Playground Playmates

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He watched the bubbles spiraling upwards in the tulip glass, then pressed it to his lips and filled his mouth. The Laurent Perrier exploded in a thousand mingled flavors as it bathed his tongue.

“Can it possibly be three years?” he thought to himself.

Three years, meeting every other month, would be eighteen encounters like the one that was to follow this evening. All told, there were eighteen delicious, decadent experiences with this wonderful woman. She was his escape for what would other wise have been and ordinary life.

Each encounter escalated in intensity, each one more exhilarating, and each one more intimate than the one before. He sipped at his glass again and began to enjoy a mental slide show when the door to the bedroom opened and she walked into the room.

He could feel his face flush as she padded across the thick carpet towards him. The look on her face could best be described as playful, but with an obvious undercurrent of passion and excitement. He could feel his cock begin to swell at the sight of her.

Her long legs were cloaked in light opaque colored thigh high stockings. Her legs flickered with a slight luminescence when the light hit them just so. Her bra was a demi-cup that cradled her breasts upwards. This insured that her nipples and the top half of her areola would be exposed. The jiggling of her breast flesh as she walked inflamed him as always, and he enjoyed the display for a moment before his eyes moved slowly down her body.

Other than the hose and the bra, she remained naked. Although light in color, the hair between her thighs was full and almost the same color of her hair, a cross between strawberry blonde and a light red, and the notch at the top of her sex clearly visible and enticing.

She reached to pick up her own glass of champagne, her breasts almost tumbling free from the bra as she did, then sat at the edge of the sofa across from him. Her eyes sparkled. “You like?”

His excitement became obvious when his voice cracked slightly, “Good God! Yes baby. Now you’ve done your job, it’s time for mine!” He closed the distance between them, bent to kiss her, and then slowly dropped to his knees.

Slowly, as if to prolong the pleasure, he spread her thighs apart. He noticed the slight reflection of her moisture as he reached into his trouser pocket.

Long ago they had discovered there are many uses for a moustache trimmer other than those displayed on the box it came in. A wanton look spread across her face as she lay back, took another sip from her glass, and watched him as he went about his work. With near professional precision he traced the outline of her pubis, as if marking the boundary between innocent flesh and the object of his desire.

Satisfied with the first phase, he began running the trimmer across first her mound, then the puffy curves of her already swelling lips. He brushed the silken hair at the top of her slit upwards so it could receive equal attention, and when he was satisfied with his work, turned the razor off and set it on the cocktail table at the end of the sofa.

Wordlessly, he lifted her to standing and reached into his other trouser pocket. His hand returned to view, a coil of gold captured in his palm. She slowly closed her eyes and opened her arms to allow his access, one hand still holding the bubbling liquid.

He nuzzled the end of one bra cup down, exposing the whole of her nipple, then using his lips and teeth, brought it from partial to full attention. He continued to nurse on her as his hands toyed with the strand of gold. At each end was a silver clasped slipknot. He opened it just enough to slide down the length of her nipple, then pulled it taught. She gasped as she felt the pressure, not from pain, but from arousal. She took her free hand and stroked the back of his head as he repeated the procedure on her other breast.

“Sugar, you look so fucking hot! You ready for the final touch?”

Her face was in full flush. She nodded her consent. Slowly, she turned to place the glass on the table next to the trimmer. Deliberately she turned so that her body forced him to view her from the rear. She climbed on her knees up onto the sofa and rested her face on the bolstered back. Her hands slowly reached back, caressed her hips for but a second, moved lower to capture the fullness of her buttocks and slowly spread herself for him.

He could feel his cock twitch in his trousers as the alabaster globes parted to reveal the dark treasure hidden between them. His hands trembled slightly as he squirted some lubricant onto his finger and began to massage it into the wrinkled skin of this most erotic portal.

He could hear her breathing change, becoming deeper and more frequent, as he gently slid first one, then two fingers inside the tight opening. It always amazed him how tight she was, how strongly she gripped him there. Then he slowly, almost apologetically removed the fingers, leaving her agape for the briefest of seconds as he applied lubricant to the plastic erotik film izle plug. He kissed his way down her back, across the swell of her hips, then lapped at the top of her ass cleft as he gently pressed the tapered tip of the instrument into her opening.

Accepting, eager, she pressed outwards from somewhere deep inside, relaxing the restriction of her muscular ring and easing the entry. The probe quickly slipped inside her. She was forced to stretch to her widest width. Her anal ring pulsated as it gripped down on the narrow base. She rose slowly and turned to him, her look a combination of angel and slut, of fear and desire, and of apprehension and surrender.

They kissed deeply and she put one hand on his chest as if only by pressing herself away could she leave him, even if only temporarily. She wiggled her ass at him and looked over her shoulder with a mischievous smile, “Let me throw on something fit for public. Let’s get the hell out of here!”

She reviewed her own reflection in the full-length mirror with a critical eye. She wanted to please him! She wanted him to look at her from across any room and experience the same lust for her as she had for him.

Her dress was a simple black sheath that clung to her like a glove. From the hemline to mid-calf was a slit that revealed her well-defined dancer’s legs. She traced her body with her fingertips and experienced the thrill of anticipation of things to come this evening.

When she stepped into the living room he was standing on the balcony with his back to her. He was unaware of her presence. This allowed her the pleasure of watching him from a distance. He was so handsome in his black turtleneck sweater and tweed jacket. His sliver hair shimmered from the light of the moon. As she walked towards him, she was suddenly overcome with a degree of sexual arousal that was foreign to her.

The plug filled her so intimately and massaged her anus, with each step creating involuntary contractions that rippled throughout her dark cavern. Her inner walls clung to this gift he had so lovingly placed inside her and caressed this tool as an extension of her lover. Her vaginal walls began to moisten; so delicious was the pleasure produced by each step she took. Her nipples were now in a full state of arousal from the pressure and tug of the delicate gold braid.

She wondered how she could possibly make it through this night without screaming out for the entire world to know that she and this wonderful man were playing such a secret game!

She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace. “I’m ready if you are baby.” She whispered as her tongue traced his earlobe.

Through his trousers she could feel the evidence of his manhood bulge. He was wearing the silver cock-ring that she had presented as her memento to remind him always of this day. The metal ring held his testicles in full bloom. His erection was hard and elongated and very evident even fully clothed.

“Is this for me?” she teased.

He turned and pulled her into his arms where they exchange a passion filled kiss while his own hand sought to feel the base of the artificial cock that filled her ass. “Think of this as me within you all night!”

“Ready to play?” He was a skillful driver and maneuvered the car into the traffic congestion with ease. “I want you to check you inhibitions at the door!”

“Where are we going?”

“Patience, Sugar, you’re really going to like the place! I promise!”

Less than twenty minutes later, they were parked outside of a nondescript building with an almost obscure sign that said, THE PLAYGROUND. He came to her side of the car and took her hand to help her exit the car.

“Make them all drool doll!” he said as he impishly pinched her buttocks.

She smiled at him with a devilish grin. “I want you to walk behind me and watch my ass and try to imagine what this feels like! And, oh yes, these are for you” she winked as she handed him her delicate panties. “I wore them long enough so you can smell me when you miss me!”

With a swish and sway to her walk she taunted him. His eyes were glued to her! She could feel his desire burn through the small distance that separated them. He caught up with her just before they reached the door.

Once inside she was tantalized by all that she saw for this was no ordinary playground. Each of her senses was immediately accentuated! This was a haven for hedonistic desire.

Music permeated her with a beat of wild tribal proportions. All around her couples were dressed for seduction, heat radiated from them, mirrors reflected light from their jewelry, dresses and the glimmer of sexual tension in all of their eyes.

Only the first minute had past and already she was held a willing captive to this environment. She squeezed his hand, “You really did it this time, Charles! I love it!”

The crowded dance floor was the object of her attention. She led him by the hand as her body surrendered to the music. As though in a hypnotic film izle trance she began to respond to the rhythms. He followed her willingly even though he did not much enjoy dancing, but he did so enjoy watching her dance. Tonight he knew she would dance like she had never danced before.

Television screens hung around the lounge playing a different drama on each. Every imaginable sexual deed was portrayed as the playground continued to fill with new faces and new potential playmates.

“Let’s get a drink.” He guided her to a small table in the corner where she would be offered an unobstructed view of the landscape.

He stepped behind her just as she was about to be seated and slipped his fingers beneath the hem of her dress. The leather felt cool to her naked buttocks; but the padding was not soft and offered no cushioning for the plug. Pride prevented her from even flinching. She took that seat with a royal flair.

His hand kneaded her neck and shoulders as he directed her attention to a couple on the dance floor. “Keep an eye on those two, Sugar. Watch the heat between them! We might want to catch some of that action!”

The woman was slight in build with natural blonde hair. She danced around her mate, tempting him, rubbing against him, enticing him to respond to her! As though bewitched by a spell cast by her movements he began to roll her blouse upward. So she danced there bare breasted with an illuminate smile.

“Charles, I am so wet! I am not going to be able to leave this chair!” He laughed at her and smiled with a mocking grin.

“Yes, you will! Come on, time to dance again!” He left her no choice, dance she would!

He managed to position them so they danced beside the beautiful blonde nymph. Her eyes were like flames. She turned to Charles and stepped between them becoming his partner. “What’s your name?” His eyes drilled into hers. His voice was deep and dripping with thick “honey coated” sexuality. His fingertips brushed lightly over her nubs. She grinned broadly without missing a beat of the music.

“Charlotte.” She responded and twirled about to face his woman. Charlotte wrapped one arm around Sugar’s waist and pulled her closer. She slid her body up and down, thrusting her pelvis forward, and grinding her feminine mound against first Charles and then his lady. Her bare breasts were aglow in sweat. Charlotte laughed coyly as she stretched upward on her toes and locked her lips in a deep kiss with Sugar’s sweet lips. Both women danced to the music they now orchestrated. Charles was delighted to watch his lady in such a confused state of mind. Her face flushed with surprise, desire, and a hint of embarrassment. She was obviously stunned by the action. Yet. she returned the kiss as though it was the most natural of acts.

Charlotte’s hand squeezed Sugar’s buttocks, and her hand then sought the tender nipples. “I’d like to kiss these too!” On and on the two women danced oblivious to all others.

Oh that music! Shamelessly her body undulated with the beat, she danced as she visualized Charles fucking her when they got back to the hotel.

Charlotte sensed that the time was now and dropped to her knees and lifted the black dress. Their eyes were glued to the others. Charlotte’s sweet tongue flickered across the freshly trimmed mound and then darted forwarded. Her juices were already flowing! One hand held her buttocks tightly so that Sugar could not squirm away. Her bud was caressed between Charlotte’s lips. Her knees felt weak and she began to tremble. She did not faint but she could not support herself any longer and she sank to the floor. Both Charles and Charlotte caught her before she made contact with the ground.

No one else stopped dancing! No one else seemed to notice.

Charles led her back to their table and insisted that she drink a glass of water to refresh her once again. He noticed her eyes grow round and large. She was entranced. He followed her gaze over to the bar.

There sitting in all her glory was another blonde woman, her frame was large and her hair was bleached and teased high. Her breasts hung low and were huge and bare. Her legs were spread wide and hung over the shoulders of one of the players. Her jeans were around her ankles. His face was buried deep into her cunt curls. She humped against his face and howled as she reached orgasm. He licked his way up her torso. Then he wiped his mouth on a napkin and drained a new bottle of beer in one continuous gulp.

“Anything goes” seemed to be the code of this establishment, provided it was consensual. And, they had only begun to explore all there was to offer.

“You have ‘fuck me’ written all over your face.” Charles had slipped his hand between the leather cushion and her flesh. His index finger manipulated the embedded plug. “And, before the evening is over, you are going to be begging me to fuck you in front of all these people.

With a quick nod of his head and a gentle tug on her arm, Sugar stood to follow her man. She glanced back at the stool seks filmi izle where she had just been seated and saw the glistening trail of evidence that marked her escalating state of arousal. Any lingering doubts or insecurities disappeared as Sugar cupped her hand around his cock and squeezed tightly.

“I want this!” Her voice was deep and sexy.

Charles smiled. “When the time is right, you’re going to have to beg me to plunge this inside you! I can’t wait to see what hole you choose!” His smile of reassurance always kept her on solid ground no matter what height or depth they choose to explore. He pinched her taut nipples and she cried “Ahhh” with unrestrained pleasure.

She loved this man. She’d follow him anywhere. She would do anything to please him.

They were all there for the same reason, a shared commonality, and a mutual penchant for the erotic pleasures life had to offer. They were there to watch and be watched, touch and be touched, fuck and be fucked! There was something for everybody at this Playground.

“Shall we go check out the rest of the place?” He guided her with his hand at the small of her back down a dark mirrored hallway.

Standing in an open doorway was a man wearing a tuxedo tailored to reveal his well-defined pecks and tight buns. The room was a changing area, the last oasis where one shed clothing and any latent inhibitions.

Charles turned Sugar so she faced the lockers and unzipped her dress and leaned his body close into hers. “Take a deep breath, Babe. I’m going to slip this little toy out your luscious ass. I want it available for me!”

She laid her face against the cool metal for support. Her hand sought his hot erection as his fingers gently tugged at the base of the plug that so snugly filled her. The base of the toy stretched her as it began to exit the dark tunnel. Her ring contracted in a series of quick spasms. She sighed softly and closed eyes enjoying the orgasmic ride. Charles kissed the back of her neck and pocketed the toy.

“I want you to fuck me now!” Her was low and sultry. A rivulet of cum crept down her inner thigh.

“NOT YET! You have to beg!”

Wrapped in thick white towels they stood before the two heavy double doors. There was no hesitation! They were here for fun and that was the promise that awaited them on the other side of the door.

Debauchery! There was a sea of naked humanity! Each was engaged in a personal indulgence to satisfy their appetite for sexual pleasure.

Charles scanned the room quickly as he accessed the acts and the actors. Sugar was already swept away by the visions and sounds of passion play. They began to snake their way through the tangle of bodies. He was guiding them to an area where a series of private rooms were available.

They found themselves in a room full of mattresses that were already occupied by several groupings of those already in orgy mode.

Charles and Sugar found a spot against the wall. They had a front row seat to watch the mesh of wet genitals, hungry mouths, writhing bodies and sounds of ecstasy.

Sugar’s fingers were toying with her clit as she watched. Charles sank to his knees and assaulted her with his tongue between her lips. Her cunt has the most delicious flavor! He absolutely loves eating this woman! His tongue bathed her lips and collected every precious drop of juice. His fingers squeezed her ass cheeks, and pressed her legs apart so he had access to tease and toy with her tight pucker. Sugar’s fingers were working furiously.

Charles swirled his tongue around her rapidly swelling clit and pushed the fleshy hood back with his tongue tip. He lapped and stroked that usually hidden sensitive skin beneath the underside. He concentrated on her most responsive spot. She began to moan and thrust her hips into his mouth. She was ready to cum!

Charles fastened his lips over her clit and sucked hard, stretching her little girl cock, and flicking his tongue back and forth over the inflamed tissue. Sugar’s ass clenched, her body shook as orgasm flooded her being.

As she was recovering, Charles moved up her body with a trail of wet kisses and covered her mouth with his own to share her own exquisite flavors. He cradled and cuddled her body next to his. Sugar stroked his cock until it was once again fully awakened.

A spot on the mattresses became open. Sugar led Charles to a reclining position and crawled between his legs and took his thick rigid cock between her lips. Her tits bounced, the nipples hard with the restraints of the gold chord that bound them, as she sucked with true desire.

Charles pulled her upwards and had her impale her cunt on his ready cock. She rode him for a few thrusts before taking charge once again. One of her favorite games is “clit fucking”. She gently removed his cock from her pussy and laid it flat against his belly. She settled her puffy cunt on either side of it and began to hump her hips back and forth with each pass and rubbing her clit across the ridge of his cock head.

Her second orgasm was nearing. Charles reached up and took a tender nipple between his thumbs and forefingers as she continued to fuck herself to climax. She collapsed against his chest and lay there breathing deeply.

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