Spring Break

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Lora shivered in pleasure as she rolled through the pools of sunlight and shade. It was still early morning, and she had left when she had just to get as much time here as she could. Her father had left her the old cottage when he had passed away the year before and she hadn’t had any time to actually come out since. She had had so much to take care of for his funeral and then she had taken a summer school rotation and then it was right back into school work. But she was all caught up with her papers and she had sent her students home with what she hoped was fun homework and she was taking the two weeks of Spring Break off for the first time since she was in her last year of college. She had the top on her car down and the wind streamed through her long hair and she was happy as she rode through the rural Ontario countryside and turned up her Creedence CD a little more.

She didn’t really want to blast the wildlife but something about CCR made her want to turn the volume up. She had spent every summer out here when she was growing up, the only child of a single father, and she missed it the last few years while she was in college. She had come out with her dad the last year of his life, but she had been attending to him in his convalescence and easing him through the last months of terminal cancer. But now she was eager to return to the comfortable place and the warm memories that lived in every part of the little house. She passed through Sault St. Marie at a sedate pace and took in the old buildings and the friendly atmosphere, she waved at a few people she knew and she marveled at how busy the town was. Then she passed out the other side and drove for another two hours before she found the turnoff for the lake house.

It was another half hour out to the house and when she finally stopped the day was warm and the blue sky over the lake was clear and open, without a single cloud. She smiled and stretched before she got out of the car and just walked around. She could see that the place would need some TLC; the gutters were almost ready to harvest, she would have to chase campers out of the thicket that was the front yard, and there were enough fallen branches in the yard to build a guest house out of. The old place needed a coat of paint and some of the cedar shakes had come off of the roof. She sighed and smiled, already loving the idea of the next two weeks here, and this summer after that.

She hugged herself and felt a tear at the idea that her father wouldn’t be there with her. Biting her lip against the familiar grief that she couldn’t seem to shake and didn’t really want to, she turned and looked at the dock that jutted out into the lake. The boat was on blocks and under a tarp in the yard and she’d need help if she wanted to get it down to the water, but the lake itself sparkled invitingly. Smiling she glanced at the shore as she walked down toward the water, kicking her shoes off as she saw how far away the other cabins were. She felt suddenly mischievous and she reached back and unhooked her bra then stripped off her white tank top and the bra and dropped them at the top of the dock before she pushed her cutoffs and panties down her legs and stood bare in the warmth of the spring day. She stretched again, smiling and reveling in the feel of the air on her skin then she took off running down the dock.

She had swum in college for three years and in high school for four years and she was a very strong swimmer. Her long legs propelled her along the dock as fast as she could go and she launched off the end in a graceful arc toward the water. She had enough time in her flight to see the head and shoulders that were jutting out of the water, the shock of dark hair and the eyes as wide as dinner plates as someone floating in the water at the end of the dock watched her dive. She felt suddenly mortified and her body chilled an instant before she hit the cool water and vanished with a splash and a yelp.

* * * * *

Christian had several small jobs that summer, more to keep occupied than anything else. He had enough to live on comfortably with his inheritance from his grandfather and the sale of a few paintings, but he liked to get out and work, so he took odd jobs. He had parked his old pickup in the cul-de-sac in the trees out of sight of the house and gone down to have a look at the dock. David Owens had paid him well in advance to keep the dock in good repair and he took the job seriously, even though David had passed away. Christian’s father Brian had been good friends with David and Christian made sure to take care of the place. He was going to have to come out with his mower and tools later, then get in touch with David’s daughter, who owned the place now and see what she wanted to do with it.

He went around and made note of what work needed to be done after the winter, he cleared the brush away from the boat and chased away the family or raccoons that were trying to nest underneath it, then kaçak bahis siteleri he stripped down to his shorts and walked to the end of the dock. He slipped into the water just as the little Saturn convertible pulled into the driveway. He took a deep breath and dove down to feel around the pilings for any damage caused by the winter freeze. He came up for air and wiped the water from his face and looked up as a shadow crossed over his face. He made eye contact with Lora as she arched over him, bare-ass naked, and he got an eyeful of her graceful body before she vanished into the water with a yelp. He stared at the spot for a long time, waiting for her to resurface and yell at him and he was just starting to build up the courage to dive after her when he heard her voice off to his left.

“Jesus! What the hell are you doing out here?” She said and he turned to answer when she splashed water at him. “Don’t LOOK. Dammit! You scared a year off of my life! Stay facing that way.” He obliged and he heard her climb out of the water and onto the shore. He risked a look and saw her hair slicked down her back, her long legs jogging up toward the cottage and between was the most perfect ass he had ever seen in his life. He caught just a glimpse between her thighs then felt guilty and turned back to the water.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be here today Lora.” He said loudly and he heard a laugh.

“I’d hope not! If I thought you were laying in wait for me I’d be moving a lot faster, I can tell you that.” She said, humour in her voice as she pulled on her tank top and shorts, the fabric getting wet from her skin but covering her. She paused then started back down the dock, her bare feet slapping on the wood softly. “And how do you know my name?” She asked as she reached the end of the dock and looked down at her trespasser. When she saw him she froze, he was gorgeous.

“Because we used to play together all the time.” He said as he treaded water and looked up at her. “I’m Christian Underwood, my dad is Brian. We used to come over every time you were here and you and I would play in the woods and the water.” He said. He hadn’t seen her since she was a gangly thirteen year old, all lanky limbs and knees and elbows, her hair in braids and her clothing more pink and frilly. She had really grown out in the twelve years since.

“Holy shit, Christian Underwoods.” She said with a smirk, remembering the ‘S’ she used to add to his last name to annoy him when they were kids. “What the hell are you doing here?” She asked.

“At the moment, checking the dock for damage and trying not to realize that your shirt is wet enough for me to see through.” He said with a smile and he was rewarded with a sudden intense blush and a ‘meep’ as she covered her chest with her arms and turned away.

“You don’t have to stare, asshole.” She said with a smile and he laughed.

“Fine, next time I won’t say anything.” He said and she shot him a dark look before she started back up the dock.

“Yeah, I remember you alright.” She shot back over her shoulder and he laughed as he went back to his work.

He was just finishing when he heard the drum of her feet, a whoop and a splash as she hit the water again. He turned around in surprise and she grabbed his feet and dragged him under. He was shocked and he struggled to the surface and found himself face to face with her. She was laughing at him, her already beautiful face made angelic by her good humour and he splashed her as ironically as he could manage. She splashed him back and he couldn’t resist her infectious humour anymore. He swam toward her and she backed away playfully, pushing at his chest with one small foot that he was just a little too slow to catch. They spent the next hour or so chasing each other around the water, laughing and dunking each other and trying to tickle one of the loons that came over to inspect the two noisy visitors on the water. The sun was starting to dip toward the horizon as they made their way out of the water and sat on the end of the dock together, feet dangling and they caught up with each other.

She had dressed in a dark blue swimsuit that complemented her bright blue eyes. They were both cool and a little tired and both of them were in a very good mood. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman was the same bratty kid he had known years before and she couldn’t believe that this hot guy was the broody, antisocial kid that had twanged her bra strap and managed to pop the hooks at the same time. They had both grown up and matured and they shared stories about the years since they had seen each other.

“Well…” she started. “I’m a teacher now. Grade two. I have thirty kids that I just adore, a great assistant who knows her stuff and a job I love in a school that…” she thought about the school she worked for and the cuts and changes that she faced on a weekly basis. “…a school that I don’t love. I saw my dad through his last months canlı bahis siteleri and then had to take care of his funeral while some of my cousins went and tried to loot his house. The cops had to be called and it was messy and I came out of it without much family at all by the end of it. But I’m moving on with my life and I’m happy with where I am right now.” She said as she looked out across the light dancing on the water.

“What about you? I heard you went off to some art school in the states. Why are you back here doing yard work and chasing raccoons?” She asked and he smiled.

“I love it out here. I went to art school, just like you heard, then spent five years in New York trying to make a name for myself among a crowd that was raised from birth into art. A hick from the sticks out of an Ontario tourist town didn’t stand a chance. God forbid you aren’t trying to be the next Jackson Pollack. Half of them sell their drop cloths for god’s sake. I painted a tree and they picked it apart and one of them finally bought it just so he could have the pleasure of burning it himself. That was the last straw for me and I came home. I’ve been back for a year or so and I still paint and draw and even sculpt, but I wanted something to keep my hands busy between projects. So I work with my dad. He can’t dive down and check the pilings anymore so I come out for those jobs. It’s good and honest work and I see a lot that I want to paint while I’m out here.” He said and she blushed again.

“Don’t worry; I won’t paint you without your permission.” He said reassuringly, even though he had a few ideas already. She was a good looking woman who begged to be placed on canvas and he almost itched for the chance. “But I love it out here, and can you imagine if my dad had been in the water for your little dive?” He asked and he was rewarded when she coloured again.

The idea of her nude leap in front of Brian Underwood mortified her, he was like an uncle to her and she had the idea that he would have been scandalized. They chatted a bit more and then he stood and helped her to her feet.

“I have to get going, but I’ll be back up tomorrow to mow the grass and beat the thicket back for you. If there’s anything else you need let me know then.” He said and she nodded.

“I’ll have a list for you. The old place needs a lot of work, so I hope you’re available for a while this spring and maybe in the summer too.” She said in her soft voice.

“For you I’ll make sure of it.” He said and they both suddenly realized the way their words could be taken and they turned away, quiet and blushing as they walked up the dock toward the house. They paused there and he helped her move her bags from the car and into the cottage. Inside it was close and dusty and warm and he paused at the door as he was about to leave.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said.

“Tomorrow.” She agreed with a smile

She watched him as he walked down to the boat to get his shirt and shoes before he headed off along the shore toward the cul-de-sac that he was parked in. She sighed and turned back to her cottage and knew that she had to clean before she could sleep. Better to get it done now than to dwell on it all night and she sighed as she got to work.

* * * * *

Christian was there early the next day, backing his truck into the yard next to her little car and moving back to get his tools off of the trailer. He could see the lawn chair down at the end of the dock, the little cooler next to it with cold water and the folded towel and after a minute he saw her sleek form cutting the water as she swam in a broad circle. He watched for a bit then got his machete off of the truck and strapped it to his thigh, got the sickle from the tool box and the swing blade from the trailer and started beating back the brush and the highest weeds. By the time he had finished that and was using the machete to lop off the low branches and chop up the fallen limbs he could feel that he had an audience and he turned to see her standing at the end of the dock, her slim form outlined by the light off of the water on the lake. He raised a hand to wave at her then went back to work. He chopped up the branches for kindling and he was about to get the mower off of his trailer when he heard her voice.

“Care to join me for lunch?” She asked and he smiled at the thought, nodding.

“Sure, what are you hungry for?” He asked and she shrugged.

“I haven’t had a chance to do much shopping yet, but I have some chicken wraps in the fridge, and some cold beer, if you’re thirsty.” She said.

“I’m always thirsty, and that sounds perfect.” He said, sliding the blade back into the sheath at his hip and turning to follow her toward the house.

Inside was as clean as he had ever seen it. She must have been up all night and when he asked she just laughed.

“Then don’t look in the guest room or the perfect illusion will be shattered.” She said yasal bahis siteleri as she handed him a cold beer and opened another for herself.

“Illusions are good.” He said as she took a drink. “What guest bedroom?” She laughed and tossed a wrap at him and he caught it with a smile.

They sat and ate and drank a few beers and caught up a little more. She felt comfortable and relaxed and before they knew it an hour had passed. He got up to get back to work and she went down to the dock to relax in the sun for a while. He watched her walk and sighed. She was dressed in a little gold two-piece that gave a great view of her flat abs and her long legs and that perfect ass that he couldn’t stop staring at. He shook his head and got the mower down and started in on the rest of the yard work. Down at the end of the dock Lora untied the back of her bikini top and laid down across her towel to let the sun soak into her skin. She was fairly pale from another long Canadian winter and the warm sun felt good on her skin. She gave it some thought then untied the sides of her bottoms and let the fabric fall between her thighs. She might as well get an even tan. And there in the sun she dozed and enjoyed the warmth.

* * * * *

She wasn’t even aware how much time had passed until she heard a discreet cough and she glanced up to see Christian standing a few feet away, looking very pointedly back at the cottage. She realized her state of undress and quickly straightened her suit out. It was late afternoon and she felt great, rested and refreshed.

“Hey, listen.” He said once she was all covered again. “I’m about to head back for the day. I know that you need groceries and all, and I’m pretty sure you let me eat your dinner, so why don’t I treat you to pizza in town?” He asked and she smiled at that.

“That sounds good, let me get changed. And I want to give you the list that I made up before I forget it again.” She said as they padded toward the house. She was warm and comfortable and glad for the sunblock she had put on before she laid down to tan, otherwise she would have had some sunburns in some uncomfortable places. She had no idea how she was going to tan her front, but she figured there would be a day when she was alone out there and she could manage it. She found the list for Christian and as he looked it over and nodded she went to her room to get changed, not noticing the long look he sent after her. He had a fascination with her and seeing her as he had today had not helped with that in the least.

Her ass especially fascinated him and he had gotten a really good look at it this time. She was shapely and smooth, strong and fit and he was extremely attracted to her. But he had no idea how to broach the subject and he just planned to spend as much time out here as he could and hope that something would present itself eventually. She came out in a loose skirt that swirled around her knees and a tee with the sides cut out on over her bathing suit. Her hair was pulled back in a messy tail and she had on strappy sandals that came up to her knees. She smiled as she pulled a long sleeve shirt up around her waist and tied the arms and he tried his best not to stare… and failed.

“Take a picture, tex, it’ll last longer.” She said with a smug grin then they headed toward the door.

She chose to climb into his truck with him and he unhooked the trailer, as he would need it the next day, and they headed toward the nearby town. It was just a few minutes away by car and she sat with her feet up on the seat before her and the wind streaming in through the window, a smile on her face. They made it into the ‘Main Drag’ as the locals called it and he steered them into a parking lot. It wasn’t a long walk to the nearby pizza place and they passed several people she knew from her time there with her father. They all had a wave and a smile or a hug for her and when they saw she was with him they all quirked eyebrows and hid smiles. She blushed prettily and demurred as they chatted with people and when they got into the pizza place she sighed and shook her head.

“Does anyone around here not think we’re together?” She asked. “I’m sure your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate it.”

“What girlfriend?” He asked as the waiter came over, another local that Lora knew.

“As if he’d let any one woman tie him down.” She said sarcastically. “Hey Lora, how’ve you been?” She asked and the pair shared a hug and a laugh.

“So he’s quite the player is he?” She asked with a smile over at Christian.

“Oh, he’s got some lady from the city that’s up there every other week, dressed all swanky and there’s always some pretty girl asking how to get out to his place.” She shared. “What’ll ya have?” She asked, her pen clicking.

“A beer please.” Lora said, narrowing her eyes at Christian a little.

“Make it a pitcher.” He said with a smile. “And a whole pie, whatever one she wants.”

“Ooo, do you still have that filet mignon pizza?” Lora asked with a grin and the waitress played along.

“For you, hon, we’ll make one. Filet mignon it is.”

“And make it taste like triple pepperoni if you could.” Lora said and the woman laughed as she moved off to fill the order.

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