The Smell of Her Persian Love Hole

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I’m not sure if this experience started my Femdom fixation but it certainly did bring it to fruition! When I was eighteen I stayed with an Iranian neighbor of ours while my parents went on a cruise. According to everyone they were good Muslims since the wife was always covered when she left the house. Therefore, my mother thought I was being left in a good religious home.

When they dropped me off I saw the prayer rugs and Quran quotes in the living room and I felt like I was in a foreign country. But after my parents left Mrs. Asadi took off her head covering and began to make me feel at home. She had huge, dark eyes, a prominent, somewhat hooked nose and full, sensual lips. She smiled and spoke to me as if I were a much loved child and this appealed to me a lot. She brushed back my hair with her hand and told me what a handsome boy I was. Then she announced I would be eating Iranian specialty food that evening that was a long held family recipe. During dinner with her husband and young daughter I greedily gobbled down the meat kabob she served and she seemed very pleased by that.

At bedtime she brought me upstairs to the spare bedroom and showed me where everything was, then she had me sit on the bed while she removed my socks and pants. I was feeling strange about being undressed and I wondered how many of my clothes she planned to remove. You see at this point I was still quite under-sized and immature physically and I didn’t want anyone to see that I still didn’t have any pubic hair. Well, there wasn’t much time for modesty since she soon had my underwear removed as well, exposing my bald eagle crotch to the world. (Perhaps this was what made her decide to diaper me, when she saw my still childish private parts which may have lead her to assume I was still a bed wetter.) But there I lay in all my bald glory as she fitted me with one of her daughter’s diapers. This must be how they treat their children in Iran, I thought. She smiled down at me as she pinned the diaper on both sides and then slid on the plastic pants. Then she tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead.

I lay there awake for some time trying to get used to the feeling of fluffy cotton and crinkly plastic against my rear. I hadn’t wet the bed in years but strangely now I was hoping I would! This Iranian woman had put me to bed like I was her own baby and now I felt like assuming the role. I drifted off to sleep only to be awakened in the middle of the night by loud noises coming from the next room. It sounded like two people in a violent struggle to my innocent mind. There was a man’s voice and grunting sounds and sounds of furniture moving! Was there an intruder in the house, I wondered? I got up and went into the hallway wearing only my diaper and followed the noises. I saw a shard of light from an open bedroom door and discovered the sounds were coming from there. I edged up to the door and slowly peeked in. The scene I witnessed dumbfounded me! Mr. and Mrs. Asadi were on the floor in front of their bed engaged in full coital combat. Mrs. Asadi was kneeling over her husband’s face as she performed fellatio on him with a gusto that shocked me. (You must remember this was my first time Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort witnessing sex!)

I began to tremble with nervous excitement but I couldn’t stop watching this lustful and sweaty confrontation. Her dark, hairy privates were pressed tightly over his face as she greedily moved her mouth up and down his shaft. Then she began to grind against his face with sudden urgency and then let out a loud bellow as she ejaculated several strong bursts onto his face, drenching him. He climaxed right after her sending his semen splashing up harmlessly against her chin and chest. I was amazed and unsure about what I had just witnessed, but as I made my way back to my room I realized I had wet my diaper.

The next morning she came in and I noticed her body had a musky odor. She pulled the sheets back and she knew immediately that I was wet. She slid the plastic pants off and began changing me automatically. As I watched her wipe me and then lift my legs to powder me I felt a wonderful tickling sensation rise up into my stomach. Was this the same tickling she had felt the night before, I wondered? As she rubbed the powder in, I imagined my tiny penis- that she was now handling- inside of her woman-sized, strong-smelling, wet vagina. I imagined being born from it and having it smothering my face like it had her husband’s.

Seeing that I was such a good and willing baby, she put me right back in diapers and even carried me on her hip while she made breakfast. Later when I saw her carrying her daughter around in the same way I felt jealous, especially when she began to breastfeed her. I sat across from them as she exposed one of her swollen boobs and fed her. The child clutched and sucked at the huge, dark brown nipple until she was sated. But Mrs. Asadi saw my face and to my amazement invited me to share her milk. I walked over awkwardly and she quickly eased my doubts by embracing me and guiding me to her milk-dribbling tit. As I took the swollen brown nipple into my mouth her milk-laden breast filled my mouth to capacity. I gulped the warm, sweet milk down quickly only to receive another blast as she reached up and squeezed her boob to release a bit of the pressure. This woman could nurse all the babies in the neighborhood, I reckoned. She rocked me and sang as I stared up contently into her almond-shaped Persian eyes and suckled. With every mouthful I drew, I saw her eyes roll back with pleasure and I realized she was getting a sexual thrill from feeling her milk being sucked out of her rock hard tits by her newest baby boy.

The next day we rode bikes together after the baby was put down for a nap. Not long into the trip I wet my diaper and told her about it immediately. To my surprise she chastised me and told me to remember that I was not a baby and that she was not my mother. That day she changed me but made me go back to wearing regular underwear.

The same night I heard them having sex again and as I listened to her moaning I felt my bladder release, making a mess on the bed. I felt terrible, but I guess it was my body’s way of protesting. When she discovered the spot the next morning she was quite Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort angry and without thinking she spanked me rather severely, leaving my backside bright red. But the musk of her fertile Persian pussy made me impervious to pain. I wasn’t sure where these feelings were coming from, but all I wanted to do was mount her hairy hole and drive into it like a beast. But as I lay across her knees, all I could do was smell the sex rising up from it and lament that that was as close to it as I would ever get. As her firm hand landed on my backside again and again, I just closed my eyes and savored her rich aroma as long as I could.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of arguing from downstairs. I went to the stairwell and tried to listen but she and a strange man were speaking in Iranian. Who this man was, I’m still not sure, but I assume they were indebted to him in some way since the man keep quoting figures in English.

The man’s voice rose and then it was suddenly quiet. I got concerned and continued downstairs to peek into the living room. When I got there I saw Mrs. Asadi kneeling on the couch facing away from me just as this man was pushing his rather large penis into her black, forest-like, mother cunt. He started slowly, but soon I could hear the suction sounds of her juice as he slid it in faster and deeper. I wanted to break a chair over his head, but my body couldn’t move. He got into quite a rhythm and at some point she began to like it. My feelings of inadequacy peaked as she began to exhort him to fuck her harder. So he started pounding her harder until her ass began to ripple from the impact. But he didn’t last too much longer after this. He trembled and shot his load deep inside her and then praised Allah for all His bounty. As rude as it was, it seemed Mrs. Asadi’s ripe and ready cunt had satisfied this creditor for now.

Somehow I made my legs move after this to carry me upstairs. As I laid down on my bed I heard the front door close. Then I heard her walk down the hall to her room. I got up and followed and found her lying on her bed. Her wet panties were visible under her dress as his semen was still running out of her. When she saw me she became upset.

“Go away, I can’t change your diaper now!” she yelled.

Sensing what she needed, I went to the bathroom and returned with a damp washcloth. I sat beside her and pulled her dress up.

“It’s okay,” I said, “It’s my turn to care for you!”

I then removed her soaked panties and the rest of her clothes and started to wipe her engorged, steaming pussy down with the cool wash rag. I put her into the infant position and wiped her brown ass crack and then stuck the towel into her cum-filled fuck hole that was still gaping and somewhat purple. She smiled and closed her eyes as I moved over her swollen clit that was still ultra sensitive. The heady aroma of her freshly fucked pussy and ass made my head spin, but I continued on task, washing the sex off of her thighs.

Knowing I would never have this opportunity again, I breathed deeply and savored her fertile garden. Then, as I looked in fascination at her beautiful Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort organ, I lightly set my tongue down on the hood of her gland. This caused her to arch her back as the sensation rushed to her brain. Then I allowed my tongue to melt down around and over her salty love meat. I licked her up and down and then sucked her with my lips until her clit protruded in full bloom. It was all instinct, but it worked her into a state of excitement that had her stretching up to meet my mouth. Then she told me to put my fingers inside her torrid cunt, and when I did, her cum shot out into my face like sauna jets.

“Alhamdulillah!” she cried.

As I tried to wipe her ejaculation from my eyes, she shifted up quickly, flipped me over and face sat me. I labored to breathe but was quite pleased with my dilemma. My face was now enveloped by her musky, sexual epicenter and well-weighed down by her sizable ass cheeks. This was apparently her favorite position as she soon began to grind her slick, cum-lathered mound into my nose and mouth. I gripped the twin globes of her ass in desperation as she worked my face. I was starting to feel light headed because of the strong scent of her cunt and possibly from a lack of oxygen. Then one of her hands seized my penis tightly around the base while the other hand lubricated the gland with her pussy cum. As she mindlessly rode my face up and down she power stroked my pinched off cock until it was forced to release its semen in five or six strong contractions. The vibration of my moans then had the effect of making her face-planted cunt climax more quickly than expected and she was surprised as a cascade of her heady juice flooded down over me.

When she was done I felt like I’d been drowned and reborn. She rolled off of me and pulled her shaky legs up into her chest, fully exposing the furry, cum-soaked animal between them. With her juice still streaming off my face and chest I moved on top of her and slid my penis into the first vagina it had ever known, the hole that had obsessed my mind for the last five days. Her powerful cunt muscles immediately squeezed my fledgling member and I had to fight to stay inside, but the feeling and sight of my cock sliding into her sacred vessel made each stroke a peak experience. She stared up at my dripping face passively, her arms up over her head as her milk swollen tits jerked up and down and leaked. I continued to work her heavenly, Persian, fuck hole with desperation, but then she had a vaginal orgasm of some kind that made the veins in her neck bulge as she climaxed. The power of the orgasm forcefully ejected my penis from her paradise like a no longer necessary toy and my concentration was ruined.

My subsequent attempts to penetrate her met with futility and I was forced to seek the comfort of her mouth to finish what I had started. Her thick tongue and lips slurped me up and it wasn’t long before she was drinking me down as she rubbed my balls, releasing every last bit of my ambition. But in the end, that exotic pussy of hers was just too much for a beginner like me and I had to admit defeat.

On the last day she diapered me in the morning and fed me from her tit until I choked. She made it clear as she wiped the milk from my face that I would always be her handsome baby boy and that she expected me to come back for lots of visits.

I cried when my parents arrived, but I knew that this was just the beginning of my education and that I would have many more experiences with my good Muslim neighbor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32