The Professor and the Boys Ch. 06

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Big Dick

“Thanks for doing this, David,” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “I owe you one. Everything happened at once and I didn’t know what to do. The College wouldn’t give the money to rent him something. Our French department is so small –just me and Edith. And I wouldn’t dare send him to stay with her.”

“You owe me a big one, Roger,” replied David.

“We’ll see about that when I get back there, Dave,” Roger laughed. “I’ve got you a really big one waiting for you. Thanks again, buddy.”

“Anytime, and give my love and regards to Christopher. Talk to you later, Rog.”

David hung up and sat back in his office chair. What had he gotten himself into by agreeing to do this for his friend Roger, head of the French language department. His friend had to take a leave of absence and had gotten an acquaintance from France teaching at a university in Montreal to take his place with college approval. David had promised to let the visiting professor stay with him. David had planned a big party, but that was now on hold with this guy coming to stay for the next few months.

David rolled out of bed on Saturday in order to drive to the airport to pick up the new professor. He looked back at the bed and smiled at the two beautiful boys, their arms and legs entwined as they slept. He had just introduced Latin Nick to blonde Charlie, and David loved the contrast between their beautiful young muscled bodies. He loved to watch Nick’s dark cock pounding Charlie’s blond-fuzz covered ass. And nothing got him harder than Charlie on his knees sucking Nick’s thick brown cock.

They had such a long fuck session last night he thought he might well oversleep. He fell asleep after he came, but the boys were still slowly fucking. He had cum across Nick’s face, drops of cum falling onto Charlie’s neck and shoulders. The last thing he remembered was Nick nibbling the back of Charlie’s neck, his hand over the blond’s red-lipped mouth to keep him from moaning or yelling too loud. The rhythm of Nick slowly pounding Charlie’s tight ass had lulled David softly to sleep.

He knew he needed to get on the road, but the boys cocks were half-hard with morning wood and lolling against each other like a yin/yang symbol. He couldn’t resist leaning in and running his tongue over both their hefty cocks. The musky salty rankness filled his nostrils as he grabbed them both in his hands and ran his tongue over the two cockheads. David’s own cock pushed into the cool cotton sheets leaving a fresh wet trail of precum as he feasted on their thick young cocks – deepthroating them both in turn.

All he could think about was having both those fat pricks together in his daddy hole stretching him until his ass gaped open. Suddenly he felt hands on his head pushing him roughly further onto Nick’s dark cock. He glanced up to see that Charlie and Nick each had a hand on his head, forcing the cock further down his gullet. Charlie shifted a bit and started pushing his cock between the older man’s lips too. David gurgled as Charlie slid his cock beside Nick’s, pushing David’s mouth to its limits. David tried to push away, but the hands wouldn’t let him. Before he knew it, his mouth was filled with two hot loads. The creamy loads dripped out of his mouth and down his chin. Nick pulled his cock out first, droplets of cum wiped across David’s hairy cheek. Nick reached for Charlie’s cock, he pushed on David’s forehead pushing him backward as he leaned down and ran his own tongue over Charlie’s dripping cockhead. Nick sank his lips over the head of the blond’s cock creating a suction that made a popping sound as he pulled off of it. Both boys leaned over and gave David a messy kiss, cum smearing over lips, cheeks, and noses.

David slid off the bed and wiped his face on the corner of a sheet. He ran to the bathroom before getting dressed and donning a ball cap. He noticed the boys were making out and tickling each other as he left the bedroom. Fuck he wanted to stay, he thought as he walked out into the warm sunshine to his car.

By the time he got the airport, the visiting professor’s plane had landed. As matter of fact, it had been early. David just waited at the lounge near the gate, figuring the guy had gone for some coffee or something. After about twenty-minutes David decided to call, but remembered he had left the number on his desk at home. He had the guy paged and waited. Finally, after almost two hours, he decided to just head back home.

He noticed a strange car parked at his house. He walked inside and Charlie bounded up to him wearing a t-shirt and some loose gym shorts.

“You’ve got a visitor, some middle-aged rude guy,” he said in a whisper. “He’s in the kitchen…” he paused for a second, then continued, “and he’s making himself quite at home.”

Nick walked up to them from the direction of the kitchen and gave David and Charlie both a peck on the cheek. He was dressed like Charlie.

“Who the fuck is that hijo de puta — son of a bitch– in the kitchen? polatlı escort Qué cabrón –what a bastard!”

“He’s the bastard who’s going to be staying here for awhile. Remember me telling you both? So behave. And he’s not old…early forties, maybe younger,” David told them in a soft growl.

“Okay, we’re off to meet Gio and Skye,” Charlie said as he and Nick patted David on the shoulders. “Go play with your old friend, old man.” They were laughing as they left.

“Be careful,” David said as the door shut.

He didn’t even want to imagine what those four were going to get up to together. Whatever they were doing was probably way more fun that what he’d have to deal with here –some old grouchy snooty French professor. David sucked in a deep breath and walked to the kitchen.

David was completely taken aback when he walked into the kitchen.

Sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of tea in his hand was the new professor. He saw David walk into the room and he raised a finger to David as he finished his sip of tea. He sat down his cup, wiped his hand on a napkin, and stood up, his hand outstretched.

“Bonjour, monsiuer, or do you prefer ‘ professeur’?” the man asked.

“Just call me David,” he answered, reaching out and shaking the muscular tanned hand offered to him.

“I’m Lui Moreau, you may call me ‘Lui’,” he informed David.

David smiled, hoping his wide eyes didn’t disclose his shock upon meeting this incredibly handsome man standing in his kitchen. David knew the man was older, but he could have passed for early thirties, maybe younger.

Lui Moreau was about David’s height. His wide shoulders tapered down to a tight waist, his clothes very stylish and tailored to his perfect body. With his piercing dark eyes, scruff-bearded strong jaw, and deep olive complexion, he looked more like a male model than a college professor.

Lui sat back down, motioning for David to sit with him.

“Those ill-mannered young men tried to get me to drink some instant coffee. I prefer tea. It is a glorious habit I developed in London while young. I found this teapot. I brought my own tea that I purchased on the layover in New York.”

“That’s my grandmother’s antique teapot that she brought over from…”

“Well, then she’d be delighted someone was enjoying it,” Lui interrupted. “Anyway, Davide,” Lui said, giving a French twist to David’s name, “I didn’t want to wait at the airport, so I went ahead and rented a car. I should have made a few stops for provisions, but not knowing the town…I’ll make a list of my requirements and one of those houseboys can fetch the lot.”

“Their names are Nick and Charlie…and they aren’t…” David began rather sternly.

“They can clean this up. I’d like to go to my room and get settled, if I may,” Lui interrupted again, getting up and walking over to his baggage. He grabbed his coat and briefcase. “Can you help me with my cases?” He gave David a devilishly handsome smile.

“Uhm, ok, sure. Come with me,” David stated, defeated. But the small but extremely dimpled smile from Lui seemed to erase his brash, assertive behavior.

Lui spent most the midday unpacking, making lists, and settling in. That afternoon, David and Nick went on a shopping trip, leaving Charlie to help Lui settle into the house. Charlie absolutely hated having to do it and couldn’t stand Lui. The only reason Charlie agreed was because Will was coming to do some work on the garden shed. If he was going to be a “babysitter”, he would at least have some eye candy to watch…maybe…hopefully, even more.

The BlackCole Construction van drove up around two o’clock. Charlie was standing in the doorway wearing a tank and jogging shorts, as William Black stepped out. He was wearing his usual tank top, khaki shorts, and heavy work boots. His tan skin was shining from sunscreen oil, making his tattoos stand out bright and clear. Don’t get a fucking boner, Charlie kept telling himself as the muscled stud walked toward him.

“Where’s David?” Will asked, running a hand over his recon high and tight haircut.

“He’s had to run out on some errands for a demanding guest,” answered Charlie, his eyes wandering over the tattoos running up Will’s bulging arms.

“So you like a particular fruity cereal with marshmallows or certain kind of nut milk?” Will joked with a wink and a smile.

“No, not me,” Charlie said, stepping out of the door and pointing to the bedroom on the second floor. “That fucking older French asshole who’s staying with him –he’s a few years younger than David. He’s hot as fuck, but what an ass!” Charlie didn’t care if his voice traveled.

“Well, personally I like a good ass,” Will replied. Charlie didn’t notice Will appreciating his own sweet round ass. “You must be joking,” he said, his eyes taking in the blond’s young tight body. Will had wanted to get that twink on his knees or on his back for awhile now. But he also enjoyed the attention that he got pursaklar escort from Charlie fawning over him.

“No, I’m not joking, he’s a rude snob.” Charlie gave a frustrated sigh. “He’s been pretty quiet for a few minutes. I need to check on him. He keeps going through the house fiddling with things, like he owns the fucking place.” Charlie stepped into the house, and then turned back. “David told me some things to tell you. I’ll be back out in a second…if you wanted to go get ready…I mean, go get started.”

Charlie ran upstairs and was back down in no time. Lui was in the bathroom taking a bath and would probably be in there for hours pampering himself…the conceited bastard, thought Charlie. He raced to David’s bedroom and pulled off the jockstrap he was wearing and pulled his jogging shorts over his bare fuzzy peach ass. He was ready for Will. This was going to be a perfect day, he thought.

Charlie walked around to the shed in the back. He smiled as he saw Will shirtless, his tank top stuffed into his back pocket. He was taking some measurements and typing them into his phone.

You get him settled?” asked Will continuing to take measurements.

“Oh, he’s taking a bath. I’ll keep him busy for awhile.” Charlie then started listing off the notes David had quickly made. While Charlie was speaking, Will set his phone down and started stretching, his muscled arms flexing high over his head. His incredible ab muscles rivaled a washboard as he stretched. His shorts rode low on his hips causing his large wolf tattoo to slightly come into a view. Charlie stumbled over his words a couple times

“Hmmm, this raises a few questions. I’m going to have to wait on David, I think. I’ve done all my measurements. I don’t have anything to unload. What, I wonder, can I do until he gets back?” He walked toward Charlie and put a hand on his shoulder. “I guess I could leave and come back. What about that?” Will had a devilish grin on his face as he flexed his arm and gently pushed on Charlie. “On the other hand…”

Charlie dropped to his haunches in front of William, his eyes taking in the powerful alpha male looming over him.

“I could find a few things to occupy your time,” said Charlie, reaching out and running a hand over the powerful tree trunk thighs in front of him.

Will unzipped his shorts, his thick horsecock pushing out of its stable. Charlie’s mouth watered at the sight of such a big beautiful cock, his eyes wide with lust. Will ran his hand over his big floppy cock and then pulled out his big balls.

Charlie leaned in ready to run his tongue over the head of Will’s cock.

Rap rap rap rap rap. What the fuck is that noise, thought Charlie.

“The ‘baby’ must need to be changed,” Will said, pushing his fat cock and balls back into his shorts. He pointed up at the second floor.

Lui was standing there looking down at them. He was bare-chested, displaying a chest full of dark hair. He pointed at Charlie and beckoned for him to come in.

“Muthafucka,” growled Charlie, standing up. “I’ll be back.” He walked, mumbling under his breath.

Will leaned against the wall and folded his arms. He looked up at the figure in the window. A pretty fucking hot man, he thought to himself. Maybe he’s such an asshole because he needs something in his, Will said to himself. He smiled and waved at the man looking down on him. Lui moved out of sight.

“I might be spending my afternoon breaking in a pretty French jackass,” muttered Will as he strolled up to the house. He didn’t bother putting his tank back on.

Charlie was running around inside and changing clothes.

“Hey, I forgot I used David’s card yesterday and left it in my back pack. He told that French fucker to tell me to bring it to him. I’ve got to run it downtown. I’ll be back when I can.” He stopped for a second and pointed upstairs, but then shook his head and hand. “Just ignore that asshole, and do what you need to do,” he said, hurrying to the door and racing away.

Lui walked down the stairs, pausing a bit when he saw Will standing there bare-chested. He looked him up and down. Will knew a look of hidden lust when it was given to him. He’d had many older guys lusting after him, even married ones. It was like a game. It usually didn’t take much to get them naked and on their backs taking his big cock.

“I hear you’re giving these guys a hard time,” Will said, his arms crossed making his arms look bigger and his legs slightly apart.

“I am not giving them the hard time; I just expect them to rise to my level. I have standards which must be met. You can’t expect a racehorse to pull a plow,” Lui stated with a bit of a laugh. “You need to put some clothes on.”

“Oh, hold on, fucker,” replied Will shaking his head, walking toward Lui. “Maybe you should be wearing less?” Will nodded at the thick cotton robe Lui was wearing.

“What did you call me? What are you saying?” Lui said, removing his glasses sincan escort and setting them on a nearby table.

“A horse is a horse is a horse. I don’t care if you’re a racehorse, a pony, or a stud…” Will paused for a second. He walked closer and got inches from Lui’s face. Their eyes met. “I’m just saying that you need to get with the motherfucking program and be a little nicer and easy-going with everyone in this house. Understood?”

Lui turned to walk away and Will grabbed his robe to stop him and pulled him close.

“You can acknowledge what I said and agree. You fucking understand? I’m not going to hurt you, dude?” Will ran his hand over Lui’s head softly. “I actually think we could be friends and…uhm, have some fun.” He noticed Lui seemed to relax a bit.

“And why would we do that? Dégage –Go away! J’en ai ras le bol –I’m fed up!” Lui seemed to spit the words out. “If you’ll excuse me…”

“The fuck no,” growled Will, gripping Lui’s arm harder. He looked down and he noticed a slight bulge in the robe the older man was wearing. The fucker is enjoying this, Will thought to himself.

Lui, using his free hand, undid the belt on his robe and pulled out of it away from Will’s grasp. Lui stood there wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy square briefs.

“Not today, fucker,” Will said as he lunged toward Lui.

Lui ran to the stairs. He took a couple of steps before Will grabbed him, gripping the briefs and pulling them halfway down Lui’s thighs. Lui stumbled and let out a breathful groan. He started pushing at Will with his feet and legs, pushing Will’s already low-riding shorts down. Will wrapped an arm around Lui’s muscled hairy chest and pulled him in close and tight. He positioned his mouth close to Lui’s ear.

“Every herd of horses has a big stallion who keeps the others in line. Cowboys like to ride a big stallion because they’re smart and strong. I bet you’d like to ride this horse. This horse would make you obey and fulfill your desires,” Will said, pulling on his obscenely large cock with his other hand.

“Je m’en fous de ton cheval. –I don’t give a fuck about your horse,” replied Lui struggling a bit under Will’s grasp.

“Oh, but I bet you do,” Will said, pulling him harder against his muscled chest.

“Putain –Fuck,” Lui groaned as Will’s horsecock pushed against his naked but hairy backside.

Lui reached around and grabbed at the big cock, pulling his hand along the thick velvety muscle, his finger running over the wet head. He thought he could grip it or twist it and make Will release him, but the massive cock was just much too big. Will reached up and ran a hand over the Frenchman’s dark scruffy face. He ran two fingers over his lips, and then pushed them into his mouth getting them wet with saliva. He ran his wet fingertips over the dark full lips; then slightly separating them Will pushed in other fingers, filling Lui’s mouth. Saliva dripped from the Frenchman’s lips as Will softly laughed.

“Yeah, fucker, you want me to stretch that even wider with my big dick of death you’re holding. I know you are fucking wanting to taste me. Big mean daddy wants a taste of some young muscle cock. I know how you fuckdaddies like my big cock down your throats…begging me to choke you, fill you.”

“Fils de pute –Son of a bitch,’ groaned Lui softly, “Oui –yes! Okay, I do want you in my mouth. I want to taste that big cock.”

“Yeah, I figured you needed some of this big cock,” smirked Will.

Will released Lui and stood up. He helped him to his feet and then grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, steering the hairy Frenchman toward David’s bedroom.

He pushed Lui onto the bed and then joined him. Will rolled Lui onto his back, his eyes running over the hairy muscled body. A “tricolore” flag was tattooed on one of his upper arms. His dark olive complexion and jet-black hair was a beautiful contrast to the stark white bed.

Will knelt near Lui’s head and placed his thick heavy cock against his cheek. Lui turned his head and stretched out his tongue trying pull it toward his lips. He tried to reach for the cock, but Will leaned forward and pinned his hands to the bed.

“Work for it,” he growled. “If you want this well-hung stallion’s meat, you gotta work,”

“Très très bien monté –very, very well hung,” Lui let out in a raspy groan.

Lui stretched his neck and tongue until he could grab the thick cockhead with his lips, sucking it into his mouth. His tongue greedily swirled around the muscle man prick, lapping at the precum leaking from it. Will pushed his hips forward, pushing his cock further into Lui’s throat. Lui gagged, but Will kept pushing a bit further before pulling out.

Will released Lui’s hands and got off the bed. He positioned Lui so his head was almost hanging off the edge of the bed. Will straddled his head and positioned the head of his cock above Lui’s lips.

“I want to fuck your mouth. I want to fuck that throat so goddamn deep. You going to let this fat cock into your pussygullet?”

Lui nodded his head and coughed a bit.

“Fucking tell me. Tell me to fuck your mouth with this big cock!”

“Fuck me with your big cock, Sir!” Lui begged.

Will leaned over Lui, his hands grabbing Lui’s wrists, pinning them down.

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