Shower at the Cabin Ch. 02

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Megan and I had just finished a steamy, sweaty hot fuck in the shower when we realized we weren’t alone. Ashley, Megan’s sister, had walked into the bathroom and caught us having sex. She probably would have left quietly without saying a word, but before she could leave, we stepped out of the shower and stood before her. We were both completely naked, dripping wet from the shower, and Megan was practically leaking my cum from her snatch. I immediately turned red in embarrassment, not yet ready to handle even more unwanted attention. Megan on the other hand just looked at her sister in fear. It probably had something to do with Ashley’s comment.

“Ashley, what the hell are you doing in here?” yelled Megan as she coldly stared at her sister, not attempting to hide her nudity or swollen pussy. Ashley was grinning and looking all over, letting her eyes rest from my cock to her sister’s moist body. Ashley was wearing just her bikini, so her hard nipples were clearly visible beneath the insignificant strip of cloth.

“I could hear the shower running, but I knocked and came in. I figured it was just you Megan since I didn’t think he would take that long of a shower. To my pleasant surprise, you two were loudly and humorously fucking each other. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the secret of your forbidden fuck, but at a price,” Ashley said devilishly, letting her gaze lock onto Megan’s eyes. They stared at each other for a while, then Megan finally bounced back to reality and tossed a towel at me and grabbed one for herself.

“This isn’t a time for modesty, Megan. I’ve seen your stud’s throbbing dick and I’ve seen your body arch back in probably one hell of an orgasm. That frosted glass doesn’t stop a persistent eye,” taunted Ashley. Megan realized the futility and dropped her towel. I never bothered to cover myself with the towel. At this point I wasn’t concerned about being seen naked when I had been caught jacking off and having sex within the same hour. My humility threshold had already been broken long ago.

“Fine… what do you want Ashley. I knew you’d be that cold hearted bitch and try to ruin my firs…” she suddenly stopped herself, afraid to admit she just lost her virginity. It was too late, though.

“Your first time!? Ahahaha!” Ashley burst into laughter, almost crouching over from the intensity. Megan pouted in response, but her fear was falling away. She started to stand upright and looked at Ashley with a confident and challenging stare.

“Yea? So what?! I know your first was with that trailer trash jock at school. At least mine cares for me! He cares enough to give me three orgasms!” Megan replied in retaliation. Ashley strained to keep up her appearance of a calm and domineering individual, but her eyes were lit with furious fire.

“Shut the fuck up, Megan! Listen, you two each owe me a favor in turn for not saying a word. We all know if his parents and our parents found about this, they’d fucking freak out. I don’t think you two want to spend the rest of summer vacation with no car. Wouldn’t that be sad for two college students to get grounded like middle schoolers?” Ashley laughed again as she looked Megan in the eyes, then briefly winked at me and left. Megan and I each let out a sigh of relief, but Megan saw the look of concern on my face.

“Megan, I can’t have my parents find out. She might have been joking, but my parents really would punish me somehow for fucking the neighbor girl. They’re weird that way. I really can’t lose my car!” I moaned in dismay. Megan just gave me a look of sympathy, then a look of frustration.

“What the hell is the matter with you! Both you and Ashley are overreacting! If our parents found out, who gives a shit? We had sex, that’s it. They might be disappointed and my Dad might be a little angry and question if you raped me, but that’s it,” Megan said angrily.

The shock was beginning to wear off and I realized it really wasn’t a big deal. Except for the rape part. “Wait, if your Dad does think that, you’ll tell him the truth right? That wasn’t rape.”

“Yea, yea, that definitely was not rape! Rape wouldn’t feel that good! Look, Ashley can be a bitch sometimes, but she won’t go back on her word. If you’re so scared of my Dad, we’ll play along,” Megan’s voice rang with determination. I guess losing her virginity gave her a new sense of confidence.

She walked over and hugged me tightly while passionately kissing me. I can’t imagine what she was thinking, but getting caught during the first time must be some sort of system shock. Both of us were still naked and my dick was half hard, so it pushed into her belly. She looked down and said, haramidere escort “Damn, hard again? You could probably do a fucking marathon… literally!” She lightly laughed at her twisted pun. I was starting to calm down, but I still felt concerned about Ashley’s plans. Even if Ashley had something to gain by tattling, she agreed to not say anything if we did her favors. Still, part of me wondered if she would play fair. Would she keep this secret over us forever?

Megan and I dressed and finished the rest of the day. Any contact with Ashley was superficially normal, but Ashley did try once or twice to scare us by slipping hints in conversations with her parents. Fortunately, they never caught on, so Ashley just toyed with Megan and me for the evening. Dinner felt like an eternity because Ashley would not shut up. I couldn’t eat without choking at random emphasized words. I was really growing to despise Ashley and her cruel tactics.

That night after my parents and neighbors settled into bed, I heard some activity in the room next door. Finally I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and saw Ashley grinning at me, beckoning me to come. I turned around to grab something to wear since I was only in my boxers, but she gestured to not bother. I knew where that was going, so I reluctantly followed her into the bedroom down the hall.

Inside was Megan waiting for us. She was completely naked and kneeling on the floor with her hands tied behind her back. Ashley saw me staring, so she coolly said, “Megan’s going to get a special show tonight, but like a real audience, she can’t interfere. She gets to sit on the floor and watch the fun, but she won’t get any for herself. She also can’t say a word or I’ll have to dish out some punishments.” Megan squinted angrily at that line, but she obeyed by not saying a word.

Ashley spontaneously ripped my boxers off, leaving me completely nude and hard for her to look and mock at. She laughed wickedly and starting rubbing my body while looking at Megan. Ashley then leaned over and whispered into my ear, “I have nothing against you, this is all against Megan. It’s revenge for all the times she told my parents about my drinking habits in high school. Just play a long and you’ll have a good night.”

I was surprised by Ashley’s sudden cooperative nature. I thought about tossing Ashley onto the bed and ending her game of revenge, but I had nothing to gain. Besides, if all I had to do was fuck to end the blackmail, there were no negatives besides Megan’s feelings. Still, it wasn’t like we were going out, so she couldn’t blame me too much. I decided to play along.

We both turned and looked at Megan, who returned Ashley’s gaze with more angry looks. Ashley began stripping, taking off her pajama top and bottom, revealing her naked body underneath. She kept her bush trimmed in an interesting heart shaped and had a tattoo of her sorority’s Greek emblem above her patch. She was a little taller and leaner than Megan, but Ashley was also more athletic and muscular. Ashley head a boob job done for her 21st birthday, so her breasts were large and eternally perky, but definitely fake to the touch. To make a crude comparison, Ashley was more like a porn star while Megan was the girl next door type.

Ashley then looked at her sister sympathetically and said, “well, I suppose you can have a little fun, but under one circumstance: if your fuck buddy agrees to it.” Ashley turned her gaze to me and asked, “will you give Megan some pleasure, too?”

“What’s the catch?” I asked, instinctively knowing that Ashley didn’t do this for free.

“Haha, aren’t you a paranoid one! You guessed right, there is a catch. Whatever pleasure I give to Megan must be equally given to you!” It sounded sincere and normal, but Ashley’s mildly wicked tone warned me. Regardless, pleasure was pleasure, so it wasn’t much of a threat.

“Ok, sure, what the hell. This is your game, Ashley. Do what you want,” I said with a lazy tone. I really didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to have sex. All this build up was starting to become a strain on my balls.

“Haha, great! You two will love this!” Ashley walked over to her dresser and pulled out a small bag. She reached in a pulled out two bright pink sex toys and some lube. Ashley was grinning the entire time. Megan continued to stare angrily and I just watched in curiosity.

“Now, as you both know, every sorority girl has plenty of these. Today they’re going to be your best friends!” I did a double take as I looked at the toys. It finally dawned on me what Ashley was planning. Megan içerenköy escort was going to get a vibrator to stimulate her, but that also meant I was getting a toy! I was about to object and say hell no, but Ashley beat me to the punch.

“Now, before you say no, let me remind you that Megan only gets this if you get it too. Don’t be afraid of trying something different.” I mentally slammed my forehead against a mental desk. I was cornered. If I backed down, it would only make this harder for Megan. If I accepted, I was willingly letting my asshole be fucked. I decided to try to the middle road and see if I could compromise my way out.

“Ashley, wait a second. You know I’m not gay. I don’t want anything in the ass!” My compromise came out more as a demand, but Ashley understood my intentions.

“You’re afraid this will make you like boys? Grow up! Straight guys like this, too. Come on, be a tough guy and don’t wimp out. If you want your piece of ass to have fun,” Ashley said as he looked at Megan, “then you’ll need to take it in the ass, too.”

“Argh, fine, what the hell!” I was frustrated and angry at myself that I got into this situation, but I wasn’t too upset. Ashley’s toys weren’t too large, so it wasn’t going to hurt too badly if she lubed them up. “Let’s just get this over with!”

“That’s the way to do it, stud!” Ashley said mockingly. She started to rub some lube on the toys. One of them was a large vibrator dildo and the other was a short but fat butt plug. Ashley walked over to Megan, forcefully spread her knees so her pussy was exposed, and slid the vibrator in. Ashley then pushed Megan’s legs back together, hiding the long phallus inside of Megan’s hole. The vibration noises were muffled by Megan’s posture, but her facial expression gave its effectiveness. Megan’s eyes had closed and she was biting her lower lip, a sign she was immediately enjoying the toy.

“Now it’s your turn, big guy!” Ashley laughed happily as she walked behind me, pushed on my back to bend me, and parted my ass cheeks. “This might hurt a first, but you’ll love it soon enough!”

A few seconds later I felt the tip of the plug reach my anus. The lube made it cold and uninviting, so my anus instinctively clenched down tightly to prevent any intruders. That didn’t stop Ashley, however, as she continued to press the toy against my hole until it broke in. The pressure was immediately present and even though the toy was tiny, it felt like my entire bowels had been filled.

“Uuungh!” I groaned as the entire toy entered. When the thin part of the plug reached my asshole, my anus clenched down again. This was the intention of the toy as it effectively held it in indefinitely until someone removed it. The toy’s entry was indeed a little painful, but now that it was safely inside, the pain was disappearing. My ass was quickly adjusting to its presence and I was beginning to enjoy it. Whenever I moved my lower body, the toy massaged against my rectum wall and my prostate, which in turn stimulated my cock. I was noticeably harder than before and possibly the hardest I had ever been.

“I see you’re liking your new friend!” Ashley said as she slightly smacked my ass. She then reached around and tugged on my dick a few times while cupping my balls. She brought her body close to mine until her tits were pushing against my back. She pushed her crotch into my ass and started rubbing, causing the toy to move around my ass. It was like she was pseudo-fucking me. She was obviously enjoying the role-reversal as I felt her pussy leave a trail of moisture along my ass every time it made contact.

After a while, Ashley stopped rubbing her groin against me. She latched onto my cock with her hand and pulled onto it while she walked away, signaling me to follow. She led me to her bed and pushed me down onto it, causing me to land on my back. The landing made the butt plug swirl around inside and push hard against my rectal wall. Behind Ashley I saw Megan still kneeling there with the vibrator in her, but now her eyes were open and she was watching. I almost felt sorry for Megan, but I dismissed the thought when I saw Ashley crawl onto the bed.

She raised herself over my body with her knees, straddling the area above my cock. She reached down with her hand and grabbed my cock, shifting it so it would aim directly at her pussy. From my point of view, my dick was aiming at her heart shaped bush, like it was some weird target sign. I let my head rest back and waited in anticipation.

Ashley quickly dove in her with her crotch and landed on my cock, impaling innovia escort her deeply. She let her pussy glide down until it was resting at the base of my dick, which was still being held my her hand. She moved her grip and brought the hand behind her until it reached my butt plug. She fondled with it and changed its angle a few times. The entire time her pussy remained motionless on my cock and she just sat there, treating my groin as a seat.

After she grew tired of fondling with my butt plug, she brought both her hands up to her tits and started to play with them. Her leg muscles contracted and she started to expertly ride me. She was an obvious veteran to sex, so her pussy muscles were trained in the art of pelvic massage. I felt them tighten and relax around my rod with a steady rhythm. At the same time, the up and down motion gave my entire dick varied exposure to her pussy. I felt like I was in heaven.

My face must have showed my intense pleasure because Ashley called out, “See Megan, this is how you treat a man! Hahaha!” Ashley’s laugh trailed off as I returned my focus on the fuck. I didn’t have much experience with the girl being on top so I wasn’t sure how to react. I started to weakly grind my hips into hers, causing her downward motions to meet my upward ones. The contact was extra strong, making the end of each thrust a particularly pleasurable one. I started to get used to being on bottom, so I picked up the pace of my grinding and I reached around my hands until they rested on Ashley’s ass. I guided her motions with my hands gently, making our movements more synchronized.

“Oh yea, fuck yea, oooh!” Ashley continued to call out. She was much more audible than her sister and she made a point to cry out her pleasure. I turned my head and saw Megan reacting in tune, but I was surprised to see her not angry. Instead, Megan was intensely turned on and her hips were bucking. The vibrator was working her magic inside of her pussy and Megan was breathing heavily. I noticed her bucking was in tune with Ashley’s and my fuck, so it was almost like the three of us were fucking each other at the same time.

The combination of Ashley’s riding, the butt plug’s motions, Megan’s participation, and my already strained balls was quickly building up to a strong cum. I tried to alert Ashley to tell her to pull off, but Ashley was in her own little world. She just on fucking me and increasing her speed.

All of a sudden I heard Megan call out in ecstasy. This triggered me and Ashley and I started to pump my load straight into Ashley’s pussy. My entire mind was filled with a passionate glow as I shot load after load. I had never cummed so much in my life. Ashley’s pussy was tightly squeezing my dick as she cummed, only adding to my pleasure. When the three of us came to, Ashley pulled herself off me. I saw cum drizzle out of her snatch as she slid off the bed.

Megan was still recovering from her cum, partly because the vibrator was still going at it. Ashley walked over to her sister and pulled out the toy and untied the rope. She hugged Megan and kissed her on the forehead. As she did that, I reached around and tugged on the butt plug until it came free with a satisfying popping noise. The removal caused my dick to ooze some last remnants of cum. I sighed and sat up on Ashley’s bed. Ashley looked at me with a tired but happy expression and said, “I think Megan has learned her lesson. Thanks for helping me teach her!” She winked at me.

“Uh, no problem, I guess,” I nonchalantly replied. It really wasn’t a lesson at all, but instead a complicated trick to fuck me. Megan didn’t seem to care anymore, so I felt satisfied.

“Just next time Ashley, could you please skip all of the bullshit? If you want to fuck, I don’t need all the fake drama. Ok?” I wanted to put an end to that whole charade.

“Hahaha, deal!” Ashley laughed as she nodded.

“Wait wait wait! I thought this was just one time!” Megan said, suddenly invigorated with energy again. Ashley and I looked at each other and then back to Megan. I let Ashley answer.

“Do you really want this to be only one time? Maybe next time we’ll let you participate more!” Ashley grinned as we watched Megan’s face show signs of deep thought. She sat there and thought about it until finally coming up with a response.

“I guess not! This was kind of fun!” I laughed and agreed. It definitely was fun. After all, it’s not often that I have a threesome with two hot sisters. It’s even less often that one of them convinces me to take it up the ass!

Though, with the vacation hardly over and the two sisters being my neighbors, I doubt having a hot threesome will remain a rare occurrence!

“You should probably go back to your room. Tomorrow I think both your parents and our parents are going out again, so uh, meet us down by the lake for some more. If you’re up for it!” Ashley laughed some more as I picked up my boxers and left. I walked back to my room and looked forward to the next day of hot sex.

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