Beautiful Mistake Ch. 02

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I took Jennie to her room with full intentions of completing what Shamari had not let me finish. I began to kiss Jennie while she slowly pulled off her t-shirt. She had not even bothered to wear a bra. She pressed her breasts against me while she almost ate my tongue.

I placed my hands on her ass, softly kneading it with my hands. At that very moment my cell phone rang. Jennie slowly began to kiss my neck. My phone didn’t stop ringing. I would have ignored it otherwise, but my gut told me that I had to pick it up and boy was I glad I did.

It was a call from the hospital informing me that my sister had met with an accident. I almost dropped my phone when I heard the news.

“I have to go!”

Jennie looked at me like I had just slapped her across the face. I didn’t have time for any explanations so I rushed out of there as fast as I could.

I drove like a maniac. It was a one-hour drive and not many people took that route. I finally arrived at the hospital in one piece.

Kate was there all bruised and battered. She and her boyfriend Jeff had been in a car accident and luckily survived with minor cuts and bruises.

“Dino!” she shouted as she saw me.

“KK you gave me quite a scare.” I kissed her on her cheek while she kaynarca escort pretended to be moaning in pain. Just as we were talking and she was filling me in on the details of the accident I heard the voice, which was all too familiar.

“Kate, you okay?”

“Shamariiii!!!” my sister screamed in affection.

She didn’t notice me when she came and hugged my sister.

“Shamari this is my brother Dino.” She turned and I noted how her smile quickly vanished.

We both said hey uncomfortably. It was just too weird. Apparently they both took art classes together and ended up being great friends.

After what seemed like hours Shamari decided it was time to go. “Dino will drop you.” I gave my sister an ‘I am gonna kill you’ look. She somehow always managed to put me in awkward situations. Shamari tried to get herself out of it too but my sister can sometimes be real persuasive and a real pain in the ass both at the same time.

We both left together. As we reached the car Shamari volunteered to go back on her own but something made me want to spend more time with her. “Ill drop you. We are both going back to the same place anyway.”

We didn’t talk at all during the way back. The silence was creepy so I switched küçükyalı escort on the radio. Just then my car made a weird shrieking noise and came to a halt right in the middle of nowhere.

“No, no, no, no, no! This can’t be happening!”

She looked at me in disbelief. “What did you do now?”

I got out of the car to see what was wrong. I opened the hood of the car and examined the bonnet to see if there was anything I could do. “It’s dead.”

Shamari got out of the car. “Oh no! Out of all the people to be stuck here with on this isolated road.”

“I’m not thrilled about being stuck with you either!” I snapped back.

She then went on and on about what big perverts guys are and how they would do anything to get laid. I had to shut her up so I pulled her face to me and placed my lips on hers.

She didn’t push me away this time. I slowly pulled away. She had closed her eyes. I knew then that she wanted me and I sure as hell wanted her. It was way past midnight and the street lights lit the road. It was then that I realized how beautiful she looked.

I opened the back door of the car and slid into the back seat and stretched out my hand for her to take. When she did I couldn’t help but smile. She sat inside sancaktepe escort the car and closed the door locking it.

I bent forward kissing her again, tasting her lips this time. She tasted like wild strawberries. She was a wearing a black button-up shirt along with a pair of jeans.

As I kissed her, I unbuttoned her shirt. My lips followed her hand, brushing gently along her neck. With one hand I caressed her neck while with the other played with her belly button. She pulled back my face to hers and kissed my lips, licking them. I was so turned on I wanted her then and there, but for some reason, though I don’t want to sound too corny…I wanted to make love to her, and make her moan my name in ecstasy. Her beautiful ebony skin glistened in the dark.

She reached out for my t-shirt and pulled it off, running her hands against my chest. Her bra had a clasp in the front and I put my hand on the clasp and she turned her head shyly.

I turned her head softly and whispered in her ear, “I have seen every inch of you…” I looked into her eyes while I unclasped her bra. She had beautiful breasts. “They are beautiful!” I cupped with my hands, covering them and slowly took one of her beautiful purplish black nipples in my mouth.

I sucked softly at first then slowly ran my tongue around her areola, softly biting. She moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, Dino!”

I did the same to her other breast, stopping in between to kiss her lips. It was then that my cell phone rang. It was Jennie.

(to be continued)

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