Shrinking Fun with Friends Pt. 03

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Both women were completely exhausted at this point, and quite sticky too. Between their copious juices and sweat and now a dousing in hot semen, they were quite a mess.

I smeared the goo over their bodies until just about everything was covered. Then I lifted up Melodie and turned her around, draping her over Claudette in a ’69’ with their faces near each other’s pussies. I was quite amused with myself for coming up with that one. With both hands I lifted them up together and carried them around in that position, both covered and sticky. I held them up to my face.

Claudette was starting to recover, enough to mumble “Very funny” which was muffled by Melodie’s crotch hovering in her face.

I carried them to the sink and lay them down on a hand towel. Then I ran some warm water in the sink. I figured it was high time to give them a bath.

After filling the sink with warm water, I tested it to make sure it wasn’t too hot, I didn’t want to chance scalding them. Then I scooped up Melodie first, she was slippery and sticky and sweaty and icky. She needed a bath in the worst way. I lowered her into the sink and began to gently wash her from head to toe. I touched every inch of her body. I washed her hair, her face, her chest. Spending extra time on her chest, which was slick from the soap. I couldn’t resist slipping my finger inside her again while she was so wet. I was rewarded with a little moan. While washing her butt I tried parting her ass wide enough that her rectum actually parted and I could finger it, though it was way too tiny to enter. I washed her legs and feet and played with her tiny toes. Then I gently patted her dry and rubbed a little lotion all over her skin. I lay her onto a towel on the other side of the sink, of course with her legs spread wide. She was like a rag doll. For fun I lay one of her hands onto her breast and the other between her legs. She sighed suadiye escort and looked up at me with a silly grin.

She spoke softly for the first time in a while. “I can’t believe you made me come so many times, I just can’t believe it. But what it was like for you?”

I said “I enjoyed just watching you both. I could feel every one of your orgasms. I could feel your muscles contracting on my finger. I could feel you getting wet. I loved feeling your whole body react when you came. I’ll be honest too, I also kinda like it when you beg and plead with me to keep going.”

She blushed. I bent down and kissed her chest, enjoying the feel of her nipples brushing against my lip. Then on a whim I scooped her back up and lifted her to my face. With my finger and thumb I parted her legs and then held her to my lips. I mumbled “I know you can’t possibly still be blushing.” Then I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue. As soon as I got a contented purr out of her, I wrapped my tongue around her and began stimulating her pussy with my tongue, wrapping it around her and exploring her. She squirmed and then began bucking as I held her against my face, her tiny breasts bouncing right at eye level. Her hips gyrated against my lips. I tasted her the moment she came in a little shudder of joy. I teased her a little bit with my tongue and then kissed her between the legs, as she was coming down from her latest high. Then I lay her down again, legs and arms spread, and told her “You know what, you taste good too. Now rest so we can do more later.”

She gave me a happy sigh. I kissed her stomach and then turned my attention to Claudette, still laying on the other side of the sink. Melodie turned and watched as I picked up Claudette. She was so icky, covered in gunk that was starting to dry on her. I was going to have to do some more vigorous washing to get all that off. yakacık escort I lowered her into the warm soapy water and gently washed her. I tried to shampoo her hair, which was completely coated in half-dry semen. I put a drop of shampoo on my thumb and tried to gently rub her head with my thumb and fingers. I lifted up each arm and soaped it up and rubbed soap on her tiny hands and fingers, each hand barely large enough to cover one of my fingers.

Then I worked my way to her chest, which I spent extra time on (who wouldn’t?). Just like with Melodie, I wiggled my finger into Claudette just a little again and she moaned for me. I soaped up her ass and parted her ass cheeks as well, wide enough to see her rectum open up for me. I don’t know why, but I was suddenly into that, maybe just because I could. They knew I was doing it and didn’t utter a word. I continued washing and caressing her legs and feet, touching every inch of her body. I rubbed her tiny feet between my finger and thumb. Once I rinsed her off, I kissed her feet before I lay her down next to Melodie. I patted her dry with the towel and spread her legs apart and draped her little hands over her breasts. She made a happy groan and smiled at me.

Melodie and Claudette lay resting on a towel beside the sink, following my attempt at fucking both of them together with two fingers of the same hand, followed by a sperm bath and then a thorough bathing in the sink. They’d been through a lot in the last couple hours so I let them catch their breath before going another round.

Melodie said “This had been the most exhilarating experience of my life. I am all yours if you will just keep making me feel like that.” Claudette murmured emphatically in agreement. I watched Melodie lay back and stretch her arms and legs, as she did I tickled her stomach and watched her giggle. She was so much fun to play with!

I şerifali escort rummaged through the hotel room snack bar to find them something to eat, then brought them some crackers and nuts. I was pretty entertained watching Claudette hold a cashew with both hands and munch on it like a sandwich.

Then Claudette said she had to pee. I thought about it for a moment, wondering what entertainment value I could get out of that. I figured as little as she is, her bladder must be the size of a pea. I can handle that. So I set my hand down next to her and told her to climb on.

With no hesitation she said “Sure!” and proceeded to climb into my hand and sit down.

I slowly lifted her up and held her in front of my face. I said “I need you to spread your legs, okay?”

She figured out quickly what I was trying to do. Smart girl. As she parted her legs I brought her closer to my mouth. She spread her legs wide enough to wrap around my cheeks as I pressed her to my mouth, encompassing her pussy and bottom between my lips. I licked her there and explored with the tip of my tongue.

Claudette squirmed a little and joked “It’s going to be really hard to pee if you keep doing that!”

Melodie said “What’s he DOING?”

Claudette said “He is caressing me with his tongue!”

Melodie said “Aww, I’m jealous!”

With Claudette in my mouth I had a free hand and gently brushed Melodie’s cheek with my finger and rubbed her back. She smiled up at me. In the meantime, Claudette regained her composure and relaxed and then I could feel a tiny warm spray on my tongue. Yeah, I was right, her bladder was about the size of a pea. I watched her relieved expression, which wasn’t hard with her face barely three inches from my eyes. Once I was sure she was done, I slid her away from my mouth and parted her with my thumb and finger so that I could peer inside her close up.

I remarked, “You guys should give me a female anatomy lesson!”

Melodie chimed in first and said “Ooh, I really want to do that! Please please please let me do it!!”

So I set Claudette down and put my hand out for Melodie.

To be continued …

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