The Tables Turned

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I came home on a Friday night horny and feeling kinky. I talked my wife Brandi into getting in the hot tub and letting me shave her. I set the camera up on a tripod to record it as I shaved her and then I licked her smooth pussy through two orgasms. As she is recovering, before she really knows what is happening, I turn her around and shave the few stray hairs on her ass crack. Getting carried away, I rub the shave gel up and down her smooth crack and slip a finger in her. She’s relaxed from the orgasms and doesn’t stop me so I press my cock at her tight opening and fuck her ass, slowly at first and then with a serious urgency, our thighs slapping until I explode inside her and fall back with my cum dripping from her. As we cuddle after she asks if I had fun. “Yes, I enjoyed that.” I reply.

She gently holds my face and makes strong eye contact. “That’s great. I’m glad you had fun, but you didn’t have permission for any of that,” as she pointed to the shaving stuff, the camera and nodded toward her ass, “or that.”

“Next weekend, you will do anything I say. ANYTHING.” I gulp and agree, “yes, mistress.” We had played a little with light bondage and discipline and generally took turns being in charge. One time, I spanked her when I was in charge and the next time she spanked me. I had teased her on the brink of orgasm for the better part of an afternoon one Saturday and the next weekend she kept me hard from sunup to well after sundown.

The next day, as I’m cleaning up around the hot tub, my neighbor, Mike stops over to say hi. He sees the camera and the shaving implements and starts asking about our night. I try to play off that nothing happened, but I don’t think he believes me. Finally he leaves, but I’m pretty horny thinking about that shaved pussy. My wife goes out with Mike’s wife Erica that night while Mike and I watch a football game. After the game, Mike goes home and I go to bed. The women are not home yet. I’m awakened later by my wife crawling into bed. She wakes me up to yell at me for telling Mike that I’d shaved her. “But, but…I didn’t.” She grabbed me by my hair and sat on my face, continuing to yell at me while telling me to lick her pussy. There was a distinctly different taste to her pussy tonight and I was lost in the salty, sticky mess of her pussy and didn’t hear a word she was saying. I could eat pussy for hours on end but this was even more intoxicating. I heard something about cleaning her up. She came. Hard, on my mouth and a glob of cum spilled into my mouth and down my throat. She picked herself up, shifted down and impaled herself on my cock and rode me hard till I came buckets inside her. Then she repeated the process of making me lick her clean, calling me her bitch Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort and saying I was going to be her cumslut. As we drifted off to sleep, she whispered, “you have no idea what you are in for…”

So, the next week I had to travel for work. As I was getting ready to leave, she kept reminding me of the upcoming weekend. She sternly told me that I am not allowed to cum while gone

When I arrived at my hotel, I realized she had replaced my underwear in my suitcase with her panties. I considered shopping for regular underwear but then she texted me to send her a picture every day with my panties on under my work clothes. The weekend starts early, I guess.

Friday night, when I arrived home, she stopped me at the door and reminded me of my promise to not deny her ANY request this weekend and that I am not to question, hesitate or disobey any command. She orders me to take off my pants and shirt before entering. I worry about the neighbors seeing me, but I comply. She leads me to the hot tub and tells me to hop in. My panties are a sheer white with pink lace trim and they become pretty see-through once I’m in the tub. I see the camera set up to record and shaving gel and razor and I realize that her plans involve some turnabout.

She has me sit on the edge of the tub and lathers my cock and balls. It feels great and she rubs the gel all over. She asks about my week as she begins shaving me, talking casually as if she was performing any other simple task. She asks if I came while I was gone. “I didn’t.” As my smooth skin appears behind the razor stroke she starts cooing, “Oh I am going to love this when you are so smooth. We may need to keep you this way, baldy. Smile for the camera and tell me you love being shaved by your mistress.” Again, I comply.

When she finishes, I am as smooth as she was last week. She strokes me with the gel a few more times but stops and tells me to turn around. She lathers my ass and I remember that I’d done the same to her, although my ass has considerably more than the handful of stray hairs she had. She lathers my ass crack and cheeks and begins shaving, keeping one hand riding up and down my crack, teasing my hole the whole time the other is scraping away the hair. As her finger plunges into me, I lose track of the fact that her shaving has continued all the way down the back of my upper legs.

I don’t know how or when she put it on, but I became aware of her having a strapon cock that she was now pressing urgently at my shaved ass. She slowly pushed inside me and settled in when it was all the way in me. It was painful at first, but feeling her tits on my back while my ass was full was a strange Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort turn on. Plus, as she stroked back out, I wanted her in me again. I started pushing back on her cock as she fucked me faster. She grabbed my hair and turned my face toward the camera and told me to beg her to fuck my sissy ass. I begged, now in full submission. Both of us were breathing hard as she came loudly from the friction against her clit. I remained hard as hell. As she caught her breath, she lightly stroked my hard smooth cock and chuckled.

Just then the doorbell rang and she told me not to move. She unstrapped herself from the cock, leaving it inside me. I remained bent over the edge of the tub with her strapon in my ass while she went to answer the door. I did not see her put any clothes or even cover up with a towel. I heard some soft talking at the door but could not make out the words or who she was talking to. I then heard Brandi whimpering and what sounded like a man moan. She came back to the tub and sat down in front of me on the edge of the tub. I started to ask who was at the door and she shushed me and told me to eat her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her wet, messy pussy and for the second time in the last week, I believe I was eating her pussy full of some guy’s cum. This time, I had a cock in my ass, and far less body hair. She came rather quickly, splashing his cum into my mouth and forcing me to swallow.

As she came down from her orgasm, she kissed me and held me close. She told me she loved me but that the weekend had just begun and that I would neither get to cum or get answers to any questions until Sunday night. I fell asleep that night in a silky pink nightgown and sheer panties with my smooth cock harder than it has ever been.

I woke the next morning horny as hell and tried to get her in the mood. I pinched her nipples and got her going. I thought things were going my way, as she had slept naked and she moved on top of me. I was hoping she’d slide down onto my hard cock but instead she set her thighs next to my head and made me eat her. I dutifully licked her to an orgasm and she hopped off and said “I’ll go make the coffee.”

I got up and went into the bathroom. I was trimming my goatee when she brought me some coffee. She offered to help and I handed over the trimmer to her. With a few deft swipes she removed all traces of my facial hair. I started to object and she shushed me with a finger on my lips. She then proceeded to remove all the hair on my chest and stomach. Next went my underarm hair. She joined me in the shower with a razor and I came out without a hair on my body, all of the areas she hit with the clippers Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu had been removed of all stubble. She reminded me that we had a neighborhood casino night party tonight and that she was really looking forward to it. “I’m not sure you’ll have as much fun as me,” she added ominously.

The rest of our Saturday was pretty normal — laundry, cleaning — except I was wearing nothing but a pair of pink boyshorts and she was wearing nothing but her strapon cock. Every so often she would come up behind me and hump me before moving back to whatever chore she was doing. As we ate lunch, she kept taking my hand and making me stroke her cock, to keep her hard, she said. Then, she accused me of being a tease.

Shortly after lunch, Erica stopped over to borrow a red dress from Brandi. Brandi gave me a pair of gym shorts to cover my panties, but my shaved body was still on display. Erica raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. She met Brandi in the bedroom, they talked for a while, giggled a few times and Erica left. Brandi came back downstairs still wearing the strapon. “Did you..” I started and she stopped me. “No questions!” She was quite authoritative. Before I knew what was happening she yanked my shorts and panties down and smacked my ass a few times. “You — slap- will — slap — not — slap — disobey!” She punctuated the last slap by driving her middle finger into me.

“Here is how tonight’s going to go, she told me. We’re going to the party tonight and you are wearing the clothes I had planned to wear. At the end of the night, we will play one game of roulette. You can bet on any number you like, but I’ll be looking at red and black only. Erica is wearing my red dress. If it lands on red, Erica is fucking you with my strapon. If it lands on black, well, Mike is wearing a black suit. So, he’ll be fucking you. It’s a bit of a catch-22. You know Erica can’t keep a secret, so people in the neighborhood may know she fucked you. Mike will be much more discreet, but of course you’ll get his cum in your ass.” Her finger touched my prostate as if to punctuate her point.

The party was usually a costume party as well as a casino party. So, while I got some grief from the neighbors I guess it could have been worse. She was the gangster and I was the flapper, my short skirt showing off my smooth legs. Erica kept telling me how sexy I looked and fondled my ass a few times when no one was looking. She whispered in my ear “I’m hoping for red,” before winking and walking away. The party was fun and as the night drew to a close, Brandi pulled me to the roulette table. Erica and Mike were there already. I had three chips left and put them all on 23. (My favorite roulette bet because 3 times 23 is 69.) Brandi gave me a confused look from across the table and pointed to the two green numbers with raised eyebrows. She mouthed the words “none or both.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but maybe 0 was none and double 0 was both?? Oh well, the ball never lands there. Except tonight. “Double fucking zero,” I muttered. Double indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32