Spanish Teacher Learns Lesson

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My Spanish teacher, Maria, is a gorgeous, brown-skinned woman from Madrid. She is 27, 5’2″, with the biggest, most captivating brown eyes imaginable. She has very dark, long black hair, large, firm breasts, and curvaceous legs that most women of her short height only wish they could possess.

On the first day of class, after seeing her in her tight red dress, I immediately rushed home to jerk off at the thought of her unbelievable body. Naturally, I utilized her office hours to the fullest, stopping by for “help” as often as possible. The way she crosses her legs when she sits beside me, playing with her hair, running her fingers through the dark curls, drives me crazy.

After a while, she was gesturing in even more flirtatious ways; stretching her arms and arching her back so that the outline of her breasts was distinctive through her blouse, and even bending over right in front of me to pick up her pen from the floor, sticking her perfect ass just inches from my face, teasing me.

After weeks of this kind of taunting and teasing, I decided to take my chances and make a move. I entered her office and saw her sitting at her desk, wearing a blue sleeveless sweater, matching skirt, black stockings, and high heels. Her brown eyes focused on my crotch as I closed the door. “Hola,” she said with a seductive smile as her eyes met mine.

“Hola, professora,” I replied nervously. She got up, uncrossing those lovely legs, and walked over to me. “Now, what do you need help with, Rick?” she asked. Every time I hear that soft, sexy voice of hers, and that accent, my cock begins to harden.

“Well, the pages we went over Monday,” I say, taking a seat and opening ardahan escort my book. She leaned over my shoulder, and while running her fingers though her locks, looked over the pages. I could smell her scented perfume, she was so close that I could no longer restrain myself.

As our lips met, she did not retract. Actually she opened her mouth and we began to make out. She threw the books off my lap and sat down on my crotch as we continued to kiss. This went on for quite some time, both of us barely taking the time to breathe. I made a play at grabbing her breast, and she suddenly got up.

“We cannot do this, I could get fired,” she said, out of breath. “You must go, I am sorry.” she turned her back. “Don’t worry, i won’t tell anyone,” I said as I got up and moved behind her. I placed my hands on her bare shoulders, moving them slowly down her arms. I then brushed her hair aside and began kissing and sucking on her neck. She moaned in delight and turned her head and leaned back to kiss me.

As we kissed, I groped her breasts as she shook her hips back and forth, rubbing her ass against my crotch. We kissed feverishly, her tongue moving around in my mouth. We were so uninhibited that our saliva was dripping out of our mouths in strands, and our tongues were pushing and rolling against each others in heated passion.

I removed her sweater and she turned around, undoing her bra. As I sucked and grabbed her tits she whispered words in Spanish that were unintelligible to me. I sucked on her hard, brown nipples, and kissed her breasts all over, even falling to my knees to kiss her sexy stomach. I stood up and adıyaman escort slipped off her skirt and her panties as she greedily pulled my shirt off over my head. Now she was licking my nipples and running her delicate hands through my chest hairs.

With her stockings still on, she dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants and hurriedly pulled them off. “I want your cock,” she said as she stripped off my underwear. My dick immediately popped up, and Maria let out a light high-pitched moan at the sight of my massive 9 inches. She took the tip of it around her lips and swirled her tongue around the head as she stroked the base with her hand. After a few seconds of this, she deep-throated me, taking me all the way to my balls!

She then took my cock out of her mouth and was licking my balls. She then licked along the entire shaft of my prick, from the base all the way to the tip, and took my entire cock into her mouth once again. Once I was slick with her saliva and my precum, she stood up and let out a little laugh as she stood there playing with her hair and biting her lower lip, teasing me.

She walked over to the desk as slowly and seductively as possible, and bent over the desk. “I want you to fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can.” I came up behind her and shoved my cock into her cunt with one massive stroke. Her pussy was tight, really tight, and she grunted as I entered her, not expecting such a forceful entry.

She wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could, and that was what she was going to get. “Fuck me, I want it,” she said as I went even harder, totally turned on by her accent. I didn’t go fast, karabük escort just slow hard thrusts into her Spanish pussy. She turned her head and we began tonguing again. She grunted loudly with each thrust as I pounded my cock into her faster now.

By this point she was either grunting, screaming, or speaking what I guessed were dirty words in Spanish. I felt her tighten as she came. Her body shook and she laid her chest and head onto the desk to recover from her exhausting orgasm. I just kept fucking away, our flesh slapping together and making loud smacking sounds.

We stopped for a moment, and moved over to the sofa chair. I sat down, and she came down on my cock, her wet pussy easing over it. She held herself up with her hands placed on the arms of the chair as I fucked upwards into her. I reached around and grabbed her big tits, groping them and pinching her nipples. Her head was bent back and her back was arched as she moaned and thrust against my body. She yelled out “Si, si” as she came once again.

I pulled out, wanting desperately to get into that ass of hers. I didn’t even ask, I just pushed her onto the desk and started to slip my dick in. It was especially difficult entering her tight little asshole, but once I was fully in I started thrusting away.

At first her moans and squeals sounded almost painful, but I soon realized that my slutty Spanish teacher was getting off from me fucking her in the ass! This was so hot that I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I had ever fucked as she squirmed underneath me, and soon enough we were both cumming, screaming out loud, and I was groping her tits still pounding away until our bodies collapsed onto the desk.

As she pulled her skirt back on, her tousled hair in front of her face, she looked at me with total lust in her eyes and said in a commanding tone “I will need to see you in my office this time tomorrow.” I nodded and grinned, imagining just what she had in mind for our next tutoring session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32