Smoke out revised

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It was a warm, dark night. The guys outside the building were all excited and expectant for the waited event to take place. You see, every once in a while, meaning once every couple of months, Mark, a respected, British long haired and bearded, head of a gang invited some of his friends to hang at his place for a week or so for a smoke out. These smoke-out events were very exclusive, because Mark, being a-some-what experienced twenty-two year old, always got the best weed in the country at the cheapest prices. Also Not only the weed was good but for the coming week the guys could all sleep at his place if they desired and therefore avoiding intruding parents or problems with the law due to the alcohol and weed affect.

All the faces outside the flat were familiar with each other. There were three members of the group which were three buddies who had been invited at the smoke-outs ever since they began; J was the eldest one of them all, he was resting on the door smoking one of his own joints. The second eldest was eighteen-year-old Nick, who was currently fooling around in his baggy rapper pants in front of the youngest of the three, seventeen year old Shane who was seated on the door step right next to J.

Drew, Mark’s right hand man, was a stunning sixteen year old, short, tan skinned, rocker kid. He was responsible to open the doors to the ‘public’. Mark was already upstairs waiting with the booze and weed, all that was left was for the final two guests to arrive. These were Drew’s classmates and even though they weren’t popular or highly troublesome like the rest of the gang, Mark had allowed them to attend as a favour to Drew. He had no objections as long they were willing to pay their share. Drew was starting to feel uneasy since his friends were late and were keeping back from the event to start, he also feared they’d chicken out, yet he was soon relieved for Chris and Rick finally showed up, both cut out of breath due to the obvious run they had done in order to be there on time ( sort of ).

Drew looked at his friends and smiled at them ‘Where the hell have you guys been? We were going to start without you!’

To be honest Drew was just very glad that they had come. They were both new-timers and Drew was scared they’d ditch out; He knew how his friends thought, so he knew that being walked out on was a possibility. Rick never gave a damn about anything except eating healthy and having a nice body so taking weed, having sex, drinking booze and doing drugs were never high on his list and as for Chris, he was just so innocent and naive that Drew was sure that Chris had no idea for what he was in.

‘Sorry were late dude, we were sort of having second thoughts about all this.’ Rick was the one to speak. He was the more of a speaker than Chris yet both guys weren’t talkative. Chris was shy where as Rick was straight forward in his words and never said anything more than what was needed to. Drew, Chris and Rick had been friends since ever, they were all quite quiet and to themselves yet Drew always managed to hang with the cool people outside of school and therefore now is one of the most popular guys in the gang. Unfortunately for Rick and Chris they were more focused on their bodies or in the safe guarding of morality to actually have some fun, yet these were characteristics in them that could be used to their advantage.

Rick, being so self absorbed has a wonderful tanned body with lithe muscle and slightly toned abs ( due to being only sixteen ), he has dark, silky, shoulder length hair and the most exotic lightly Asian eyes a half cast like him could have. Chris on the other hand is very pale with skin as soft as velvet, a lithe pubescent body, and he has deep chocolate brown eyes set on a very young boyish looking face slightly hidden by brown silky strands of hair in a longish goody-boy-cut. They were both very good looking in their own way and Drew knew that, so he wanted to help them out a bit and today he was going to help them try get inserted with the right people meaning Mark.

‘Well than, I’m just glad you’re here. You won’t regret this let me tell you.’ Drew turned at the door where J. was resting on. The blue eyed stoner moved out of the way and Shane got up from the door step in order to make way for Drew to open the door of the flat for them. ‘Come on People, the party is upstairs.’ Drew opened the door and J., Shane and Nick went in and started going up the stairs to Mark’s apartment, making way for Chris and Rick, due to not knowing the place, as Drew closed the ground door with the keys. As soon as they were all upstairs, Drew just went through and opened the apartment Door.

‘Mark! We’re here!’ Drew shouted as he closed the door behind them. Chris and Rick stayed put together. They took a look around as they followed Drew and the gang into what seemed to be a living room without furniture apart for about five mattress scattered on the floor and a small coffee table which had a bowl filled with pot and tobacco where as under the table were about twenty packs of beer and a few bottles of whisky.

Mark walked in the living room with a mock authoritarian grin on his face, making him seem eccentrically noble due to his long hair and dark attire. Drew knew Mark’s joking personality, so he just crouched down into a subtle laughing fit expecting Mark to break out one of his trademark antics. The rest of the gang smiled knowingly where as Chris and Rick looked confused and felt uneasy.

‘Drew Don’t offend me like this’ Mark continued with his charade and made a hurt look on his face causing Drew to laugh even more. Mark sighed and gave a fake hopeless look at Drew as he faced the rest of his guests and continued. ‘ As I was going to say, Before I Started being so rudely mocked at’ he gave a look at Drew who was recomposing himself ‘You are welcome to be my guest for this whole week, make sure you pay the usual amount of two hundred eighty and you will be given as much weed and booze as you can london escort handle. In order for no injuries to take place this year I removed all unnecessary furniture out of the way,’ at that last remark Shane, J. and Nick smiled at each other. ‘Well, now remove your shows and find a place round the table, Drew please, start giving our guests their shares after taking their pay as I have a talk with our new comers.’

‘Okay Boss! At your orders my majesty’ Drew answered. Chris skipped a jolt though. He had come only because he had promised Drew and the idea to be left alone with this weirdo was unbelievable. ‘Drew don’t leave us alone man’ Chris whispered in Drew’s ear as he held on his shoulder. ?Don?t worry man. It?s all cool? Drew smiled with his response and winked at Chris’ anxious face. He took a glance at Rick who looked relaxed … or bored better yet and continued with the rest of the guests.

Mark smiled at Chris who looked downcast and nervous at the attention. Rick didn’t feel uncomfortable with this guy, from the few minutes they were in each other’s company, it seemed Mark was a very nice guy. ‘So what’s up man?!’ Rick asked interested at the older man.

‘Yes well before we go in there, I just wanted to fully prepare you to what you’ll be facing in there’ He smiled warmingly glancing at Rick and then to Chris and Continuing ‘Tonight you will have a taste of a new world and you might like it or not like it. If you are like me or our buddy Drew, rest assured that you’ll get addicted yet if after two days you get sick of this make sure to come tell me for I will give you back your money and will understand if you’ll want to leave. But otherwise I really hope you have fun that next season will want to attend my get together again. Is that good?’

‘Terrific man, I’m sure we’ll both have an excellent time, Isn’t it so?’ Chris was still sulking so when Rick nudged him at the side for an answer he just jumped up and answered with a formal quick ‘Yes sir’

Mark started laughing lightly ‘Okay okay move along’ Rick handed Mark an envelope with his and Chris’ money for the week and started making his way in the living room in the mean time Mark went from behind Chris and whispered ‘ Ease up love, It’s just some fun… It won’t hurt you!’ and with that he grabbed Chris’ ass making Chris gasp and blush uncomfortably as he followed his friend.

Rick sat next to Drew and Chris sat next to Rick on a mattress near the table. Drew handed them a beer and as three joints were simultaneously going round Chris and Rick both had a couple of puffs. Rick was seriously enjoying himself after an hour he was already tipsy and was leaning on Drew confessing his love for him and blabbing how he appreciated their friendship. Drew was slightly tipsy like the rest of the guests who were either discussing the substance of the weed such as Carl and Danny or recalling memories from past events and making happy mockery as were doing the J.S.N. gang. The only two who were still straight so to speak were Mark , who due to being the eldest, had more control on the large amount of alcohol he drank and Chris who didn’t even have half of the beer.

Mark noticed the boy was still feeling out of place so he went to seat at Chris’ empty side. ‘Still feeling like a fish out of water I figure. Hmm?’ Mark asked sweetly as he looked at the boy. Chris blushed and rubbed his head

‘Well if I have to be honest, I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t fit in here’ Chris replied embarrassed at the truth.

‘Well don’t worry young lad, Relax and drink up … the booze and the weed will soon numb your senses and make you feel better’ Mark was sure of what he was saying … he just wanted the boy to feel good as soon as possible in order to go on with what he had in mind. He took a liking to the new comers; he knew Rick wouldn’t be a problem but if Chris will not be willing to have some fun …all his plans were screwed.

‘Oki, here goes nothing.’ And Chris went down with all his beer making some of the liquid spill down his cheek and neck causing Mark to stare at the image of the boy with his eyes squeezed shut taking in the sour drink. When Chris finished he sighed content feeling slightly dizzy at the force of the intake. ‘Oooh feels funny’ and Chris burst into a giggling fit.

Mark smiled ‘How about you Rick, How is it going?’ Rick was currently slumped on Drew’s back and both of the guys were giggling and puffing on a joint ‘Great man, It feels awesome’ As Rick spoke he started choking on smoke and with red eyes and a smile on his face he continued ‘I need more weed man.’

Mark was very glad at how things were going. ‘Drew, do you think it’s time to proceed with the plan?’

At that moment Drew came out of the happy mode and faced Mark ‘I dunno dude, how do we know when they’re ready?’

Mark just giggled at that ‘Easy, the same way I knew you were ready with me.’ at that Drew blushed and nodded at Mark as they both smiled for a moment.

‘Okay now you deal with your friends while I explain to our guests why we are going to move in to the bed room.’ Mark said and blew a kiss at Drew who blushed again.

‘Oki guys’ Drew started, looking dreamily at his two giggling friends. ‘Come up, were going to heaven’ Drew and Mark had become lovers at the first smoke-out they had had. It wasn’t about love; it was more about sexual relief and deep friendship that they became lovers. Drew had discovered a new world when Mark held him for the first time; he had become someone new, someone who had been buried deep inside of him for a very long time. Since Drew was as close to Rick and Chris as he was with Mark, he wanted them to have that same life changing experience which he had had. He knew both Rick and Chris were uninterested in ladies and so he figured that a night with Mark might be just what they need.

‘Oh yeah, Take me to heaven Drew.’ Rick continued with that hinting comment as he wrapped his arms round Drew’s london escort agency neck. ‘Hmm heaven!! Can someone carry me there? I don’t feel like walking.’ Chris interrupted making Drew laugh, Chris was also getting into it now and as Mark finished explaining why they’d be closed up in the bedroom for the next few days he turned round and picked up Chris in his arms. ‘Here you go Princess.’ and kissed him on the cheek. Rick and Drew both laughed at that as Chris blushed and smiled back at them. Rick looked down at Drew and asked him ‘May I carry you?’ and with that Drew burst out laughing. ‘Do you want to kiss me and call me princess as well? replied Drew as he kept laughing but Rick got sober all of a sudden and stood up straight. As soon as Drew was done laughing and looked up at Rick, Rick just pulled Drew up in his arms, taking him by surprise. Their lips met fiercely and Rick fought open Drew’s lips with his tongue making him moan as he plunged deep in his mouth. When they finally parted for air, Drew was flushed and Rick had a satisfied smile on his face, ‘So you were saying? Princes!’

Drew didn’t speak, he stared for a couple of seconds while his brain was trying to process the kiss he just had had with Rick. Wow he couldn’t believe that Rick would actually make the first move and definitely not with him. The thought of him and Rick together finally clicked in Drew’s head and he liked the prospect of Rick’s long toned arms enveloping him in his warmth. When the daze had at last passed, Drew was being pulled by Rick along a corridor following Mark towards the bedroom. Mark opened the door and turned on the lighting which gave a purple-pink shade to the huge room. This was Mark’s own bedroom and one could come to this conclusion due to the highly equipped stereo and TV. with surround system which was set in the corner of the room near the computer which was also kit out with the latest technologies. All over the enormous room were posters of metal bands which Mark listens to. The furniture wasn’t bulky. A wardrobe and a chest of drawers, a chair with some clothing on it and a modest king size bed which looked set there for one purpose alone.

Drew had been in this room a load of times but each time he went in, a feeling of excitement set in the pit of his stomach. This time Drew felt this strange emotion at a higher level due to the fact that tonight it wouldn’t be him and Mark or just him and Mark but also Chris who from what he could deduce would be popping his cherry with Mark, and Rick a guy who he himself was currently fantasizing on. As soon as they were in the room Mark took the run for the bed and plopped Chris on it.

Chris was feeling kind of dizzy, he was feeling everything going slowly round and reality seemed a dream to him at the moment. He was lying on the bed feeling the soft cotton of the sheets beneath his fingers and smelling the aphrodisiac scent of burning pot which was now diffused all round the apartment. His thoughts were all in a maze of wonder and awe at the fun he had been having tonight and at all the things that were happening after each other. Chris opened his eyes to look above him and was amazed to see handsome man who was smiling sweetly at him.

Mark stared into Chris’ eyes and stroked his cheek softly with his hand. Chris looked back at Mark but didn’t smile back, instead with a stare of that same awe and wonder in his face, he just went up slowly on his elbow and while staring in Mark’s eyes he gradually reached his pale arm to Mark’s neck and bit by bit pulled him down unsurely to his face. When their faces were only an inch apart, Mark closed his eyes and set end to the distance between their lips. Mark kissed Chris leisurely and unhurried making sure not to miss the delicate feel of Chris’ honey tasting lips. Chris on the other hand stayed as mobile as possible he was in disbelief of what was happening yet he just sunk in the feeling of his first kiss cherishing the musky odour of Mark’s scent.

At the scene of the kiss shared between Mark and Chris, Rick took it as a cue to join them on the bed with Drew. Rick took Drew by the hand and threw him teasingly on the bed and while he was trying to grab a pillow and arrange himself in a comfortable position, Rick simply rushed over him straddling Drew’s body with his own. Drew couldn’t help but smile satisfied at the vivid wild grin on Rick’s face which was at a very close proximity to his own face. Rick then reached in for Drew’s lips, once again locking them into a passionate battle. Drew’s hands, meanwhile, explored the tone planes of Rick’s back. Slowly his hands reached under Rick’s shirt feeling the warmth of Rick’s skin under his fingers. Drew ended up pulling the shirt off of Rick leaving his upper body in full view. With his shirt off Rick became even more erratic, He suddenly cut off the kiss and started stripping the very stunned Drew who happily complied with first taking off his shirt and then helping Rick to open his pants which went immediately down. As soon as Drew was naked part for his black boxers, Rick reassumed their making out yet this time he started bucking his hips up and down into Drew’s groin causing them both to moan at the pleasure.

Mark and Chris on the other hand were taking things in a much more romantic manner sort to speak. This was because as soon as Mark broke off their kiss, he continued to kiss Chris down on his neck leaving a trail which lead to the buttons on Chris’ shirt. Then he followed in opening the shirt and also kissing the newly exposed skin. As soon as all the buttons on Chris’ shirt were open, Mark gazed at Chris’s beautiful young face as he placed his hands on his chest and sliding the shirt off while feeling the soft skin over Chris? bosom, shoulders and arms until the shirt was off. Then Mark moved his hands on Chris’ pants and gave Chris a questioning which was soon answered with a small confused smile and a nod. Mark smiled back at Chris and proceeded in removing his pants together escort london with his underwear leaving Chris completely exposed.

Chris felt shivers going through his body as he felt Mark’s gaze on him. He stayed still as Mark kissed him on his chest and stomach yet his breaths started to heave and his heart started to pound hard in his chest as Mark moved his lips over his half hard member and took him full in his mouth. Chris threw back his head and blinked his eyes a couple of times due to the new wave of pleasure that shocked his body. Mark started to bob his head up and down on Chris’s member causing him to moan and pant while his hands clutched fistfuls of the sheets.

Meanwhile next to Mark and Chris were also Rick and Drew who were fumbled up in the heat of their own ecstasy. Rick was at the moment humping the pleasure lost boy beneath him. Rick was still dressed in his pants which were getting in the way now and therefore Rick soon took care of the obstacle. He got up and stood over Drew leaving him lying beneath him while he complied in giving Drew a little tease show. Rick looked down at Drew’s expectant face. He put his finger in his mouth and wet it slightly then he let that finger slide down his own bare chest leaving behind it a faint wet trail until that finger finally reached the waist band of his pants and opening the zipper and sliding the pants down. As he focused on Drew’s hungry eyes, Rick also slid down his black boxers. Drew didn’t need to be asked what to do next for all at once he went up on his knees and grabbed Rick’s dick in his hands and started licking the tip of the head with his tongue. Rick started to moan and thrust his hips automatically forward in order for Drew to take more of him in his mouth. Yet Drew held Rick by the hips and continued at his pace by sliding his tongue up and down Rick’s shaft. Then he started to take in the head of the cock in his mouth and sucking it and proceded in taking in more and more of Rick’s long cock in his throath. Drew removed his boxers and started wanking his dick as he bobbed his head over Rick’s cock. Drew than managed to take Rick’s full length in his mouth and moaned on his cock causing vibrations on the member. Rick closed his eyes with concentration of this action and at once grabbed Drew by the head and started bucking his hips hard causing Drew to gag on his large cock while he face fucked him.

As soon as rick was about to come in the warm wet mouth which was enveloping his cock, Drew removed himself from Rick’s cock. Rick looked confused at Drew but Drew only smiled kinkily. ‘lie down’ Drew commanded but Rick was more confused and said ‘what?’ then drew sighed and just pushed Drew down on the bed as he went up and stood over Rick’s body. Drew started to lower himself on top of Rick and as realisation hit him, the head of his cock was already nudging Drew’s hole. Drew continued to sit himself down on Rick’s cock until he was fully seated on the massive hard on. Drew started to move up and down but Rick was already on the verge of climax so as he held onto Drew’s hips tightly, he trusted hip with all his might inside of Drew and pounded his ass while Drew started to jerk off while being minced inside by Rick. All at once Drew let out a load scream and came all over Rick’s chest. As Drew was in ecstasy the pressure from Drew’s tightness took Rick to the edge and he came hard and deep inside of Drew.

Drew slumped down on top of Rick and they stayed still on top of each other as they enclosed one another in a satisfied embrace. Yet next to them on the bed, Chris had only started to reach his climax as Mark continued to give him pleasure with his mouth. Mark was not in a hurry, in his view Chris was a young man who had only began to blossom and since he was sure it was his first time he wanted to make sure that Chris would cherish every moment with him.

Mark lowered his mouth over Chris’ virgin hole and started licking it thoroughly making sure it’s slick and wet. He then wet his fingers and inserted one in Chris’ hole making him moan half in pleasure and half in pain. Mark hated to hear Chris whimper in hurt so he carefully continued to finger him this time going a bit deeper in order to hit a spot which caused great pleasure to Chris. Chris moaned wildly at this newly found feel and opened his leg unaware and showing Mark that now he was ready for more. Mark took his finger out of Chris and placed Chris’ leg above his shoulders as Chris braced himself knowingly of what was coming next. ‘Are you sure your ready for this Chris?’ Chris didn’t speak yet this time he smile confidently and nodded. Mark bent down and kissed Chris on the forehead after that he placed himself at Chris’ puckered entrance and slowly bean to push himself inside of Chris.

The heat emanated from Chris’ tightness was maddening and Mark was suddenly unsure if he would last a second inside this young lad yet soon he was fully seated within Chris and Chris was ready to be held by him. Mark started to move unhurriedly inside Chris making sure not to hurt him. Soon enough Chris started to whimper yet to mark’s surprise Chris was actually moaning in need. Chris was bucking his hips meeting up with Mark’s thrusts urging him to go deeper. Mark started thrusting harder inside the boy aiming at that newly found spot. Chris started to moan louder and so Mark reached for Chris’ member and jerked him off in the rythem of the thrusts. The pleasure was increasing and all at once both of the guys panted and mouned hard together as they finally came simultaneously. Mark held Chris in his arms as gradually their breaths came back to normal rate.

At the end of the night, in a little room inside an apartment filled with people, four people came to a conclusion. Life was worth being explored, Chris had grew through this whole experience and he was no longer the naive little boy he once was, Rick Found out a new way to keep his body in shape and a new reason why to do so, Mark found out what felt like being in love for Chris had in fact swept him off is feet and Drew felt that there was a new bridge on which he could relate to his closest friends.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32