Lady Gambler Ch. 06

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It was about 2:00 am when I woke up. Rick was still sound asleep. I got off the bed slowly so as not to waken him. Walking to the livingroom, I took a cigarette from my purse, lighting it in the dark. The air conditioner was still humming, keeping the trailer cool. I slipped on a pair of sneakers I’d brought with me, deciding to take a walk out by the corrals. I stepped outside wearing just my panties. The air was much cooler than it had been earlier. The moonlight lit the corrals up bright enough for me to see. As I approached one of the corrals, a few of the horses walked over towards me. They put their heads over the top railing and I petted their foreheads and rubbed their noses. They loved attention. I talked with them like they could understand what I was saying.

I finished my cigarette and headed back towards the trailer. I could hear a coyote, maybe two, howling off in the distance. Their howling sent shivers up my spine. I looked back at the corrals, hoping the horses would be safe. Returning to bed, I found Rick still sound asleep, snoring softly. Looking at him in the dim light, I wondered where all this was going to lead. I hoped lady luck would keep smiling down on me.

Rick woke me up around 8:00 Saturday morning. He was already dressed, having already been out to take care of the horses and the foal. Rick had already put on some fresh coffee. I fixed my hair, not bothering to put on any make-up. Rick had the coffee poured when I got to the kitchen. I lit a cigarette and we sat at the little dinette table. Rick was smiling, glad that I was there with him. It was the first of many trips I’d make up to the ranch near Prescott. I just wished it wasn’t so far from Scottsdale.

I mentioned to Rick about the coyotes I’d heard. He didn’t seem to be too alarmed when I told him about them. He said they rarely came within a mile or two of the ranch. I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt before we headed out to the corrals. Rick saddled up two horses and motioned for me to get on. I’d never been on a horse before so the experience was a little scary at first. The more we rode, the more I enjoyed it. We rode back up some long, winding trails through the hills. Riding for most of the morning, we returned back to the ranch around noon.

There was a big horse trailer sitting next to one of the corrals. Two men were sitting on the corral’s top railing. Rick introduced me to them. One of the men was the ranch’s owner, Charles McGregor. The other man was his ranch foreman from another ranch up by Sedona. They were there to see how the foal was doing and pick up four of the horses. They didn’t stay long. I offered them some fresh coffee and they took me up on it. McGregor mentioned something to Rick about tearing the old house down. The men finished their coffee before driving down the long driveway towards the country road. Rick and I were finally alone again. We turned to each other, smiling and thinking the same thing.

I nodded my head towards the travel trailer but Rick said he had a much better idea. We went to the trailer and packed some food and beer in a backpack style cooler. Rick went to the bedroom and brought out two blankets. He was grinning so I figured his idea must be pretty good. We strapped the backpack cooler and blankets to the horses and rode off up into the hills going in a different direction than we’d gone earlier that morning. We rode for over an hour coming upon a wide stream with a series of small waterfalls. There was a large shaded area completely surrounded by trees. Rick tied the horses to the trees while I took the backpack and blankets over by the waterfalls. I spread out the blankets while Rick opened up some beers for us. We ate, drank beer and talked for most of the afternoon.

Rick talked about his hopes of eventually owning his own ranch up in Colorado. He didn’t want to have children right away, which I thought was a little odd but I didn’t question him about it. He was really opening up to me, so I let him talk. I felt very close to him right then. He held me in his arms as we listened to the sounds of the waterfalls. I didn’t want our time together to ever end.

Rick turned my face towards his and kissed me. It was a long, soft kiss that grew more passionate. Rick pulled my t-shirt off over my head. I unbuttoned his denim shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. We stretched out on the blankets under the shade of the trees. Rick pulled my shoes and jeans off. I had to tug to get his boots off. He slipped off his jeans. I rubbed the bulge in his briefs. I’d never made love outdoors before. I wanted it to be memorable.

Rick unhooked my bra and gently pushed me back down on the blankets. His hand brushed over my panties before slipping them down my legs. We kissed and held each other in our arms. I pushed Rick over on his back and rubbed his chest slowly working my hand down over his tummy. His huge cock stood straight up. I kissed his chest, licking my way down towards his cock. I held it with my hand and put my lips over the huge crown. illegal bahis I parted my lips slowly letting them slide down over it till I had engulfed it in my mouth. Rick was moaning softly while I worked my tongue along the underneath side of his cock. I held his cock firmly, taking it out of my mouth and licking his hard shaft all over. I wanted to lubricate his cock with my saliva so I could slide it up inside me.

When I had his cock wet with my saliva, I climbed over, straddling him. He started to lift his shoulders up off the blanket but I pushed him back down, kissing him passionately. I raised myself up holding his cock between my legs. I pushed down feeling his cock penetrate the wet lips of my pussy. I slowly worked his cock inside me till I had it all the way in. I looked down at Rick. His eyes were closed, his face smiling. I worked myself up and down on his rigid cock slowly, making it last. We fucked for a long time. I didn’t want to make him cum too soon. I closed my eyes, listening to the waterfalls, while I worked my pussy up and down his shaft. I gyrated my pelvis to increase our pleasure. Rick held my ass while his hips bucked upwards, slow then fast. We fucked till we were exhausted. It was the first time we’d ever cum at the same time. I had a long slow orgasm, feeling Rick pump his load deep inside me. I leaned over and collapsed on top of him. We held each other for a long time.

We lie together on the blankets till it started to get dark. The air was cooling down. Rick opened a beer and we shared it. I mentioned to Rick about heading back to the ranch but neither one of us was really in a hurry. Rick’s cock was getting hard again. I was getting hot just thinking about him fucking me again.

“How about one more ride before we head back.” He whispered, smiling.

I nodded my head, wanting him. Rick positioned me on all fours. He slid his tongue between the lips of my pussy. He was working my pussy with his hard tongue. I felt his tongue playing on my clit. I looked down between my spread legs, his cock was hard as steel. Rick probed inside my pussy, licking the inner walls. My ass was quivering when I came. I felt my juices flowing and Rick was sucking them out of me. I needed his cock deep inside me. Rick held my hips in his strong hands, pushing the engorged head of his cock between the lips of my pussy. I eased back towards him as he pushed forward. His cock penetrating me all the way. We fucked slow and easy then hard and fast. I had two orgasms, one immediately after the other. Rick kept holding back not wanting to cum. I didn’t know if I could hold out any longer when he started pumping hard into me. I felt myself cumming.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh………Hmmmmmmmmm” I moaned aloud.

Rick felt my juices flowing; he fucked harder into me, finally pumping his hot cum inside me. I felt his body tense and then shake for an instant. We fucked slower and slower till we couldn’t fuck anymore. I lowered myself to the blankets, Rick lying on top of me. We lay there for several minutes before washing off in the waterfalls and getting dressed.

Neither one of us wanted to leave but it was getting dark. The moonlight was all we had to see the trail by. We made it back safely and unsaddled the horses. Putting them in one of the corrals, we headed towards the trailer. The trailer was stuffy from being locked up all day. Rick turned on the air conditioner and the trailer quickly cooled down. We sat on the couch and talked instead of watching tv. I was curious as to why Rick didn’t want to have children so I asked him bluntly.

“I don’t think I’d ever be any good as a father.” He stated. “I didn’t have a good father to teach me how I should be with my own children.”

Rick went on, saying he wasn’t sure he’d even make a very good husband. Evidently George and Rick’s mother fought all the time. From what Rick told me, his mother must have suffered through a lot of verbal abuse from George. He got very upset talking about it. I tried to change the subject but Rick couldn’t get his mind off the topic. I suggested we go to bed. Maybe he’d get over talking about it by morning. Rick held me in his arms but we didn’t sleep very well. Rick tossed and turned most of the night.

Sunday morning it rained so we were pretty much confined to the trailer. I tried to interest Rick in sex but he just wasn’t into it. We ran out and took care of the horses, getting soaking wet. When we got back to the trailer, I stripped down to my panties to try and taunt his interest. He just wasn’t paying attention to me. He was fairly quiet most of the day. I decided to leave around 6:00 for the two-hour drive back to Scottsdale. We kissed good-bye, keeping our lips softly pressed to each other‘s. Rick held me in his arms tightly for several minutes. I don’t think he wanted me to leave.

I kept thinking about what he’d said on the long drive back home. I could understand why he wasn’t close to his father. George hadn’t been much of a father to him or to Michael. illegal bahis siteleri I phoned Rick on his cell phone when I got back to let him know I’d gotten home safely. He seemed really down. I considered getting in the car and driving back immediately but that sounded like I was overreacting.

Monday morning started off fairly typical. George and I sat under the covered patio and ate breakfast. Michael came out with a cup of coffee.

“Is she gone?” George asked Michael. “Yeah. She cleaned out her stuff Saturday afternoon.”

I didn’t know what the conversation was all about. I wasn’t about to ask either. George wasn’t in a talkative mood so breakfast was quiet. We walked together down the path to the office. Charlene was at her desk. She had a big smile on her face, almost a grin. Ferris went into his office to make some phone calls. I went to my office and booted up the computer systems. Mondays are usually up and down days for stocks so I thought I’d wait till later towards market closing to see how we were doing. We had an appointment with the realtor at 10:00 to look at some warehouse property. I gathered up what information I had on the property and briefly scanned over it.

Charlene came in to my office. She was still smiling. I had a hunch she must have had a good weekend.

“So how did your weekend go?” Charlene asked.

“Fine.” I said. “How about you? How was your weekend?”

Charlene couldn’t wait to tell me about this guy she’d met over the internet. They’d met in one of the chatrooms and made a date to meet at a bar for drinks. He was an engineer for a communications firm in Phoenix. His name was Curtis. She went on to describe him and what he was wearing. Charlene was all excited so I let her talk about their evening together. She didn’t say whether they had sex or not. I had a hunch they didn’t. I’m sure Charlene would have told me if they had. At least she seemed happy, that’s what mattered. She’d met someone who’d pay attention to her and take care of her needs.

“Did Mr. Ferris say anything about Janine this morning?” Charlene asked.

I told her that neither Ferris nor Michael had said much during breakfast. She told me that Janine had packed her clothes and left sometime over the weekend. She was going to file for divorce from Michael. I asked her how she found out about it. She said Michael came down to the office Friday after I’d left. He just wanted someone to talk too. I was surprised at first but I knew Janine wasn’t happy about Michael’s playing around.

It was almost 10:00 when Ferris and I left for our meeting with the realtor. We checked out the warehouse he had listed. It was near a large industrial park, which was a plus. Most of the structure was warehouse, not a lot of offices taking up space. That was another plus. We walked all through the interior. George got tired and decided to go back to the car with Scott. Just the realtor and I walked around the exterior and grounds. I told the realtor we’d think about it since I personally felt the price was a bit too high. I actually didn’t but I thought the remark might work to our advantage if we got to price negotiations. George was pretty quiet on the ride back to his home. He looked over at me and started to say something but he didn’t. I was worried about him. This wasn’t George’s usual behavior.

Charlene and I went to lunch together. She had calmed down from her morning’s high spirits. She’d called her internet boyfriend while George and I were gone. They’d had a long conversation. She asked me if Ferris had said anything about Janine. I told her he hadn’t said much of anything and it was worrying me. Charlene asked me how my weekend with Rick had gone. I hesitated to say much but I felt I could confide in her. I told her what Rick had said about his father. She didn’t seem surprised by what he’d said.

We drove back to the office. George was looking out the windows of his office at some passing golfers in the distance. I tapped on the door to get his attention. He turned and forced a smile. I asked him if he had time to talk. He motioned me in. I went over the warehouse property we’d looked at that morning to see what he thought. I don’t think he was paying much attention to me. He seemed to have something else more important on his mind.

“Michelle, what do you think about the property?” Ferris asked.

“I think it’s a good investment, even at the asking price.” I replied. “We might want to offer alot less to see if we can a rock-bottom price from the sellers.”

We had leverage with cash so they might deal more our way in order to get the sale consummated. George wanted me to come up with a figure and make an offer. He was very nonchalant about the whole thing. We were talking more than a million dollars, nothing to be nonchalant about!

“Mr. Ferris, is there something you’d like to talk about?” I asked, knowing I probably shouldn’t have.

He swiveled his chair looking off. He looked at the door to make sure it was closed. I canlı bahis siteleri waited patiently for him to say something. He finally started talking about Michael and Janine. He wasn’t happy with either one of them. He never liked Janine, claiming she just loved Michael for his money. Michael didn’t really have any money of his own. George controlled it all. Michael wasn’t much better; he just leached money off him right and left. He never showed any interest in his business operations back in Florida. He was spoiled rotten.

I asked him about Rick to see if he’d continue opening up to me. He did. He said it was too late for him to be a father to Rick. He felt Rick hated him. I wanted to say something but felt it best to remain quiet. George talked for another hour about Michael, Janine and Rick. I let him get it off his chest. I could see his depressed mood was slowly subsiding. I made a couple of positive comments to help cheer him up. At least, I got him to smile a little.

“Oh, before I forget it.” Ferris stated. “Michael and I are going to be out of town till Friday afternoon. If you need me for anything, you can call me on my cell phone.”

“Let’s get this warehouse deal wrapped up as soon as possible.” He added.

George’s mind was finally back on the business at hand. I waited till he’d gone back up to the house before calling Rick. He wasn’t answering his cell phone; maybe he didn’t have it turned on or was some place where he couldn’t get the signal. I decided to wait till later in the evening to phone him.

I managed to get Rick on the phone around 7:00. He sounded in better spirits. That was a big relief for me. Rick said he’d try to come down Friday evening if he could get McGregor to find someone to watch the ranch while he was gone. If not, I’d drive up to see him.

Tuesday morning I got to work a little before 8:00. Charlene was just ahead of me when I pulled into Ferris’s driveway. We walked to the office together. Charlene was in a good mood, laughing and joking. Maybe she was just happy Ferris was gone until Friday afternoon. I put on some coffee and we chatted while it brewed. She and her boyfriend, Curtis had another date set for Friday evening.

Starting my day, I scanned over the latest stock market quotes. I thought I’d spend the rest of the day putting together an offer on the warehouse property. I had some other investments in mind. With George in Florida with Michael, I wouldn’t be interrupted.

Charlene was at her desk, chatting online with her boyfriend. She was bored since Ferris hadn’t left her with much to do. I asked her if she’d like to help me with some real estate investigations I wanted to look into. She didn’t hesitate to offer her assistance. I jotted down some ideas so she could get started.

During lunch, Charlene filled me in on how she was progressing. She was getting quite a bit accomplished and enjoying the work at the same time. Maybe it was because it was so different than what she was accustomed to doing. She admitted her secretarial work had become very boring.

“I’d really like to concentrate on Colorado ranch land more than anything.” I stated. “Anything around 500,000.”

“You think that’ll interest George?” Charlene inquired. “Or is it for you?”

“For George.” I responded. “I going to try and spark an interest in buying ranch property.”

“Really!” She exclaimed. “I could never see George on a horse!”

“Me neither.” I stated, grinning. “It’s somewhat of a hidden agenda.”

“Hmmmm. Doesn’t have anything to do with Rick, does it?” She asked, smiling coyly.

“Maybe, maybe not.” I answered, smirking.

By the end of the day, I had my proposal for the warehouse ready. Charlene had put together a long list of ranch properties on the market in Colorado. She’d also compiled a list of real estate agents specializing in large acreages.

“Tomorrow, I’ll need you to work on sending out emails to the realtors.” I said. “While you’re doing that, I look over the list of properties.”

Charlene was enthusiastic about her new duties. I stopped by the real estate agent’s office on my way home, dropping off my proposal for the warehouse. He scanned over it rather quickly, remarking he’d try to get me an answer before the end of the week.

Wednesday morning over coffee, Charlene and I planned out our day. Charlene got busy sending out emails. I checked the latest stock market activities before sitting back in my chair to look over the property listings in Colorado.

My only interruption of the morning was an unexpected phone call from Rick. It was a most welcome disruption. We discussed plans for the weekend. Rick wasn’t going to be able to get away from the ranch as he’d hoped. I would drive up to Prescott so we could spend the weekend together. Rick wanted to get started on tearing down the old house before it fell over.

After saying our “good-byes” I returned to looking over the list of ranch properties. Those that looked interesting, I highlighted. After lunch, Charlene completed her emails and the two of us finished reviewing the lists of properties. We had numerous possibilities that we discussed in greater detail. Charlene and I had accomplished quite a bit in a very short time.

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