive and saw Sunny standing at the bay window looking onto the street. She was waving goodbye and when the car began to move, she flashed me by pulling up her shirt, giving me an unobstructed view of her twin treasures. Instant hardon!

We met at Renaldo’s the next day as scheduled. Sunny greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I remarked about my going away present the day before. “I thought you might enjoy that,” she said. “I don’t know what came over me. I just felt like flashing you. I hope none of the neighbors saw me.”

“I loved it. No one has ever flashed me before. It was wonderful.”

I looked Sunny over and she was looking very good. Tight blue jeans again and a thin almost see through v-neck t-shirt, with no bra. Her boobs stood right up with little sag, which is amazing considering their volume. When she sat down, Sunny kind of slumped a little in her chair which gave me a nice view of her boobs while looking down the v-neck. They were all I imagined them to be.

The waiter came over and took our order. A burger and fries for her and I selected a Reuben. She had a Coke and I opted for iced tea. We sat back and chatted a bit while waiting for our lunch to be served.

“I hope I’m not being too obvious with you,” Sunny said.

“What do you mean by obvious,” I wondered.

“I feel like my pursuit of you has been pretty obvious. I mean I don’t just flash my tits at cars in general as they pass my window. I’ve been trying to get your attention. How am I doing?”

“Great, so far. Go on.”

“Well, I told you the other day I don’t often go for guys my own age. They’re just too childish. I want somebody who is pendik escort already a man, not some kid I have to mold into one. When you came to the house when we were burglarized, I was interested immediately. With the hours I work, I am looking more for a lover than a boyfriend. I have one opening. Are you interested in filling the position?”

“Maybe.” Now it was my turn to toy with her a little. “What are the requirements of the job and what about the benefits?”

Sunny grinned and as she began to speak, our lunch arrived. We took a few minutes off from our conversation to prepare to eat. Sunny salted her fries and poured a small blot of ketchup on her burger. I just started to eat. When we were half done, I returned her focus to the previous question.

“So, what would I have to do as your lover?”

“Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be anything you wouldn’t enjoy. I need somebody grown up to talk to about life and life’s choices; somebody to have breakfast with or lunch. I don’t want to be with somebody who’s going to be jealous every time I look at or talk to another man. I need somebody to bring me flowers when I’m not expecting them. And, maybe most of all, I need somebody to fuck me really hard two or three times a week. Think you can handle that?”

“I’m just the guy who can. You’ve got yourself a lover, Sunny.”

“Good, let’s get together tomorrow for our first fuck,” she said matter-of-factly.

When we finished our lunch, I paid the bill and we walked to Sunny’s car where I kissed her passionately before reaching under her shirt for a feel of her monsters. They were sensational. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. She got in her car and started it up. She drove away quickly and I pondered the sheer pleasure of being with her. She may yet be a kid, but, in many ways, she was every bit the woman.

One of the other cops lived just over the municipal border and often allowed me to use his apartment when the need arose. I gave Sunny the address and told her to meet me there the next day at noon. If she was on time, it would give us a full hour to play.

The next day I told the boss I needed some lost time around noon time. He said okay and admonished me to keep my radio handy in case there was an emergency. I left the office about fifteen minutes early, driving my own car. Driving down the street on the way to Rick’s place, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Sunny following me. We pulled into Rick’s driveway and walked to his apartment hand-in-hand.

Sunny took a couple of minutes to familiarize herself with the place. I turned on the stereo and left the station right where it was when I heard Sinatra’s voice. I sat on the couch and waited for Sunny to join me, which she did just a few seconds later. We listened to the music for a couple of minutes as we talked. Then I decided that the moment had arrived. I pulled Sunny to me and kissed her. Our tongues dueled as our passions rose. I gently pushed her to get her horizontal on the couch, then lay beside her with my left arm around her shoulder. We continued kissing when I took advantage of the opportunity to explore her very ripe body. For some reason, Sunny chose this occasion to wear a bra in my presence for the very first time. I reached under her top and quickly unhooked it. Then I clumsily removed it the rest of the way. Next, the top came off, as did my shirt. I took my first up close look at her boobs and they were truly a wonder. Large, yet firm. Still, they were soft and responded with their own special kind of female erection when I caressed the nipples or sucked on them. They were a feast for the eyes and a delight to the touch. To think that here I was with this little sweetheart half-naked in my arms and the rest of the cops had to satisfy themselves with just driving by and waving to her.

I started to unbuckle her pants and she grabbed my wrist, stopping me. I thought I had done something wrong. “I just got my period an hour ago and it’s pretty messy down there. Why don’t we just make today be your day? We have all the time in the world for me.”

“Damn,” I said out loud. “Just my luck.”

“Don’t worry, we can do it another time. Now let’s get those jeans undone, fella.”

You had to love the way this kid handled the situation. She just accepted what was, and moved on. I opened my jeans and pulled down the zipper. Sunny nearly dove into the opening of my boxers with her hand and pulled out my rock hard cock. I remember thinking that my cock had been hard for nearly twenty four consecutive hours in anticipation of this very moment.

“Ooh, I like it,” Sunny swooned. “Nice and hard. Perfect size and smoothe as a baby’s ass. I knew you would have a cock with personality and dignity.”

Somehow, I never thought of a cock having kaynarca escort dignity, but if mine made Sunny happy, that was all I cared about. She set out grasping the cock right where the head meets the shaft, her hand almost surrounding the circumference. She got all excited and told me to lie on my back while she got off the couch and sat next to it, stroking my dick. I had a great view of her incredible boobs as she continued stroking me. I reached over and touched them; kneading them and gently caressing the three inch nipples. I enjoyed watching her face as she jerked me off; sometimes with a serious look, sometimes quizzical and sometimes lustful. It was at once something she loved to do while seeming to be the first time she had ever touched a hard cock. This girl was a definite paradox.

Sunny knew just how to please a man-or, at least, this man. She brought me to the edge of orgasm a half dozen times before backing me off to the valley where I wanted more and more. Eventually, though, I knew there was a point from which there could be no backing off and she was rapidly approaching it.

“I think you better stop for a minute, Sunny, and find a paper towel. I’m gonna give you some pretty sticky fingers in a minute and you’re gonna need something to handle the clean up.”

“Forget about the sticky fingers,” she said. “How ‘bout some sticky lips. No clean up required.”

This was too good to be true.

“Just close your eyes and let me do my thing, big boy. I’m gonna give you something for your memory book.”

She rose to her knees and pushed her tits into my side as she made my cock disappear into her mouth. She worked my balls with one hand while holding my hand with the other. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat as she worked me over. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere and her teeth no where. This girl was born to suck cock. She bobbed up and down enthusiastically for several minutes while the intensity built up in my cock and balls. She created a rhythm that added to the thrill. Sunny sensed the moment had arrived and she went into high gear.

“I’m gonna cum and soon,” I warned her.

She just went into warp speed to make it all happen and happen it did. All the power and energy I could muster built up in my balls and exploded into my cock as I began to cum. Sunny never broke stride. She just kept on sucking, drawing out my cum with every stroke of her tongue and lips. I shot my load in what seemed like ten or twelve spasms of pleasure. She took every drop. She never stopped sucking until I stopped her. Then, she took my cock in her hand and squeezed off another drop of cum, which appeared on my cock head a millisecond before she flicked it into her mouth with her tongue. She lay the top of her body across my midsection, smothering me with her massive mounds. She faced my cock and took it into her hand once more. She was actually examining it. She took my balls in her hand and sort of rolled them as she watched.

“I love your cock and your balls,” she told me. “They have such power but I bring them tranquility.”

“That you do, my dear. And they have never been more tranquil than they are at this moment.” The truth was, my balls actually ached a bit from their recent activity. But, it wasn’t painful; just a bit of after glow from the pleasure.

“Do we have time for you to get off again,” Sunny asked.

I looked at my watch. It was one fifteen and I was already late.

“Sorry, but I have to go. I’m late getting back.”

“How about giving me five minutes? I just want to try something before we go.”

“Okay, five minutes.”

Sunny told me to sit upright on the couch. She got between my legs and started sucking my flaccid cock.

“What exactly are you doing?,” I asked.

“I just wanted to see if I could get it hard again before we go. I love to feel it start out soft and get hard as I suck it.”

“Scientific research, eh? Who am I to deny you your experiment, Dr. Sunny. You might win a Nobel Prize someday and I can say I knew you when…”

She went right back to sucking, resting her tits on my thighs and wouldn’t you know it, my cock was hard again in just several minutes.

“Okay, the five minutes are up. Put that thing back in your pants and think of me whenever it gets uncomfortable. Ha Ha!”

We got dressed and I headed back to headquarters. She went home to prepare for work. My first experience with Sunny was over and it was a beauty. I couldn’t stop thinking about her the rest of the day.

Sunny was many things to me over the next two years: she was a friend, a lover, somebody I could tell my secrets to, somebody I could spoil and somebody I met often for coffee or a drink. Then, she changed jobs and began working much closer to home. Unfortunately, as she got a bit older she had less need for a lover and more need for a boyfriend and eventually, a husband. So, I was phased out as she found a replacement for me and married him. But, for the time it lasted, Sunny was, indeed, a ray of sunshine in my life. I will never forget her.

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