Shawna’s Second

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When my sister returned home from the weekend at the shore, I told her everything. I started at the beginning, when she was a teenager and I was a little boy and concluded with the gang bang at Mr. Booth’s house. She was horrified, somewhat by my revelation that I wanted to be a girl, or more rightly a transsexual, but mostly by what had happened to me Saturday night. Her husband Scott, a lawyer, listened intently and formulated a plan that would free me from the situation I’d gotten myself into. He was brilliant and so was his plan. He drew up papers that accused Mr. Booth and his friends of raping me and had them delivered Monday morning to my school. He had no intention of ever filing these papers with the court, but it did get Mr. Booth’s attention. He never spoke to or even looked at me again. I graduated three weeks later , fourth in my class.

As I had planned, I packed my things and began looking for new place to live. My sister pleaded with me to stay, but there was nothing left for me in my home town. I was determined to live my life as Shawna Thomas. I found a large studio in Greenwich Village that I bought with some of the insurance money from my parents’ death. Scott helped me change all of my accounts and legal papers to my new name. Kara and Scott helped me move over the fourth of July holiday. After lugging some of their old furniture and my things up the three floors to my new home, we hugged and they left. I settled in to begin my new life.


I had never realized how stifling life was until I experienced the freedom of living on my own. Doing what and who I wanted without the fear of being found out was liberating. Tom Shaw made only one more appearance, when I matriculated into college. An older woman in the registrar’s office looked at me and my transcript, with raised eyebrows. I leaned across her desk and explained my situation. She smiled, typed some information into her computer, and said

” Shawna Thomas, graduate of Ronald Reagan High School, welcome to college. “

I returned her smile as I took my class schedule from her hand. Now I would be no different than any other freshman girl in college. I bought my books and look forward to the beginning of the term. The late summer in Manhattan was fabulous, with warm steamy nights and even hotter days. I spent a lot of time walking the streets, taking in the sites. I made friends with some of my neighbors, mostly middle-aged singles, who were happy to see a young woman move into their building. I went out to some gay bars and allowed myself to be picked up twice. Both times I sucked the men off but that was all. I was dying to get fucked, but I had to be selective. I didn’t want a repeat of my first time. I was aware that I had never fucked anyone. I had taken men and used them to pleasure my mouth and ass, but I had yet to get a blow job or fuck anyone. I decided to change this as soon as possible.

Labor Day holiday arrived and most of the people in my neighborhood left. I was staying in town and decided to hit a few bars to see if there’s anything or anyone who interested me. After dinner and a short nap, I got ready to go cruising. I showered and shaved, paying special attention to my cock and balls, which gave me a hard on. I wanted to jerk off, which I had been doing regularly in the shower, but didn’t. I would see what the night brought. I painted my fingers and toes. My makeup was much more subtle and my hair more natural than earlier in the summer, and they were done quickly. I stepped into some green silk panties and adjusted my cock. I sprayed Chanel across my torso and dabbed some behind my ears and onto my wrists. My taste in clothing was less outlandish but I still favored tight and short. I selected the red and green flowered sun dress, with a low cut top, spaghetti straps and a low back. I was very aware of my flat chest in the dress so I shucked it off and put on a tight white T-shirt. I put the dress back on and checked myself out in the mirror. Perfect. 4 inch red mules completed the outfit. I marveled at my reflection, I was a beautiful girl with straight shoulder length blond hair, big, bright blue eyes, full lips and clothes that hugged all the right parts of my tight little body. I put on my sunglasses, picked up my purse and was off.

I was happy to hear the cat calls and whistles as I walked the four blocks to the first bar. I even blew a kiss to a convertible full of Jersey boys as they passed. My hair flowing behind me and bobbing with each step, my dress gliding easily around my thighs, everyone saw me as what I want to be, a pretty young lady. I was aware of my cock but no one I passed even knew it existed. I stepped into the bar, which was unnaturally dark on such a bright evening, took off my sunglasses and found a stool right in front of Steve.

“Hi sweetie, how’s everything?” he asked. He was a beautiful man, tall and lean with light brown hair and green eyes. 27 years old, he had lived in Manhattan for two years while attending law school. And he was straight. I knew this because I tried to pick him up the first time I saw him. He was very kind when he turned me down and we had struck up a friendship. But fulya escort I still lusted after him.

“Not bad, things going to be slow tonight?” I smiled as a glass of chardonnay was drawn from the bottle and placed in front of me.

“Probably” he replied”but I’m sure some of the regulars and some folks from the burbs will be here shortly. ” He went back to stocking the ice chest with beer and moving bottles of wine and liquor around the back shelf. I stared at his back and especially his ass, wishing I could possess him. I knew his cock was large, I had seen its outline in his jeans more than once, salivating each time. We continued to chat through almost two glasses of wine and the bar filled up behind me.

I went to pee, scanning the crowd to see who would whet my appetite. I saw the regulars, none of whom excited me, and more than a few new faces. One of them looked familiar but I couldn’t place him and so I stepped into the ladies’ room. I love the idea of sitting down to pee, it’s especially helpful when you have a hard on which I did now. I was on the prowl and that kept me semi hard all the time. I touched up my makeup before heading back into the bar. Looking around again, my eyes stopped on the familiar face. Who was he? I returned my bar stool and got Steve’s attention .

“Have you ever seen that gentleman before?” I pointed to the man.

“Maybe. I can’t say yes or no for sure, but he does look familiar. ” Steve shrugged.

I took a drink, turned in my chair and watched him until he glanced in my direction and met my eyes. I flashed him a smile and tried to look coy. He smiled back gently, excused himself from the conversation he was in and made his way towards me. I was nervous with anticipation as he approached and fumbled trying to pick up my wine glass, knocking it over. Steve and the stranger arrived simultaneously.

” Get the lady a fresh glass of wine and I’ll have a Dewars rocks , please.” his voice was deep and soft, he put a 50 on the bar. Steve nodded and flashed me a quick smile before turning to get our drinks. He stood silently until Steve returned with our drinks and change. As Steve moved away, he picked up his drink and fixed me with his eyes.

“Here’s to our second meeting. ” he said, offering a toast. Now I knew who he was. He was the handsome man from the ladies’ room at the Homestead. I raised my glass, and smiled, touching my glass to his. “Perhaps this one will be more fruitful than the first. “

“Perhaps…”I replied, leaving the end of the sentence heavy in the air. I began to look him over. Over 40 years old, he was almost 6 ft. tall with medium shoulders, a flat stomach and a thin waist. He had on a black polo shirt, opened at the neck, pleated pressed khakis and expensive looking brown loafers. I took in his face, which was angular and thin. Nice lips, neither thick nor thin smiled at me, his faded blue eyes shining. He had black hair that was beginning to turn salt and pepper. “What’s your name?” I asked.

” Robert Billington, but my friends call me Rob. ” he continued to smile. His name was familiar, and after a moment’s thought I knew who he was. He was the senior partner in the law firm my brother-in-law worked for!” I have to tell you” he continued” I felt the twinge of jealousy when you left the Homestead with that asshole Mike. He got to have what I wanted.” In one sentence he had me. We continue to flirt for an hour, Rob touching my arm and sliding his hand around my shoulders, me gently brushing his chest or putting a hand on his hip. I glanced at Steve a few times and when our eyes met he gave me a big smile and a wink.

“Have you had dinner yet?” Rob asked, moving his hand to the small of my back.

“I have,” I answered leaning towards him. “but I could go for some desert.”

“Do you know a good bakery that’s open at this hour?” That smile told me he had understood my answer.

“There is a great one 4 blocks away.” I slid my hand around his waist.

He offered me his hand while he looked at Steve “We all square?”. Steve nodded. I got to my feet and walked to the door hand in hand with Rob. The evening was warm with a light breeze, the smell of the city surrounded us. “Should we take my car, or do you prefer to walk?” he asked.

“By all means, let’s take your car.” with that I was turned in the opposite direction of my apartment and we walked together the two blocks to his car. It was a large black Mercedes that shined in the glow of the street lights, with tinted windows. He opened my door and helped me in to the large, soft leather seat. Rob slid in the driver’s side, started the car and began to drive. I turned in my seat to face him, pulling my knees up and letting my feet dangling loosely over the edge. His hand rested on my thigh. I wanted to take this man, and the sooner the better.

“Don’t I owe you something?” I asked mischievously and slid closer to him. I reached a hand out and began to stroke the inside of his thigh .

“Perhaps we can wait five minutes?” he smiled in reply, sensing what was about to happen.

“I can’t wait five minutes.” my hands were on his belt, quickly unhitching bomonti escort it. He pulled to the curb and put the car in park. I undid the button and pulled his fly down, grabbed both sides of his pants and pulled them down. Rob lifted his hips and his pants were around his knees. He had black silk boxers on and I let my hands roam over them, feeling his hips and lower abdomen before grabbing his dick. I stroked him through his shorts and brought my face down to his groin and inhaled deeply. He had a wonderful musky odor, a mix of sweat and pre-cum filled my nostrils. I put my hand through the slit in the front and pulled him out. I knew he wasn’t large, but the hot six plus inches he had were what I wanted. I let my tongue swirl the head of his cock, tasting skin and pre-cum. A low groan escape from Rob’s mouth. I gripped him loosely with my hand, jerking him off slowly and brought my face up to his. Our lips met and as he held the back of my head I felt his tongue enter my mouth. We kissed like teenagers, hard and passionately. My cock was getting hard and I jerked Rob faster and harder.

I pulled myself away from his kiss, smiled at him, and dove onto his meat. I was like a maniac, my head bobbing, my tongue swirling and my hands working both his cock and, through his shorts, his balls. I felt his body tense and his hands went to the back of my head as a loud moan escaped his lips. I buried his cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. He came in me as I teased and tickled his nuts. He tasted fantastic, both sweet and tangy, and I didn’t want to spill drop. When he started getting soft I released him, lifted my face to his and kissed him deeply, allowing him to taste his load. He held me tightly, his tongue exploring my mouth and his hands massaging my back and ass. I pulled away from him, smiled and said “Now we can go to the bakery, where I hope to find another nice, large cream filled pastry. “

Rob smiled at me, a light sheen of sweat on his forehead and said” I hope I find one too.” I helped him get his pants back on, giving his cock a playful squeeze before zipping him up, then nestled in next to him for the two-minute ride to my apartment. Amazingly there was a parking space just beyond my building, so we pulled in and stopped. Rob got out and closed the door, passed in front of the car and opened mine for me. I took his proffered hand and stepped onto the sidewalk. He slid a hand around my waist and we walked in the front door. As we climbed the stairs I walked in front of him to give him a nice good look at my small tight ass. Rob rested his hand lightly on it and I felt the material of my dress sliding back and forth between my skin and his. We reached my door and he took my keys from me, tripped the lock and opened the door. I stepped through, turned and kissed him deeply again. He closed the door as I pushed him against the wall, probing his mouth with my tongue and allowing my hands to run freely over his torso. I felt his nipples hardening under my touch and his tongue tease mine, my cock straining against my small panties. I pulled myself away from him, half turned and waved him towards the couch. I was breathing hard, trying to hold back the urge to pounce on him again. I ran my fingers through my hair and asked if he was like something to drink.

“Water please. Say, can we talk about a few things before we begin what is be sure to be a very fun evening for both of us. ” Rob asked as he settled on to the couch.

“Sure.” I was happy for the break. I wanted to have this man all night, but the way I was going I would have tired him out in an hour. I poured two glasses of water, put an ice cube in each, handed one to Rob and sat down next to him, crossed my left leg over my right and let the hem of my dress ride up on my thighs.

” I’ve wanted you from the first day I saw you Shawna,” he took a drink of water and I blushed” I spent the summer trying to find you. You never returned to the Homestead. I know because I was there often, hoping to see you. Meg told me your name, and that was a start. I caught up with Mike Booth at the end of July and pressed him for information. He broke down and told me who you were. “

“Did he tell you what he did?” I asked, suddenly ashamed of my past.

“Yes and I’m sorry that that happened to you. ” he put his arm around my shoulders. “Your brother-in-law is a great guy and he filled in the blanks of the story for me. You’re very lucky. Things could of been much much worse. ” I was sobbing and Rob held me close, reached into his pocket and offered me his handkerchief. “I’m glad to see that your all right and have obviously put that behind you.” he smiled brightly and pushed my hair back over my shoulder. He took his handkerchief and began to softly wipe my tears away. “It’s terrible that it happened, but it’s over. If I have anything to say about it, nothing like that will never happen again. ” I had stopped crying and looked into his sympathetic eyes. I had found my protector.

“So you know who I really am? And Scott told you all about it?” it didn’t sound much like Scott.

” I told him the law firm had been contacted by Mr. Booth kurtuluş escort about a possible criminal complaint against him, that I needed some background information and wondered if he could help me get it.” Rob took a long drink of water and shifted in the seat so he was looking directly at me. “It took a week before he came into my office and explained the entire thing. It was obviously a difficult decision for him, but he didn’t betray your confidence. ” Rob looked deeply into my eyes , wiping away the stray tears with his thumb.”I went through all of that because I had to meet you, and learning about your past only made me want you more. “

What could I say to this man? I took his face in my hands and kissed him, softly at first and then more deeply. I ran my fingers through his hair and caressed his face, neck and shoulders. My hand was moving over his chest, headed for his crotch when he broke away.

“That’s the first thing I wanted to talk to you about.The other is, eh…” His cheeks were flushed and I could tell it took effort for him to stop me. “You may find this a little strange, but I like to give up control when I make love. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Not really.” I replied as I began to massage his thighs”You want to me to tie you up?”

“Nothing that extreme” his cheeks were red because he was blushing” I just like my lover to be assertive, to tell me what to do and to make sure I do it the way they like.” his smile was shy and I saw that he was very nervous. I understood what he meant and it was something I wanted to do for him, with him and to him.

“Stay right here and don’t look behind you. ” I stood up and walked behind the couch to where my closet and dresser were. I moved my Chinese floor screen so Rob wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing. I quickly shook off my clothes and threw open my closet door. What to wear, what to wear? I thought. I quickly made up my mind. I put my short white T-shirt back on, reached in the my closet and took out the tightest pair of Daisy Duke’s I had and slipped them on. It took a minute to get them buttoned, but my ass looked fantastic inside them. I put on a pair of knee high stockings and finished with my 6 in. patent leather thigh high boots. A quick look in the mirror confirmed what I thought I would look like, a tight little hottie. I reapplied my lipstick and quickly brushed my hair before stepping around the screen.

Rob sat exactly where left him. He may have turned around, but he didn’t see me behind the screen. I walked around the couch and stood in front of him, my hips thrust to the side and a hand resting on them. I looked at his crotch and saw his cock tighten against the fabric.

“How do I look?” I asked rhetorically. I didn’t wait for an answer.”Good enough to eat is my bet.” Rob’s eyes were wide as he tried to take in the entire package. He was about to speak when I put my index finger to my lips and shook my head from side to side, telling him to remain silent. I walked right up to him, bent and kissed him and climbed onto the couch, a foot on either side of his hips and knees pressed against his shoulders, my crotch even with his forehead. I ran my fingers through his hair and felt his hands caressing the back of my legs. I grabbed a handful of hair to turn his face up towards mine. “Is this what you had in mind?”

“Exactly.” his smile was broad as he answered.

“Do you want me?”

“Desperately” he almost panted.

“Then take me. Take me in your mouth and please me. ” It was wonderful seeing this man under my control. I knew I wouldn’t hurt him, but it was an unbelievable turn on to have this power over him. His hands traveled up my legs, I felt a shock of electricity run through me when his fingers touched my exposed thighs, around my ass and hips and reached the front of my Daisy Duke’s. His fingers worked quickly on both the zipper and the button and before I knew it he had liberated my cock. I put my hand on top of his head for balance and lifted my foot through the leg hole of my shorts. Now I stood over him bare from the midriff down, my hard cock resting on top of his head and my shaved balls hanging in front of his eyes.

With a handful of hair, I pushed his head back again so I could look into his blue eyes when I said “Suck me.”They almost twinkled. I held his hair and grabbed the base of my cock with my hand pushing it down toward his open mouth. I started slowly, but his hands went to my hips and pulled me into him completely. His mouth was incredible, hot and soft and wet. A hand left my hips and began to caress my smooth nutsack. My knees went weak with pleasure as Rob gave me my first blow job, teasing the head with his tongue and milking me with his throat. His hand massaged behind my balls and he slid a finger between my cheeks. I let go of his head and put my hands on the ceiling to steady myself as I began to use my hips to push my cock into his mouth. I knew I wouldn’t last very long, but when the tip of his finger entered my behind, my hips began rolling uncontrollably and I orgasmed in his mouth. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and held me hard in his mouth, drinking all the cum I gave him. My orgasm felt like it lasted forever and I was lucky Rob was holding on to me or I would have fallen over the back of the couch. He released me from his mouth and I slid down his body to sit on his thighs. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, tasting my own cum in his mouth. I was in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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