Stepdaddy Makes Me Jealous

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“No.” He says clenching his jaw, looking at me with angry eyes.

“Please daddy, I beg you just look at me, touch me!” I say caressing myself starting up, from my medium sized boobies, slowly going down towards my clean shaven pussy.

I am wearing a tight white summer dress, my hardened nipples clearly visible underneath the thin fabric.

I can feel my clit throbbing, my knees are weak and my throat dry.

Phil was the CEO of the company my mother worked for, I would often see him at the Christmas parties the company organised and I always had a crush on him. My heart broke in thousands of pieces when he proposed to my mom after six months of dating. We were on his yacht in southern Italy, he even asked my permission before popping the question. I was thirteen at the time, I said yes just because I thought that would keep him closer to me. Now five years have past and not a single day goes by in which I see him lovingly kissing my mother that I don’t regret my decision.

“Lucy, please go to your room right now. You have clearly drunk too much and you don’t realise what’s coming out of your mouth. Tomorrow you will regret this and we’ll need to have an incredibly awkward conversation.” His tone is angry but his green eyes tell me something else.

God he is so handsome, he is fortytwo years old, young looking face but a few grey hairs have started to show at the sides of his head,the rest was still dark brown.

I lick my lips as I look up and down his brawny body, he is wearing a white shirt left unbuttoned from the chest up, kaki throwers that perfectly show his defined butt.

He grabs my wrist with his strong hands to stop me from caressing myself but the sudden contact of our skin makes me moan rolling my eyes back.

“I am not drunk I have taken only one shot of vodka to have a bit of liquid courage, I have always wanted you. I touch myself every night thinking about you and I have done it since I learned how to do it. If you’d let me show you how wet I am for you. I’d do anything you want me to” I say, taking a step closer to him so that our bodies are now almost touchingly.

“Lucy baby, you can’t say those things please just go to your room, if your mother hears you she will Denizli Escort have a fit” to the mention of her I get angry, she is not even here and she ruins things anyway!

“She in Puerto Rico for fuck’s sake Phil. It’s my birthday, tomorrow it’s yours and she decided it was the perfect time to go on a girls trip! I am here I am telling you that I love you that I want to give you my virginity and be yours. Whatever she does for you I can do too, and I can learn whatever you need me to learn.” Before I think too much about it I try and kiss him but he is faster and turns me around crossing my arms on my front, lifting me from the floor and carrying me towards my room. Once we are in my room he pushes me onto the bed and I smile wide. But instead of taking my dress off he turns me around again so that I lay on my stomach and he spanks me once, really hard, making my eyes water.

He storms out of the room, without giving me a chance to react. I am too tired to fight again tonight so I decide to go to sleep.

In the morning, I hear him going downstairs so I quickly change in some yoga pants and a crop top and go meet him in the kitchen.

“Good morning Lucy, do you have a hangover?” He says with a smug smile.

“No daddy, as I told you last night, I was not drunk. I just want you, I always have.” I say hoping he can hear my need for him.

“Oh baby, I think you are confused. Probably all sort of hormones going through your brain at the moment. Perhaps it’s time you spend some time with your dad. It will be nice to go to New York for a little a while and then once things are a bit more clear you can come back to London. I won’t mention this to anybody so you don’t have to worry about it.” His words cut deep inside of me, almost losing hope, I look down in shame and that’s when I realised what he has been trying to cover since I came down stairs. He has a massive erection and judging by how he is slight bend over it must be quite uncomfortable.

The direct approach is not working out well for me, thereforeI decide to make him want me rather than throw myself at him.

“Oh daddy I am sorry please don’t send me away, in a few days mum will come home from her trip. I’ll be good, Denizli Escort Bayan when she returns, I will be out with Matt so that you two can have your own time and I promise I will be on my best behaviour.” Already forming a plan in my head.

He doesn’t say anything, instead I see him turning his back at me looking very busy making breakfast.

In the next few days, I am on my best behaviour. I barely speak to him but I make sure to always look pretty. Whenever he goes to take a shower, I wait a few minutes and then I spy on him from the keyhole. He likes to pleasure himself in the shower, but I can’t see much from there. I am always left wet, panting and wanting more. When he is done I run to my room, leaving the door ajar, in the hopes that he will come for me. I normally like to keep my legs closed when I touch myself but if he looks at me I need to give him a proper show. I spread my legs wide and caress my clit, ever so slightly. I think about Phil kissing my body, touching me, loving me.

The day mum gets back is the worse.

Phil goes to pick her up from the airport. We have dinner together, the whole time they are kissing and caressing each other. I think he is doing it to teach me a lesson. I am getting so jealous, why can’t he see that he is hurting me?

I can’t take it anymore, as I promised him I’ll go out with Matt.

Matt is very sweet he comes to pick me up, we go to see a film and we make out for a little bit. I am just not getting horny, no matter how hard I try. I can’t bring myself to go further. I ask him to take me home and he does.

As I walk in the house, I hear moaning from upstairs. I know I shouldn’t but my body has a mind of its own, I suddenly find myself right in front of my mum’s and Phil’s room. The door is mostly open, Phil is sitting at the edge of the bed facing the bedroom door, mum is straddling him facing the other way. With tears in my eyes, I lift my dress up, touching my soaking pussy, trying to hide my body but still have full view of what is happening in the bedroom.

Phil has one has wrapped in mum’s hair and the other hand is between their bodies, probably stimulating her clit. She is riding him like there is no tomorrow Escort Denizli and I am ashamed to admit that I probably don’t have the stamina to do that for him.

They are both moaning now. Phil lets go of her hair and slaps her ass, hard. It makes me think of when he sparked me the other day.

– “Oh GOD, Phil I am going to cum!”

– “Me too baby, me too.”

– “Really? Is it really happening?”

– “Yes, now shut the fuck up and cum on my cock you little whore.”

The both cum and as mum collapses in the bed Phil gets up blocking her view and goes towards the door. As quickly and as I quietly as possible I run to my room. I am not even halfway there when I hear their door locking.

They both came but I didn’t. Half and hour passes by and I am still in bed trying to digest what happened when I hear my door opening. It’s pitch black in my room so I am not sure who it is.

Suddenly the room gets filled with light. It’s Phil, with only underwear on. I can see he is hard, really hard.

At first he doesn’t say anything. He just stares at me. He then takes the covers of my body and slowly but roughly punches my nipples. I moan loudly, he puts a hand over my mouth. “No, no, no baby. You need be quiet your mum is sleeping now. I saw you watching us, if you want to suck my cock so badly then this is your chance. Let me fuck your mouth while your mum’s pussy juices are all over it.”

I don’t want to think of them together anymore but maybe if I show him how good it can be with me then he will leave her. With tears in my eyes I start sucking him off and I hate myself because I have been so horny and my pussy is begging for release. His cock is majestic, long, thick and veiny. His head so smooth but bright read. I can see pussy juices dried up on the shaft, it grosses me up but this is my chance and I won’t waist it.

-“You want to be my cum dumpster? That’s what you are going to be. You are not allowed to touch yourself tonight. This is for my pleasure only”.

He grabs my hair and pulls me back, as he fits his cock, slapping it twice on my cheeks before hot strings of cum cover my face.

— “You can lick it off but you can’t wash your face. I’ll know if you do.”

He then puts his cock back into his boxer briefs and leaves my room.

At this point I am sobbing out of frustration for not being able to cum. My my thumb, I take a big dollop of cum, and I suck his precious seed. Crying myself to sleep while keeping the taste of him in my mouth.

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