The White Skirt

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The lady in a white skirt, a little chubby in the ass and legs and arms, bent down to catch a piece of paper blowing by in her yard. She was 45 years old.

A man, her neighbor, was working in her garage, trying to get her lawnmower started.

It seemed hopeless. The cord was not pulling correctly, and the machine only gave off short huffs.

He turned to watch her in her driveway, as she bent yet again to pick up a leaf or a twig. She had a kind of high-heeled cork sandals on, which seemed to unsteady her a bit. As he was about to get back to the mower, he saw her bend a bit more, and this was the first time that he saw her ass cheeks, and the soft, clinging middle of her covered pussy.


The man had come over more often of late. He had initially seen her in her upstairs window, late at night, as she was getting ready for bed. He could only make out the barest of outlines, but he would see more of her when she opened the windows on hotter nights.

He would stand in his kitchen for a short time, watching her. After a period, he would leave the room and go upstairs to masturbate his hard cock, thinking of her.


At one early visit, he asked himself in, to see her place for the first time. She asked him about various things around the house that needed fixing. He remarked on how nice the wood floors looked, and she said that they had just been done. The man asked her how she kept them so shiny. She got excited by this, strangely, and went to get something from a nearby closet. He stood on the landing of the stairs to the second level, waiting for her. She came back with a wood finisher and a white rag.

She konak escort was in her white skirt on this occasion as well. Her hips were a bit broad, and she had a little fat on her stomach and legs. She bent forward toward the steps and showed the man how she kept the stairs and wood looking so good. She stood a bit adjacent to him, but not completely, as one of her legs brushed up on the side and then the middle of his leg. His cock rose in his pants, hardening. He had images of placing his hand on her ass, squeezing it, and pulling her over to the middle of his torso. He wanted to shove his cock in her pussy, and fuck her right on the steps. But he held himself back. She continued to move on the steps for a bit, and brushed against his erect cock once or twice, but he did nothing in return.


As he checked the lawnmower’s throttle and blade, he began to see more and more of her ass showing. She had very white skin, he noticed. He got up from the mower and told her he’d have to go the hardware store for parts. She told him that she would pay for anything he needed. She smiled in a mischievous way, not completely understandable to the man.

When the man returned from the store, he found that she had gone inside. He spoke with her through the window. She leaned toward him as she spoke, and he saw her ample breasts undraped from her white halter top. She told him to come inside when he was done, so that she could pay him. He agreed.

One half-hour later, the man knocked on the door and walked in, calling her name. She appeared at the top of her stairs, and smiled.

“Come on up”, she güzelbahçe escort said. “I’ll go get your money.”

The man walked up the stairs, and followed her into her living room.

She said, “Take a seat for a second. My purse is upstairs.”

Sitting, the man looked around the room at her various belongings. There were ferns, books, a few photographs, and a very loud television. He moved to turn it down with the remote on her table.

She arrived with her purse, sat next to him on the coach, and began talking in generalities about the upkeep on the house, the weather, and her sunburn. She pulled back a part of her halter to show him the mark. He leaned forward and touched it softly, mentioning it looked like it hurt. She grew flustered and continued pulling money out of her purse.

He looked at the side of her leg and noticed that her skirt had hiked up considerably. He stared at it, as he waited for her to finish. He looked up and caught her looking at him looking at her leg. She said, “Oh, don’t look at my legs. I need to lose some weight. They are awful looking.”

The man said, “No, no, not at all.”

She put her hand on her leg and pulled a little bit of skin between them, saying, “See there, feel this, feel how much weight I’ve put on.”

The man did. He put his hand on the side of leg and rubbed her skin, with a little hesitation. She moved slightly, with her purse on her lap. His cock was driving into his zipper, as it hardened. He daringly moved his hand over the top of her exposed thigh, and rubbed there as well. Her tight skirt dug in at the top.

She gaziemir escort became nervous, and got up quickly, leaving the money on the table. She went over to the kitchen table, placed her purse on it, and caused some papers to come off the table. She bent down to get the papers, but there more than a few that fell. The man rose from the couch to help her. He loomed over her, as she was on her knees picking them all up.

“Let me help you,” he said. He bent down to the floor near her, and began grabbing the paper. She slid her ass near to him as she did the same.

He reached behind him and felt her skirt, her panties. He rubbed her, moving his hand between her legs. She made a little moan, and stayed in the same place.

He moved to the side of her, and then behind her. She bent forward, leaning on her elbows. She looked over her right shoulder and said, “I need your cock. I want you to shove it up my pussy.”

He unbuttoned his jeans, pushed them down, as she grabbed for his prick. She stroked it from between her legs. He pushed her panties aside, saw the furry pink opening, a bit wet from arousal. She pushed two of her fingers into her cunt, slowly. Then she added another. She picked up her speed as well, driving and driving her fingers into herself.

He couldn’t take it anymore, and moved her damp hand out of her cunt. He slid his thick cock into her meaty hole, fucking her deeply. She began sucking her fingers, as he slid deeper into her. Her mouth covered her fingers down to their knuckles. She shoved her fingers deeper into her mouth, sucking them, as her lips glistened.

He pumped her again and again, asking her if she wanted another cock in her mouth, and she sucked greedily on her fingers. She moaned, “Umm, Yes”, between sucks.

As she said this, he pulled his cock out of her, and shot warm cum on the top of her ass. It slid down into her crack, trickling. She put her hand between her legs and felt for its drippings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32