Son Takes Charge Ch. 4

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After my son left us, my husband and I had a big fight. We’ve had few arguments in the 20 years that we’ve been married, because he doesn’t let himself get angry. I’ve often said and done things to intentionally provoke him just so that he would show a little backbone. But, he usually just gave in and wouldn’t even raise his voice. This time he was quite furious, but in the end all he said is that he didn’t want to see me any more that night and that I would have to sleep on the couch. Tomorrow he would decide what else he was going to do.

Later that evening I could only think of what my son, Jake, had done to me earlier that afternoon. Not only had he forced me to suck his cock, but he had made me cum by eating my pussy, and then he fucked me hard while his own father watched. I realized that he had brought out something inside me because all I could do was think of my son’s lean, muscular body and his big, thick cock.

It was after 10pm and Jake hadn’t come home yet. I wasn’t certain when to expect him. I took a long shower and put on my favorite perfume. As I got ready to sleep, I put on my sexiest nightie. It was a silky, emerald green that went all the way down to my ankles. The thin spaghetti straps held up a top that was barely able to cover my big, soft titties. I made up my short black hair and face and slid under the covers on the couch. I hoped that my boy would come home and make me his all over again.

Around 1am I was awaken by Jake who laid down on top of me and greedily kissed my mouth. As I felt his strong, heavy body pushing me down into the soft cushions of the couch, he pushed his warm, wet tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair as he squeezed and massaged my one of my big titties.

Jake stood up and said, “It’s nice of you to wait for me down here, but let’s go upstairs where we can get some room to maneuver.”

“I’m down here because your father didn’t want to be near me.”

Jake got furious and dragged me upstairs. He flipped on the light as he burst into our bedroom. Before his father could wake up, Jake pushed him out of the bed and onto the floor shouting, “I told you this is my bedroom now.” My husband stood up beside the bed and didn’t say anything. He was wearing flannel pajamas that made him look like a fat, balding eight year-old.

“Now sit down in that chair. There are a few things we need to get straight around here. First, this bed is for hardcore fucking. Apparently, you aren’t able to do that, so you don’t have any business being near it.”

Jake pulled me beside the bed and stood behind me so his father could get Yeşilköy Escort a good view of me. “Look at her, dad. Mom is looking totally fine. She dressed in this sexy little nightie just for me because she’s mine.”

My husband just sat quietly and watched as our son, Jake, pulled the straps of my nightie off of my shoulders and let it fall to the floor around my ankles. I was standing in front of them wearing only a pair of small emerald green silky panties with my big titties exposed. From behind, Jake cupped my tits in his strong hands and said, “See mom’s tits? I’ve never seen tits so fucking big and soft and heavy.” As he pinched my nipples, making me gasp, he said, “Look at her nipples. They’re so fucking hard. Mom’s tits are mine too.”

Jake then pushed my panties down over my hips and let them fall around my ankles, completely exposing my body. Squeezing one of my tits with one hand, Jake slid his other hand down my stomach and rubbed my pussy. He slid one of his fingers up and down my slit, making me whine with pleasure. I groaned as he slid his finger in and out of my tight hole.

“Of course, this pussy is mine too. After all, this is where I came from. I can play with it, eat it, and fuck it any time, any place, and any way I want. Isn’t that right, mom?” I could only moan in agreement.

Jake pulled his finger out of me and told me to lay on the bed. He pulled his tshirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. His powerful chest and stomach muscles rippled as he moved. “Now dad, let me show you something else.”

I watched as he pulled down his jeans and kicked them to the side. Then he slowly pulled down his boxer shorts and revealed the manhood that had been my obsession all day. It was just as beautiful as I remembered. His balls hung heavy between his legs and his semi-erect cock hung about 10 inches. But, I knew from earlier that it could get much bigger.

“You see dad, this is a man-sized cock. A man-sized cock is nice and long like mine so it can go deep inside. And a man-sized cock is nice and thick like mine so it can really stretch a pussy. And of course, it can get really hard too. You see, when a woman has a real man’s cock inside her, she’s knows it. And she will never again settle for anything else.”

Jake looked down at me and laughed. “See dad? She can’t help but stare at it. I bet she was thinking about it all day long. That’s why she got all dressed up. Isn’t that right, mom? You were thinking about my cock all day, weren’t you?”

I didn’t bother to lie. There wasn’t any point anymore. “Yes, baby, I was. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. It filled Escort Yeşilköy me up more than I ever imagined.”

“Well come here, mom. Use your mouth to get me really hard. Let dad see a man’s cock in all its glory.”

I looked over at my husband to see his reaction. He also seemed stunned at the enormous size of our son’s member. He just stared at it as I crawled over to the edge of the bed to my son. I used my tongue to catch the fat head of his big prick and pulled it into my mouth. I sucked and licked his cockhead in my mouth. I slid more of his hardening meat into my mouth. I made love to my son’s cock with my mouth.

“Yeahhhh, that’s it mom. Suck my cock. Get it good and hard. Let dad see how big and thick I really am.”

Looking up at my son, I bobbed my head back and forth, slowly pumping his hard cock in and out of my sucking mouth. I wasn’t able to get all of his cock in my mouth, but I felt it get completely hard as I sucked it. It grew so thick my lips were stretched around the hard shaft.

Jake just looked down at me, smiled, and said, “Damn, mom, you’ve got a hot mouth. But, I’ve got to prove a point here.” He then pulled away from my mouth and stepped in front of his father sitting meekly in the chair.

Jake presented his 12″ long, incredibly thick cock to his father. He slid his hand up and down the shaft, wet with my saliva. He displayed it to his father like a trophy or a rare jewel.

“See my cock, dad? See how long and thick it is? I fucked your wife with this cock. And when I fuck a woman with my man-sized cock, she becomes my slut. Your wife, my mom, is my slut now. And now I’m going to prove it to you.”

Jake laid on the bed, his huge, hard pole standing straight up. His legs were spread slightly so we all could see his big round balls hanging under his cock. Jake looked at his father and said, “Now mom is going to ride me. She’s going to fuck herself on my big cock, which she’s been dreaming of all day long. Climb on mom and show dad whose slut you are.”

As Jake rested his hands behind his head making the muscles in his arms and shoulders bulge, I straddled his waist and took his fat cock in my little hand. I raised up on my knees and aimed his swollen head at my tight wet pussy. I slowly sat down on him, sliding his hard shaft into my tight slit. My eyes closed and I groaned out loud as I felt myself being filled with the same hard manmeat I came to love earlier. Jake just smiled up at me. “You were missing it, weren’t you mom?”

I began to raise up and down on my son, sliding his fat, hard cock in and out of my pussy. Feeling it stretch Yeşilköy Escort Bayan me wide. I ground my hips down against him and tingled as I felt my clit being stimulated from inside. I ran my hands over my son’s strong chest and stomach. I loved the feel of his hard muscles as he pushed up against me.

“Look at her, dad. Your wife is fucking me. She’s fucking her own son on your bed. And, she fucking loves it. She loves riding my cock, don’t you?”

“Oh yes baby…I love it…I love your cock…mommy loves her baby’s cock…”

“You go, mom. You get that dick. Ride it. Ride it ’til you cum.”

At my son’s urging, I began to bounce up and down on him. I felt my pussy get hot as his thick cock slammed harder into me. I began to moan and whimper as my big titties bounced and swayed as I jumped on my son’s cock. My full, round ass made lewd noises as our bodies slapped together.

“Yeah…that’s it…fuck that cock…ride it, you slut…make yourself cum…cum on my fat cock, you big-tittied whore…cum and tell dad whose slut you are…fucking scream it…”

I rode his cock just as my son commanded. I could feel myself coming closer. His cock, his words were making my body shudder. I felt my cunt muscles begin to twitch and then convulse. I began to moan and shout as I my pussy came hard around my son’s huge cock, spilling juices over his hard shaft and balls.

“oh god…oh god…oh fuck…yesss…yyesss…Yyeesss…I’m…I’m…I’m y-y-your…f-f-fuckingggg…sssssSSSSLLLLUUUUTTTTTTTT!!!!!”

I collapsed onto my son’s chest, his hard cock still buried in my steaming hot pussy. My big, soft titties were pressed against his hard chest as I panted and tried to catch my breath. Jake reached down and grabbed both of my fleshy ass cheeks and spread them apart so his father could see his long cock still hard and buried in my tight slit.

“You see, dad? Do you understand now? My slut, my bedroom. Now as you can see, my cock is still hard and I haven’t had my cum yet. But, I think I’ve proved my point. So, why don’t you get the hell out of here while I bang mom and get my nuts off?”

After my husband left the room, we could hear him go into Jake’s old room which shared a wall with my bedroom. Jake slide out from under me and kept me on my hands and knees. He told me to grip the headboard and he slid his monstrous cock back into my tight pussy. He then fucked me even harder than before. His forceful thrusts made me bang the head board against the wall, which must have sounded riotous in my husband’s new bedroom. Jake grabbed me by the hair and pressed my face against the wall as I moaned and screamed from the hard fucking he was giving me.

After about an hour of pounding his cock into me, calling me his big-tittied whore and momslut, he finally came deep inside me. He laid on the bed and I licked and sucked his cock clean until he fell asleep. Then I curled around his tight, young body and did the same.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32