Stairwell in London

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It was an optional trip to London for our class but with some other students in the course joining as well. There were like 8 or 10 of us who went. We started in the morning and went around some of the sights. We had a long lunch at the pub and some drinks. We still went around some more places after lunch and then we sort of went on our own after the last sight and simply agreed to meet again at a later time so we could all go back home together.

I met him at a coffee shop towards mid-afternoon. He was in a group like ours and there was light banter between our group and theirs. He also sat beside me after a while and I found out that he was studying arts at some uni in London.

When our group started to move again, some from their group joined us. And we walked the streets of London. Although I chatted with most of the others while walking, it was with him that I spent most of the time that afternoon. At some point, we were trailing behind the group while we talked and walked.

We came upon a door on the street we were walking on and to my surprise, ankara escort bayanlar he opened it and said, “We should go in.”

Being curious, I went inside with him.

It was just a hallway with stairs going up three stories.

Then he suddenly pinned me to the side of the staircase and kissed me.

His hands groped me all over and I was left gasping.

Then he whispered to me in a hoarse but excited voice, “I can’t wait to fuck you, Vera.”

I touched the hard bulge in his pants and nodded.

He then quickly pulled down my jeans and panties in one swift move.

He pushed down his pants as well, took out his cock, lifted me up and just shoved his cock into my cunt. I was already very wet from the excitement and his cock just glided in so easily.

I moaned and shut my eyes.

I held on to the bars on the side of the staircase so I could lift my body up and down his cock as he fucked me standing up.

His cock went deep inside my cunt and I was so hot with the way he fucked me.

I could see he was equally ankara esmer escortlar excited with his quick pumping into my cunt. This made me much hornier and wetter and really gave me more pleasure.

When I felt my orgasm nearing, I just tilted my head upwards.

And that’s when I saw them.

Two guys at the top of the stairwell watching us.

I got confused a bit and wanted to tell the guy to stop as some guys were watching us but felt I was very near orgasm so I just let myself get fucked.

I orgasmed looking at those two guys watching me squirm. I was a bit noisy as I orgasmed and they heard it all easily from their floor.

The guy fucking me came as well. And he let me down.

He looked up by then as the guys upstairs said, “Why don’t you bring her up!”

He looked at me and I nodded. We went up.

We entered a lounge area in one of the doors at the top of the stairwell.

There they undressed me fully and took turns fucking me.

I was laid out on the couch and on the rug on the floor sincan grup yapan escortlar as they ate me, sucked on my breasts and fucked my cunt and mouth with their very hard cocks.

All three of them were all over me all the time. They just kept pumping their cocks in my cunt and mouth the entire time I was there. They had their orgasms but they still kept on fucking me.

I was moaning and panting the entire time that they ravaged my body.

They kept calling me a cunt and a slut and they also kept asking, “Do you like what we’re cunt?” or “Are you enjoying our cocks slut?”

I just nodded my head as my mouth has a cock in it all the time.

I lost count of my orgasms.

They also took turns eating me because they asked, “Do you like your cunt eaten, slut?”

And I breathlessly answered, “Yes!”

They ate me after my orgasm from a cock so my body trembled and shook as my orgasm from being eaten came.

I showered after they were done with me. Someone lent me a towel.

The guy I met first took me to the train station.

There, I met some of the group from my uni and together, we rode the train back home.

Am not even sure now if even I asked the names of the three guys. I can only remember the way they fucked me and how glorious and satisfying my last orgasm was after they ate my cunt hungrily.

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