Sita’s Total Submission

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Sita felt as naked as she’d ever been in her life. All the clothes she’d arrived in 20 minutes before were in a hasty pile on the messy floor of her new boyfriend’s bedroom. Sita was on her knees on top of the corner of his bed. Leaning forward with her left hand swiping at her clit which felt so swollen to bursting that it almost hurt. Her right hand was doing something that even a month before she would have considered unthinkable–it was snaking her lubed up index and middle finger back and forth through the open aperture of her anus.

Her cheeks were spread wide by her bent over posture and she was presenting her butthole like a lewd target for the delectation of her boyfriend who stood behind her idly stroking his hardening penis–no–hard cock, he insisted on her use of that title and after that organ had brought her so much pleasure and taught her so much in the span of their brief relation she was starting to warm to the term even as it still caused her to blush internally.

Of course, it would be hard to claim to be embarrassed by anything after the show she was giving Patrick at the moment. She was actually panting a little as she struggled to control her breathing while her paired digits dived up to her bottom knuckles in her loosening backdoor. She was struggling to meet Patrick’s eyes over her shoulder. His gaze bore into her, devouring her dripping sex–her cunt–and her bottom–what he’d explained was her “ass-pussy” or would be when he was finished having his fill of it and of her tonight.

He continued to steadily masturbate his cock back to hardness (explaining that he’d wanted to make truly taking her “butt-cherry” special he had stripped her naked as soon as he’d gotten her into his bedroom and then proceeded to gently push her down onto her knees before hilting his shaft through his fly and into her mouth in order to fuck several sizable dollops of semen into her throat.) Her face still has a mixture of her own thick mucousy drool from the oral violation and his even thicker sperm caking it and it feels like his cum is all she can smell. It’s intoxicating her and is a big part of why her cunt is leaking her own girlcum over her hand and wrist.

She wondered if she would have to buy him new sheets?

She’s distracted by this cum drunk consideration as she notes the now naked Patrick picking up his phone from his discarded pants and pointing it down at her on the bed.


Her fingers pause buried in her tailpipe, she’s having a hard time thinking straight.

He reads her anxiety, the fear of a video of her at her most vulnerable and intimate being shown to anyone. But over the few weeks that Patrick has been banging her he’s come to understand how to lean into those vulnerabilities and capitalize on them.

Sita, a young medical intern who’s conservative upbringing and years of higher education has left her inexperienced and unschooled in sex and her own desires, derives deep pleasure from submitting to this male nurse who’d had the audacity to hit on her while she was rounding on a hospitalized patient, and then to make good on his cocksure braggadocio had bed her on their first date. In fact he’d drilled her cross eyed before he’d even bought her dinner.

He had at least taken her out to breakfast the next morning and then to buy a morning after pill as he had spent their first night together emptying his heavily dangling balls into her over and over. She wasn’t a virgin but she’d insisted that no man had ever ejaculated inside her before.

Of course by the time he was draining his his scrotum into her she’d cum repeatedly as he’d held her down one handed with what she later understood to be practiced ease while practically chewing her labia off, lapping at her tasty little box and delving his free hand’s fingers in and out of it double time.

No one had ever made Sita feel like that, so her resistance was almost completely washed away by the time he’d unceremoniously shoved his bareback prick into her and brought the head of it up to the cupped aperture of her cervix. Any sensible objections she might have more sober mindedly proposed were shunted aside as his cock stretched her sopping girl hole into a Patrick accommodating configuration and the pummeling of her womb began.

Honestly, she was practically crying with joy from her own protracted orgasm when he had finally leaned over her and announced in a harsh groan into her ear that he was going to “jizz you up.” Her lithe brown form had writhed beneath him as her cunt took its first drink of man juice.

That was a clear rubicon moment on her journey from proper young physician to being Patrick’s personal sexual property.

So now, phone in hand and the video rolling on his pretty little conquest, Patrick has no hesitation overriding her weak objections.

“Quiet honey- bitch, let Daddy see what he’s gonna spend the night turning out.”

Her fingers tentatively resumed slithering in and out of her rear.

“Does my little fuck pocket want Daddy to give her a taste of the belt again tonight? Does she need to remember who gives Taksim escort the doctor her orders?”

This enticing threat is met with a groan that thrums all the way from her dripping cunt up and out her throat.

The belt had been introduced on their second date and marked the first time Sita had ever squirted. Afterwards she was nearly delirious from the combination of doggy style fucking and belt lashing she’d been treated to.

Unbeknownst to her Pat had taped a good part of that session as well. Though you couldn’t see her face, her voice thanking him after every time he made his belt dance across her upturned haunches and thighs was clearly hers–though frequently rising into an upper register of shrieks to accompany her orgasm that her colleagues and patients at the hospital would have struggled to recognize. He’d stopped filming after making good on his warning that he was about to cum up her snatch and the throb of his emptying balls was met by the warm spray from her spasming cunt that had drenched the meeting place between her buttocks and his thighs.

She had been bewildered and mortified but he’d been so kind and reassuring, explaining that it was natural for “a bitch to lose control of herself when being taken by a real man.” He’d then held her hand and led her to the bathroom where he’d gently guided her to a kneeling position in the shower.

He’d then hooked his thumb into the corner of her mouth to open her lips and teeth. Softly explaining that since she’d peed on him he’d “better return the favor” just so she “wouldn’t get the wrong idea about who was boss”. Who was in charge of whom. Not that her freshly whipped behind left her in much doubt. But just to be clear…

He’d slapped his damp genitals down onto her outstretched tongue and proceeded to empty his bladder into her mouth. She’d closed her lips around it without any instruction and started drinking his sour yellow piss with gusto. She couldn’t capture it all of course–it was her first time and he wasn’t even trying to hold back–and the overflow poured out around his shaft and down over her pert breasts, her cum filled belly and thighs, and dripped off her buttocks with the fresh welts from his belting across them.

It ran down the drain with a gurgling sound drowned out by the eager swallowing sounds of her piss guzzling. Once he’d finished and withdrawn his woman tamer from her mouth she’d looked up at him with wet eyes and said

“Thank you daddy.”

The naked gratitude and surrender had been so sincere that his dick had swelled back up again and so he proceeded to jostle it forward without preamble into the wet sucking confines of her gullet before proceeding to give her a brutal groaning crash course in deep-throating.

Afterwards, once they’d rinsed off, he’d spooned her, his cock half hard and resting semi-swollen between the cheeks of her ass. The head pressed threateningly close to her near virgin asshole. He’d held her and told her what a special little whore she was, a perfect little whore who had let him make her mouth into his “fuck-toilet” before she’d even “learned to eat dick.” He’d pressed his cock head meaningfully against the little balloon knot of her asshole then, while explaining that once she learned to give him her ass like a “good girl” he’d be fully satisfied with her. He pinched and tugged her nipples and nibbled her earlobe explaining that soon he wouldn’t need to fuck his other slam pieces as much, because she’d be ready to be “my main bitch…my perfect little fuckpet.”

Honestly she was eager to give up her ass to him right then, fear of consequences be damned. In the two nights they’d already spent together he’d shown her a type of ecstasy that had previously been unimaginable and that no other relationship in college or medical school had approached. She couldn’t imagine giving this up, and if all it took was submitting readily to the sodomy he’d explained he wanted from her: well so much the better.

She rolled away from him face down and dug her fingers into each cheek spreading her buttocks apart and pointed her undefended asshole at the ceiling.

“Take it daddy, take it.”

He’d chuckled and rolled her back towards him.

“Oh no honey, to make an ass-pussy takes patience. I wanna make sure my little whore is ready to become a full on butt-slut. Remember the last time?”

The “last time” had been their first incredible night together. After he’d claimed her pussy as his territory with the first gobbets of spunk he’d used to paint her uterus, he had laid down next to her on his back, pulled her thigh across his and unceremoniously slid her pussy down around his still remarkably hard cock.

She was still reeling from her orgasms and felt nearly boneless and spent–the room stank of sweat and pussy-juice and the new alkaline odor of potent male seed that was starting to run out around the shaft that was stabbing up into her. He’d begun to thrust and gradually she began to meet his efforts with an uncontrollable grinding of her hips. He’d reached up with his left hand and firmly grasped Taksim escort bayan her throat.

He wasn’t much taller then she was honestly, but his hand felt enormous: big and powerful and closed around her windpipe like a convenient handle. The choking was mild, but completely new to her and incredibly stimulating. Her nipples were painfully hard and her clit was smashed against his pubic bone in a manner that seemed to be opening the depths of her vaginal vault even wider for his invading tool to plunder.

Then without hesitation he’d pressed his other hands index finger through the ring of her anus and up into her rectum.

She was shocked. While he hadn’t asked her permission to kiss her deeply once she’d arrived to his place to pick him up for what she thought was a first “getting to know each other” outing, and then hadn’t asked permission to pull her through the living room of his shared house into his private bedroom, or yank her admittedly flimsy underwear out from under her skirt and then bend her over and plunge his face between her cheeks to latch onto her pussy like a lamprey, hadn’t asked permission basically to ravish her without any restraint–she was still shocked that he would so casually ram his finger home in her bottom like that. No one had ever done ANYTHING back there. She knew of anal sex but had never experimented with it in her life. Had never probed or played with that area. Now, a man who she gave orders to at work, who’s last name she didn’t even know, had his finger thrust into her ass.

She even tried to struggle. But the hand on her throat put paid to her wriggling resistance.

“Don’t fight daddy bitch, he’s gonna take what’s his, bitch’s job is to like it.”

More shocking to her then these nasty words was the uncontrollable moan she’d let out in response to this pronouncement. His finger was starting to fuck back and forth in sequence with his delving prick and suddenly she came harder then she had all night. He kept at her though, working her groin from below until her ass was gaping and numb and she’d orgasmed again and again.

Afterwards he pulled her down into a spoon position. She was sweaty and still breathing hard. Almost disoriented. Feeling exhausted with a body high like she had in high school after her track and field meets–she had an image of him riding her around the hurdles and competition grounds of her old school like some sort of dressage horse with his thick prick jammed up her to keep his mount under control.

She shuddered at this unexpectedly perverse image, and then felt the head of that prick align itself with her bottom hole. He had his lower arm beneath her neck to rest on but wrapped it around her throat while he almost casually forced the head of his cock–the tip of it–through her rectum. She couldn’t believe how little resistance her anus had offered him. She’d let out a high pitched yelp and all her muscles had tensed, but his arms had her fast and her ass was firmly spiked.

His upper hand had shot up and down like a whipcrack landing on her upper buttcheek. Another yelp and a gasp as he swiveled his cock clockwise in a menacing lunge that didn’t advance his invasion any further but demonstrated conclusively his ability to stretch her nether hole as wide as he liked with or without consent.

“Keep still bitch! Your new daddy’s gonna three hole you whether you like it or not. You’re a new bitch and need to learn your place.”

“Oh daddy”

She’s never called anyone that, not even her own father who she called “baba” or just “dad”–but never “daddy”–and certainly not with the conciliating horny whimper she brings to the term now. But it pours out natural and unbidden, a new voice to accompany the name she’s never used. She sounds like an animal rolled over on its back to present its vulnerable underbelly to a victorious challenger would sound–if it could talk and if it’s tight virgin ass was stretched shockingly tight around a cock quite a bit bigger then the finger that had so recently taken advantage of its inability to resist a determined intruder.

“I’ve never had anything up there!”

She gasps it out before he presses forward any further.

He slackens ever so slightly, doesn’t withdraw the invader from her colon, but incrementally relaxes his punishing grip in her. Her buttock throbs from his spanking.

“You’re an ass virgin?”

He flexes his dick in her. His domineering tone is colored with genuine surprise.

“After the way you gave up your pussy I assumed you’d have been cornholed plenty before…”

He slid his upper hand, his spanking hand, around to grasp her cunt, sliding his index finger, fresh from being knuckles up her asshole she half-realizes, between her pussylips and strokes her clit.

She groans then and her ass squeezes down on the head of his dick like a tight gloved fist:, how can he make her feel so good?

And in response to her involuntary rectal clench she feels him let go, releasing a fresh round of cream into her painfully stretched ass. He left his cock head in place, the full Escort taksim feeling in her behind getting subsumed in the orgasm his fingers wrenched from her ravished cunthole. Only the force of her orgasm dislodged his cockhead from her bottom. Almost immediately she felt the slick discharge of his seed sliding out of her gaping ass. He caught it on the fingers fresh from her sex.

These he lifted to her mouth and shoved inside. The combination of flavors overwhelmed her. She slurped his digits like a dirty-spunk-ass-pussy-finger lollipop. Once she’d swallowed the ass load he’d fed her he squatted over her and lowered the head of his shaft to her mouth.

“Lick it clean girl. Show me what yer worth.”

She hadn’t hesitated: he’d taken her first two holes thoroughly and with an almost indifferent nonchalance regarding her feelings or reluctance that she found incredibly and deeply arousing, so now she wanted to give him her third aperture eagerly to show her gratitude and acceptance. The sour taste of her asshole was unfamiliar but was as intoxicating as the sperm fresh from her leaking anus had been.

He withdrew his half-limp and newly sucked clean cock from her lips and then his own ass crack descended over her face. She required no instruction but tunneled her mouth and tongue unhesitatingly into his rectum while simultaneously reaching forward to grasp at the dick he’d just swung free from her sucking maw.

She felt no disgust, only an electric charge of pleasure that overrode all thoughts of propriety or acceptability. This man has made her feel something no one else had, that she’d never dreamed possible. He had fucked her like a whore, not a doctor, not a lady, but like an animal made for his pleasure. She belonged to him and wanted to worship him however he saw fit.

Later, when she had lapped so aggressively at his poorly wiped asshole while using both hands to stroke and caress his organ such that he was fully erect again, he had jacked off onto her face while spitting on her and calling her his “gutter-bitch.” When her pussy had clenched in a sudden orgasm at this treatment all she could do was shudder in sexual intoxication.

Then she lay in his arms and apologized for not being ready to surrender her ass to him when he’d summarily lanced it with his cock, apologized for not having just spread her thighs and fucked him the first time he’d hit on her in the hospital with the old patient watching and leering at her, apologized for even having worn clothes to his house to meet him when it just made it slower for him to get to the business of railng her silly, apologized nonsensically and deliriously while clinging to him and stinking of his baby batter which leaked from each of her orifices and dried on her face.

He’d told her that it was fine, that he had other girls he could buttfuck whenever he wanted. Her jealousy and hurt were overwhelming. She said she would learn, was practically in tears, would do “whatever daddy wanted” just so he wouldn’t leave her.

He took her own hand and guided two of her own fingers into her still sore anus. He gently began to masturbate her ass with them and explained that she could practice getting herself ready for “daddy’s cock” so that he could “completely own her.”

This brought her to tonight. Since their first round of uninhibited copulation she had been working her butt practically raw with her fingers in preparation. Other then the meeting a few days later where he’d taught her to appreciate what a man with a belt could do to a horny little toilet bitch, he’d refused to meet with her to deep dick her. He’d found moments to grope her in the hospital, once with an older male patient decidedly leering at her as she’d pressed her ass back into Pat’s clenching fist. But groping was just teasing. And Pat’s dick had given her a taste for fucking.. Worse yet, he’d sent her several pictures and videos of his unmistakable cock disappearing up the rectums of at least three separate girls. One of these had looked like she’d had scrubs pulled down around her ankles and had a low back tattoo she’d noticed on one of the skinny fake-titted nurses on the ward. She was in an agony of jealousy.

So now, bent over, ass splayed open, reeking of Patrick’s spunk, she wasn’t inclined to much protest as he filmed her anal masturbation. Nor when he set the phone down on his desk pointed squarely at the bed. If he wanted a permanent record of her transformation into his submissive anal whore it would be a small price to pay. She was desperate to be fucked.

He spat a thick gob of spit against her fingers and her hungry asshole.

“Spread bitch–it’s time for Daddy to take what’s his.”

Just these words were enough to make her cum, her abdomen contracting on itself, liquid splashing her calves and heels.

He advanced on her like a pouncing animal, it was almost startling. Suddenly he was astride her and there was no escape. His cock had found her nether aperture without even the intervention of his guiding hand. It was like an ass seeking missile and the drooling little bitch collapsed face down and ass up on the bed mewling and prying her asscheeks apart to ease his plundering was just a life support system for that dick’s target. She was a grimy little afterthought– a man’s anal cock sleeve. She was shaking and mewling with these degrading thoughts.

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