Joey Says Ch. 05

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I watched as my sister Beth arrived and parked her car. I walked over to her as she got out.

‘Hi Beth,’ I said giving her a hug.

‘Hi Mat. So this is the place.’

We were way out in the countryside, at what appeared to be an exclusive country club. It was owned by Jack, the father of my wife Kate, from whom I was separated. He owned a group of companies and he had given a commission to Beth and me to develop what he called a ‘creative strategy’ for his group. He was paying us extremely well. It had come at just the right time for Beth who worked as a freelance photographer, and needed the work. It was less critical for me as I had a university job, but was welcome nonetheless.

Beth had been fantastic in her support for me following my break up with Kate. We had become very close, both emotionally and physically, sharing lots of pleasurable secrets. Indeed she had helped in a partial reconciliation with Kate. But we were still separate, and I wondered if Jack’s generosity in giving us the commission was an attempt to bring us all together.

He had booked us into the country club place so that we could get on with the work. We were to meet his creative assistant Sam, and she would handle liaison and collaborate with us in doing the work.

I looked at Beth as we walked towards the club. Her short brown hair surrounded her neat and mischievous face. She was wearing a short white cotton skirt with a leather belt, a black tee shirt and her usual leather jacket. I thought she looked be beautiful, but I usually did.

I was wearing a dark jacket, white tee shirt and jeans. I wondered what impression we would make on Sam when we met her. At 28 I am a year older than Beth. We had been told that Sam was in her mid twenties, which seemed young for such a responsible position.

‘Will Sam be here to meet us?’ I asked.

‘So I understand.’

‘What will be the sleeping arrangements, do you think?’

‘Not sure, maybe you and I will have to share. That would be nice. And possibly naughty!’

I smiled, and we reached the entrance. There to meet us was a tall, slim, elegant young woman with long wavy blond hair. She was wearing a white cotton smock, and a short black denim skirt, with lace-up sandals. She looked stunning!

‘Hullo,’ she said, ‘I’m Sam. You must be Beth and Mat.’

‘Hi Sam,’ said Beth ‘ yes I’m Beth, and this is my big brother Mat.’ Beth prodded me as I realised I was gaping.

‘Hullo Sam,’ I said. ‘Eh, it’s good to meet you.’

‘And you too,’ she said with a smile, ‘I’ve heard so much about you!’

‘Gosh, have you?’ said Beth, ‘We know next to nothing about you!’

‘So I’m a woman of mystery. Come this way.’

We followed her into the foyer. She handed us keys and pointed to the corridor where our rooms were located.

‘Put your bags in your rooms if you like,’ said Sam, ‘ I’ll see you back here and show you our work space and facilities.’

It wasn’t far to our rooms. They were next to each other. Mine had a big bed, ensuite facilities, cable TV and all the usual hotel stuff. I dropped my bag and poked my head round the door to Beth’s.

‘Well what do you think?’ I said.

‘The rooms are pretty good. Come in why don’t you?’

I did so and gave Beth a big hug. She kissed me and I put my hands on her bum.

‘You were clearly impressed by Sam,’ she said.

‘Yes, I was.’

‘She’s very beautiful.’

‘Did you like her?’

‘Well it’s only a first impression, but I think she looks delicious.’

‘Let’s go and find out a bit more about our mystery woman.’

We returned to the foyer and Sam.

‘Hullo again. Are your rooms okay?’ said Sam.

‘Yeah, they’re good,’ Beth replied, ‘are you staying here too?’

‘Certainly am! My room’s the next one down from yours. Come with me, I’ll show you where we will be working.’

Sam led the way. As I walked behind her I had difficulty in taking my eyes off her long, bare light brown legs, and the sexy wiggle of her black denim clad bum. Shortly Sam turned off into the well-lit project room. It had big windows looking out over the estate, comfy furniture and an array of kit.

‘Would you like a drink? We have coffee, or a variety of teas,’ said Sam.

We all opted for coffee and sat down. Sam crossed her elegant legs, and smiled at us. I looked at her closely. Judging from her eyebrows she was a natural blonde. She had large eyes, and they were dark, not the blue I expected, fringed by long eyelashes. Her face was perfectly symmetrical with strong cheekbones, a light jaw line, and a graceful neck.

‘You must tell us something about yourself,’ I said.

‘Can’t I maintain my mystery? Anyway I am sure we shall discover a lot about each other as we shall be working together.’ Sam replied.

‘How long have you been with the company?’ Beth inquired.

‘A couple of years. I was recruited by the boss.’

‘By Jack?’

‘Yes, he’s a regular sweetie!’

Hmm, I thought. It would be interesting to discover whether or not Sam had got her job because of her ability, Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort or the family connection. Or was it because she was very pretty? Of course it could have been all of those reasons.

‘Yes, Jack’s quite something!’ said Beth with a smile.

‘But let me tell you about this place. It belongs to the company, for its exclusive use. It’s used for management development, brainstorming, and stuff like that. And some executives bring people here for other reasons…’

‘Oh yes,’ I said raising an eyebrow, ‘individual personal development?’

‘Yes, something like that. No-one is too concerned as long as people are discrete.’

‘Sounds promising!’

‘It’s got good facilities- restaurant, bar, swimming pool, sauna, massage. And for us, all the staff are available, although as there are not many here just now, the staffing level is not high.’

‘You still haven’t said much about yourself,’ said Beth.

‘No? Well I will tell you more later. We can get to know each other over our meal this evening. They do excellent food here. Now I think we should talk about work.’

We spent the rest of the day discussing the project, working up proposals, visual layouts, and scheme proposals. Sam was hot on the company image and its promotional requirements. Beth produced the visually creative proposals, and I fitted it together as a strategic document. It was good and satisfying, and we worked well as a team.

At the end of the day Sam suggested that we go for a swim in the swimming pool, before eating. So we found ourselves by the pool, it was early evening.

There were drinks if we wanted. We had nice refreshing lime and sodas followed by cool spritzers. I was wearing my fairly conventional dark blue swimming shorts. Beth was clad in a pretty revealing black bikini with string side ties- in absorbing how beautiful Sam was I had forgotten what a sexy minx my sister is. She looked terrific.

Sam had on a brief bikini top, revealing that her breasts were small, and her body long, lithe and sensual. The lower half of her costume was much more demure, her bikini bottoms included not only the conventional coverage, but also a brief skirt. This was unexpected,

We swam a few lengths and then at the side of the pool, supped our drinks.

‘I remember your losing your trunks, and swimming naked,’ Beth announced, referring to an embarrassing incident not too long ago. I smiled and felt self-conscious.

‘It feels quite nice skinny-dipping,’ I muttered.

‘True,’ said Beth, ‘anyone fancy it now?’

‘You can if you like,’ said Sam, ‘but I will pass if you don’t mind. I’m going to get ready for dinner.’ With that she got out of the pool and departed.

‘Well,’ said Beth when she had gone, ‘that was odd. She is more uptight than I expected.’

‘Oh well, not everyone is quite the outrageous exhibitionist that you are.’

‘That’s true,’ said Beth, then she splashed me. ‘I’ll race you to the other end,’ and she set off, and I followed her.

Although dinner was not formal, we did make an effort to look respectable. I wore a white shirt and a dark tie. Beth was in a little black dress, and looked scrumptious. But Sam outdid both of us in her figure hugging black silk trousers and a short halter-top, which left her midriff, bare. She looked sophisticated and worldly.

The meal was delicious, with a main course of roast duck, and traditional rhubarb crumble with ice-cream for pudding. The wine was a sumptuous gigondas red. We finished with a coffee and malt whisky.

During the meal we learned a little about Sam. She’d done a degree in media at a midlands university (not the one I worked at), mainstreaming on promotional stuff. She was very unforthcoming about her family history prior to university, but was very positive about Jack, who had not only recruited her but also promoted her to her current position.

In return Beth and I described our careers, and confessed that as siblings we were unusually close. We said nothing about our recent shared intimacy, or about our bizarre shared alter ego, our fantasy figure ‘Joey’.

It was clear that despite her self-evident beauty and intelligence Sam was a very private person. I wondered what would make her open up.

At the end of the meal Sam stood up and kissed each of us demurely.

‘Thank you, you are delightful company,’ said Sam, ‘I am glad we are working together. I am off to bed. See you tomorrow.’

So Beth and I decided to turn in too, and headed for our rooms. Later there was a knock on my door and Beth entered.

‘Well, big brother, what do you think of our Sam? Isn’t she beautiful?’

‘Yes, she is. I don’t know what to make of her. She’s very controlled, she doesn’t give away a lot.’

‘No, she doesn’t. Do you fancy her?’

‘Yes. Do you?’

‘Yes, she’s scrumptious.’

‘I’ve got some more whisky, do you want some?’

‘Yes please.’

We sat together on my bed drinking the whisky. I put my arm round Beth’s shoulders and kissed her on the cheek.

‘Does Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort Sam turn you on?’ Beth asked.


‘As much as your sister does?’

‘No, Beth, you know you’re the best.’

‘Good answer.’

‘Does she turn you on? I know you are bi. Or maybe you are just all-inclusive.’

‘Yes, I suppose I am. And yes, she does.’

‘As much as I do?’

‘No, silly. No one can replace you! But…’


‘Well, I’d like to find out more.’

‘You’d like to seduce her.’

‘Yes, don’t tell me you wouldn’t!’

I kissed Beth, and she responded enthusiastically. Eventually we came up for air. I ran my hands up and down Beth’s little black dress.

‘What are you wearing under this?’


‘Ooh, you wicked girl!’ I ran my hands under her dress to confirm what she had said.

‘I’m sure that between us we could seduce her,’ said Beth.

‘Okay.’ I said. Then I pushed up Beth’s dress and put my head between her thighs.

‘Shall I eat you?’

‘Yes please, but do it quietly. We don’t want Sam to hear.’

After breakfast the following day I got a call on my mobile phone. It was tedious news. I was going to have to leave and return to the university. There was no discussion on the matter, a financial audit had thrown up issues and all departmental staff were being hauled in.

I told Sam and Beth the bad news.

‘I got to go, I’m afraid.’ They both looked quite concerned.

‘It must be serious,’ said Sam, ‘are you in trouble?’

‘Not me personally, no. Everyone is being summoned.’

‘Will you be coming back?’ asked Sam

‘Gosh yes. I should be back tonight.’

‘That’s a relief.’

I kissed each of them lightly on the cheek. Sam gave me a deep searching look. ‘Take care, then.’

I set off on the drive back. It took an hour and a half, and gave me lots of time for thought.

I was intrigued and captivated by Sam. Clearly she was a very attractive young woman. Equally self-evident was her high level of intelligence. She seemed to be sophisticated, but I wondered if maybe that was a front. It appeared she was hiding something, but I had no idea what.

I gave up thinking about difficult issues, and concentrated on remembering how physically attractive she was. To date I had not been attracted by blondes. Most of the women I went for looked like my sister Beth, with mid to dark brown hair. It was a kind of imprinting I thought. But Sam was something new and different, and she’d changed that. I was still immensely attracted to Beth of course. But now I wanted Sam too. Luckily Beth also seemed to fancy her.

The crisis in the university was nothing like as urgent as they’d said, and the whole thing could have waited. There would be cutbacks in due course, but we had been expecting that. I left feeling very irritated with the management.

I got back to the country club as quickly as I could but it was quite late in the evening by the time I arrived. I went looking for Sam and Beth and eventually tracked them down to the bar. There was no one else about. They were sitting close together and looking quite merry, lying back on easy chairs with their legs entangled together. They were both wearing short skirts, and there was a lot of flesh on display.

‘Hullo ladies,’ I said, ‘can I get you drinks?’

‘Hi Mat,’ they said in chorus looking up and giggling.

‘What are you having?’

‘We’re on G and Ts,’ said Beth.

The bar appeared to be unattended, so I helped myself. I got two large gin and tonics and a nice cool beer for myself, and sat down beside them. It was good to have the place entirely to ourselves. I guessed they’d had more than one drink already.

‘It’s good to see you back,’ said Sam, ‘are you okay?’

‘Yes, it was all a storm in a teacup. Wasted journey really.’

‘Oh well thank heavens. I thought you might be in trouble. Didn’t want to lose you having just met you,’ said Sam.

‘I told her you’d phone me if it was serious,’ said Beth, ‘so I wasn’t worried.’ She gave me a kiss on the cheek. ‘But I’m glad you are back.’

‘So am I, ‘ said Sam, and she too leaned over and gave me a kiss. ‘And I’m glad you’re here.’ With that she gave Beth a kiss, and they both giggled. I smiled.

‘Well, what have you two ladies been up to today?’

They looked at each other, before Sam replied.

‘Actually we made excellent progress. We’ve decided to extend the scope of the scheme.’ then she hiccupped and lost her thread.

Beth took it up.

‘We’re going to include more creative stuff, arts and creative craft.’

‘Sounds great.’

‘We’ll show you what we’re thinking tomorrow,’ said Sam.

‘Body art,’ said Beth with a wicked smile, ‘you’ll enjoy it.’ They exchanged a conspiratorial look.

‘Wow. Tell me more!’

‘No,’ said Sam, ‘you must wait. It’s another mystery for you. You know I’m the woman of mystery.’

‘Okay. Have you done anything else?’

‘Well, yes, we sampled the massage Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort parlour,’ said Beth.

‘Oh yes, what’s the masseur like?’

‘There wasn’t one. Hardly any staff here at the moment,’ said Sam.

‘So we gave each other massages,’ said Beth, ‘which was actually much better!’

‘And we really got to know all about each other,’ said Sam.

‘Now I know everything about Sam,’ said Beth, smirking at me.

‘And I know all about Beth,’ said Sam, ‘So I know an awful lot about you, too!’

‘Gosh,’ I said, ‘should I be worried?’

‘No, it was all nice stuff,’ said Sam. Then they both leaned over and gave me big sloppy kisses, and giggled.

‘I’ll get in another round of drinks,’ said Beth standing up, ‘and then I need to get to bed.’

While Beth was at the bar, Sam leaned over and gave me another kiss, which this time I returned.

‘I like kissing you,’ she said. Then she stopped herself. ‘Gosh, I don’t say things like that. I think I am a little drunk.’

Well drunk or not being kissed by Sam seemed pretty good to me. I leaned towards her to do it again.

‘No, no,’ she said, ‘a woman of mystery doesn’t give herself up so easily. I just forgot myself for a minute!’

Beth returned with more drinks, and eyed us with a knowing expression, as she sat down.

We drank our drinks each of us lost in thought. What had Beth told Sam? And what ad she discovered about Sam? Finally Beth looked up.

‘I need to head for bed,’ she said, ‘need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.’

‘Me too,’ said Sam.

So we all sloped off to our rooms. I tried to catch Beth’s eye, but it was clear she was not going to enlighten me that night. But the three-way goodnight kisses were fun, if a little frustrating for me who wanted things to go further.

When we returned to our workroom after breakfast the following day I thought that Sam and Beth might be a little jaded after the amount they seemed to have drunk the night before. But they both looked bright and alert- in fact they were both looking pretty good. Beth had on leggings and a tee shirt, and Sam was wearing a sleeveless cotton top and a short pleated skirt.

They re-capped for me where they had got to with the project. They had concluded that it needed a bit more excitement, and a bit more ‘edge’.

‘We needed to include more creative stuff, to show that the company supports artistic innovation,’ said Sam.

‘So we looked round for something creative and sexy,’ said Beth.

‘And Beth came up with this stuff. It’s kind of body jewellery. Have a look.’

Sam began to unwrap a number of items and to lay them on the table. They were certainly unusual, including delicate filigree work sprinkled with brightly coloured small crystals. She held one up.

‘What do you think, Mat?’

‘It looks exquisite, really nice stuff. Seems like an excellent idea. How do you wear it?’

Sam and Beth looked at each other, smiling curiously.

‘Well,’ said Beth, ‘you may be in for a treat Mat. We are taking a risk here but we thought it was worth trying out. You see it’s erotic jewellery. It has to be worn on naked flesh!’

‘Ah. Is that the treat?’

‘Could be. We need to model it and photograph it to see how it could be used in the campaign.’

‘So who is going to model it?’

‘Well the jewellery needs to be on a woman’s body,’ said Beth.

‘So Beth and I are going to try it on,’ said Sam.

‘But it needs male flesh too, for contrast, to give it energy and more edge,’ said Beth.

‘So that’s where I come in is it? You’ve got this all worked out,’ I said.

‘That’s right,’ said Beth with a big grin, ‘I knew you wouldn’t mind. I’ll set up the camera.’

I smiled; I have a very wicked sister.

Beth fixed the tripod with the digital SLR camera on it. Then she and Sam got out the items of jewellery and laid them out.

‘Me first,’ said Beth. And with that she pulled off her tee shirt, to reveal her bare firm B-cup breasts. I noticed that her pink nipples were quite erect, clearly she was becoming aroused.

Sam lifted the jewellery over Beth’s head. It consisted of two chains, one at the side of each breast, and a double chain, which passed between her breasts. They were connected by a section of the crystal filled filigree work, which sat below her breasts. She lifted her arms in the air to pose for us.

Then it was Sam’s turn. She removed her cotton top to reveal that she too had nothing on underneath. Her flesh was a light creamy gold colour, her breasts small but firm with surprising, and relatively large, ruby coloured nipples. They were quite hard.

Beth put the next jewellery item around Sam’s neck. It consisted of a filigree band which lay vertically between her breasts, with chains at the sides of them looping to connect to the band.

They posed together holding hands. They looked fantastic.

‘Okay,’ said Sam, ‘you can photograph us now.’

So I took a number of shots of them in that pose. Then Beth initiated some changes. Firstly it was the two of them kissing. Then she put her hand on Sam’s left breast. Then she kissed it.

She looked up at me.

‘Do you think this is edgy and erotic enough?’

‘It’s certainly turning me on,’ I replied, ‘Come and have a look.’

The two of them came and looked at the images on the camera’s little review screen.

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